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Welcome to Udaya News. Today’s headlines… Brutal attack on arrack
king, rowdy “Kapali”. His murder has shaken the entire
Bengaluru city and underworld. Have it. Sir! Sir! My son Suriya is inside… If you give it to him,
you get the salvation… You will be doing a good deed. Hey get away from here. Please put some more… How dare you stare at me? I will burn your eyes and
make you blind! We don’t leave anyone alive,
even if they just talk about akka Durgi Do you think we keep quiet
if someone messes up with her?? Hey old lady… Hey old lady, your son is in jail
and you’re on the footpath. Is it a pot to beg on streets? Please don’t. Please give it back, it is my life. Please don’t do anything, give it back. Hey… once my son is out of jail,
he won’t leave any of you. Until your son… takes revenge on us… let your life… be with us. Please give it back, it is my life. Please don’t do anything. Crime happens inside the jail
rather than outside. They have shut down so many
illegal activities in front of our eyes. Usually people will prey on
the grounds but… these cruel people do it
inside the jail itself! It’s better to inform higher authorities
and take security. Oh! Have you slept? What are you doing sir? Your head weight is too much. I will teach you a lesson. Hey! You are the right hand of that
rowdy Kapali right? Huccha Naga right? Scoundrel! Have you thought
this jail as your aunt’s house? Hey… take him away and show him the hell. He should panic whenever
he hears about police! Even if he requests,
don’t leave him He should remember his previous lives. Torture him like that! Hey… take him. Why are you this angry, son? This anger does not give
anything good in return. It spoils your entire image
in seconds whatever… you earned in your lifetime. Dear students… do you know who is the topper
of our college this year? Any guesses? Surya…Surya…Surya Yes, it is Surya! Surya is the best student
of the college for the year. Let all of us congratulate him. Thank you. Congratulations Surya. Thank you sir! Surya, you have
the fire, force, light inside you and… it is all because of your mother. As a result of that,
you have also studied well. Along with that,
I had your encouragement & support. Fulfill your mother’s dream, take this. What is that sir? Take this and hand this
over to Kalyan Rao. He is the one who
set up the institute. Take this and handover
this to KalyanRao. You will get a job. Thank you sir. Good bye sir. All the best. We know who is behind this? We won’t leave them! Whoever they may be,
they will be punished! No matter how big a rowdy he is… he won’t escape from us. We know rowdy Kapali is
behind this! We got the orders to raid
all his stores. We won’t leave him at any cost! Please leave me… Leave me. Sorry… for the delay. It’s ok sir, no problem. Traffic Inspector has seized my lorry… which had Rs. 5 lakh worth of materials. I requested but… he spoke about law and order! His daughter had recently
got engaged. So, in return I’ve raped her daughter. Boss. She is dead. Leave it.
Why are you worried? Okay boss. Heard even you have
an 18 year old daughter. Please don’t do that to my daughter. I will never come again. You are begging like a nursery kid. Why are you giving
the statements against me? The earlier officer was in our favor. We were not doing any crimes. Who are you? Don’t be a Satya Harishchandra. Unknowingly it happened, sorry! How can you attack
my arrack empire so easily? Who showed you that? Hey who is watching
his daughter at her college? Sir… please… leave her… I will tell you the truth… Durgi’s brother Gajendra… Oh! Gajendra… you won’t let me remain calm. Hey Gajendra… I will fix you at time. Sir, I never repeat this again,
please leave me Take this It’s ok sir! My boys were telling that even
you have a beautiful wife Sir… I will take it. There is no value for good advice. Get lost! Never try to cheat this Durgi or… else you will be dead. Please excuse me madam. I will never repeat this again. You have snatched this 150 gms
chain at 4.40 pm at… Magadi Road from a woman. She has lodged a complaint
at 5 pm and… I have that FIR in my hands
at 5.30 pm! Where ever in Bangalore,
chain snatching and pickpocket happens… within half an hour
I come to know about it. I will send lakhs of rupees
every week to every police station. You are not that loyal which they are. Inspite of being her brother,
I failed to judge her! How did you think of
cheating her? Please excuse me madam.
I will never repeat this again. Hmmm… if you are kind to me,
it will be good for your life! Or else, I will finish you. Get lost! Seethamma, is that 200
piece requirement ready? It’s getting ready. Okay. Please make it fast.
– Okay. Lakshmi. What mother? Get ready soon. Ok mother. Will you come to Sanjay Nagar? Are you new to Bangalore
that you are calling me to that area? Why? None of the decent people
will go to that side. Why are you talking like this? Ok, I will leave you
at the main road circle. Okay.
– Sit inside. Thank you. Boss, do you really want to
cross this border? I have shown the Kapali
hideouts to the new officer. Now he will be at our side. You stop worrying. Why you are looking at me? Give whatever my boys ask for. Hey! Stop there. If anyone tries to escape,
I will kill him! Disloyal idiots, shame on you! Cruelty has become the trend! I heard that Gajendra has
crossed my border. Did anyone see them? Hey guys, escape. If you people give him shelter,
I will burn all your houses! This is your border.
Don’t call me after this. I know. Keep this.
Now leave. Seems like he is new to this area. He will come to know later. I don’t leave anyone! You people come to me
in tough times… and now you are supporting her? Everyone is standing quiet afraid of me. Why you are walking so bravely? Are you Gajendra’s man? Or are you an informer
of Durgi? Who is Gajendra? Who are you? Why are you staring at me? I will burn your eyes! Please don’t do that, leave him. He is my son, Surya. What are you doing, Surya? I did not do anything mother. Please excuse him,
he is new to this town. I will explain him. Tell him, how cruel I am. Even the sun sets daily. If your son stands against me… he will permanently be in trouble! Ok, I will tell him. Surya.
– Yes. What is this? Come on. What were you doing.
I didn’t do anything. You keep quiet. Stop staring at me. I will burn your eyes down. Your mother saved you
this time. Now stop starring and leave. Surya. If you people shelter him,
I will burn all your houses! Lakshmi… Lakshmi… Brother. What food do you eat? How tall you have grown? Mother, see him… I’m seeing. That too since birth! Yes. See what I brought for you. Take it. You brought so many things for me. Hey Surya… is that only for your sister
or am I on your list too? During school days, you used to scold me
if I gave you a chocolate. Yes! I was telling that, so? So even now you would
have told me the same! So… I’m following your principles. Good…very good… Good, you have not forgotten
the morals that I had taught you. I have seen him talk to him. Shardamma, I have lodged
a complaint on corporation. I will go and enquire. – Ok sir!
– God bless you. Thank you. Mother,
I have brought this saree for you. Why have you brought all this for me? Where did you get the money from? I had saved the money
you used to send me. I bought all the gifts with that money. You are so lucky Shardamma… to have a son like him. Nowadays children will live in
luxury on their parents earnings… but he saved the money that
you were sending him and… bought a saree for you with that! He is the real son. Seethamma Stop praising him! Mother… Mother, enough of your hard work
that you have done for us. Now I will go for a job and
look after the family. I did not do this expecting
that one day you will take care me! Surya you should become famous,
good to everyone. Only then will this mother be happy. Oh God! Please take care of my brother. Mother… Mother… Coming son. What happened? Mother, I am going for an interview. God bless you, my son. Okay son you leave,
– I’ll leave mom. Brother!…Brother! you have forgotten this letter itself. Oh! My God! Thank you, thanks a lot! All the best brother.
– Thanks. Surya… Surya… Oh! Ramanna, please come. Surya… Surya…
– please come. Master told me that you are going
for an interview. Let it go well. When you were a kid, you
were playing little steps to my tunes. Now as you mother wishes,
you are going to take big steps in life. I have prayed for your well being.
Please take the offering. How are you Ramanna? I’m blind, but I can hear. Ramanna… you need a good heart to lead
a peaceful life, not vision. Ramanna, one minute. Ramanna, are you visiting the doctor? Yes. Please take this. I’m very happy. You remembered me and bought
this flute for me. I’m very happy. I’ve played this sometime
at the family function. That’s fine. I will leave. Bye Lakshmi. Bye brother. Hey, are you blind? My son had been to
Lord Mahadeshwarafair. He went missing from there! Please look at his photo and
see if you can help me. Oh my God. It’s too difficult to find even
if we have the address and name. How can you find him in
this big city on the basis of his photo? Oh! God, where he is and how he is? Hey! Roll call… Jogi… Jogi… Jogi… Hey! Are you dumb? Or new to this city? Don’t you know Jogi? Who is Jogi, brother? How can you ask that? How can you stay in this area
without knowing him? Jogi… Who called me? Your fellow. This is more important than my mother. Please keep it safe. Take this. Okay boss. Brother, he does not know you! How can anyone like that
live on this earth? What, Mr.Jogi? Brother, please forgive me! These people don’t know who is original
and who is duplicate? Please kick me and go,
but don’t hit me. Hey look at him now. Hey who is not giving the roll call? No one has seen me at his feet right? Brother please leave me… please… If someone tries to cheat me… they will end up in the graveyard. Now his sister Durgi will
come to know who I am. Your education scoreboard is good. Behavior is very good. You are half an hour late! Nowadays due to this Bangalore traffic,
reaching late has become the latest trend! What are the blood marks on your shirt? Sir… Tell me the truth. I don’t have the habit of lying. On my way to the bus stand
for the interview. Some rowdies were brutally beating
some guy and… he fell on me. It’s his blood on my shirt. Uncle, can I make a call? Yes, please do. Boss, he has not gone to
the police station. He has come for an interview.
Shall I kill him? No! Leave him and come back. Okay boss. Sir… my job? I have shed my blood to build this office. I don’t want to ruin this! Rowdies are like sugar
in the blood. When gangrene strikes first they
will cut off the finger. then leg… and later life! I’m sorry. These rowdies belong to
Kapali’s gang! It’s ok sir! If any of you come forward and become
the witness and lodge a complaint. I will send him to the jail
and teach him a lesson. Come forward. Come. You can share with the politicians… you will keep quiet with rowdies but… when the police roars,
you will stay away from the scene! If Mahatma Gandhi had seen you people,
Nathuram Godse would not have been a killer! Fate! Bad fate! 207.
– Yes. register it as an orphan dead body and
keep in Victoria mortuary. If the body smells… inform the corporation. Kapali… Even if you shout,
it won’t become the truth and… a cat will never become a tiger! I am still alive only to
destroy your entire family. Your brother has targeted me
but I killed him! The grudge you have against us
is the same as I have against you. See what I will do. What? I will make you suffer every day,
I will burn your eyes… I will make you the living dead. If not, I’m not Marimuttu’s
daughter Durgi. Durgi, even if you take ten births,
you can’t grow a moustache. No matter how hard you try
it’s imposible for you. Even I want to see what you do? Once this Durgi decides,
she won’t leave anyone! Surya… Hey Surya… what happened? Why are you worried? Mother… one small blood mark… has changed the entire intention. It’s all a part of life,
don’t think much about it! If you can’t sit idle till you get a job… why can’t you work with me? Are you thinking
you are over qualified to do my job? Nothing like that mother. Mother. Don’t you get tired of your patience? If you think tired, you cannot lead a life. Don’t worry… come… Hey Kapali, Durgi… Stop fighting! You people always create a nuisance
which can be handled smoothly and… even make me impatient! Why are you performing
separate formalities for the same father? Why are you making the city violent
for your personal grudges? Elections are nearby… if you both continue
the same nuisance… I will lose my position! What you will do then? Will you people become saints? Try to understand. You people are… You people are like two
sides of the same coin. In election, you people have
to support me. That’s why I’m taking care of both of you. So please keep quiet
until the elections happen. What do you think? See, how I will get revenge
when the time comes. You have to wait for the right time,
until then be patient! Mother… Mother… Boss, give it to me. Keep it safe! Don’t try to steal like in
olden times! Mother… Mother… Boss, you come to the arrack shop everyday and
start crying on seeing this sack! And you will give it to me and
ask me to keep it safe! What is the secret behind this? Idiot! If you ask the secret again, I will scrap you! Your job is just to keep it safe. Don’t try to act more than that! Aha! Smart! Jogi brother… Jogi brother! Catch please. Take this and have fun. I’m coming… I’m coming. That Jogi had only one mother… but I have many! My father is great! Take this. Boss… Tell me. I have heard about eye donation,
blood donation and kidney donation. But what is this boss arrack donation? What is the secret behind this? Idiot! In this country, people ask the
saints and woman their background. But you are the first fool to ask Jogi’s backdrop! Do you about our greatest
dancer’s family? Mother… Idiot… where are you, my dear? Mother, I’m here. Oh! You are here my child. After a long time, we got a job in our village. Please get down, my child. No! I won’t! I will get you whatever you
want in the next festival. Please get down, my child. No! I won’t get down. I will prepare delicious chicken soup
and ragi balls for you. Please come down dear. No! I won’t come down. I will come down only if you dance
and make me happy. I have a backache my child. I can’t dance, please get down. I have a tonic for your backache. Will you drink it? If you drink it, I will come down. Ok I will drink and dance for you,
please get down. I’m getting down. Take care… take care, dear. I have come down. See, nothing
has happened to me! I will have one sip and give it you. Start dancing. Have you checked yesterday’s goods?
– Yes sir. Hello sir. Hello. How are you?
Have you bought my order? I have bought all that you
had asked for. Hey keep this stock inside.
– Ok sir. By the way, he is my son Surya. Hello sir. You were speaking about
your son all the time. Is he is the same Surya?
– Yes. Very good. I will send you the amount tomorrow. Ok. Bye sir.
– Bye. This is our regular shop, Surya. I got that mother. That opposite shop. Yes mother. Thief… Thief… He has snatched
my wedding chain. Hey Surya, stop! Mother, it’s a wedding chain. It’s not our issue. How mother? What if this had happened
to my sister or to you? Will you be saying the same thing
in that situation also? Tell me mother. Come daddy. Take it out… Take it out. I will give… I will give. Take your wedding chain. May God bless you! If you don’t mind,
shall I tell you one thing? The wedding chain should be
seen only by the husband. If it is shown off,
this is what happens! I’m sorry sir, thank you. Most welcome. Come mother. If someone has beaten you like
this then it means… people are no longer afraid of rowdies! We can rule, only until there is fear among the people! If we lose that, they will bury us! Measure his height and weight and
scrap his front and back! He should not interfere in our matters again! Let others learn a lesson from that. Everyone should be afraid of me! You are grown up child. Why are you acting like a kid? Eat something. No! I won’t have! Who is she to scold my brother? What does she know about my brother? I don’t want that school and
don’t want that teacher either! Lakshmi. You should not talk like that. What’s the problem? You know what she told? What did she tell? Who is that guy to whom you
were speaking at that time? Don’t call my brother names! Oho! Is that rowdy your brother? Don’t tell anyone that
he is your brother. If anyone comes to know that,
nobody talks to you! This is the last warning. Tell me not to get into the school
compound from the next time! This is a peaceful school,
not a war field. Tell him not to come again! Ok? I won’t go to a school that
scolds my brother. I don’t want that teacher either! I don’t ever want to go to
the school again. Why are you crying for
such a small thing? It will hurt me,
if someone scolds you brother. Lakshmi there is some
misunderstanding. Tomorrow, I will come to school and
sort out the issue. Now have the food. Surya, tomorrow is Sunday! Ok mother, I will go on Monday. Even you wash your hands and come. Let’s have food. Mother… Mother… take. This is for you… take it! Come. Come on. Execuse me, is this is your chain? You know very well that it
is not mine. Why are you doing this cheap
gimmick? Idiot. Execuse me,
you found it in the lift? – Yes. It is mine. Take it. Thank you. It’s ok! Hello. Is it the police station. Sir! Leave me, he is… Hey shut up! Are you creating nuisance
in public? Inspector,
I’m the one who called you. He was one who created the nuisance! Madam. Shut up! That day at the bus stop,
yesterday at BDA complex. Because of these people,
public can’t live peacefully! Please take him away. Ok! Come to the police station
and file a complaint. Hey come on. I have seen many people like you.
– Sir! Please listen to me. Why are you taking him? Why are you taking him? Why did you come here? I wanted to purchase school
uniform for my child, so I’m here. Do you know him? I had told you about my chain
snatching incident the other day. He is the one who fought
with them and got it back. I’m sorry sir! Why are you saying sorry for that? Then, why this fight and all sir? I have beaten them. Today they came
with their gang to attack me. Even that day at the bust stop. Because of some rowdies fighting
and chasing someone… I got blood stains on my shirt and… that’s the reason I lost my job! You should take care sir! I will leave madam. God bless! Execuse me. It’s ok. What is it now? Dad, I’ve told you about the guy who
was fighting in the market that day Actually I had mistaken him for a rowdy,
I’m feeling guilty! You are a teacher. Never come to a conclusion
about anything without enquiring about it! Whatever happens, happens for good. Next time when you meet him,
apologise for your mistake and… invite him to our house for coffee. You will be free of your guilt! Hmmm… slow. Come. Brother.
– What is it dear? That teacher scolded you! Oh! It’s ok, come.
I will leave, you carry on. Oh! It’s ok, come.
I will leave, you carry on. Execuse me! I’m sorry Lakshmi. Without knowing the fact,
I should not have spoken like that. I’m really sorry! It’s ok ma’am. Sorry! Mr… Surya. Mr. Surya, please forgive me. It’s ok, Lakshmi. You go inside. Please leave your sister till
her classroom. Come. Why brother? Nothing dear, come. Execuse me sir.
– Thanks for the permission. It’s the other one. Execuse me! Where is my sister? She was here waiting for you.
Where has she gone? Excuse me madam. Where is my sister Lakshmi? She was talking to teacher Suma. Sir, I’m Surya. I know, come inside. Suma will always be talking about you. He is like this, he is like that… Uncle, has Suma come from school? She should have come by now. I don’t know why she is late? My wife is not there to
serve you coffee. She has gone to the club
for a meeting But your good luck. I will prepare coffee for you. Please sit down. For 25 years, I’m preparing
coffee for myself… ah! Where has he gone? May be he had some urgent work. Good boy. Coffee. I will have this coffee. What Surya? Where have you been this time? No mother… I had been to school.
– Teacher has come in. You people talk to each other.
I will come. School got over earlier,
so I brought your sister. Teacher wanted to see our house. So I came with her. Oh! Why are you acting in
front of your teacher? You please sit down. It’s ok! No! It’s ok, please sit down. Surya, take the sweet. You please take.
– She had. We were waiting only for you. Oh! Mother, it’s delicious. Is it because of teacher’s visit? Teacher prepared that sweet! That’s why it is delicious. What did you say? Mother my ear! It’s hurting. Sorry Mom. Naughty! Have you told the teacher
that I love this sweet? She was very keen to know that. That’s why I told her! So, you told her. My ear, it’s hurting! Suma. Mother. You have come for the first
time to our house. Don’t go empty handed. Please take this! Thanks. Brother, drop her. Surya drop the teacher to her home.
– Ok mother. Brother.
– Mother i’ll leave.
00:58:50,000 –>00:58:51,200
Bye Lakshmi.
– Bye ma’am. Teacher, tomorrow is Rakhi Don’t miss to come home. You have the sweets,
I will tie the Rakhi! Hello! We are home. Oh! God, so soon! Why? Why should we have come? Not this soon! Ok Suma, I will leave. Surya, shall I come with you? Where to? To drop you. If we drop each other like this. Ok bye! Suma. I wanted to tell you something. What? It’s ok, I will tell you next time. Surya… Surya… Please… I love you! She is better than heroines. Our boss always has a
good choice. Even though we have to test. What test, boss? Urine test, blood test, sugar test… Idiot! We have to test whether, she
matches our Boss or not? Come on. Do you know what this is? No, no. Do you know what this is? I don’t know. This is you. In the movie ‘Om’, Prema acted
as if she loved him and… took him to Cubbon Park and… took a knife and stabbed ‘him brutally. If you do any such acting,
he will become angry. Then he will hold the weapon
in his hands. I will have to free it from him. My image will be destroyed. That should not happen. If I come to know that you are
pretending to love him… I will burn your face.
Burn! She got scared. I will do it for you. Stop. Whom are you calling? Your brother, Surya. Surya! Put the vehicle aside. I am not coming. That sister in law will put
me in a fix. I will go somewhere and
reach some village. I will run away. Mother… One, two… Mother… What? Mother, Surya is taking a bath. I will bring the rakhi. I will go and come fast. Do not tell Anna ok? Ok, go and come fast. Alright. Smilingly wear this garland. This is my younger brother,
Gajendra. Whoever salutes this
Gandhi should also… salute my younger brother. This is the road where my enemy
Kapali walks daily. Should keep seeing my younger
brother who is dead and… become a stone and die of envy. All of you should look at
him and laugh. Durgi! What do you think?
You can do as you like? To compare your younger
brother to the Mahatma… the great sacrificing person… patriotic, preacher of non violence,
the wealth of the nation. You are placing this rowdy and insulting
the great Mahatma. All of you are watching this
without protesting. Are you all human beings? Don’t you all feel ashamed? Down with you people. Down with you, down, down. Do not increase your temper. Today or tomorrow you will call out… Lord Shiva and build your grave. Go home and rest till then. Otherwise, you will die unjustly. What? Are you scaring me? This is the heart that has braved
the bullets of the English. As long as I live… I will not allow this rowdy to be placed
next to the statue of the Mahatma. I will not allow it. Hail Mother India! Hail! Hail! You! If we chop off his head and tie
it to the auspicious door of our house, my younger brother
will receive salvation. Grandpa! Brother. Lakshmi. Lakshmi. What? What happened? What? Get up! What? What happened? Grandpa. Surya. Come, come home, don’t act stubborn. For the sake of freedom, the man
who fought by putting his life at… stake is dead and lying like
abandoned and… you have all closed doors and
slept with blankets and rugs. Made yourselves warm. We wear belt at the waist,
star on the shoulder and… cap on the head. You see us as watchmen. For a rowdy who shows a weapon,
you salute him… without opening your mouth
out of fear. Giving this security to a rowdy. When the evil of rowdies’ grows
and becomes a rope of… suicidal death for your wives
and children, all of you will… start shouting and crying
out of desperation. The police will not come to
your rescue. God will also not come. Even the very dog that you have
tamed will not come. You people who are witnesses
to this crime have put… aside you aggressiveness and… are living like bonded labourers
of the rowdies. Are you a part of this generation? Are you a part of this life? Did the neutrality of fear increase
to such an extent that your… manhood has melted and
disappeared? Or are there no men in this area? There should be cowards in this
village of cowards. Not heroes. You made this selfless sacrifice and… became an abandoned corpse. Inspector. Children who eat salt,
sour and hot still exist. If you just scream and
shout like this… you will not know the truth. This murder was committed by… Durgi’s brothers. Anytime, any day, anywhere. I will come and give my witness. Send the body for post mortem. Break their bones and
use the whip. Harischandra! You are making a mistake. If honest Harischandra is
torn apart and… made the village door,
you will know… the background of Durgi’s
younger brothers. If you are beaten indiscriminately
then you will know. If sister comes to know that
you have imprisoned us… no power, she will cut you
from the root. Open the cell and salute us. Sister will give you a promotion. I will capture your sister as well
and put her in here with you. All of can sit in the same cell and… say your prayers. My children,
till then remain silent. I am Harischandra,
only for name sake. But my deeds are… all like Vishwamitra. Don’t give them bun to
eat or tea to drink. Do not even give them
water to wash. Ok sir. Useless people. Smile, Joshi. Did you see them anywhere? When this person drinks,
does he include some tonic? Yes, he keeps saying
body pain and… takes some potion present in
a plastic cover like this. In the evening, near the end of the street,
there is a wine shop. Stand on watch over there. Your son will come. You can hold him. Hey ranger, hold this. Hey ranger, hold this. Give me some pickle. Brother, I am out of stock. Out of stock! Oh no! Out of stock for Jogi! Someone has left a
pickle for my sake. Oh pickle! Surya… Mother… don’t scold him. How sad! They killed grandpa. Brother has not done
anything wrong, mother. Brother, Brother. Brother. Surya, mother may not be talking
to you out of anger but… your mother who has given
shape to your future will… know what is on your mind. Why do you have so much of anger… vengeance and aggressiveness? What does it mean? What I did is wrong? Why are you talking to me like you
are teaching a small kid? Who is the one who died? Narasimha. He was more than a father to me. In our area, if there
was any problem… he would come to their rescue. If he is meeting such a fate,
should we watch and keep quiet? Will you keep quiet if by chance
the same thing happens to me? If I had died… would you all
watch and keep quiet? In that case, wouldn’t you people
have done something? Nonsense. You are the sun in my life. You should always rise and… The question of setting should not
come from your mouth. I am sorry. I love you, Surya. It’s okay. Peace or war? If you have come down for
making peace… sit down quietly. If you have come for making war… call up your wife and children
for the last time… and speak to them. The corpse that has gone
to the graveyard… the uniform that goes against
this Kapali has… never come back and will
never return. This is not peace or war. I want to speak with you separately
for ten minutes. All of you go and rest. Uniform! There has been a complaint
against Durgi’s younger brothers. I have kicked and
imprisoned both of them. Great, well done. You have given me good news. Take the tip. This is not a uniform worn by
a taxi driver to take tips. The State Government has
given us this uniform… cap, star on the shoulder… there is value for all this. I didn’t understand you. I heard that you are trying hard
to kill you step mother’s kids. I also know that Durgi is hell
bent upon finishing you. Right from the legislature’s kurtis
to the corporation’s uniform… everyone knows about this matter. Tell me if you have something new. You have come to the correct point. What do you do? Murder, case, jail – roaming around these. What do I do? Encounter. You want a gang for company. For me, three bullets are enough. Well done. Complaint has been filed. The witness is strong. This is enough to the eyes of justice. To get transferred to this post
I myself have given… lakhs of rupees as a bribe. I see. Hearing the news of their death… my mother who is in heaven
should feel happy. My profit for a month is Rs. 5 crores. I will give you 90% of that. I will give a party in advance. First enjoy and then… do the encounter. After searching for your son,
you died, mother. Hey you stupid fellow, sitting
with tambourine; play a few tunes. Stop. Stop listening and
just going off. Stop it. Why?
Oh so sad someone has died. So sad.
Who is this? Don’t cry. People who went have gone. You must dance, drink
and laugh and send them. Dance and drink and send. Hey, beat louder. Just look at the feat. Hey get lost, you scoundrel. See what I’ll do. See.
Jogi left the village and… came to the city and became
a rowdy to make… bangles for his mother. And you are putting this attire and
roaming the whole town and… getting abused by the
women in the town. See what I’ll do. It’s my bangles.
I won’t leave them. Bangle thief! How much was missing? Mother, mother,
just give one bangle. I will pawn this and have
some 90 drinks. What bangles?
I’ll give your head. Has your son lost his mind? He wants to file a
complaint against… Durgi’s younger brothers,
does he? So you people have gathered
all that courage? That too in our area. What is the relation between
one who is dead and… you who doesn’t have a
wedding chain? What? Were you having an affair
with the old man who died? If he is dead,
why should it affect you people? Raising our BP and want to listen to what
we used to say under the slang that we use. No, I’ll tell my son. I will tell my son to behave well. Will you tell him? Will you tell your son to
behave properly? Answer me. When Durgi screams, even babies
will stop crying and drink milk. But your son wants to build
a building and play there. Take the thread worn and
slash the neck. Everything will fall in place. Answer me. Tell your son about this Durgi. I will tell him. I have forgotten that I am a female and… placed a hand on your saree. Then calculate how low I
could go-to what extent. Touch your son’s forehead and bring
down his pride and tell him. Tell him to take his complaint back. I will tell him. Yours is a side reel show. If your son doesn’t take his
complaint back… your daughter will be the
main show. What’s all this mother? Greetings brother. This is not your brother. This is harishchandra, Harishchandra. I want to take the complaint back.
The complaint that is given. Which complaint? He has given a complaint against
Durgi’s brothers and made a mistake. If you throw a stone in a gutter then… your entire body will
become dirty. If you withdraw the complaint,
then our life will prosper. This is the complaint given by Surya. What is this?
A movie ticket to book and cancel? You gave birth to a lion cub but
did not teach him to hunt. But if you beg in front of a uniform,
it is an insult… to his bravery and aggressiveness. A matter that comes to the station and… whatever goes to the stomach
never comes back. I’m not God to show mercy. Please don’t talk like that. Please understand the
sorrow of this mother. I have cleaned the toilets of other
people and washed their utensils. I lighted the lamp to my son’s future. Please do not put off that flame. Your name is Harishchandra. Please show some kindness. I’m not Satya (honest)
Harischandra to show mercy and… to watch over a grave yard. Because you are a lady,
I am telling in simple terms. Just go home. Please do not say that it is
not possible. I will fall at your feet. Hey, can’t you understand
when it is told once? Keep coming here to eat our heads. Hey go. Mother! Surya… I didn’t know anything
besides the temple steps and the house Today you made me climb
the police station steps. Mother, what did I do? Don’t talk. You don’t say anything. What happened mother? What else should happen? Is what has already
happened not enough? I am an old woman. Your sister is yet to live
and grow up. First go and take the
complaint back. I will fall at your feet.
– Please don’t mom. Why mother? What the hell are you
trying to push me towards? See mother, in this world nothing
is greater than you. Sir, I will take back the
complaint I gave please. What? Do I look like a
joker to you’ll? I will file a case against you and
put you behind bars. I will do that.
Be careful. Are you scaring me sir? Speak. This call is for you only. Take, speak. For you only. Hello. Surya! You are a man with guts and
have the ammunition to… blast the people in our area. I thought wrongly. By saying that you want to
take back the complaint… you have become a damp cracker. Don’t take back the complaint given.
01:33:27,600 –>01:33:29,520
Don’t take it back. Durgi came and threatened my mother –
tried to humiliate her and… told to take the complaint back and… created a ruckus in front of
our house. We don’t want your relationship at all. Leave us to ourselves. Please. Alright, if you do not take
back the complaint… Durgi will take off your
mother’s clothes. But, if you take it back, I will
take off your sister’s clothes. Sir, please do not do that. Listen to what I tell you. Please. Surya, your mother has lived her life. Your sister is yet to live. You decide whom you want? Mother or sister? What happened? What happened son? Kapali! Mother! Keeping my sister as a pawn and
asking me not to take back the complaint. If I take it back,
then they will harm my sister. Mother, I cannot
understand what to do? Mother! Don’t cry. Mother, look here. Harischandra Ghat (grave yard )
will be very silent. Lots of hue and cry at the station. Send both of them out. Mother, please don’t panic. What to do now? We’ll try to do what we can. Did you take the complaint back? That is, see… Hey, old woman! I asked you? Did you take it back? See… Kapali has taken my sister
hostage and… asking not to take the
complaint back. Why are you dragging us
into your fight? Please leave us to ourselves. Kapali has kidnapped your
sister, has he? If you don’t take back the complaint… I will kidnap your mother. Take your hand off my
mother’s shoulder. Not possible. Remove your hand. Not possible. Come. Hit me.
Are you all watching a movie? Kapali is doing this. Durgi is doing that. What? Seeing the joke,
is it? Come. Want to touch my mother? One by one, I will cut you people. Playing the fool. Come. Come and hit me. Kill me too. Saw now… what state your aggressiveness
has brought us to… In the hand that was to hold a pen,
you have a sickle. God is really cruel. God gave you beauty and
snatched your legs. For beauty,
he put a black spot; bad God! Still beautiful. Brother, please If you call brother that day itself. if you call uncle, then next day. I eat nicely and later wash my hands. Just wait and watch. I will get ready and come. Oh God! Did you call up
the corporation Usha? I am calling since 2 days. Call them again.
You won’t lose anything. Sharadamma… Lakshmi… What happened, Lakshmi? I can’t see all this. How can I? Surya! – Mother.
Tell me dear. Lakshmi! What happened?
– Cannot see her like this! Please talk, dear! Hey! Get up! You are sitting here after
attacking Kapali! Walk. In the process of finding justice
from all the injustice… I lost my sister. Ruined my future, became a
bad person for this society. This is my mistake! When I think of my mistake,
my blood boils. My heart shouts out
to say what had happened! My mother used to put me
to sleep by telling stories of… Arjun’s pride, Ram’s loyaltly
and Krishna’s bravery. Don’t know what state my mother is in! What difficulties is she facing! Cheers! Drink! Hey! Old lady! Are you sitting inside
making snacks or chanting? Done, getting it. Did your son want all this? He is in jail now, cleaning toilets. And you are washing
plates and glasses here! You have added too much salt.
Don’t you know it’s too much? I could have killed you all in
10 minutes by mixing poison in your food. Tying a leash to your neck… beating you up on the
roads like mad dogs… my son who is waiting to
do all this. How can I disappoint him? Didn’t your arrogance break? Hey! Break the pot! No! Please don’t do anything to it. I beg of you. If you stay silent until your son comes,
gets beaten up… by us and dies, then fine,
else we will have to prepare for your… funeral along with your
daughter’s cremation. Hey! Where do you think
you are going? Will your father clean all this?
Clean it! Clean! What is this, mom? Are you crazy? Why did you have to come here? Go, go home! I can’t see you distressed
in this hell. How many more days? Until my son comes and brings peace
to my daughter’s soul. Until the son breaks the pot! Don’t be stubborn, mom. Come, let’s go mom. I gave birth to a lion! He is filled with anger and pride. The blood flowing within him is
his father’s a soldiers blood. He will come. My son will surely come. He will surely bring peace
to his sister’s soul. Hey old lady! Are you plotting your escape? Get in here. Coming. If those sinners come… they will cause trouble for you. Please leave… leave. Mother… Mother… Hey! Sit. Boss! All this is common. Is this your first time? Dr. Cuze, come here. Have you seen Jogi? No sir. I’ve seen the patients who
came here. Have you cut anybody’s body? No. Have you stitched up anybody’s body? No. Stitch… Have you cut it? Welcome… Hey Jogi sir. Why is it that when I touch
you he is shouting? Sentiment. He is my first assistant.
01:52:24,960 –>01:52:26,920
Hey, am I dying? You continue. What is this sir? Have you fought with so
many people? 1…2…3… I’ve sketched for 15 days! Why sir, are you making a building? Comedy? What stories he is making up! If everyone having long hair
becomes Jogi then am I a patient? My children, are you’ll
trying to scare me… with these use and
throw razors from some salon? Scaring Jogi! Come! Come come! Let’s see what happens. Oh! Attacking from all sides? Karnataka has only one Jogi, boss,
hattrick hero. Shut up! In this time and situation,
is that laughing needed? You cunning dog. Go out and die! You continue. Did you kill him? Hey! Did you kill him? Him! Him! Nobody should touch him!
Nobody should kill him! I have to kill him with my own hands!
I should only kill him. Nobody will attend the case.
Get Surya out on bail. You get him out on bail! Let him come out first. Let him come out…
in the area I lost my pride. I want to kill him in that same area! You will get him out right? Will you get him out? Stop! Whom are you calling? Surya. Trying to outshine the sun with a torch?
Trying to put breaks on… this Jogi? I came to tell
you that the Surya is out of the jail and… is running and coming to see you
and you are putting me… only in trouble! Really? Yes, really!
Swear on your mother and father. In this happiness aren’t
you going to give anything? Not to me, to Surya. Boss, hello. Come boss. Drink. Shall I put this boss? Put it. Hey old lady, come here.
I am out of stock. Go to the wine store and get more. No please… Me? To the wine store? People on the way will laugh at me. Laugh? If I keep the
pot in the middle of the road… then also people will laugh.
Is that ok? Hey, old lady, go! Take this money, go get it. Hey old lady… what will you ask for there?
Take this bottle… show this and get this same brand. Hey old lady… Rs.10 will be left. You keep it as a tip. Give me this brand, please. Boss, I can’t take money from you!
Oh sorry boss. Take. What a game! Is my son’s gaze stopping your breath? My son is finally here.
If your mother has raised you… for your father,
touch this son born to his father! Don’t have guts? Don’t have guts? He is the burning son! Touch my son,
you will burn to ashes. I have let out my son,
the monster who was tied up… touch him! touch him!
You gutless fellows! Run! Run! Leaving the ashes in flowing water… will bring peace to my sister’ soul. But, In order to save millions of sisters
and mothers whom… these rowdies have troubled,
my sister should be with me. You have the guts
to enter my den? You! You! Brother! Durgi! Did you see Kapali?
02:08:36,760 –>02:08:39,000
You were in a hurry to attack. Durgi, without her knowing
she called you brother. This is called blood relation. If anyone in this area disobeys me,
I will kill them. Everybody has to stand
and see the great war. You have seen the Kurukshetra right? There the Pandavas won, here I will! Death should come looking for you… but you have come looking for it! If step children get together… you think you can kill my son? Hey old lady… first get your son out of this
death trap constructed by Kapali. Don’t shout! You have got so many
people to kill my son! Here we will know what your
actual strength is! Has Chittoor queen
Chinnamma gotten into you… that you are behaving like this? How many are you? 10? 20? 30? Save 4 people to carry
your dead body! Hey! She talks a lot!
First kill this old lady. Kill her! Hit him son! Kill him! Who? Who committed all these murders? Who? Speak up! Wait! Wait! Why are you scared of telling
what you witnessed? Why are you scared?
02:16:21,520 –>02:16:22,320
Why are you scared?
02:16:23,000 –>02:16:24,280
If that day you all stood together … I wouldn’t have lost anything in my life… I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t even be in this situation today! Until you all are like this… rowdies like Kapali are going
to keep passing from between. The day you’ll become one… no rowdy can come between us. Tell the truth. Be courageous.
02:16:46,120 –>02:16:47,800
Be truthful to the law and police. Inspector. The person who killed all of them
is my son Surya. I am the eye-witness for this. Whenever, wherever you want… call me, I will be the witness. Law was written by people. Fate was written by Brahma. No one can win crossing these. The sinner is always punished.

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