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In the hour when the King Messiah comes. He shall stand on the roof of the temple, and proclaim that the time
of deliverance has come. Those who believe and are faithful to God
will rejoice in the light that will rise upon them, as it is written, “Arise, Shine,
for Thy light has come”. Only take courage and be careful to observe
all things written in the law of Moses. And try not to side from them,
neither to the right hand nor to the left. Take care only this, in all diligence, that of love the Lord, thy God. Amen! Blessed art thou Lord, our God,
King of the universe. Nay, only the best among men,
as it is better to be an entity of the Heavens. Blessed art thou, O God, Lord of the Universe, who consecrates the Sabbath,
and all of lsrael’s celebrations. Amen. May the Lord bless and preserve you.
May He let his face shine upon you. May the Lord lift up His countenance
and give you peace. Amen. Come to my house, Rabbi, for supper?
I promised my children. Thank you. Ah… Joseph! Ah, Joseph! Joseph! Joseph, there’s something I want to talk to
you about… it’s very important, see, if you just come with me
we can talk about it better… I’ve read from the scriptures,
it might clear. Get away from me! Rabbi, rabbi! Yes, tell your mother and father
they can see me tomorrow. Once you’ve mastered
the craft you will be free. Always remember, only those that
know how to use their hands are free. Only they are not dependent on anyone else. Joseph, could we-please? Anna! I shall leave you to work on your own for a minute. – Remember, don’t force the wood-treat it gently.
– Yes, of course. Anna, I intended to find you when we finished work,
but I’ll come with you now. – You know that my husband…
– God rest him, the best of men… Was very fond of you. He would have come to you himself, but in the end,
he could hardly speak. Poor man. What sleep he could get was disturbed by dreams
about his daughter-alone, without her brother! No man in the house! And now, I can’t sleep. And when I die, as I must soon… Why do you say that? I have a feeling that I will not live much longer. You have years ahead of you,
and you will sleep soundly tonight. It’s a great change in a man’s life,
but I also know a single man is only half a person. As for the contract and the date of the wedding…
I leave that all to you and the rabbi. Well, thank you, Joseph. You won’t regret it. Mary is a good girl-she’ll make
you a beautiful wife. Shall we sign the contract
the first day of the full moon? And then after a year’s betrothal, celebrate the
wedding in the season of the harvest when the earth yields up its fruit
and the heart rejoices. With luck I may be able to see it. Mary, Mary! Come out Mary! They’re waiting for you! Mary! Mary! Mary, come! Come quickly! Shawl! Your shawl! Thank you. Do not be afraid. Yes, here she is. Beautiful. May this betrothal, one to the other,
Joseph, Mary be blessed and sanctified according
to the law of Moses, and of lsrael. Amen, Amen! Who are you? Who are you? How can that be? No man has ever touched me. Behold the handmaiden of the Lord, may you be done unto me
according to your word. Mary? Who are you talking to? There’s news of Elizabeth. My cousin, Elizabeth? What news? She’s going to have a son
in three months time. She conceived the child six months ago,
on the 19th day of Tishri. But Elizabeth was always bad. Now, she’s far too old. What nonsense is this, child? Oh, but it’s true. She’s going to have a son. And I must go and visit her. Seems like… the release of these nations,
the Egyptians, the Syrians, King Herod, to revert to the Jews, I wonder,
is it because, as you say, they identify future with past
that they have so many prophets? Oh, the prophets,
it’s the sun which breeds them. Many of them are harmless.
They preach religion, we let them go. But, some of them preach rebellion
because it is written. Altogether, literacy has had a
disastrous effect in this country, and those we eliminate. Rome has taught us that although this may be
indifferent theology, it is very good government. Majesty, I’ve heard the word, “Messiah”.
What exactly is a Messiah? Oh, even you have heard that awful word,
Procunuas? Well, is he a prophet or is he something even… Well, Rome, even Rome,
cannot influence men’s dreams, and the messiah is a bad dream
disguised as a solution to every problem. It’s a leveler of scores, a rewarder of righteousness,
a scourge for the wrongdoer, it is the bringer of everlasting peace. Then, as I understand from what you have said,
a messiah is worse than a prophet, from the Roman point of view… From the Jewish viewpoint, too.
I mean, you try telling that to the Jews. No, don’t! Don’t! It’s much wiser not to consult them. Just when a messiah appears,
crush it under foot like a young scorpion. No, you can tell great Augustus,
that he can rest in peace in Rome, there will be no messiahs, true or false,
in Palestine while I am alive. Come Mary, you’ll be comfortable. Here we go! May the Lord keep
us safe on our journey! God bless you, child. Esther, Esther!
Take this to my sister in Bethlehem. And tell her, tell her I’ll be with her for Passover. Go safely on your journey! Where do you want the screen,
where should I put it? Mary! I’ve been longing to see you. Mary… So it is true. How did you know? Who told you? A messenger from God. And he told me another thing. A thing even more wonderful. You’re blessed among women, and blessed shall be the fruit of your womb. I, too, am highly favored that the mother
of the chosen should come to me. From the moment your greeting reached my ears the child in my womb leaped for joy. My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God, my savior, for He has looked kindly upon
the most humble of his handmaidens, and He has told me that all
generations shall call me blessed. He who is mighty has done unto
me a mighty thing. Is it true about Mary’s dream? Oh yes, it’s true. News came from Enkarim.
Elizabeth is going to have a child. – Even though she’s past the age?
– Oh yes, she must be nearly fifty. – Is she the one married to Zacharias?
– Yes, that’s the one. She’s Mary’s cousin. – What? It can’t be true!
– Oh, Joseph! Are we going to get an invitation to your wedding? There’s plenty of time for that, Jonathan.
The contract’s only just been signed. Only just betrothed and his
beloved has left him already. Just like her, She’s always been
a bit strange-not like the others. That’s something you’ll have to learn to live with. But seriously, Joseph, Mary is remarkable. We all think so. A remarkable girl. Give him to me, Elizabeth. Blessed be thou, our Lord, King of the Universe,
who has blessed us with your commandments and ordained us to initiate our sons
in the covenant of our father, Abraham. Amen. As this child enters the covenant, so many enter into the study of the Torah
into marriage, and into good deeds? Amen. This is the seal in flesh of the covenant
between the Lord and his people. – What is the name of the child?
– His name is… His name shall be John. When you get back to Nazareth, tell Joseph what you have seen and
heard what you know. The Lord God gives life where no life is possible. And one life shall be the son of God,
and the other shall be his prophet. Go, tell all this to Joseph. But will he believe me?
Will he believe me? God will open his heart. That’s too much for any man to believe. But you’re not any man.
You, too, are chosen. I was sick at heart. You ought to be my wife.
But now, that vow has to be broken. I swear I’ve never been with her. What I said about Elizabeth was true. Don’t worry. I believe you. God’s will be done. Now, you’re sure. She told me herself. Women are the loveliest and
brightest of God’s creations. And think you would know, but you… – Please, I need your advice.
– What advice can I give? – This is all.
– Rabbi, may I? It is written in the law, if in the time of betrothal a woman sins with any other man,
let them both be taken beyond the gates of the town, and stoned to death with the abomination that
be crushed out of the heart of lsrael. Should a man marry a woman which
he finds has no favor in his eyes, because he has found in heart he stain of uncleanliness, let him write a bill of repudiation
and deliver it unto her hands. This law applies even if l haven’t taken
Mary into my house? Yes, yes. All that is needed is for a bill to be written
and delivered in the presence of two witnesses. No, if l do that I will expose her shame. I can’t.
I can’t. I’ll send her away if l must, but in secret. God knoweth the secret of the heart.
Trust in him, and accept. Accept it, Joseph. The Lord will not abondon you. Thank you. No! No! No! Joseph. Joseph, son of David. Do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife. It is by the Holy Spirit that she has conceived. She will bear a son, and you shall
give him the name Jesus, the Savior. Hey, Joseph. Joseph!
The bride is arriving! Mary’s here! – With this ring…
– With this ring… – Be thou consecrated unto me…
– Be thou consecrated unto me… According to the law of Moses and of lsrael… According to the law of Moses and of lsrael… May the Lord bless and preserve you. May the Lord make His face shine upon you. May the Lord lift up His countenance
towards you and give you peace. Amen. Would you like some grapes or some dates?
I picked them myself from the orchard. No no no no… I’ve got one. Bless you. Your majesty, we have always treated
your country as far as possible as a free and independent nation, but the governor of Syria has decided
to include Palestine in a census. – In that event…
– A census in my territories? In Galilee, Judea, whatever your motives for this,
they’ll be misunderstood. People will be resentful,
suspicious, perhaps, perhaps even hostile. As consul, I am here merely to carry out instructions. My dear, there seems to be one aspect of the problem
of which either Rome or you are entirely ignorant, and I cannot believe it to be Rome. The method which you propose to me of your
census are contrary to our tradition. – Tradition?
– Permit me your Majesty. I do not think that Marcus Matzo is aware
of the tradition your majesty refers to. For such official purposes as the taking of the census, every person living in these territories considers himself
as belonging not to the place where actually he lives, but to the place of origin in his family group. His tribe, may I say tribe? You may say tribe. A census, therefore, means movement of every person back to
what he considers to be his native township, ancestral capital. To dignify a place which is sometime
no more than a stinking dunghill! Oh! You choose your phrases most exquisitely… So, if the census were conducted
according to local tradition, you think your subjects would accept it more readily? Oh, I see! Now we’re supposed to count ourselves! Under your supervision, I hope starting with the king? – That is not.
– Seriously, seriously do you know what this would entail? The shifting of entire populations! The disruption of trade! The divine Augustus is counting on your understanding,
your Majesty. I hope I shall not have to inform him
of any lack of cooperation. Thank the divine Augustus for
his unswerving benevolence. That census is a trick to increase the taxes, and we know where the money ends up in Rome! But why should it? What does Rome give us? That’s not the point. The Romans want to count us
how many we are where we are, they want us to know that they are our ruler, but we should have no earthly ruler.
No rule but the Lord, no king but God. It’s not for you to remind us of the scriptures.
Be quiet and go home. I apologize for my son.
He’s too young to understand. What are you doing to the faith of our fathers? All over of Galilee there are thousands
of Jews preparing for, for what you’re always talking about in there,
the coming of the king who will liberate us. – Come!
– And what are you doing about it? Nothing! We accept the violence of the Romans like sheep! – We are not worthy of the king to come!
– Stop it! The king to come will not bring violence and bloodshed. It is written. He himself is pure from sin. God shall cause him to be mighty
through the spirit of holiness and wise through the counsel of understanding. Now come home.
Stay there until you learn more respect for your elders. Anna. I must go to Bethlehem. It’s my native town and, and Mary must come with me. – Why?
– For the census? So even Augustus obeys God. – The prophecy?
– Yes the prophecy! For thou, O Bethlehem, art in no ways the least of cities. For from thee shall come forth
a Shepard of my people, Israel. If only I could come with you. If only, I… Joseph, you’ll need help when he’s born. Don’t you trouble, Anna. He will be well cared for. Everything will be done as God ordered. They seem to be kings, Lord Melchior.
From different lands. I told you we could not have been
the only ones to see the sign. Come in peace. Where are you bound? Wherever I am led. I follow that star. I’m sure that Herod keeps
a strict watch on his frontiers. He must know that we’ve crossed them. I would have to tell him, as Balthazar said, that I follow that star, wherever it leads. But what will we find. All my calculations show that there was to
be a new heavenly creature, a new star. It was even precise as to place and time. So I made up my mind to set forth and see
what they will behold. You did not know? Only that it would be something wonderful. The stars are not distant and aloof,
cut off from the lives of men. The rising of a new star always entails an immense labor
in the heavens that always has its counterpart on earth. The universe is about to bring forth
a prodigy beyond our understanding. Your star, my brother Balthasar,
is indeed a sign of wonder. The divine solar master says,
the next prophet will show himself in a foreign land. And the truth he will reveal will be at
first only for his own people… – But there is only one truth.
– And only one God. All the rest are vain, or parts of him. The people of lsrael know this. Many of their wise men have been close to him, and their writings confirm my calculations. A king is about to be born… A king? A king who will free us from the evils of this world. Where will he be born? The sacred writings point to a small town,
in Judea called Bethlehem, Efratta. Rest there, I’ll find a place. – Excuse me, may I speak with you?
– What do you want? I desperately need a place to stay for tonight. My wife is near her time… No, no, I can’t help you.
I already have too many people. – But I’ve got…
– Can’t you see? Come on! Close the door! How many times do I have to tell you
the gate should be shut? Nothing, but there must be another place,
I’ll try again. How do you feel. I don’t like leaving you alone. Do you think you could walk a little further? – Hold on to me…
– Oh, no! No! Stay there, stay there. God will help us. Listen, it’s no use trailing around Bethlehem anymore. Every inn is full up. None of them are
going to take your wife in like that. Come I’ll show you.
Take your donkey. It’s about time. Now do as I tell you, if you go through that gate over there, just outside
the walls on the road to Jerusalem you’ll come to… Careful… you come to some stables, some caves. It’s not much, I know,
but you need warm and dry and plenty of fresh straw. Look, they’re down there. Can you see? Right. Now then, if l can manage it,
I’ll come back later, and help. Oh, and if anyone tries to throw you out,
just say that Abigail sent you. Abigail. Remember the name. We’ll remember. Thank you. Look, Mary. Oh, beautiful child. Come on, put him there in the manger. And see if there is some fresh straw.
That will keep him warm. I’ll take care of her, poor girl. Now then. Hand me some water.
Give it to me. Good, that’s it. Who’s that?
What do you want? This is no place for you!
Get out! Get out, you hear me? Off! Off with you!
Can’t you see? The poor girl’s just had a child? That’s why we’ve come. We were told to. Told by whom? We were out there in the fields.
This man came to us from nowhere. An angel, shepherds he said. They say that Israel is a scattered
flock that lacks a shepherd. And then he said,
“Tonight, the shepherd is born. It is for you that He comes,
“he said. “For the poor.” That’s why you came here? Yes. The man said, he said… The man said, “Today, in the city of David,
a savior has been born for you. Glory to God in the highest,” he said. And peace on earth for those who he loves. Come! They cross my border,
yet not one of them sends a greeting? Are they armed? Not heavily, your majesty. As far as I say,
they were equipped to travel fast and far… But they were not heading here? If not here, where? It was Bethlehem, majesty. They, they followed a star, the new star. Bethlehem? O thou, Bethlehem, Effrata,
thou art the smallest what was that phrase again? Thou Bethlehem Effrata,
art little one out of thousands of Judah. Out of thee He shall come forth unto thee,
for as to be the ruler in Israel, and His going forth is from the beginning
from the days of eternity. A ruler in Israel? Have those travelers watched all the time. And bring me the names of all
newborn children in Bethlehem. And the glory of the Lord shines over you. For though darkness covers the earth,
and dark night the nations, the Lord shall shine upon you. Come, come! – I promise that everything will be done the way we agreed.
– It won’t take long. Come, come! Borsch! And the Lord said to Abraham, “Keep my alliance, and circumcise
each child born unto Israel on the eighth day of his life.” Amen. This is the seal and flesh of the covenant
between the Lord and His people. And the child shall be called? His name shall be Jesus. Where is he? Now I can die contented, Lord, according to Thy word. I am Simeon,
an old man who has waited long to see his salvation. And now my eyes have seen the child who will bring
the salvation thou hast prepared before all people. A light of revelation to the gentiles,
and the glory of thy people, Israel. And a sword shall pierce your heart. Next. – What is your name?
– Joseph of Elias. – Where are you from?
– Eskelon. Don’t forget to take your token with you. – What’s your name?
– Asbar Zadif. – How many children?
– Seven, this is the youngest. – How old is she?
– Three. – Move on.
– And here, seven tokens. My husband could not come, he’s ill. – Well, there will be one for him, too, if you explain.
– What are these tokens? – A coin to prove that you’ve registered.
– Well, they’re little tokens with the emperor’s head on them. Special orders! We want the names of all the newborn. Newborn? Note their names. The newborn. What did he say? He wants the names of all the newborn. Why do they want to know about the newborn? Well, there’s no point in arguing with them.
You just do what you’re told. Wait! Don’t be afraid. Where is the child? We have come a long way to greet him. This is the king of lsrael who will take away the sins of the world. I did not know what we were to find,
and coming here, a stable? I thought my brothers were mistaken,
but now I see the justice of this. There could be no other place. Mm… not in glory, but in humility. Accept these poor tokens of our homage. Incense, to perfume the halls of the mighty. Gold, for kingly rule. Myrrh, the most precious herb of the East,
and the most bitter. And now, a word of warning. Leave here as soon as you can. Herod’s soldiers have followed us,
hoping it would lead them to you. He knows of His birth.
He will seek out the child and kill him. Go into Egypt. It may not be for long,
Herod’s days are numbered. Those travelers crossed my frontier again? – Yes, your majesty.
– Yes, your majesty. But the child would still be here. Kill every male child up to one year old,
two years old. Better the innocent should die,
then that the guilty should escape. Guilty?
Your majesty, a child? Guilty of the womb! Guilty of the stars! I’ll bring down their stars!
I’ll snuff them out in blood! This is my world!
I will not share it with an infant! There is no room for two kings here!
Like a newborn scorpion under foot! You know the mark of a real king?
Courage! Even in the face of Jewish prophecy!
Bits of old parchment! Old, blind men! Hah! Now go to Bethlehem!
I make history! – Kill!
– But your Majesty! Kill! Kill them all! Kill! Kill them all! Leave my child, you blood thirsty murderer! Lust is fulfilled. That which was spoken by the prophet Jeremiah. In Ramah, was there a voice heard, lamentation,
weeping and great mourning. Rachel, weeping for her children, but would not be comforted,
because they were no more. King Herod is dead. Taken in the midst of his sins. Struck down by the Lord to whom the power
and pride of kings are as nothing. You cannot defy God, the mighty God, the everlasting Father,
the Prince of Peace. Yet the yoke of tyranny will not be lifted from us. Rome will choose a king from among his sons,
and her grip will become stronger, but you should lift up your hearts,
for the Eternal will not abandon us. He will send us a deliverer, and His dominion is the everlasting dominion
that shall not pass away. And his kingdom, that which shall not be destroyed. Come. There, look! Do you see? Nazareth!
That’s where we live. Here, O Israel. The eternal, our God, the Eternal is one. Blessed be the name of the glory of
the kingdom forever and forever. And thou should the eternal, thy God,
with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might and these words which I command
thee shall be in thine heart. Amen. Amen. A man who’s skillful in his work,
will stand before kings. And our work like every other,
has a second meaning in God’s eyes. We use this to make a straight line on the
wood before we cut it, and as we use the ruler to make straight lines, God gave us rules to keep our lives straight. God gives the wood. And man with his skill and invention,
that God gave him, is always finding new uses. Sometimes wonderful uses for it, a wheel, a plow, a ladder. They all look simple, but they are from God. And a ladder can sometimes
reach from earth to heaven. Joseph! Joseph!
Didn’t you say the plow would be ready? Coming! Keep on with your work. What is this? Well, look at it. What have you done? This is not how I asked you to make it! Oh, no! No! It is not worth labor at all! It was supposed to be ready days ago,
and now it is not ready. No, son! Bless God who has given us the Torah. The Lord god will go before you. Be strong and of good courage. Fear not, do not be afraid, for the Lord,
Thy god, will go with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Amen! Now you are truly a man. Jesus by Joseph.
As a new adult member of our community, you have exercised your right to read
and comment upon the scriptures that is your heritage.
It is the heritage of the children of lsrael but remember that God’s word is spoken in times
of light and in times of darkness and persecution. May you always read from the law in a time of joy. Amen. May God protect you. May God bring blessings on the boy. Romans! Here! Romans? Hey, hey! Brothers, brothers, quiet!
Shh… The Roman forces are here. Jewish bread. Better than nothing. – Who ordered this?
– Quarter master. An army must eat, and it’s a long way from Dumasta to Jerusalem. But Galilee isn’t Roman territory! Hah! The whole world is Roman territory! Hey, put your sword back. Ignore them.
You’ll meet with plenty of those in Jerusalem. They’re called zealots.
They’re mad religious fanatics. You there! Remember this!
The Roman army is not a pack of bandits. And we’ll be through with the likes
of you in our own good time. Come! May the curse of God fall upon these murderers! How long must we wait? How long? Are you to help us? God has abandoned us. How long? How long? Look, Jerusalem. This is a lamb with no mark, without blemish. Are not enough to please our Father, our eternal God.
A prayer of the heart is more important. Do you remember what King Solomon
said after he built the temple? Standing in front of the temple of the Lord, he spread out his hands and said,
“Can God indeed dwell with His creatures on earth? Heaven itself, the highest heaven,
cannot contain thee, how much less this house that I have built? Yet attend to the prayer and supplication
of thy servant, O Lord, that thine eyes can always be always
upon this house, day and night. This place of which thy bid to say,
‘lt shall receive my name.”‘. Son! We’ve been looking for you everywhere. Why were you looking for me everywhere? Did you not know you would have found me
in my father’s house? O Lord, I grow old. What have thy promised to the prophets.
Where are they? “Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,
and tell her that her time of bondage has ended.” That her penalty is paid.
Salvation is at hand. To be shouted from the mountaintops… The teaching is clear behold thy send my
messenger and He will clear the way before me. Messenger before me… Messenger.
And the Lord will suddenly come to His temple, “and the messenger of the covenant,
behold, is here.” The people of Galilee thought they
had seen the depths of inequity when their land was ruled by Herod,
the mayor of blood. But now his son and the Herod Antipas, the new prince
of Galilee strives to outdo his fathers’ crimes for he follows his last’s and breaks faith with God. He dares to defy the law of Moses by entering
into unholy marriage with the wife of his brother. Can we permit this?
All of us will suffer for his sins! Messenger for King! Your majesty, he’s here, the Baptist. He’s here? Well? Well, well what? What? Well, uh… leave him alone. We’ll march again! Continue! Oh, what harm can he do? He’s been out there for years in the desert
living on locusts and, and, and prayers. He doesn’t incite the people to rebellion!
He asks nothing for himself. All he wants is to remain poor and naked. And he would do very much like
everyone else doesn’t the same. Oh no, when the wedding festivities is over,
I’ll have him preach at the palace. You can hear him with your own ears.
He’s a very remarkable. I’m glad there is somebody remarkable in Judea. Herod! Herod! The tablets of the law speak plainly! You may marry the wife of your brother
when your brother is dead, but not while he lives! This woman, Herodias, is the wife of your brother Phillip,
and Phillip lives… It is written, “I have seen thine adulteries
and thine abominations, woe unto them!” Will thou not be made clean? Send this woman back to your brother! Repent! How can you allow this longer to continue? No, we decided to be clement on our wedding day. I’m not afraid of your power on earth, Herod Antipas! If I do not warn you, you will die in sin. And the Lord will ask me to account for your life! Quickly! Into the palace! Repent! Repent! – The Lord blesses you!
– For the kingdom of heaven is at hand! Brothers, we can make use of this man! His attacks on Herod Antipas excites
people makes them think of lsrael. Don’t be too sure about it.
Prophets only make men think of our God in Heaven. So do we, and if we want to direct people’s thoughts,
we must use what means we can. Yes, but we zealots want to see the
power of God on earth fighting the Romans. Does John want that? The time has come!
The great and terrible day of the Lord is at hand! Repent! And change your lives! Every valley shall be exalted!
Every mountain in here laid low. The winding way shall be straightened!
And the rough way made smooth. God let you back from Babylon to serve
Him but you betrayed Him! Now you are warned! Please! Please! “I am the Lord unchanging,” says the Eternal,
“and you too shall not cease to be sons of cheaters. From the days of your forefathers you have
been wayward, and have not kept my laws. If you will return to me,
I will return to you!” says the Lord. Do not think you will be save by your rituals,
by going to the temple it is not sacrifices the Lord demands! Bring no more vain offerings at the Lord.
“I delight not in the blood of lambs”. The sacrifice that God demands is a repented heart! – What can we do, then, to be saved?
– Change your hearts! Take the right way! The Lord said that my ways are not your ways. Why speak as though none of
us know the way to salvation. We know the law as well as you,
and we try to obey it! We are the sons of Abraham.
We have always kept the law. To those of you that seen themselves just and pious, I say that you must bring the fruits of repentance! Do not content yourself with saying,
“Abraham was a father, and that is enough to save us.” The Lord could take anyone of these stones
and turn it into a son of Abraham. Pharisees, we know you! Go back to Jerusalem! Yeah, go back to Jerusalem! It’s right. You are the prophet! Save us John! Save us! I baptize you with water that you may be
purified and ready for the coming of the kingdom. Open up your hearts to God! Receive this cleansing light! Save me, save me, John! I have sinned!
Have mercy on me, John. I am a sinner! Let his water wash away your sins. Disgrace! Go back! Go back! John, you’ll pay for it! You’ll pay for it! Oh! One day they’ll almost stoned me to death!
Is that what you want? You’re tired of me, aren’t you?! – No!
– Yes yes, admit it, you are tired of me! I can tell by the way,
by the way you mooned over my daughter, Salome! – Non-sense!
– You like her! She’s a child! Baker! Liar! – No!
– Coward! – I am not a coward!
– What are you then? That prophet I demand that you arrest him. Demand? Demand? That’s a strong word, my heart. You must remember. John is right. By the laws of Moses, we have sinned. Come on, come on! We have sinned, and we go on sinning, and very pleasant it is, too. Even if I wanted to, I could do nothing about his reproaches
until he once more sets foot in Galilee. And then, my own, my heart,
we’ll throw him into prison. Repent! Repent! Repent! A little repenting won’t do him any harm. After all, he preaches it. Rabbi! We have been sent by the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem,
amongst whom you have many friends and admirers. They understood why you could not come to the temple. It would’ve been wrong for you to abandon your mission,
even for a single day. The reason for the invitation was to
ask you one simple question. Who are you? First, I will say who I am not. I am not the messiah. The messiah is yet to come. Then, in the name of the living god,
who are you? I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness
make great the way of the Lord. If you are not the messiah or the prophet Elijah, by whose authority are you backed up? By the authority of him who shall come after me. Whose shoes I am not worthy to unloosen! I baptize you with water but he will baptize you with
the holy spirit! And with fire, his rod is in his hand and with
it he will cleanse the threshing floor.

100 thoughts on “Jesus of Nazareth Full Movie HD – English

  1. I like that moment with Jesus on the Cross and everyone crying, and what does he do? he blows one nasty and squeaky fart which kind of brought some relief to this weird scene and got everyone laughing.

  2. Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God of Abraham, who as the lamb of God took our sins upon Himself that we may be redeemed in God's eyes. I am so grateful, not just for myself but for all of us.

  3. This is the best made series of the life of Christ that I have ever seen… Franco Zeffirelli made a masterpiece when he did this, and of all the remakes, nothing touches this… he brought Christ and His life alive in a way that no one else has ever done… thank you, Franco, for blessing us with this beautiful treasure for all time…

  4. Şehadet ederim ki Allah'tan başka ilah yoktur.

    There is no god but Allah I bear witness that
    In that Mohammed messenger of Allah, martyrdom, and again I would☝

  5. There are only 3 persons I require in this world: 1). Jesus; 2). The Father; and 3). The Holy Spirit, and these 3 are One. If you have Jesus you got it ALL, and far beyond anything you could possibly ever imagine. Keep the Faith and be sure to Love all people, in particular those who are unkind and hard hearted.

  6. For the past 30 plus years this has been my all time favorite movie. Sometimes I watch at Christmas time, or at Passover general time frame or as right now when the mood or need strikes me.

  7. Norra Europa rtss många år år men aldrig kommer ner till mig och hjälp mig om vi en frisk eller får hjälp med någon annan sak Du kan inte göra säga nu här nu talar jag om när jag får hjälp Det är det jag ville få tag på en tjej som har jobbar hos mig nu

  8. I love you jesus you mean the more to me you're the king of king I love you soooooo much I accepted you as my savior

  9. I cried for happiness whenever i watch this movie

    Im so happy that our god jesus love s us endlessly unconditionally

  10. Thank you for this full movie with no advertisements. It goes back to my childhood during lent time. ❤️🤗🙏⛪️

  11. And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide himself any more, but your eyes shall see your Teacher.
    Isaiah 30 : 20

  12. I watched this movie a thousand times, and I can't not get enough of it. It gives me peace. Glory to God almighty!!! Jesus is my Savior and REDEEMER. Who believes in him will not parish but have eternal life. Hallelujah!!

  13. I was an ATHEIST UNTIL MY NDE!
    DO NOT LET the world deceive you that this is not true. THERE IS another realm!

    Also think about how ATOMS, molecules = cells can appear by no designer?!?!

    just 1 cell is more complex than an entire space shuttle. And yet the human body has around 100 trillion of them!

    How can all of this evolve by itself?!?! AT the very beginning there must be someone to initiate all of this!!!

    How can you be so irrational to believe it appeared by unknown where and without purpose AND THAT IT EVOLVED BY ITSELF!

    As I SAID BEFORE> I was an atheist BEFORE MY NDE!

    DON'T call the creator of all this GOD IF YOU LIKE, BUT AT THE very beginning THERE IS SOMEONE who has invented all this and put it in motion. HOW CAN you believe it happened by chance?!?!

    About my NDE,

    I was given a second chance, but what about you?!?! What about if you die tonight in your sleep…?!!?? You will end up in hell because of yourself!

    And no, it wasn't sleep paralysis, nor result of drugs or alcohol. PLEASE GUYS, I URGE YOU. You don't want to go to hell, even for 10 seconds!

    This helped me tremendously >

    >< The body contains several different types of cells, such as blood cells, nerve cells, and muscle cells.

    When cells of the same type “hang together” so to speak, and perform the same function, a <> tissue is formed.

    > Cells have many parts, each with a different function. Some of these parts, called organelles, are specialized structures that perform certain tasks within the cell.

    You can think of cells as puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece is the smallest working part of a puzzle, and when all the pieces come together, they form a big picture(our body). The puzzle(our body) contains around 30 trillion pieces!

    Organelle means a small organ.

    Now try to imagine the cell and all of its organelles and now think about the universe. They really resemble each other. Just type brain cell and the universe  You will be astonished! Now, lets continue :

    – > Atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems are the body’s building blocks.

    AND ALL OF THIS HAPPENED BY NO DESIGNER?!?!? I'm trying to help you guys.
    Take this text as the best thing that has happened to you and change.

    People who know less than half of everything and claiming there is no god is pretty foolish if u ask me..

    tell me, how did the laws itself maintain itself or rather, how did laws even come to be without someone who establishes those laws?

    what tells the planets to rotate at these degrees, how fast, how slow, where to go, if there was a Big Bang and it had to had spun at a certain direction, what is the explanations of certain moons and planets rotating and moving the opposite direction aside from the other planets and moons?

    there are just some things u can’t do without a god… there are some things in this world that was needed to be created simultaneously otherwise one would perish.. u can’t get this with a Big Bang..

    how does a Big Bang establish laws? what got the Big Bang to start spinning? energy?

    Where did the energy come from? how was the energy you put into the Big Bang? where did the Big Bang start?

    Until you can answer these questions, your claim is not credible and you shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    And a God(creator) is the most reasonable answer.

    !!! And again if you don't change YOU WILL END UP IN HELL. AND you won't have any excuse. You chose to lead your sinful, Godless life even after all the people warning you, EVEN after reading this text from someone who used to be an ignorant and evil person LIKE YOU! DO NOT LET YOUR ATHEISTIC family ruin your soul as they almost did with me.

  14. The movie is awesome but they have exaggerated the true baptism since Jesus was buried in that they have lied,it is incorrect. Jesus was plunged in water during the baptism.

  15. It not the. Religion we have..but the way how we love jesus..the way how we threat people.esp.the needy..poorest. By these godwilltruly accept us..that is our god wanted to love one another.

  16. Jésus like an European??!!! Really ..hhhh are u fucking kiding me hhhh bullshit…Jesus is like an Arabian he's aramian the aramic is a decendant language from Arabic village in Syria speaking aramian.

  17. Am i the only one questioning the immaculate conception? As far as I know women have to have sex to have a baby or come in contact with sperm. This is all so questionable ? So many ridiculous testimonials written by someone and everyone believes it . The only real scene I believe are the ones where the innocent children are being massacred I see nothing has changed B>C and A>D. 2019 looks the same in the middle east and in Canada.

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  19. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔No

  20. Who’s here watching 4/2019 :). Jesus has brought a man into my life that I never thought and never expected to happen. Everything happens for reason, still working on finding out why this happened 2 me.

  21. God Bless all those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord & Saviour, May God Curse and Destroy the Paedo-Satanists that control the Western World.

  22. wish they hadnt edited out many of the very important parts like when Christ told Peter he would deny him 3 times b4 the cock crows, how are viewers to know the significance of it when it happens? also Peter cut the Guards ear off when Christ was arrested and Christ put the ear back on… then ended the story too soon. I lost count how many things got taken out. I have seen other Movies on this more complete and half as long. but what they did show was good just lost some of its message with poor editing/directing. also some characters were not identified well so had no clue who they were. and when Christ came back to visit the apostles several key scripts were not used. could have been a block buster if not for these things.

  23. أفـــــضل طرق و العــــــلاجــــات الطبيعية لتحســــين العـــلاقة الجنسية و تحســـــين مدة الجــــــــــــــــماع تواصلوا معنا على الوتســـــاب ☎ 00212649557676|

  24. This is the best movie ever made based on the life of the Lord Jesus
    Robert Powell is really the appropriate person for the role😇

  25. Even tho im an atheist i do agreed with everything jesus said and this movie is a cynematic masterpiece!!!!

  26. Thanks for uploading, this is my fav version of the life of Jesus… Is this the full version…? Because there’s the part just before the last supper that Jesus tells his disciples that one of them is about to betray him… then he tells John (?) that it’s the person who dips his bread in the dish at the same time as him… that part is missing…?

  27. LORD JESUS pls heal my heart and mind cure my illness guide and protect our family mostly forgive our sins and have peace in the whole world Amen

  28. Ginu ku pasalamatan daka keng binye mu kakung kadwang biye salamat madakal po salamat keng pagpapakayap kaku salamat po madakl a madakal po salamat keng lugud at salamat po pekiramdamn ye panalangin salamat po oh igpa in jesus name i'll pray Amen🙏🙏🙏

  29. have watched it every year since it debuted on TV, and 3 or 4 times each easter week since it showed up on you tube. may God bless and thank you

  30. All I can say is that the name of this movie should have been the biggest LIE ever told! The Son of the Heavenly Father was not and is not and will not ever be a white man. Hebrew-Israelites are NOT white people. If you read the bible you would have made an honest movie!! That name jesus is a lie…a pure lie. That name isn't even 500 years old as of 2019. That name jesus does NOT mean, "Yah Salvation, salvation, Yah saves" His Name was and still is YAHUSHUA! Does His skin look as though it has been burned in a furnace as the true Hebrew words say? I think they forgot to put fire in the furnace. His skin is white, because that is what the white race (Gentiles) wants the world to believe…their lies!! 🙂

  31. Y'all really believe this bullshit. I'll tell you what I think happened. Mary was fucking ppl and didn't wanna get stoned to death so she said got gave her a child which is impossible via science. And Jesus was born and he might have new alittle magic. You know there is no such thing as magic rite? I mean magic like quick with his hands he new tricks. And ppl fell for it and they still are until this day. Idk why. We take nothing from the generations before us besides this. We don't believe in the way they ate, lived, build houses, not having cars or justice system. But we do believe them and the fact is. They were all tricked. Not saying God isn't true. I'm saying this story is bullshit

  32. From Glory to Glory………. It's all about Jesus Christ of Nazareth the son of David, this movie changes life from darkness to Light. Christ is that Light, my Light, and the Light of the world. Thank you, Christ Jesus, for all you have done for me and the entire world.

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