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Hmm..Come on, Jump Concentrate! Look ahead Good, good! It’s my Birthday, sir! God bless you my child! Thank You Sir Guys…. … time up! I am now in the last part of my life When I look into the past, I can only see Joseph Yes! Joseph – a true champion student of mine I was his guide, philosopher, coach Very Aggressive. I kept telling him.. .. he’d be a real champ if he was less aggressive ‘No point in winning without aggression’ that’s what he’d reply! He was a Ganguly fan There is time left… Time’s up in my watch. I got some work Coming tomorrow morning? I’ll be there Sir! One plate Idly, parcel please! It’s the Algebra… yesterday was a Really bad day sir Its was very bad What happened? Why is maths such a tough subject. They gave me the maths marks 41 out of 100 sir Just pass were you also a maths student? No, Botany You are so lucky sir I don’t understand if my lecturers can’t teach, or I don’t know how to learn Everytime I fail in maths I don’t know Its a crazy subject sir Need to improve in that sir What is wrong with the idly?, It does not taste like usual. Sir! I am the best when I am on the court, I am proud of my game Somehow I have to improve in maths. betterment has to be there in life, Unless you struggle you dont learn and learning should last forever Do you mean we should struggle for all our life? You have realized that you want to improve in maths that is enough. I know a maths lecturer,he is my friend I will tell him, he will help you , okay. Thank you sirGood evening sir. Thank you sir…………….Thank you very much! Hello Sir. Hello Joseph. Where are you? Congrats! You made me proud! What’s the matter sir? You got selected in the state team Just got the news from our secretary. I am very happy Next month is the coaching, be ready, okay. I have to catch a bus to Guntur now. Will meet you when back Sure. and Have a safe journey sir,bye. Where did your brother join? Did he get a seat? Oops, wait. Will call you later… The tomatoes aren’t put down… put the cauliflower first Thanks for the help It’s ok Btw, I am Joseph, an engineering student and I play basketball I am Mary What do you do? Studying my B.Sc. Which college? I have to go this way Hi! Hi. So early to college? It’s a 2 hour long journey. This is my daily time oh? Never seen you before. I dont know You & me stay nearby. Yet I’ve never seen you before Oh God, you’re crazy I came here 2 months ago to my relatives house Oh, staying at your aunt’s house? Don’t mind, that’s my personal matter Let me speak my heart I like you since the moment I saw you in the church and I want to marry you. Sorry Joseph I thought you are a decent guy as you pray Jesus Never expected this from you It’s the same Jesus who introduced you to me Will explain that later. Give me a reason why you’re not interested I dont need to explain.please. I’ll marry the guy my parents choose I heard you’re a good sportsman. I admire you that way Dont waste your time, please. Dont disturb me Hi Hero, How’re you? Sir, is your marriage a love marriage? No. Who’s the girl? She’s Mary sir Can you talk to her parents and convince them? I can. But, it’s not the right time Concentrate on the game now Because you’re in the nationals now. Joseph, almost done? Almost done sir Sorry Joseph Cant some for the send-off my friend met with an accident have to go the hospital no problem sir All the best my son Just give your best Our court’s prestige is with you Definitely sir Thanks for everything Why thank me Joseph? You made me proud, whole town is proud We’ll celebrate when you come back Sure Sir Let me add one more reason I scored 72% in mathematics Wow, congrats Joseph I knew you’d do it Thanks for the faith sir Will call when I join the camp Do take your laptop of required I dont need it Joseph Take care Sure sir Good morning Mary Good morning sir Has your husband got up? He dint come to the warm up today? He just got up. We’ll come to the church in 30min. Cya there. Okay, Cya there How’re you sir? Fine. How’re you? Fine sir. God bless you both While returning from National Games, Joseph met with a bus accident It was terrible. Joseph has passed away He is no more Couldn’t tell Mary about it But she read it in the newspaper From then on, every year, we pray on Joseph’s obituary I am happpy for Joseph As he achieved his dream of playing nationals Now I see students better than Joseph but what made Joseph best was his attitude When it comes to Mary, she isn’t made for Joseph Fortunately, there’s no one for him like me He was bought up in the church But I am left alone again and will miss Joseph I hope I can find a student like Joseph again

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