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Hello. Please don’t smoke here sir. Thank you. Good morning, sir. Full tank, sir. Give me your keys, please. It will be 1500 Rs. Okay sir. Come on get up. Please, two minutes. Two minutes, okay..okay.. One minute is over and
now two minutes are over. Good morning mummy. Good morning dad. Good morning. Take this. Come on brush quickly. Hurry up. Bye Vidya.
– Bye. Bye son.
– Bye. Hi. Foreign language. Give me two of them. Okay. This is for you, sweetheart. You are my best friend. Foreign language. Oh God, brother-in-law has arrived. The shop is open but the
board shows closed. Stupid. Bye, mother.
– Bye, son. Good boy. Chintu, your bag. Bye, mother.
– Bye, son. Bye-bye. What? What are you
speaking since morning? What brother-in-law?
– What’s going on? Hey, Vidya. Do you know that to
increase our business.. ..he is going to give
some nonsense suggestion? Really. The thing is that.. Forget about business talks. Take this cheque and
go and clear the bill. I will go immediately. Does every house have
such a stupid brother-in-law? Okay sir, I am leaving. Good day. Are you forgetting something? We are closed, sir. Coffee. Sorry sir, we are closed. I said coffee. Okay sir, two minutes. Marie, you can go. Thank you. Bye.
– Good night. Don’t shout, okay. You can take all the money
I have but please leave the girl. I don’t want money but I want her. Shut up. Dad, you are a hero. Come here, son. That was an accident, son. Forget this thing. Take this. Bloodshed is wrong son. They were bad people. That is why your dad had to do this. You have to go to school tomorrow. Go and sleep. Daddy, come and make me sleep. No son, not today. Aren’t you a good boy? Good night, daddy.
– Good night. Good night, mother.
– Okay. Love you.
– Good night. Harsh told me about
what happened there. I got so scared.
You killed those people. I could not believe it. I am feeling scared thinking if
something would have happened to you. You don’t worry Ram.
Everything will be fine. Take care. Thank you, Pandey. Mr. Ram how did you feel
when you saw the guns.. ..of those ruthless killers
pointed directly at you? Not very good. Were you surprised
at your own reaction? Yes. What I did was.. It was a terrible thing. I think anyone would
have done the same thing. Yes, but you really went beyond and.. I understand but at this
time I want to go to my family. Thank you very much. I am Neena from Seven News
reporting from Bangkok police station. And that was Ram, a real hero. And a man of few words. In today’s politics we
politicians do not have any power. No one respects us. To be very clear I
do not believe in my party. Whether I will get a
seat in next election or not. There is no guarantee for this. Last time we were not in power
but this we are the ruling party. Still they ignored us. Even this time if
we did not do anything.. ..then they will consider us fools. That is why I have
called for the meeting. In our country some people
want to remain separate. And some people want to stay together. Everyone is doing
his work in his own way. So that he comes in
the eyes of the public. No one is thinking about his party. Still we have to live
so what should we do. By doing acting as if
we are helping everyone.. ..we should spread differences
between power and public. Only then the government
will be shaken or will fall. After that election will take place. And in those election
whoever has more ministers.. ..will make the cabinet
and become the CM. So what do you say? Go in your areas and
start invoking people. Rest everything is fine
but we just have to see.. ..that party does
not have any problem. Problem. No one has the courage
to throw me out of the party. My foundation is strong. The minority government
is also with me. I keep 40 MLA’s with me. I am not like flock of
animals that they will remove me. After the work is done you
are asking me to reduce the money. Do you think it is a joke? I want money tomorrow at this time.
Understood. Otherwise what I will
do of you even I don’t know. Did you see him? He is giving
warning before killing him. He should kill directly. Please try to understand. I don’t have money at all to give you. Rascal, I will kill you here. Hey, what are you doing? Get back, get back.. Sir, sir I am a builder
who lives in Andheri. There was some problem at the site
so brother Shankar came and solved it. At this time real estate
business not doing well. That is why I was requesting brother
Shankar to reduce 50lakh rupees. You are making excuses. You mean to say that we have
reduced the rates of real estate. Okay then we will reduce it. Okay, we have done it earlier. On Kapoor’s request we
had done like this before. What happened of him, Naidu? Of him.. He was killed that
night in an accident. Sorry sir.
I will get you the money in an hour. You got intelligent very soon. Okay go.
– Fine sir. You are going to
be the son of future CM. Stop troubling me and try
to understand this business properly. If I had position like you
then anyone would have listened to me. Anyone will listen to
you if you have the power. Learn something from Naidu, sir. No one easily get
power and position, son. You have to snatch it. Son, if you feel angry then
you should drink the medicine.. ..and not throw it on wall. ‘Thank you very much.’ Durga.. I just saw Durga on TV. ‘I am reporting from
Bangkok police station.’ ‘And that was Ram, a real hero.’ ‘And a man of few words.’ It has been so many days since he
died but his fear has still not gone. What has happened to you? From your face it seems
as if your wife has run away. Rewind it. Brother, this is TV. Oh really, I did not know. They must be showing
this story on every channel. Come on change the channel.
You will find it somewhere. ‘They came to our restaurant
and they tried to rape me.’ ‘Just to save the girl
who worked in his restaurant..’ ‘..a man named Ram
killed two rowdy people.’ ‘And after this they
have become hero in Bangkok.’ ‘They believe that if there
was anyone in his place..’ ‘..then he would have
also done the same thing.’ So, what great job has he done? Naidu, he must be Durga’s duplicate. That boy was courageous. What has happened to you?
Are you drunk during daytime? Dead bodies never return. You always keep saying that
I don’t do any work properly. Now you also listen. The person whom you were thinking
was dead that Durga fooled you. And settled in Bangkok. Enough. You have spoken a lot. A dead man is alive.
He got settled in Bangkok. Go away from here.
You are out of your mind. Keep thinking this way. One day that Durga will
come and keep gun on your head. Then you will understand
what I am saying. I will go to Bangkok
now and kill him there. Hey son, listen to me. Don’t do haste, son. Stupid. I will go to Bangkok and
get massaged done from girls. He will not be entertained there. Go to Bangkok and let me also see. Mr. Naidu, you must be also tired
working for me for so many years. You also go to Bangkok
and get massaged done. Even in old age enjoy youth.
– You.. Do one thing. My son is a fool. He fights with anyone and everywhere. It will be good if you go with him. Okay, I will go.
– Good. Yes, tell me. Brother-in-law, are you sleeping? Brother-in-law no customer
has come till now. Why is it so? Turn the board that
is hanging on the door. Customers will start coming. Foreign language. Brother-in-law, if we are dependent
on these people then we are at loss. I will turn the board. You take rest. I put the board onto open. I shall full manhandle the customers,
brother-in-law. What did you say? I said that you take rest
and I shall handle customers alone. Now what is it? The person who sold
coffee machine is a thief. It is a duplicate machine
and is not working. Tell me what I should do. If you switch it on
only then it will work. The switch is on brother-in-law
but the current is not passing. Okay, I will put the main switch ON. But brother-in-law
you switch off your phone. Otherwise anyone may trouble
you and spoil your sleep. No one else except you is calling me. Keep the phone. Okay, okay as it is I am
busy in taking care of customers. Okay, I will call
later brother-in-law. I had to get this in
buy one get one free offer. What is it now? Brother-in-law, you have
still not switched off your phone. I will switch it off.
Give me at least 3 second gap. Only then I will get a chance. Brother-in-law, I forgot to
ask whether your other phone is on. If some problem comes
up then I can call on that. Brother-in-law, don’t disturb me.
Customers are entering. I will call later. Bye. Hello.. My dear brother-in-law,
why did you pick up the phone? Are you mad that you are calling up.. ..and asking as to
why I picked up the phone? What is the need for you
to get up so early, brother-in-law? I had asked you to take rest
and switch off your cell phone. But I knew that you would not sleep. That is why I called up on landline. Brother-in-law,
I asked you to sleep peacefully.. ..and I will sell coffee here. As it is you know
that I am very talented. Do you know brother-in-law
today the coffee supplier came.. ..who always sells coffee to us? I took 10% discount from him. Look, I am not telling this
to you so that you can appreciate me. But you should know that your
brother-in-law is a great gambler. You are great. He was to give me 25%
discount and you just got 10% People like you are
called bloody fool. Hello. I could hear Harsh’s voice.
Is he here? He is here. I am here and he is there. He is doing everything
after asking me. Look, it must be his call. Hello, tell me. Brother-in-law,
have you reached the girls hostel. Stupid, I am Vidya speaking. Why haven’t you gone home? Why are you troubling your
brother-in-law in the morning? How many times have I told you? Can’t you manage restaurant
for a day without your brother-in-law? Sister I..
– Let him take rest today. Keep the phone.
– I was also saying the same thing. Thank you. What are you looking at like this? Today even I feel like disturbing you. Okay, I will come in half an hour. He looks just like Durga. I will kill the rascal. He looks like Durga
but he is not Durga. This is not our city. This is Bangkok. Here if we do anything wrong
means we will go straight to jail. As it is I have not
come here to roam around. I will handle.
Come. Okay, you can do the payment there. Okay there is no problem. Hi.
– Please have a seat. Okay, you call up later. Thank you. Tell me, what will you like to have? Seeing from outside it didn’t
seem but the hotel is quite nice. Tell me that can
we get Indian food here. Sorry sir, you will get
only Chinese and Thai here. Our stomach will get upset with that.
So please give 2 coffees. Black coffee or.. I am really feeling
nice seeing you here. Ours is the old taste. Filter coffee. One minute. Listen put less sugar
in one coffee, Durga. Sorry. I said put less sugar
in one coffee, Durga. Sorry sir my name is..
– Ram.. Ram. Ram, I will be a little late today so
please get Chintu from school. – Okay. Is she your wife? Greetings. Greetings. We have come from India
and know your husband well. Okay. I think you have
some misunderstanding. How were you earlier? Now you have changed, Durga. Durga, who are you talking about? His name is Ram. That is for you. For us it is Durga, Just ask him. Excuse me. Didn’t you hear? Sir, this is time for my work. If the coffee is
over then you can leave. Do you welcome your
guests in this way? Please leave. He is Ram. My husband. Coffee was very nice. Thank you sir. What are you thinking? I don’t think he is Durga. If he was Durga then he would
have got scared of even death. And he is getting scared of us. Don’t think too much.
Let’s kill that rascal. What if he is not Durga? We do not want any
problem without any reason. We will unnecessarily get trapped. What should we do now? We will wait till we
come to know the truth. I will.. – Wait. I know how to talk to police. Passport. You are from Mumbai.
Where are you going? We were getting bored in hotel
so were thinking of roaming around. Why have you come to Bangkok? Why will anyone come to Bangkok? Everyone comes to enjoy here. You also enjoy and go. Just enjoy.
This place is very peaceful. Don’t try to disturb
anyone’s peace of mind. Otherwise you will be in trouble. He is Ram. I know him well. Ram.. ..did you go to India recently? Did you give witness
in any case over there? Not at all. Why are you asking this way? There is a politician with criminal
background named Gurnarayan in Mumbai. His son had come to
our restaurant yesterday. His lawyer was also there with him. They kill every witness
who raise a voice against them. Maybe they misunderstood
you for someone else. You are saying the truth. They
were calling Ram with some other name. What was the name? What was the name? Durga.. Yes, they were calling
him by the name Durga. And they were talking
nonsense with us. Anyhow. If they trouble
you again then call me. I will leave now, Ram.
– Okay. Bye.
-Thanks Mr. Pandey. Hello. Okay, I will be there in half an hour. Okay. 500/- It’s too expensive.
-Marie, one second. Excuse me. I am just stepping out for half an
hour. Please take care of the store. Okay.
– Okay. Chintu. Chintu. Chintu. – Hi! Hi! Chintu. Where is my son?
– Ma’am. Close it like this
and hold it in this way. Aim and shoot. The person is killed. Hey, don’t get scared Mrs. Durga. I am Mrs. Ram and Mrs. Durga. Wow! Durga is very expert in
killing and getting people killed. But we have just come to
know that he is also expert.. telling false stories
to people and trap them. I have told you. Can’t you understand? He is Ram. For how many days do
you know Durga..I mean Ram.. I have full details about him. He is a criminal who flee
away after committing a murder. Stop it. I can see who the culprit is. Look, I am telling
you again and again. Ram is not the one
who you are thinking. You have some misunderstanding. It is better you believe me. If you trouble us again then
I will file a policecomplaint. Now please get out. Very sweet. Your son. Vidya, I am leaving. What is the matter? What happened, Vidya? Those people followed
me and came to shopping mall. You should have called Pandey. I called him but
he is not in the city. One thing more. They fully believe that you are Durga. Somehow we will have
to make them believe.. ..that you are not Durga but my Ram. I don’t know why am I feeling scared? You don’t worry. I am not the one whom
you are thinking me to be. Ram, Ram, control yourself. Let’s go. Tell me, Naidu. He resembles Durga
but he is not Durga. Look Naidu, you very well
know I have blood pressure. And let me not have heart
attack by giving me tension. Now tell me what exactly has happened. His behavior is not at all like Durga. We tried a lot to instigate
him but he does not seem to be Durga. Listen Naidu, I have killed Durga. He cannot be Durga. Now don’t try to trouble
anyone thinking him to be Durga. Please. I have understood but
make your son understand this. He is getting to restless. Give the phone to him. Father, there is no time
to think whether he is Durga or Ram. I have decided that I will kill him. This smart lawyer
interferes in everything. If I get angry then
I will kill him also. No son. That is not our country where
you can kill anyone you like. Idiot. You are son of the future CM. Use your brains sometimes. Give the phone to Mr. Naidu. Yes. Even if you have little doubt that he
is Durga then also come back quietly. We will take care of him later. You don’t worry at all.
I will take care of everything. Okay. Vidya. Vidya. Ram, are you okay? What happened? What has happened Ram? Chintu.. Chintu..he is playing outside. Why are you after me? What do you want? You know it well. Gurunarayan wants Durga. I do not know who
Gurunarayan or Durga is. Please, spare me. Please. You can do acting well, Durga. Now stop this drama
and come to reality. There is a limit to tolerance. It would not be good
if my patience breaks. Patience.. That will surely break, Durga. Come on, child. Daddy. Chintu. I should have killed
your father at that moment. Come on let’s go. I have talked to Pandey and he has
said that there will be no problem. The problem will happen.
The problem is nowhere else but here. Do you know how many times
I have to clean my face.. wash way the blood
stains that splashed on my face? I am becoming paranoid because of you. You are a murderer. You have come here after
committing murder in Mumbai. And all this time I have
been living with a killer. You cheat. Durga died long back, Vidya. I have taken a lot
of time to become Ram. And I have been able to become
Ram completely only after meeting you. And even now I want to
live my life with you being Ram. I am not thinking as
to how you want to live. I am thinking as to how
is should live, Mr. Durga. “Where I wanted to go
and where has life brought me.” “All ways seem closed.” “What kind of helplessness is this?” “All lovely moments have left me.” “I have become lonely
in just a moment.” “No one is mine and
every dream has shattered.” “There is no support and way out.” “Where I wanted to go
and where has life brought me.” I will leave the house. “No one understands me
or shares sorrow with me.” “I got pain from those
whom I gave happiness.” “All relations are left behind.” “All those who were dear
to me have become angry.” “All paths are lonely
and my eyes are wet.” “There is no hope anywhere.” “Where I wanted to go
and where has life brought me.” “All ways seem closed.” “What kind of helplessness is this?” Really fun. He is Durga. I just had one wish in my
life and that was to become CM. Wrong. I will have
to kill Durga at all cost. Yes. You are understanding ram wrong. If someone is living
with us hiding his identity.. ..then there must
be some reason behind it. We cannot hold anyone a culprit
without knowing the reason. Maybe he is Durga but still he wants
to leave everything and live as Ram. Even knowing Ram so well
and as a senior police officer.. And leaving aside what
he did earlier he is a nice man And he loves you whole heartedly. If you agree to me then
you should talk to him once. Them maybe the reality
comes in front of you. And Vidya,
do give him one chance at least. Please. When I met you for the first time
I knew nothing about your past life. All I knew was that
there was a painful story. I did not want any matter
of your city should hurt you. And as it is we were happy together. Everything was going on well. But that story is separating us. That is why you will have
to tell me about your past life. Say I Love You. Say I Love You. I love you. “Always remain lost in
my eyes and dreams, my dear.” “Always remain lost in
my eyes and dreams, my dear.” “Till where I can see..” “Slowly mix with my breath..” Other than each other
we needed nothing else. The murder of brother dragged
me into this rowdy world. The one who dies was our brother. The government got him
killed but who killed him. I know it.
Now there is no need to wait. Come on. Wait. This is not the right time. Shall we wait for
an auspicious moment? Keep quiet. He was my brother. At this moment we should
take action thoughtfully. We will not do anything
without thinking. Did you all understand? What is it? I have come to file a complaint
against the murderers of my brother. Hello. Anyone may say anything. Even if I have to kill many people.. ..I will re establish
the rule of my brother. Anita, who loved me so much,
thought that my way was wrong. Leaving me she married
a police officer. In fight for power between
me and Gurunarayan.. ..many innocent people were killed. Journalist Anita and her
husband inspector Bhardwaj.. ..also saw me as rowdy as Gurunarayan. But still one is saved, brother.
That rascal CM Anita and Bhardwaj became
the enemies of Gurunarayan.. ..who was hungry for power. The one who slapped
me should not remain alive. Where is Durga? Anita came to me for
help when she came to know.. ..that Gurunarayan
wanted to kill her husband. Standing on the dead
bodies of innocent people.. ..Gurunarayan wanted to become CM. But I did not let this happen. Gurunarayan was arrested
and I started my own gang. But if you..
– I will come. Really? Okay. Durga, you will never change. Even you have not changed. Brother, Gurunarayan won the case. He has been released from jail. Let’s see what he does. Tomorrow there is a
function at SI Bhardwaj. Durga will go there with his family. Mr. Naidu,
you gave me the right opportunity. Wow! What good news you have given me. We will do the prayer
meeting of Durga soon. Hey, call Kartar soon. Don’t make noise. Don’t make noise. Give me, give me.
– Okay, everyone will get. Give me. First give me. The birthday boy is ready.
rest of the arrangements done? Yes rest of the,
arrangements have been made. Come, son. Hello Durga.
– Hello. How are you? Son, where is Anita?
– She is inside. Whatever you may say but
Anita is really proud of you. What are you talking at this time? Okay, okay. But I also believe that whatever
you are doing is not right. After all this problem is everyone’s..
– Please forgive me, my mother. It is his birthday. Come child, come.
– Careful. Happy birthday, son.
– Phone. Is your mother troubling you also? I will get the juice. What is this? You urinated. Uncle, wash basin is that side. Durga, from now he is your son. Take him away from bloodshed
and give him good values. Leave this hooliganism. This is my last wish. Promise me that you will
never pick up a gun again. Promise me. Durga I..Durga.. Today Durga is dead. I did not know all this.
That is why I misunderstood you. I am sorry, Ram. We cannot change
whatever has happened. But Chintu should not
come to know about this.. ..otherwise he will be really sad. Daddy. Come son, come. Come here. Chintu.. What has all this happened?
– Control yourself. Nurse, heart rate is dropping. Give him an injection. This has stopped. Vidya, control, control yourself. Nothing will happen to him. Nothing will happen to our Chintu. Thank God he is safe. Take him to operation theatre. Your son is out of danger. He will be fine in some days. Okay, take care. Bye. Durga, will you shoot Shankar Narayan? I think your son is dead. That is why you are crying, rascal. This is just the beginning.
Now next bullet is for you. Vidya, listen to me carefully. You both go to Pandey’s house. Just think once Ram
before taking any step. The bloodshed from which
I was running away has come here. Now I will have to
finish this fight forever. Hello, who is speaking? Durga. ‘Today Gurunarayan of Samati party
has been shown show cause notice..’ ‘ high command.’ ‘We have been informed
by the high command..’ ‘..that the person may be big but
no one will hesitate to take action..’ ‘..if he goes against
the rules of party.’ ‘And to tell this
a show cause noticed..’ ‘..has been issued
against Gurunarayan.’ Listen shankar. Call all the rowdy hooligans
of every nook and corner of this city. Accumulate all the faithful people. From tomorrow a big
gathering of students.. ..should take place
in the entire state. Everywhere there should be fights,
violence and attacks. Spread violence. Yes, violence everywhere. Home minister should die. Home minister should die. Home minister should die. Home minister should die. Hail to students union. Hail to students union. Hail to students union. Home minister should die. What did we ask from the government? Have we asked for land? No. They are snatching
away our rights. This is wrong. The water and food which
is rightly ours has.. be bought by us in double rates. Is this right? Not at all. If we ask for gold and
silver then you may take action. But if we ask for our
right then why take action. Is this justice? This is injustice. And I Gurunarayan oppose
this in this gathering. That is why now we will have to
raise our voice to ask for our rights. Otherwise nothing will happen. To make our matters accepted
we will have to do violence. You don’t worry.
I will fight for your rights. I will be the first one to
take the bullet or any other attack. I promise this. I am standing here with you. Durga killed your close
associate Raza, brother. Brother, he has killed Raja also. He may even kill Shankar. Where has he gone? Hello.
– Hello. How are you, Vidya? Chintu is just repeating the same
thing that he wants to go to daddy. I am not able to make him understand. Have patience for some time. I will be back in few days. I am not able to stay here Ram. I am always tensed as to how
are you there and what are you doing. I am getting crazy here. Please, shall Chintu and I come there? No Vidya, don’t do this. Try to understand. You are not able to
understand my condition. Okay, you may come. But let Chintu be with Pandey. Thank you, Ram. Bye. Take care. Bye. Brother,
he killed all three in Bangkok. Now he is finding Shankar
so that he can kill him. You..that Durga is talking
about killing my son.. ..and what are you
doing standing here. Aren’t you ashamed? Go and find him and then kill him. Hey, don’t get angry.
– Why shouldn’t I get angry? You will understand
when he will kill your son. Go, go. – You are also behaving
like you’re crazy son. You don’t worry.
– What should I do then? You know very well that
because of him I went to the jail. I know it.
But you do not know the entire matter. What is the matter that I don’t know?
– You were lucky.. ..that he came back
alive from his hands. Hide Shankar Narayan somewhere. What did you say? I should hide him. Otherwise your son will keep
on repeating that he will kill Durga. And then maybe he will
be killed at his hands. What are you talking? You don’t understand anything. Listen, Naidu.. Listen to me.
– Yes, brother. Till that Durga does not
die ask my son to get underground? Go quickly, go..
– Okay, brother. Brother, people from media have come. Tell them I am not at home. When someone is in trouble then
they come for their selfish motive. Ask them to leave. Wait. This is the right time. For what? Sit down. If you will not go now then
they will make a story and print it. You put all allegations on Durga. People should know
that he is our enemy. These media people are very clever.
They bring out all secret talks. Sir, sir one question.
– Wait a minute. Let me complete the formality. Greetings..
– Greetings.. Is this true that the murders.. ..that have taken place
in the city are your men? All this is lies. Police is saying that
they are rowdy people. I don’t know. You are saying lies. People who have died are your men. What are you asking? I just said that I have nothing
to do with these incidents. Among the people who have died includes
your youth leader and corporator. Now tell us whether
they are your men or not. Is this the case? Is this true? It is absolutely wrong. Did you listen? It is totally false. Government is getting
these killings done.. telling that
they belong to my party. So that everyone says that Narayan’s
party is getting these killings done. They are responsible for all this. It is just a public rumor. My men came here to tell you
this and in the mean time you came. This is the matter. Do you agree that there
are rowdy shedders in your party? For how long are you working in media? It has been one year sir. That’s it. My hair has turned
grey listening to such rumors. But till now I am clean. Ask those people who
have done these incidents. What will you gain by enquiring here? Can you tell who
got these murders done? I will tell you?
Am I afraid of anyone? Only Durga is responsible
for these killings. Government had declared him dead. This is injustice. How can a dead man become alive? What is the secret behind it? Ask all these questions to Durga. Here my and your
time is getting wasted. Understood. Now go. Sir, one minute sir. You have killed Gurunarayan’s men.. ..and government is
getting this done from you. What do you have to say about it? Government has declared you
dead then how come you are here. Where you were for so many
days and what were you doing? Tell us clearly whether.. are Durga or not and do you
have connections with these murders. I oppose this. Sir, to oppose is
not the solution to this. We need an answer.
– We need an answer. Give us answer. I have just one answer
to your hundred questions. And Gurunarayan knows it. Give us answer. Mr. Naidu,
are you sure he is the same Durga. Haven’t you still understood? He is Durga. We are dead.
What should we do about him? Yes, okay tell me. Okay, okay.. Azeez has come out of jail. – Great. Amazing.
What a great news you have given? This time he will
not be able to escape. Shankar Narayan used to do business
of settlement in real estate, brother. No one knows where he is now. Contact all your acquaintances. Don’t get involved in any other work. All are boys are doing that work. Maybe you have understood
the condition here well. Anyhow, you did the
work we were supposed to do. By killing Gurunarayan’s men.. And Durga, Shankar Narayan
is in his village at present. Come on, leave from here. Run.. Come on take it out from that side. Come sister-in-law. Brother.. How are you? I am fine. How are you? I am fine. Coffee.. Enough. Come and sit. Serve. Rice.
– Yes. I will get more rice. – Okay. His name is Azeez. And he has come out
from jail yesterday. He has been released
from jail to kill you. Now we will have to remain alert. What do you mean? Lentil. – Yes. Keshu.. Yes. Come and eat food. Enough, sister-in-law. Come on get up. Come on. Your own men want to kill you. What kind of place
are you living in, Ram? I am scared of thinking about it. Let’s go from here. Let’s go far from here, Ram. Fear is more dangerous than death. By running away fear
will follow till the end? Whatever may happen
but I will not spare.. ..the one who is responsible
for this condition of ours. Now we cannot have faith on anyone. Keshu was our faithful. Ali Khan, if we will look with suspicion
on every person of Keshu’s gang. It would be an insult
to their faithfulness. Come, ACP sir. I was busy that is
why I could not come. How are you? I am fine. My wife.. Coffee.. Thank you. We are proud of people
like Durga, child. You were not wanted. You were trapped by
giving wrong information. And have been forced to come here. I could not understand
the foul play of Gurunarayan. That is why all this happened. I am sorry. This problem will not come further. We will come to know about
every movement of Gurunarayan. We will have to keep
a watch on informers. We cannot have complete faith on them. Naidu is not less than Chanakya. I don’t think it is easy to get any
information from Gurunarayan’s place. If we give me money then
even secrets can be bought. We have to deal with Mr. Naidu. Okay, then it is fine. Anyhow, do inform me
before doing anything. Sure.
– Do tell me if you need any help. Take care, Durga. Brother, deal with Naidu. If Gurunarayan is the
body then Naidu is his brain. If I am going right then
Gurunarayan is finished. Brother Shankar, Naidu is
the one who leaks all information. What all has happened, Mr. Naidu? Didn’t you explain you’re me well? How did this Durga
escaper from our hands? He is not a coward man
who would run here and there. He is a ferocious lion. Ferocious lion. Then how will we catch him? Without coming into power
we will not be able to harm him. That is why Naidu
I am making a final plan. Because none of my plans have
failed that I have made till now. Now at an appropriate time
we will ask our MLA’s to resign. Then the government will get shaken. Look, till now only
first phase has happened. Think about the second phase also. No Naidu,
are we a construction company.. ..that we will keep
looking into phases. Destruction and not construction. If one dies then it is suffering. If ten die then violence. And if thousand die
then you will become the CM By doing all this you
will be able to get position. I will have to kill
thousands to become CM You will have to create terror. Everywhere.. I will have to become
Raavan of today’s age. I will have to snatch
the position of CM.. ..on getting the right opportunity. Am I right?
Isn’t it a nice plan Naidu? And no one should have
doubt that you are doing this.. that is why it’s planning.. Naidu, Naidu what happened? What happened, Naidu? Hey, have you gone mad? You killed Naidu.
Fool, you killed Naidu. Don’t you have any other work? Every time you keep calling me mad. Your ACP told me that this
rascal was leaking the information. What? I should have killed him in Bangkok. Rascal, you will do cheating with us. And you call me fool. Brother..
– What is it? There is a call for you.
– Throw the phone. Why Gurunarayan? Is the lawyer dead? Your son killed him. Don’t take tension. Next is your son. Now only two goals
are left in my life. One is the death of your
son on which you will cry. And second is to kill you mercilessly. Did you see? This was Durga’s plan. Hey, take him and hide him somewhere
otherwise Durga will kill him. Take him. Take him.
Go, go. Forgive me, Naidu. Please. Look that side. Laxmi, Laxmi are you okay?
– Dad. My child..
– Good that you came. Nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen to you. Police is there for my protection
but police also needs protection. Come, come.. Brother, he is the only one left. Where is Shankar Narayan? I don’t know. Speak to all contacts of
this phone and tell them that.. ..whosoever will tell the whereabouts
of Shankar Narayan will get 1crore. Brother Shankar,
Durga has come so run away. ‘I am sorry Anita.’ ‘To save your son
I had to do all this.’ Mani, I hope whatever
you are going to do is right? The only thing is that
my image should not get spoilt. The government should be proven
useless by whatever I am doing. There should be
turbulence among public.. ..and this government should fall. Did you understand? Nothing can happen
without any reason, sir? You instigate people.. ..and I will spread the uselessness
of government through my news. One minute. This is the entire money. Take it. Rate is different whether
the news is big or small. But why should I bargain with you. Thank you.
-I will leave. Now this game of
CM will get over soon. Sir, sir..
– What is it? Sir, Durga killed brother Shankar. Durga, rascal. Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Sir, you cannot leave like this. Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! Shankar Narayan is immortal! How are you? Durga, first you politically
spoiled my image. Greetings. And now you have killed my son. You have destroyed my life. Do you know why I am sitting
here with my son’s dead body? So that everyone should
know that Gurunarayan’s son was.. ..not a useless man. Now thousands of people will die. MLA’s were of the opinion
that I will become the CM. But after that Durga
I will not spare you. I will not spare you, Durga. I will not spare you. Without the support of government
Durga could not have killed my son. And this is the truth. He quietly entered my farmhouse
and Durga killed my son. Its proof is in the
mobile of my watchman. Look at this. Look at this. This is the proof of his guilt.
– Let me see. What more proof do you want than this? Give me also one CD. Even having support of 40 MLA’s.. ..a politician like
me could not save my son. I am asking that what
will happen of common man. Tell me. He is openly killing people. And we are not able to do anything. That is why this
government has to fall. That Durga should be hanged to death. And till this does not happen
I swear I will be on hunger strike. Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! ‘Son of Gurunarayan who
is Samati party’s leader..’ ‘..has been killed mercilessly.’ ‘The moment this news came out
there was turbulence in the party.’ ‘Many political
parties and students..’ ‘..have come together
to help Gurunarayan.’ ‘And with their movement
there is terror in the state.’ Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Let us what public has to
say on Gurunarayan’s hunger strike. Speak. If government supports corrupt people
then where will the common man go? This government is
full of corrupt people. CM should resign immediately. He should resign. He should resign. He should resign. If there is no security for minister’s
children then what will happen of us. IG sir.. Home minister has ordered
Gurunarayan’s arrest.. ..and has asked to
take him to hospital. I have just received this news. Durga, Gurunarayan
has full support of public. Just think that even
government is scared of him. And under such circumstances
it is dangerous for you to stay here. What does he want? Do you understand anything? We are being pressurized
to do your encounter. I have received orders from top. You leave. More than my life the life
of thousand people is precious. Think it over again, Durga. Ali Khan, near rickshaw shivir
other than workers there would be.. ..Gurunarayan’s men also. He must have made some plan. We must find out that plan. Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! Long live Gurunarayan! The government has joined hands with
Durga and has killed our leader’s son. If Durga is not
arrested till tomorrow.. ..then there will be violence
in the entire country. Because of that hooligan
Durga and government.. ..our leader is in such a bad state. Now we are getting good
support of the students. That is why you kill
one of those students. And make everyone believe
that he has killed himself. Because his death will
be very beneficial for us. I will surely become the CM
even if I have to kill many for this. I will become CM The government joined
hands with Durga.. ..and got our young leader
Shankar Narayan killed. And got our leader
Gurunarayan arrested.. ..who always fought
for peace and harmony. Because of this corruption
I am committing suicide. The government should arrest Durga. This sacrifice of mine
is to awaken the government. A student killed
himself for our leader. Everyone come here. Durga.. ‘Near Rickshaw shivir after
the student committed suicide..’ ‘..the condition
became out of control.’ ‘There has been terror
like environment in the state.’ ‘In this violence thousands
of vehicles have been burnt.’ ‘And many people have been killed.’ ‘It is estimated that till CM does not
resign Gurunarayan will not give up.’ ‘Seeing the condition the..’ ‘..government has sent a high official
to Gurunarayan to pacify him.’ Great. They have sent a messenger
so the game is over. I will be the CM. I will be CM. I will become the CM I will become the CM. ‘Among them injured Durga
Prasad has been arrested by police.’ He has only been injured. ‘He has been taken to hospital.’ ‘According to sources of hospital..’ Where is Durga? In that room. – Okay. After all who takes
decision in this country? No one. No one takes the decision. Only this bullet takes the decision. How are you feeling
at this time Durga? I had told you that many
people will die along with my son. Did you see how many
people I got killed? Yes Durga,
my son and I are rascals, hooligans. We have murdered many people. But still nothing has happened to me. Now you and I know this. It doesn’t matter even
if government comes to know. The entire public
is uneducated and stupid. I just used the two words hunger
strike and everyone stopped eating. And because of fear there
was violence in the country. A mean idea from my mind
shook up the government overnight. Even CM was scared. People from high command came to me. They pleaded in front
of me to become CM. Stupid, if not today then tomorrow
I will become CM of this state. CM. I just had two goals in my life. One was to become CM
in which you helped me. And second was your death
and you helped me in that also. Salute to you.
It was really enjoyable. You really made me happy. The place where you are
is appropriate for you, Durga. Now you will not go alive from here.
You will not go alive from here. Because I have the power now. ‘Yes Durga,
my son and I are rascals, hooligans.’ ‘We have murdered many people.’ ‘But still nothing has happened to me.’
– What is this? ‘Now you and I know this. ‘ ‘It doesn’t matter even
if government comes to know.’ ‘The entire public
is uneducated and stupid.’ ‘I just used the two words hunger
strike and everyone stopped eating.’ ‘And because of fear there
was violence in the country.’ ‘Stupid, if not today then tomorrow
I will become CM of this state.’ ‘CM.’ ‘I just had two goals in my life.’ ‘One was to become CM
in which you helped me.’ ‘And second was your death
and you helped me in that also.’ ‘Salute to you.
I will become the CM of this state.’ ‘CM.’ Tell me.
– Is Durga there? Come. The son of MLA misbehaves with me. Please help me. Go to police station. He has bought policeman. But I cannot do anything. Poor girl has come with lots of hope.
Please help her.

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