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Where are you taking the bulls? Tie them back. Now you won’t get these bulls back. Forget about the principle amount. For the past two months, you
haven’t even paid the interest. Have mercy on me, Lala! If you take away my bulls. Then how will I plough my fields? I am ready to help you. But you don’t listen to me. If you say yes, I will
cover you in gold. Lala! What are you looking at? Take the bulls away.
– Wait Lala. What is the amount with the
principle and interest? Why? Do you want to
be her sympathiser? Your mind is so corrupt, Lala. But I feel pity for you. Because you are an impious man! Open the accounts book,
and tell me the total. 2000 is the principle, and the
interest is separate. – 2000! Fine, cut is off in
your accounts book. And ask your men to
tie the bulls back. It is 1.23 karats. And the price
of the stone is separate. No, no! No sir, I will never
let you give this. Gopal, you shouldn’t be so loyal. That you don’t feel pity on
your helpless sister too. Give Lala the ring. Give it, listen to your elders. Give it. Tie the bulls back. Sir, you..
– Don’t say anything, Tulsi. There are very few people
that can help others. He has blessed me with his grace. All the women of the
village adore you. I have done this favour to myself. Sir.
– Yes. Daddy! Daddy, look. Only my kite is flying
in the entire village. All the other children that were
flying their kite, I told them.. ..if you dare cut my kite,
I will kill you. The fools took their kites back. Everyone is so afraid
of us in this village! But son, there is a man in this
village who is not afraid of us. You are talking about
that Thakur, isn’t it? Yes, I am talking about him. Why do you worry so much? Remember, last year when he
repaid Hari Ram’s loan.. ..and prevented us from
snatching his field. What you had said? What had I said? You had said, don’t worry son
everyone meets his match. But God knows when he
will meet his match. Mother. Mother.
– What happened, Gopal? Father gave his ring to Lala
to repay Tulsi’s loan So what, Tulsi is your sister! So what if she is my sister? That doesn’t mean father will
give away everything. The entire world thinks
about themselves! But he thinks about others. I feel like teaching father
such a lesson one day. That he forgets giving donations. Gopal, what are you saying? Nothing, he was praising you. The Lord has given you so much,
that it seems endless. Lie! Absolute lie! I was not praising you! I was criticizing you. If you don’t care about yourselves,
that’s fine. But think about brother Jeevan. Whatever is left, leave
it for your son. Gopal, elders have said
there is no need.. leave anything for your son. If he is competent, he
will attain everything. And if he is incompetent, then
he will ruin everything. And then, your brother Jeevan
is such a competent son. If he is born in the enemies house. There won’t be any enmity
left in the world. He is good, that’s why you
don’t care about him. But let him return. As soon as he returns
as a police officer. I will have you both arrested
for donations. Leave me! I say, leave me! Congratulations my boy,
congratulations! Thank you, sir. Where do you live, son?
– Rajpura, sir. Wow! I should have understood.. ..only someone from Rajpura
can perform such a feat. Very good.
– Sir, are you from Rajpura too. That was quite clever, young man. This is my daughter, Ninu!
– Nalini! Sorry, Nalini!
– Hello. Did you tell him he is having
dinner with us tomorrow? Sir.. that.. I will be very happy if you
will have dinner with us! Yes sir, thank you. Okay bye, all the best. Come in sir. Our sir
is about to arrive. He just called. What will you have? Something hot or cold. Nothing, thank you. How is that possible? You have come in our house
for the first time. You will have to take something. I will bring cold water for you.
– Okay. Sir, what are you doing up there? I will tell you, first get
that dog out of here. No sir, he is a dog. This is a foreign dog. Whatever it is,
get him out of here. I will take him along. Yes, I remembered. Nalini madam has called
you upstairs. In her room. Come on mister. Ms. Nalini, you..
– Jeevan come here. Tell me, in which of these dresses
will I look beautiful. I look beautiful anyway. But we should know each
other’s choices. Because we have to spend
all our life together. What? Dear, you will have to marry
a police inspector. Or else you won’t
get married at all. Forgive me, I cannot remain
unmarried all my life. Then I saw you. I thought good girls should
listen to their daddy. So I thought I will spend my life
with Jeevan, I mean with you. Yes, so which dress should I wear? Don’t wear any of these dresses. Actually.. the one you are wearing,
take that off too. You rascal! Sorry, I am late. Actually, there was an urgent file.
Come. Come on boy. So Jeevan, when did you arrive? About a 112-1 hour ago. Hi dad.
– Hi darling. Hi Jeevan. It has been so long since
Jeevan arrived.. ..and you haven’t served
him anything. She took care of me so well, that.. Jeevan sir, what were you saying? That, how could you have
taken care of me. You didn’t even
know I have arrived. Excuse me sir.
– Excuse me. Yes, what is it? I have brought the enlargement
you asked for. Thank you. Daddy whose photograph is this? Dacoit Jagir Singh! He is the only dacoit remaining.. ..that hasn’t been apprehended
by the police. Dacoit Jagir Singh! Give me the keys to the safe. Durian! Take everything from the safe. Jagir Singh doesn’t want a stranger
man touching your wife! Ask your wife to handover all
her jewelry to Lakhan. But, leave the Mangalsutra! That too. No, no don’t take that. It’s for the long life of the child. I don’t care whether the child
lives or dies. – No! – Lakhan! Leave the talisman! But chief..
– I said, leave the talisman! Jagir Singh, you have
been surrounded! Surrender yourself! Chief!
– I am fine, you hold them off! But chief!
– Hold them off! Who are you? Jagir Singh!
– Dacoit Jagir Singh. Why have you come here? I have come in your shelter. The police are after me. Please hide me today, I will
forever be indebted to you! Go away from here! There is no place for
dacoits in my house! I am a dacoit, but I am
not such a bad person. On humanitarian grounds, please
give me shelter today. Only for today. Listen! Till today you haven’t
sent anyone back. Please agree. Maybe it is the Lord’s will. Greetings.
– Greetings. Thakur sir, dacoit Jagir Singh
has come somewhere here. Really. – And I am sure, he
should be around. – Here. If you allow me, then can
I take a look around? Yes surely, come. Thank you! Thank you very much. Inspector sir, you. Why have you come here? Madam, I am sorry! Thakur sir, I am sorry for
the trouble I caused. It was no trouble. Good bye. Thakur sir, both of
you saved my life. I will forever remain
indebted to you. I will pray to the Lord.. ..that he gives me a chance
to repay this debt. If you ever need me, then there
is a Kali temple on the mountain. Come there and ring the bell
thrice, and I will come. Hi! Hello, where are you going
handsome? – To hell. That’s a very nice place, sit.
I will take you there. Thank you, I a, used to running. You argue a lot. When I am asking you to sit,
then why don’t you sit! What if I don’t sit? That’s no possible! Then let’s place a bet. For how much? Condition is that you will
never try to meet me again. That’s for you, and what
if I win the bet? Then I will never argue
with you again. I am a girl from
a respected family. In the middle of the road
I ask you to take a seat. And you are insulting me! What is the matter girl? This boy is flirting with me. You scoundrel, you dare
flirt with the girl! Aren’t you ashamed of
flirting with the girl? You scoundrel, don’t
you have any shame? Are you drunk early in the morning? Aren’t you ashamed? Beat him! Beat him! Beat him! Beat him up! Brothers, why are you hitting
me, that girl was joking. Come on! Okay fine, you win I lose. “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” “After one child, not so soon.” “After the second on, not at all.” “After one child, not so soon.” “After the second on, not at all.” “Let us take an oath.” “Sing!” “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” “After one child, not so soon.” “After the second on, not at all.” “After one child, not so soon.” “After the second on, not at all.” “Let us take an oath.” “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” “I am here right now.” “God knows where I might be next.” “I don’t dwell in one place.” “I am here right now.” “God knows where I might be next.” “I don’t dwell in one place.” “Wherever you are, you always
dwell in my heart.” “The rest is just your excuse.” “The kin are there so is the
beloved, let’s get married.” “Come on!” “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” “I will do as you will tell me to.” “I am destined to slavery.” “I will do as you will tell me to.” “I am destined to slavery.” “As you sow, you will reap merits.” “You are destined for this.” “The dice is there so is the
priest, let’s get married.” “Come on!” “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” “After one child, not so soon.” “After the second on, not at all.” “After one child, not so soon.” “After the second on, not at all.” “Let us take an oath.” “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” “Today, let us take the
oath of the night.” What? The workers refused to work! We will not work in your fields! What’s wrong with our fields
that you don’t want to work! Not the fields, you are wrong. You scoundrel! Wait son, wait. There is enough time to flog them! But first let me ask
them the real matter. Okay I agree I am a wrong person. But there must be a reason,
because of which.. realised this today. There is a reason. Our payment. The government has made a rule.. ..that we should get atleast
6 rupees everyday. And you give only 2 rupees. If you don’t increase our salary.. ..then we won’t
work in your fields. We won’t! So, is this your decision too? Why don’t you? What has happened to all of you? Nothing is wrong with them. But something is surely
wrong with you. Slowly son, slowly. You will really skin him alive. First ask who provoked has him! You scoundrel,
what is daddy asking! Who provoked you? Tell me! Thakur Ganga Prasad had
said this to his workers. Daddy, I will go and deal
with that scoundrel. He is giving us a bad name to
create a good image for him! Go son, go. Go and defame him as
much as you want! I will deal with him later. I will say, he is just a child,
he made a mistake. What are you looking at? Go and work in the fields, go on! Except for Ramlakhan. Such a pious name and
such impious act. Come on! Look Thakur sir, I have come
to clearly tell you that.. ..if you don’t think you are
a rich man, then so be it. But atleast don’t provoke
these poor people so much.. ..that they forget their position. When did I provoke you so much.. ..that you have forgotten
your position. Meaning! I mean, if you don’t have
manners to talk.. your elders, Rajesh
then you shouldn’t talk! Do hell with manners! Because of you, these
down trodden people.. ..have started talking
in front of us. I am speaking in front of
you, that’s because.. ..if you didn’t change your ways. Then I will have to
change my behaviour. Look Rajesh, you are
of my son’s age. If my son would have behaved
like this with someone. Then I would beat him up! Now before I forget the difference
that you are not my son. Get out of here. I am going! But remember, the consequences
won’t be good! Really! ‘The girl is very beautiful mother’ More than you? ‘Mother, if you see her
you will be astonished’ ‘And I am sure, you will
surely like here’ Can your mother ever
refuse your choice? ‘And you will commemorate
my choice’ ‘Mother, the girl is
from our village’ ‘Do you know who?’ Who? ‘The one you had fixed my marriage
with in my childhood’ ‘Mother, just smiling won’t do!’ ‘Quickly pick up a pen and paper,
and tell me your decision’ ‘So that I can tell your
decision to my Nalini’ Whose letter is it? Whose letter is it? Jeevan’s
– Okay. He has selected a girl in the city.
– What? There is no need to be afraid. She is same girl we had chosen
for him in his childhood. Oh wow, that’s great.
– It is. Here. Show me. But I had written everything to
mother. – What had you written? That the girl has two eyes, two
ears, dense black tresses. Two hands and a heart that
loves me very much. Now neither can I leave
her nor can she leave me. Then why did mother refuse? It’s her will. Maybe she didn’t like you. It is my fault. Unnecessarily I wrote
about your height too. Did she find my height inadequate? I can take care of that by making
you wear a 6 inch sandal! I am ready to adjust you in
any way, but my mother. Mother won’t. When I told mother my choice. Mother sent me the photo of
the girl she has chosen. Now there is you and
this photograph. Atleast see mother’s choice. The photograph is
beautiful like you. Did you like her? “Everyday in my eyes..” “Everyday in my eyes..” “Everyday in my eyes, there
is only one dream.” “The kohl in the eyes gets smeared.” “Because of the restless dream.” “Everyday in my eyes, there
is only one dream.” “The kohl in the eyes gets smeared.” “Because of the restless dream.” “Everyday in my eyes..” “Since I have taken your
sweet name from my lips.” “The sorrows are sweet and
so is the loneliness.” “Since I have taken your
sweet name from my lips.” “The sorrows are sweet and
so is the loneliness.” “Everyday in my eyes, there
is only one dream.” “The kohl in the eyes gets smeared.” “Because of the restless dream.” “Everyday in my eyes, there
is only one dream.” “The kohl in the eyes gets smeared.” “Because of the restless dream.” “Everyday in my eyes..” “The way you dropped your
tresses on the eyes.” “The poor thing has lost its sleep.” “The way you dropped your
tresses on the eyes.” “The poor thing has lost its sleep.” “Everyday in my eyes, there
is only one dream.” “The kohl in the eyes gets smeared.” “Because of the restless dream.” “Everyday in my eyes, there
is only one dream.” “The kohl in the eyes gets smeared.” “Because of the restless dream.” Gopal, you! How did you remember
your sister today? What happened? Why don’t you say something? I was thinking
about brother-in-law? Today is the day when
he left all of us. The memory of this day overshadows
all the other memories. Sister. Sometimes I don’t
understand this justice of God. He could have killed me. Atleast, you wouldn’t
have to live like this. What is this new way
that you have found? By expressing your love, you
want your sister to cy? Remember, when you were
small and I used to cy. You used to keep a utensil
below my eyes. And used to say, cy
as much as you want. Your tears taste very sweet sister. And then, I would stop crying
and come to hit you. What do you want now? I should beat you. Go. There is magic
in your hands, Tulsi. In just one dose is enough.. treat fever and cough
of the children is treated. That’s why all the women
of the village.. ..don’t go to any physician. They come directly come to Tulsi. It is the magic of
the margosa plant. I say, it is the valour
of the name Tulsi. Here son, offering. Tulsi! Tulsi! Tulsi! Wait Gopal! Tulsi’s last rite will not
be performed right now. First the police will perform
the post mortem of the corpse. So that the culprit’s
crime can be proven. Father. What harm had my
sister done to anyone? She was a pious soul. Then why did this happen with her? Mother, this unfortunate soul
has been tolerating sorrows.. ..since her childhood! She was my elder sister, but.. I always considered
her my daughter. Always took care of her. Gave her a lot of love. A lot. I adorned the nuptial dress. I brought her the widow’s garb. And today, I covered her
with the death shroud. Why did it happen father,
why did it happen? Gopal! Gopal! Don’t cry Gopal, calm down. Calm down! Don’t worry Gopal! I will have that Lala’s
son punished. What are you saying inspector sir? Are you in your senses? I am saying what you heard. If you want to save your son.. ..then stop Thakur from testifying
against Rajesh. Because he is the only person
that can aggravate this matter. I will kill that Thakur! What are you saying, sit down! In anger, a person usually forgets
the time and person. Don’t worry son. Lala will not let anything
happen to his son. The day has arrived when
he has to meet his match. You are threatening me. You don’t have any stature Lala. Nothing in the world can stop me.. ..from testifying against your son! Whether anyone can stop you or not! But I will not let you succeed
in your motives! I will not let anything
happen to my son! No matter what I have to do for it! I have always respected
other people, Lala. But if you wait another
minute at my threshold! Then for the first time in my
life I will insult someone! I am leaving Thakur. But remember one thing Thakur. This time you have locked
horns with Lala. Be ready to face the consequences. Listen! Listen! What happened? Why don’t you say something? You won’t believe it if you hear it! Why? Has something
terrible happened? Did that Lala commit atrocities
on our workers? These days that’s all
you think about. Three days later our son
Jeevan is coming home. Really?
– Yes. Why are you looking like that? I am seeing, if there
is love in your heart.. ..then you can see the entire
world in the eyes. Then why are you leaving me. I am not leaving you. I am only going for 3 days to spend
Diwali with mother and father. You can see the entire
world in my eyes.. ..can’t you see mother
and father in them. Good that I don’t see them. Otherwise we will get divorced
after the honeymoon. Why? If I see mother and
father in your eyes.. ..then how can I do that with you?
– Bad boy. Rocky, do you know he is
leaving me for 3 days. Rocky, I am going for 3
days to meet my parents. Can’t she wait for me for 3 days? I cannot tolerate separation. Otherwise I can wait
forever for you. How nice, my darling. On that note, happy ‘Diwali’. Listen.
– You haven’t slept too. You cannot fall asleep.. ..because of the happiness
of the son’s arrival. It’s not just that,
I can smell kerosene. No! Sleep. Your son will
arrive before dawn. Until he stays here, neither
will he sleep.. ..nor will he let us sleep. He will create a chaos. Was Shravan Kumar better
than our son? Quietly sleep. An evil of parents casts on
their sons very soon. Get up! Get up! Mother! Father! Father! Brother Jeevan.
– Jeevan! Brother Jeevan,
the fire is very dangerous. Brother Jeevan, don’t go!
– Jeevan! Leave me! Mother! Father! Mother! Mother! Father! Mother! Mother! Father, how did it catch fire? How did it catch fire? Brother Jeevan, Lala has
started this fire. Lala! No! Don’t take any wrong step in haste. Quickly bring the inspector,
I want to give my testimony. No father, nothing
will happen to you. Don’t argue, I have
very less time left. Go! Go! Go quickly! Take mother and father
to the hospital.. ..I will go and
bring the inspector. Inspector sir, eat some more. If you don’t eat, how
will you survive? ‘Don’t take any wrong
step in haste’ ‘Quickly bring the inspector’ Inspector sir, come along
with me quickly. My father’s condition
is very serious. He wants to give his statement. What can I do if he wants
to give his statement? I am not on duty right now. Do one thing come to the police
station tomorrow morning. We will see then. Inspector sir, please. It is very important to
take his statement. I told you, come to the police
station tomorrow morning. You will have to come
with me right now. You purposely delayed
in writing the report. So that Lala can be saved from
the clutches of the law. First let me deal
with you inspector. Then I will take care of Lala. I.. I will shoot you! Are you sure? I am asking because I
know Jeevan personally. I don’t believe this. Quickly prepare the complete
report of this case.. ..and send it to me. Yes, I will investigate
this case myself. Okay. What happened to Jeevan? Jeevan’s parents died in a fire. And Jeevan murdered
a police inspector. Brother! I have brought mother and
father’s ashes for you. I am so unfortunate, Gopal. Forget about taking
care of my parents. I couldn’t even perform
their last rites. I couldn’t do it! So Mr. Jeevan. How did you come
to the conclusion.. ..that Lala Lalchand was behind
the fire in your house? All the villagers know. You can ask anyone. Look, there are many villagers
present in the court. You can ask anyone you
want me to ask first. Him.. Motichand
sitting right there. You can ask him. ‘Remember one thing’ ‘If anyone of you testifies
against me or my son’ ‘Then know that, you have seen.. ..your family for the last time’ Why are you quiet? Why don’t you answer? What can I say sir? I don’t know anything. Moti, you had said yourself. That Lala used his men to
set the manor on fire. When did I say? I didn’t say anything. Let me go, sir. I am a family man! Let me go. I don’t know anything! I don’t know anything! I don’t know anything! In the light of the evidence,
it has been proven. That Jeevan Thakur deliberately
killed.. ..inspector Murali, and
it was no coincidence. The accused was going to
become a police officer. Still he murdered a
responsible officer.. ..not only committed a crime,
but also gave a very bad.. ..example to the society. So the court states
him a criminal.. ..under IPC 302, sentences
him to death. ‘If you ever need me, then there is
a Kali temple on the mountain’ ‘Come there and ring the bell
thrice, and I will come’ Rajesh sir! Please don’t
stop me today Rajesh sir! I plead to you! Don’t stop me sir! Please let me go! Instead of aiding your one
night brother-in-law.. are helping that
scoundrel, Jeevan. Rascal! Brother! Call your brother! Come on! My brother will die! My brother will die! Is someone there? Is someone there? Inspector I want to meet Jeevan. But sir, Jeevan has been taken
to the Central Jail. When? About 4 hours ago. They must have
reached there by now. Stop the car! Chief, you wanted him to free him
from the clutches of the police. We have brought him. But he will not live with us. Why? Because till yesterday he
was a police officer. And they have always posed
as a danger for us. Who knows, he might
not have changed. Yes chief!
– Yes chief, he cannot stay with us. Whether you keep me along
with you or not. I would like to say one thing. I don’t have any connection
with the police now. Consider me one of your own. Fine. But to join us, you will
have to take an oath! I accept! I swear on your Mother Kali! I swear on your Mother Kali! No weak or poor people.. No weak or poor people.. Will not be exploited! Will not be exploited! And the people. And the people. That commit atrocity. That commit atrocity. I will severely punish them! I will severely punish them! The man called Jeevan wanted
to spend his life.. the protector of the law. But the law misguided him. That’s why, change my name chief! From today, your name is Jeeva! Brother Jeeva.
– Hail! Gopal! Where are the scoundrels,
Lala and his son? They have gone to select a girl. For Rajesh’s marriage. Let him know. That Jagir Singh’s group had come. And will come again on the
day of the engagement! Let us plunder the place. No chief, we have come to
kill Lala and his son. We will plunder this place
right in front of them. Till today we haven’t
returned empty handed. And we won’t return empty
handed today too. 3 miles away from here, the
Chaudhary if Plessey.. celebrating his victory
in the elections. We will go there. “I suddenly felt shy.” “I dance so much that
my anklets broke.” “I suddenly felt shy.” “I dance so much that
my anklets broke.” “The anklets broke.” “The anklets broke.” “The anklets broke.” The dacoits have come! The dacoits have come! Run! Run! No, no don’t shoot me. Don’t kill me! What is my fault? No, no! Open the safe! Open the safe! I am opening it. I am opening it. Jeeva. Why did you stop Jeeva? He has accumulated
all this wealth.. committing atrocity
on poor people! We have come to take what
belongs to the poor. No! Leave me! Leave me! Come with me! Come on! Leave me! Lakhan! Why did you forcefully abduct her? My wish! I will do as I please. Who are you to question me? Jeeva! Come Champa, I will take you back. You cannot take her back. I will see who stops me. Lakhan! What’s going on? Chief explain him, he
is crossing his limits. I am not crossing my limits, chief. It is the oath I had taken
in front of Mother Kali. Abducting Champa-bai against
her will is wrong. And I will never let that happen. Even if I have to revolt against
all of you for it. Did you see chief? I knew it, that this officer
will show his true colours. He is ready to go against
all of use for a dancer. Why, don’t they have a heart? Doesn’t she shed tears? Jeeva will take you back girl. What did you say? They cannot pay my interest. Whip them! Snatch the jewelry of the women,
the toys of children.. ..the grains in the fields. Bulls, cows everything! You can survive the snake’s bite. But not Lala’s principle
and interest! Understood! Don’t beat me! Old woman, get up. What are you doing? Don’t do this. We will repay your debt! Don’t beat him! Don’t beat my son.
– Take him away. He doesn’t pay the interest
of loan taken from Lala! I will pay the interest! Brother Jeeva! Son! Son, are you fine? They beat my son up! My son, are you hurt? You have come to recover
Lala’s interest. And I have come to
recover the blood.. ..that you shed of these people. My son, get up! Lala Lalchand
– Down with him! Lala Lalchand
– Down with him! Lala Lalchand
– Down with him! Lala Lalchand
– Down with him! Lala Lalchand
– Down with him! Lala Lalchand
– Down with him! Son, this old woman will always
be indebted to you. May you live long! May you live long! Jeeva has badly thrashed up my men! And you say that there
is no need to panic. Inspector sir, it is not just
the question of my men.. ..but also my son’s engagement. Tomorrow is my son’s engagement.. ..and that dacoit Jagir
Singh has threatened me. That he will surely come on
the day of the engagement. If he comes, then he won’t go back. Lala, he is Mr. Dushyant. The new in-charge of this district. He has taken transfer here
specially to apprehend Jagir Singh. Yes sir tomorrow is
my son’s engagement. And that dacoit Jagir..
– I know. I have read the complaint
your had lodged. You read it.
– Yes. Make arrangements for
your son’s engagement. The police will take
care of everything. Will you come too?
– Yes. Will you surely come?
– I will come, Lala. Thank you. Gopal, is this news true? It is absolutely true, sir. The inspector was happily
telling the villagers.. ..that Lala’s son’s marriage is
like the bait in the mouse trap. If Jagir Singh comes..
– Chief! We shouldn’t go there. It is not sensible to risk
our life deliberately. Dacoits use their courage
and not there sense. Right now both of you are right. But to win over this situation. We will need sense and courage. Greetings, greetings, greetings.
– Greetings. Greetings. Who amongst you is Lala’s
son’s future father-in-law? Me, why? Greetings. Dacoit Jagir Singh has threatened.. come at Lala’s house.
– What? That’s why Lala has sent
us to bring you safely. Dacoit Jagir Singh is going
to come at Lala’s house. Surely! Then we won’t go there.
– Yes we won’t go there Everyone has alighted. What will I do
by going there alone? You cannot go out.
– Why? Because it is important for
you to be present there.. ..for the auspicious ceremony. What if dacoit Jagir
Singh caught me? Consider that dacoit Jagir
Singh has caught you. Wow! If you say anything, then
I will shoot you. Do as I say. Wait for the right chance. Look behind him. Understood. Come on. Come, you made me wait quite a lot. Who is he? How can I praise myself? Praise the Lord that has made
you me, and your relative. By the way, I am his
distant relative. Okay! Okay! That means, you are my
son’s future uncle. No I am the elder uncle. That’s one and the same. But I cannot see my son-in-law,
where is he? You mean Rajesh! He is getting ready in his room. Gopi! Gopi, show him the auspicious ring. Lala, tell me one thing. In your son’s engagement, is
the police going to dance.. ..or have you arranged for
some entertainment . Something flashy! I didn’t
understand that! I mean something really great. There is an arrangement
for the night. In the night. “Life depends on my glance.” “Life depends on my glance.” “It will pierce your heart” “It will pierce your heart
if I look at you.” “Life depends on my glance.” “Life depends on my glance.” “I offer my life and wealth to you.” “You have time until
I remain in my veil.” “I offer my life and wealth to you.” “You have time until
I remain in my veil.” “It will pierce your heart” “It will pierce your heart
if I look at you.” “Just one glance.” “Just one glance.” “Life depends on my glance.” “The culprit of the
heart is present.” “Bring forth the murderer
of my heart.” “Put your life at stake.” “Show the magic of your hands.” “The culprit of the
heart is present.” “Bring forth the murderer
of my heart.” “Show the magic of your hands.” “It will..” “It will pierce your heart
if I look at you.” “Just one glance.” “Life depends on my glance.” Rajesh! Rajesh! Rajesh, my son. What.. has happened to you? No one can separate you from me. I will take you America, Japan
but I will not let you die. My son! As long as Lala is there,
no one can harm you. No one can harm you. Jeevan, you. Not Jeevan, Jeeva! Dacoit Jeeva! How did you become the
enemy of the police? Ask that scoundrel Lala,
whom you are protecting. He burnt my parents alive. On the basis of his wealth, he
turned justice into injustice. I can understand your
feelings, Jeevan. But there is still time. Handover yourself to the police! I will surrender myself
to the police. But before that, handover
Lala to me. You know that’s impossible. It might be impossible for you! How long will you protect Lala? Someday I will kill him. Wait! You cannot leave from here! S.P sir, take a look around
once before firing. Jagir Singh! S.P sir, if you shoot, then not
only the protectors of the law.. ..but a lot of innocent
people will die too. Think about that. And let us leave from here. Chief! Stop the police! Why did you
fire on the police? Because, till today
wherever we went.. ..we never returned empty handed. Atleast I killed
a police personnel! Scoundrel, do you know what your
action has done to chief. Brother Jeeva! Brother Jeeva! Chief is very critical! Come quickly. Come on! Jeeva! I don’t know why, seeing
you I don’t hate life! In my life, I have committed
a lot of crime. But I never committed any sin. That’s why I want you to
perform my last rites. Tell me son. Will you fulfil my wish, son? Why are you quiet son? Don’t you want to perform
the last rites of a dacoit? That’s not it chief! I am very unfortunate. I couldn’t perform the last
rites of my parents. You consider me as your son,
how can I refuse! Thank you very much Lord. You gave me a life of a dacoit. But you granted me a
death of a father. Only you know your justice! That’s fine, but atleast
tell everyone.. ..that now I am the chief! Why are you quiet? Why don’t
you say something? You are a man, why are you
crying like a woman.. ..on chiefs death! Take an oath, you will
avenge chiefs death! I will never forgive that
scoundrel Dushyant Singh.. ..whose bullet killed chief. I will tarnish his image, so that
the rest of his life is miserable. Do you want to know how? He has a young and
beautiful daughter. Scoundrel! You talk about being a man.. ..and talk about such
cowardice acts! If you want to avenge chief death.. ..then take it from Dushyant Singh! What is the fault of
that innocent girl? You scoundrel! The hell with that girl and.. Who are you to take objection
on my decision? Your decision can’t be against
the chiefs ideals. Chief ideals are gone
along with chief! Now I am the chief here! You will have to
do what I tell you. Not at all! If you don’t follow
the ideals of chief. Then you can’t be our chief! Then will you become our chief? To stop atrocities, I am
ready to do that too. Say clearly that you want
to become the chief. If that’s so, then come
in the battlefield. What has happened
to the both of you? Chiefs pier is still ablaze.. ..and you are shedding each other’s
blood to become the chief. Look, it is very clear. Those who respect chiefs ideals. They will be with brother Jeeva. The rest will be with you. That’s right Lakhan! This is not the time to shed blood. Lakhan, you are our old companion! That’s why you are our chief. Chief Lakhan!
– Hail! Chief Lakhan!
– Hail! Chief Lakhan!
– Hail! Chief Lakhan!
– Hail! Papa! What happened papa? Nothing? There is something papa?
Tell me please. I had met Jeevan yesterday. Jeevan! How is he? How is he, papa tell me! The circumstances under
which I met him. It would have been better
if I had not met him. Jeevan is not dacoit Jeeva! Please don’t joke with me papa. I am not joking Ninu. I am telling the truth! You will have to forget
Jeevan forever! I cannot forget him papa. Save him anyhow. Please save him, papa. Remember one thing Ninu. I cannot forget my
duty for your love. Your marriage was just
fixed with Jeevan. Even if you would have
been married to him. This helpless father would
have killed your husband.. ..for his duty. I am happy to know father. That your duty holds more importance
for you than your daughter. Jeevan! Jeevan! People usually plunge their
enemies in darkness. But I have lighted
this light for you. And if this light douses.. “The heart calls out!” “The heart calls out!” “Come Jeeva!” “I am calling out
for you everywhere..” “I am leaving behind
a trail of my voice.” “Come following
the trail of my voice.” “The heart calls out!” “Come Jeeva!” “I am calling out
for you everywhere..” “I am leaving behind
a trail of my voice.” “Come following the
trail of my voice.” “The heart calls out!” “Unfamiliar courtyard,
unfamiliar people.” “lf you don’t come, I might die.” “Unfamiliar courtyard,
unfamiliar people.” “If you don’t come,
I might die.” “Everywhere is our enemies.” “Save yourself from the
darkness and come.” “The heart calls out!” “Come Jeeva!” “I am leaving behind
a trail of my voice.” “Come following the
trail of my voice.” “The heart calls out!” “I will have to keep myself alive.” “I have to keep awake until
you don’t arrive.” “I don’t have anymore strength.” “The light might douse.” “Come before I die.” “The heart calls out!” “Come Jeeva!” “I am calling out
for you eve here..” “I am leaving behind
a trail of my voice.” “Come following the
trail of my voice.” “The heart calls out!” “The heart calls out!” “The heart calls out!” Girl! It’s still burning. It’s doused! Jeeva! Take a look here
before killing the chief! If you value Gopal’s life,
then leave chief. Fine! First release Gopal. Then I will release Lakhan! No! Lakhan! What did you do my friend? I will never be able
to repay your favour! No! No brother Jeeva! Big people do favours. I am a very small man. I am a selfish man, brother Jeeva. You know, Rakhi is approaching. I have to go to my sister. My sister must be waiting for me. Okay brother Jeeva. Okay. No, I will not let you die. I will not let you die, Gopal. Uncle! Uncle! Save my brother, uncle! Save my brother! You cannot leave me! You cannot leave me! Since you have come in life,
I have faced death and defeat. Your love has snatched all
happiness of my life. First you snatched my parents. All I had was a friend. Today I lost him too. You love is not love, but a curse. Go away from my life. Get lost! Get lost! Madhav, prepare the pier! Jeeva, handover yourself
to the police! I am telling you for the
last time, come out. Jeevan! Jeevan, run away from here. I will sit here and fire the gun! The police will not suspect
that you have left. I am a dacoit not a coward. Don’t argue! You are under the oath of the
love you have for your parents. For your friend! And
a girl named Ninu! If you delay anymore, then
I will shoot myself. Go Jeeva! Spread around! What did you do? What I should do as a daughter. If you can kill my husband
being my father.. ..then can’t I prevent that murder? I am following your ideal! Brother Jeeva.. You didn’t do the right thing by
insulting that police officer’s daughter. Even I didn’t like it Madhav! But there was no other way to
separate her from my life. Then, did you deliberately.. Yes Madhav.. ..everything I told
Nalini indirectly hurt me! But what else can I do? Love brings helplessness
and sorrows along. I don’t want her to
be a dacoit’s widow. She is a very nice girl. The truth is,
we were saved because of her. Otherwise, her father would
have surely arrested us. Yes. Dushyant Singh is a very
clever inspector. It is very difficult to evade him. And before he finds us.. ..I will kill… my enemy, Lala. Lala is completely
aware of this fact. That’s why he is always
under police protection. I know. That’s why I don’t want you
both to risk your lives. I will do this alone. We didn’t leave Lakhan.. that, we leave you too one day. Madhav is right, Jeeva. Then let’s do one thing. Chaggan, go to your Nandpur
along with Madhav. And create a stir there. The police will receive
a false information.. ..that there has been a
loot in Nandpur village. The police will reach there. And I will go to Lala and kill him. This way, the task will be
complete, without much effort. Bravo Chaggan, bravo. When Jeeva will pass through
the jungle to reach Lala. Chief, my reward! What did you chief? When this scoundrel
can betray Jeeva.. ..then how can
he be faithful to us. Understood! Jeeva! I and all my companions
are restless to kill you! Jeeva! Today I will give
you a suffering death! Kill him! Jeeva! Jeeva, there is
a gorge behind you.. ..and my gun in front of you! That means, there is
death for certain! Lala, Jeeva who was a
threat to your life.. ..he has died such a terrible
death by my hands. That the Gods will think twice
before bringing alive again. That’s why Lala is rewarding
you 50000 rupees. For covering Jeeva with
the death shroud! Here. Lala! Dead people are covered
with the shroud. Not those who are alive. Jeeva is another name of life. Don’t come forward, I will
call the police! No! Kill the scoundrel! Kill the scoundrel! Take a look Lala. The atrocities and cruelty
that you committed. Today they are
restless to kill you! They have come to return you what
you gave them all their life. The blood that you shed
of their siblings. The death of my parents. The ones you burned alive. I have come to settle
the score with, Lala! You will have to deal with me. No! No Jeeva, don’t come ahead! I plead to you Jeeva,
please forgive me! No! That’s enough, please stop now! Brother Jeeva!
– Hail! Brother Jeeva!
– Hail! Brother Jeeva!
– Hail! Brother Jeeva!
– Hail! Jeevan! In the court of law,
Jeevan is a criminal. But in the court humanity,
behind every crime.. ..there is the atrocity
committed by the cruel. Every protector of the law,
is a human first. And that’s why, on humanitarian
grounds.. ..keeping the
circumstances in mind. Sentences Jeeva.. Jeevan Thakur
for 5 years of jail. ‘And after 5 years’ “Everyday in my eyes..” “Everyday in my eyes..” “Everyday in my eyes..” “there is only one dream.”

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