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You tried this kind of stuff before? Sure. Good… Clean and confidential. My partner wants to wear a basketball cap and shades. That doesn’t bother you,I hope. OK. No problem… My only condition is
I won’t go underneath. Otherwise, like I said, I’m up for anything. I arrived in this world With soil on the ground,stars in the sky Parched on the one hand,with sea on the other They gave me two hands and a head A pair of eyes and told me to cry People like me all around Tongues, they say,are to speak the truth Here is your heart. Love! they say They lied to me They lied to me They never said anything about fate They lied to me They lied to me They never said anything about fate You are alive, so let my life pass by At least let every day brim with joy So what about the things, the people I love? And those I have lost my heart to? When longing dies, then I die too So what happened to the people I love? To those I lost my heart to? When longing dies, then I die too Şenol, don’t do anything to show you recognise the guy. -You didn’t use his name, did you?
-No. Good. He looks nothing like in the paper. It’s not like his column is massive either. He’s just anyone. But you treat him like royalty. If the guy doesn’t leave satisfied… You’ll carve me up with the smallest knife. Good… Hold it. -Hello?
-What are you up to? -I’m good. How’s things with you?
-Are you free? I guess business is bad again. Well, it’s midweek, isn’t it? Don’t tell me you’re getting old. Ooph! Are you coming over or not? OK. I’ll come. A couple of words don’t do it. -Half an hour.
-Well, fine. Superman’s ready to fly… 45 minutes… I need a quick nap. OK. I’ll tell him if I see him. OK, OK. Hang up. I’m on my way. Ooph! -Don’t pull my hair! It hurts!
-Shut up! Let me fuck your hair! It’s the only thing left to fuck anyway, animal! -Who am I?
-You’re my man… You’re my animal. You’re my pasha.You’re my husband… You’re my everything! So… Yasemin… I didn’t hurt you, did I? I mean, look, you know me… Oh God! OK, I know you. Can I pour you a drink or something? Vodka or whatever… Well, hey! No kidding. Look who’s getting old! In the old days, I’d bust my ass to get a drink… …and a couple of words out of you when we were done. And you’d look me straight in the eye to make sure I left. What’s going on with you? You want me to play something? Sure, go ahead. But play it for yourself.I’m out of here. Hey, don’t stick it here on the edge of the table like I’m the cleaning lady… If you want treat a woman nicely, slip this into my bag… …without me noticing. Let’s have a bit of finesse around here… OK. OK. Don’t leave it long. Or I’ll get upset… One day I’ll do the schoolgirl for you. You haven’t sorted through your dirty laundry. I was going to put the machine on… OK, I’ll do that now, Gülten Hanim. Oh, and you’re out of Domestos. Washing-up liquid too. I’ll call the grocery store. They’ll send it. Try and leave around six. But there’s the Windows to clean too. OK, make it seven. All right then. Ahhh! So it showed up… Where did you find it? I asked you to put it aside for me. I’d never have forgiven you if it had been sold, Figen Hanim. The girl must have put it there. I mean, it must have been the girl. I’m sorry. Oh, sorry… Sorry. It’s just nervous laughter. That’s all. Far From the Madding Crowd. Thomas Hardy. Do you have it? No. Good as new. Excuse me. Goodbye. How much do I owe you for this,Figen Hanim? How much shall we say? Let’s say 150. And that’s special for you. You know how hard it is to get hold of. So 150 for you. Alper. Alper! A bag! A bag! I suppose you did laugh in there but… Do you know that this LP was released in 1984 in only 2222 copies… …and there’s only around 200 of them left today? And because the record company later closed down… …meaning no CDs were ever brought out… …I’m holding a real treasure in my hand right now. I didn’t know that was the album you had. I ve learned something more in my old age. You should consider
inserting a pause… Using one long sentence doesn’t mean… …you’ve made some kind of impressive speech. It just means your command of language is lousy. Hello. Do you have…? Far from something … The book…Far from Angry People … By what’s-his-name… It’s a matter of life and death… No. That’s not the title. Forget I ever said it. Harvey… That’s the writer’s surname. Come on there! Please help me! His surname’s Harvey… 02:05
Thomas Hardy. Far From the Madding Crowd. That’s it! Let me get that right away. Just a second, the classics are in the back. You’re wonderful! This is enough, right? I don’t want a receipt. But I have to scan the barcode. OK, so just use another copy… Thanks a lot. Goodbye. Found it! I found it. The book. You mean? You wanted this. It’s not hard to find. Every bookshop has it. I particularly wanted a second-hand copy. A collector like you doesn’t get where I’m coming from. This is second-hand. Look, this is how it works. The book’s mine, see? It’s mine, mine, mine… It’s warming up. Now I give it to you. So what happens? It becomes second-hand Gift of the day. To umm… Make up. -Sounds like your phone is ringing.
-Yes. It’s normal, right? Aren’t you going to answer it? I get my mates to call for background music… Your jokes suck, you know. Straight off a sitcom. I’m sorry. I’ve talked too much. OK… I mean, I’ll take it then. I mean… Actually I… I understand. Please… Don’t say anything. Sorry, this is kind of strange. It’s like I’ve followed you… …but that’s not really the case. The shop sign caught my eye. When I took a closer look, there you were inside. Right. It can happen. I’ve seen other people do that sometimes. Isn’t it kind of late to be opening the shop? I wasn’t opening it. I’d opened up already. I just went out at one point. You mean, it’s you who makes all this stuff? How does it work? Like this. On big days, say birthdays or festivities at school… …kids get to be whatever they want to be. -Thanks to you.
-Well… I’d like to be Zagor. We don’t do XXX-large. I’d like to get something for my son. But I don’t even know what he likes. Well. We could ask. But there’s not much point left then. Is there? I’m sorry. I don’t want to pry but… The classic story. We got divorced. I see him once a week. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to ask him… …who his all-time hero is. I find he’s grown from one week to the next as it is. -It must be hard.
-It is. Very… Anyway. I ve talked too much again. Take it easy… Goodbye. Suppose we do something like this. Bring him here one day… …let him choose a costume and I’ll make it. Or get his measurements and it can be a surprise. OK… Wonderful I’m Ada. Alper. Hello? I think you called. -It’s me, Ece.
-Sorry, who? I’m sorry. My phone packed up. All the numbers went. That’s why I didn’t recognise you. And I was waiting for you to call. OK. It was nicked back then. After that I got a new one. And that packed up. It fell in the water at home. Don’t swear, please. It’s rude. Oh God! What a jerk! Welcome. That’s the guy. The wizard behind all this artistry, the man himself! Alper Bey, about the only thing we haven’t done is not come for high tea. Enjoy the meal. What will become of me? I’ve put on five kilos since I started this job. All thanks to you… We have a diet menu. Let’s find something there for you. I read this in a magazine somewhere. There are two lines men use without believing a word of them. One is, I love you. And the other is, I’m only going to eat salad today. Once a while you tell the truth. Şenol. Take a salad to Table Three. To Kerem Bey. Do something funky with the garnish. OK. I’ve got you. This is what you say. Gentlemen, here’s wishing you convince the ladies at the table. Eat it with faith and conviction. It’s on the house. Sorry… I don’t think I understood. 01:14
You’re doing your English trip again… Off you go now. They’ll understand. Can you run through the sentence again? What the hell did I say? No way,I can’t come up with it again. Go and take them a dessert. Don’t say anything either. Next time you call… Don’t give me all that shit about losing your phone. You take me for an idiot? Don’t get me wrong. I have to get up really early tomorrow. There’s a meeting on. Are you crazy? How do you expect me to leave when I m as stoned as this? I’ll get you a cab. Voom! It’ll take no time. -I’ll give you the fare.
-What fare? God! What are you upset about? I have a meeting. Fuck you! Go fuck yourself! You’re all the same load of shit. -Shhh! That’s rude.
-Fuck off! Hello, Mum… How are you doing? Son! I called you this morning but… Was it too early? No. I was busy. You never stop, day and night, son… Every second you’re running about the place. You don’t get anywhere if you don’t, Mum. Are you OK? Yes, fine. Your sister and her family are here. Your brother and his lot too. They say to say hello. I heard. I heard. How’s the little monster? Fine as ever. Growing up fast.He’s started talking. He never stops chattering now.Granny this, Granny that… How’s my sister and my brother? Fine. He’s here too. He fixed the back wall of the garden yesterday… It fell down. He found a builder, bless him. If you need anything,I can send it to you. Has anyone asked you for money now? For goodness sake! I have money of my own. I miss you, that’s why I… Listen. Remember old Mahmut Hodja s son? Erdem. You were friends with him at school. I remember. He’s getting married. They’ve asked me to the wedding in Istanbul. They want me to be a marriage witness. I couldn’t let them down so I’m thinking about coming up for a few days. Then I’ll get to see you too. We all know how difficult is for you to come down here. -When will you be coming?
-Well, not for another 10 days. OK, Mum… That’ll be nice. It will, won’t it? Is there anything you want from here? OK, love and kisses then, son… OK, Mum. Good morning. Take it easy there. Good morning. Have any spare coffee? Sure but… Look, I m sorry but are you always going to show up like this? Well, there you go. What can we do? Cake… Carrot and cinnamon. Sure. So did you get your son’s measurements then? Not yet. I haven’t seen him yet. That’s why. That’s normal. How would you measure a son who doesn’t exist? You could guess a few numbers… …or pull a whole new stunt and drag the neighbour’s boy here… …like he was your own son. Right? Don’t look like that. Do I look
like some kind of idiot? All that stuff
about splitting up. The irresistible charms of a single guy with a son. A stunt to pull young girls. How many sugars? Two. Guys like you cruise Bagdat Street on Sundays for that reason alone. They drag their nephews and nieces with them… So it looks like the kids are theirs… They stare about the place with eyes like dead fish. The whole emotional trip, the young guy who’s been dumped on… …by life and all that. And they use the kids for that, the bastards. Hold on… I stayed for the punches, seriously. After a couple of times in bed, it’s I can’t, I’m confused… …there’s a pile of stuff I have to sort out in my life… …I don’t deserve you, it hurts now, when you find the right person… …you’ll thank me… That story… Well, they wouldn’t fall for it. To be quite honest, you sound like you did fall for it some time. Get lost! Pig. Welcome. Can I get a T-shirt? Large? -What kind of thing?
-I’m not looking for any kind. A T-shirt… Find me something, anything. How are they? Are you taking the piss? This stuff is for queens! Where are the T-shirts for regular guys? But I don’t know your style
so I can’t help. We generally do our own designs… Retro… From the 60s to the 80s. There’s a dark colour here. How’s that? What did you say? What could I have possibly said? Good morning, Boss. Welcome. Take it easy there, kids. I’ll chop up anyone who looks at this T-shirt for more than two seconds. Meltem, stick this in bleach, will you? There’s coffee all over it. Do we have anyone important for lunch? senol, answer. No… There’s an old pop singer,past-it. I’ve forgotten his name. That’s no regular coffee spill. Someone spilled it. At this time of morning? The guy doesn’t do morning or evening. He’s all over the place. Meltem! Are you reading coffee fortunes there or what? Here comes the clapping. We’re cooking here. It’s a great review, Alper Bey. Good… senol, read this out loud. We’re cooking here. My latest discovery in Tunel is Leblon… Like the celebrated American food writer says, I adore everything… …that’s made with love and passion. Food especially. -Have the girls left?
-Yes. Go on. Off you go too. I’ll lock up. Do you need me for anything else? No, thanks. You left your phone in the kitchen. Hello? Well, hello… It’s Ada. 01:03
Ada. I’m calling to apologise. It’s good you wrote down your number. I have to spill coffee on you again for that as well, but… OK, do that some time when you’re free. Then you’ll have to apologise again. You better save my number on your phone. I called to apologise. I mean, don’t look for anything underneath. God forbid… I’ve had my head bitten off already. Hey, come on. You really know how to make someone feel bad. OK, OK. I’m not saying any more. Listen. Your number’s showing now. Should I save it? Next time you call and I use your name to answer… …don’t get mad at me. You mean, I’ll be calling you again. Really? That’s not what I meant. I mean, it was a kind of joke. I told you already, your jokes suck. And actually, I did gate-31-gate… …but you don’t accept private numbers… So then I had to call normally. Hey! How can you be so confident about yourself? Excuse me, but this was supposed to be an apology call. And I’m still taking a knocking here. Say something nice for once. Something that works like medicine. The cake was nice… Will that do? By the way, where did you get it? Don’t say your mum made it, did she? Hah! There! Now sit tight! I made it. Oh yeah! I really swallowed that! I actually did swallow it. After you left, I sat down… …and ate the whole thing, I was so mad. I didn’t feel at all bloated. A whole cake! Who made it, honestly? Ah! I don’t believe it! I promise you it was me. I don’t normally talk about my talent to people straight off. So should I feel privileged now? Shouldn’t you? You want to feel like someone ordinary, someone regular? I think you’re doing yourself down, young lady. I’m hanging up… Look, I’m telling you in words I’m going to hang up. So it’s not like I hung up in your face… OK, see you. I mean… It just came out like that. See you… Has your friend turned up? Sure, she’s here. We’re all dressed up waiting for you. Are we talking a Lolita? A true Lolita. Don’t scare the girl on the first night. Don’t be an animal with her. OK? OK. I’ll be with you in ten minutes. Don’t be scared. He won’t hurt you. I’m here, honey. Only do what you want to do. I’ll hold your hand. Don’t worry. OK? I can’t live with you or without you It’s too bad, there are no answers Being either together or apart It’s impossible, for no reason What dreams we had, what hopes How we longed to be happy Neither you are to blame nor I Hi, Mum… Mum… How are you? I put 2000 lira in your account today.Withdraw it from the bank today. Well, OK. You were talking about a wedding and stuff. Go and buy yourself a dress. OK, Mum. OK. I’m hanging up now. We’ll talk again later. I have work to do. It’s us! Good morning! Good morning. Welcome. Thank you. All’s well, I hope… Is our costume ready? Yes, absolutely. The young lady will go down in history today… …as my first female cowboy. Well, I really don’t know where she got the idea from. I told you! That film with Selma Hayek… Today’s kids… Couldn’t you have been a princess, darling? Wouldn’t that have been better? That’s so boring, Granny. Ah! We’ll end up with a little boy Fatma at this rate. Hey, come on! I want to put it on. Well, it rather suits you. Really. Huh? Can I take a picture for my collection? I mean just for the store. Of course. Go ahead. -Are these the others?
-Yes. Well, they re marvellous. I mean, honestly… But wouldn’t it be easier if you used a digital camera? Hmmm. Now come here. Do a huge smile for me. OK? My name is Bond, Alper Bond… Oh, please! You mean people are still doing that? It takes me back to middle school. So it’s not that outdated after all. -Why am I here, right?
-You took the words out of my mouth. You owe me a shirt. I soaked it in bleach but the stain didn’t come out. Oh God. I’ll get you a new one right away. You have another choice. Forget the shirt, but have dinner with me. I’ll do the cooking. Right in front of your eyes. I’ll make another cake too. Carrot and cinnamon. OK… I’ll get the shirt. Don’t do this to me. I want to say something. Maybe I’m married. Maybe I’m a lesbian. Maybe I have a boyfriend who’s a boxer… God! Don’t you want to know the slightest thing? Maybe… I’m trying out the other side of maybe… At the end of the day, I’m trying it out… Allow me… Dinner. Just dinner. I’ll leave you in peace afterwards. Promise. All the secrets of carrot and cinnamon cake… A new skill you’ll be proud of. My record collection. Something with vegetables, light and harmless. Just one glass of wine and a lift home afterwards. That’s all part of the package. -I’ll come at 7 and leave at 10.
-11. -The shirt.
-OK, 10. Tonight. I’m off before you change your mind. I’ll call you at 6. To give you directions. Make sure you hear your phone. Ooph… I mean, 70s or 80s pop. Something not too well known. Listen to this. It came in just yesterday. Hello, Sinem? How’s things? Ooph! I’ve done something really dumb tonight. God knows what I’m doing. Stop me, please… Look, I’ll explain now. Hope you don’t have it already. No, I don’t . Really. Where did you find it? Come in. You know how hard it is to track down the original? Hold a vegetable in your hand and it tells you how long it needs cooking. You just have to learn to look at it, see it and listen to it… You can’t put everything in one dish. A pinch of this, a pinch of that. No way. That would be vulgar and ignorant. What we need is the beauty of harmony. Don’t believe it when they say things like throw it all in together and stir. They all have different cooking times. Zucchini, mushrooms and this lot… …cook the quickest. You can’t throw them in with carrots… Just listen to what they tell you… Vinegar, mustard, they’re dominant flavours… You should think twice before using them. They can be wonderful in some dishes, but they can also murder others. Wait, don’t drink yet. I always think it’s something that people do wrong. Will you taste the food first? Wow! It’s like poetry… Ah! It’s like… Individually they’re all different, but they’re all the same as well. There you go… Look, if you’d had some wine beforehand… …the food would only have tasted of wine. Like this, the wine goes with it. The first taste is the most important. Because the second follows it. There’s something else my profession gives me as well. I know people from the way they eat. You, for example, are a one-by-one kind of person. You like living life slowly, serenely and without hurrying. 02:23
Alternatives and abundance are things that scare you. Hmmm… I see. There’s no rule to say that’s how it is. It’s just the fun part of the job. The fun part. Really? Fine, then. All right… You know what the most beautiful thing about cooking is? What? Feeding someone… Or rather, seeing the expression on their face… …when they take the first mouthful… There, that’s like the picture of my life. Just like the kids on your wall… I did fine arts at university. Stage design and decor. I spent a while… …working as an art director on films and TV soaps… But the way the market operates isn’t exactly up my street… How should I put it? It’s kind of like the system’s based… …a bit on exploitation… Plus a load of people don’t value… …what you do in the first place. I haven’t severed all my connections though… I hire out costumes for films or make them… But at the end of the day, I’m captain of my own ship. I like films. Everyone does… But I mean, it’s a crazy business. Not my kind of thing at all. I had two years in the business. When I realised that in all that time I hadn’t spent… …a single rainy evening shored up with a book and a glass of tea… I fled without so much as a backward glance. God! And you call me Bohemian… You were supposed to be teaching me the secrets of cake. Hey, hold on! It’s only 9.15. How about we listen to this? Wait. Don’t… Oh God! The glasses are the size of bell jars as it is! Nil Burak. I’m Alone. Without wine. I don’t think so. It’s a clean copy… Wonderful. This is a human voice, you know? Back then there was no machine they could make the sound with. It’s beautiful. This could be the group Istanbul Gelisim. They played to a load of… …people back then. Look, nothing’s done on the cheap, you see? It’s the real thing. What dedication. Beautiful. You’ve made me very happy. Thanks. I don’t believe it… They’re such great songs, these. But I’d never have guessed the sound quality could be this good. It’s really better quality than a CD. It’s what everyone says when they start out. You know why? Because records are analogue and haven’t been compacted. Here, listen… There’s real depth to it. It has the effect of being live. In fact, look. Close your eyes. It’s like you’re at a concert… …like she’s there singing right in front of you. Wow! It really is. -Alper, I want to go home.
-Don’t go. -I must go.
-Stay. -No.
-Stay. -Please…
-Please. -Alper…
-Ada… It was strange… I’m sorry… I guess I got a bit over-excited. It’s OK. It doesn’t matter. Good morning. You’ve cleared the whole place up. Yes… I had nothing else to do. So I did it. You should have woken me up. Shall I get you one too? No. I’m fine like this. Did you sleep well last night? I guess you got up at one point. Yes… I’m not that used to sleeping with someone. I mean, it’s got nothing to do with you. It’s just I’m not used to it. In fact, I could even say you’re the first. Is that supposed to make me feel good? Or the opposite perhaps? We’re just talking. What are we talking about, huh? I mean, is that it? There was a guy I talked to last night, yes. But for the last 10 hours… Since we had sex, in other words… We’re back to the kind of shallow small talk you’d hear on the bus. Ada, look. I’m just confused, that’s all. I’m a bit, you know… A bit what? Why are you confused? Yes, I’m expecting an answer. Look, hang on! Where are you going? Let’s have breakfast. Let me give you a half-baked analysis of your coffee-drinking. Your wanting to share wasn’t about sharing at all. It was about finishing the coffee as fast as possible. Believe me… Whatever you may think, this isn’t the fun part of analysis either, unfortunately. I have enough experience of life to know that. Hello…? Good morning. How are you doing? I’ll explain. Look, come to the store and we’ll grab breakfast. OK? Hello, Gulten Hanim? Can you come today? I’ll be going out. I’ll leave your money in the normal place… OK, take it easy then. Slow down, girl! What’s going on? Ada, talk to me. Here. Drink this… How about we go to the bathroom? You can freshen up. Ada, have you fallen in love? -Don’t be ridiculous.
-You have. Look, I said no, didn’t I? Are you off your head? Well, what else would you say? It’s him… What shall I do? Pick it up, girl! You’re being so weird, Ada. I’m not picking up right away. Let him call a second time. Hello? Ada’s phone… It’s her friend here. -Isn’t she there herself?
-Yes… She is but… She doesn’t take calls too often. Ada, what’s this bullshit? Didn’t you move a bit fast there? No. I just turned around while I still could. What’s all this about…? OK, I was a bit distant this morning. I agree. That doesn’t mean anything… Ada, please. Look, let’s not turn this into something ridiculous. Ada, are you there? Yes. Please… Give me another chance. Let’s speak later.It’s not a good time. -When should I call?
-Later… I don’t know. All right. I did well, didn’t I? You were fantastic. Sinem, are you taking the piss or telling the truth? In your current mood, you object to everything anyone says. I’ll just agree with everything you say. So it’s that cycle… You’ll be back to normal in a few days. Then I, you know… Well, I got you a plaster. -What shall I do with these?
-Toss them. At least have a look, won’t you? What are they? Toss them. I’m hungry. I make a sauce for this with soya sauce and a splash of balsamic. It’s so good. Come on. Take me somewhere. Somewhere quiet where we can listen to music. There’s this place I know. It’s like travelling back in time. -You won’t believe it.
-Make me believe it then. Didn’t you know as you were caressed? Didn’t you laugh as I told you? Our fortune holds longing And separation, didn’t I tell you? You’d never have understood, never You’d never have believed in fate either And you were supposed to be someone Who could never cause hurt or be heartless I wish you happiness, my love May life smile on you even if I am not there On your head be it You leave behind a pair of crying eyes 03:01
OK. This is it. See you in the morning. I shouldn’t come in? No. Let me come in. Alper, suppose I had a chance to think and sleep… OK. We’ll just sleep. That’s all. OK. But we just sleep. OK. Oh, baby! Oh! -Alper, wait a sec…
-Quiet! Quiet! Alper, what are you doing? I’m sorry. Will you look at me? I am. No. Look properly. Feel my hand… Feel that I’m touching you. Right on your forehead are the lines of my hand… Can you feel them? Open your eyes… Look at me. What can you see? You. Yes… But you ought to see a load of things along with me. How do you mean? My face should change. It should become everything you love… Otherwise it’s a no-no… Keep looking… I should be more than just me now… When you look at me it’s like you should capture a moment from your own life. There should be a story… That moment, I should be everyone you love… And everything… Hold my hand. Can you tell which is your hand now? They should become mixed up. You should mix them up. I should become you, and you me… You should get confused… As though you re making love to yourself… -Ada… This is so beautiful…
-Yes… Ada… My love… Shhh… Ada… I love you… I know. Ada… Ada… Hey, don’t look. I’m embarrassed. OK… But I can’t help it… I want to say something… You’re very beautiful. If you say so… OK. I want to say something. I hardly know anything about you. Don’t get me to talk about myself, will you? I’m a straightforward guy. What I mean is, I am what you see. No more. I bet there is more. If there is, I don’t know about it. I want to just lie here quietly now. 01:10
All right. Ada… It was beautiful… But… It’s beautiful now as well. Good mor-ning! -What is that?
-Breakfast. The cupboards are completely bare! This is all I could find. There weren’t any roses so I made do with the flowerpot. The bread was stale too. I toasted it in the frying pan. The shades? To look cool. I’m ugly in the morning. But let me tell you something. This isn’t going to fill me up. I want a decent Sunday breakfast. Bear it in mind. Come here for a bit. You cute thing. -Umm… Does my breath smell?
-No! Mine? Of strawberries. You’re not ugly in the morning. Not at all. Hold on. I want to look at you a bit. OK. You have a face with a story. How do you mean? You almost have no forehead. It’s like your hair couldn’t wait and grew in a big rush… So you always seem to be running… Your eyes are completely the opposite. They tell you to stop for a bit… To walk one step at a time… And they really look a lot… I mean, how can I put it? They look really deeply. And you know that. Which is why you can’t look at anyone for a long time. Your beard, it’s like honey… And it’s kind of in-between the two. It’s like, Hey, don’t be so serious. We’re having a good time here. Plus you have such a mature and well-structured face… …it’s like you were never a child. You were never a child, so you’ve always stayed a child… What’s the story called? I don’t know. Something blue or green… Blue Frenzy … Drop the frenzy. Just stick to the blue . Is this it? I’ve been here before. So you didn’t notice me… Hah! Stop there. There you go. I don’t look at customers with those eyes. In fact, you’re the first… Hmm. I see. You want to see the kitchen first? We can make breakfast together. Sure. Good morning, guys. Guys… Meet Ada… Ada… The guys. Hello… Welcome. Hi. Take it easy, everyone. We’re going to get ourselves some breakfast over there… …without getting in anyone’s way. Ada, meet senol. senol’s our head waiter… Ada. Nice to meet you. -Do you need anything, Alper Bey?
-No thanks, Şenol. -Omelettes. What do you want in yours?
-Everything. OK. An everything omelette. Right away. Ladies. Let’s get back to work. OK, we’ve had a look. It’s all over. Feel free to ask anything you like about the kitchen. The recipe for carrot and cinnamon cake? Of course! You’re right. Wait. Its turn will come. I’m hardly going anywhere. How come you stay so thin when you eat so much? I burn it off. It’s just the way I’m built. How did you learn to cook? When I was at primary school… We only kept the kitchen range alight during… …the day… Because it was warm I always did my homework in there. My mother was so enthusiastic about cooking, it was fun to watch. Oh, by the way, my mother’s coming to stay from Tarsus. Where’s your family? Bursa… I’ve really neglected them actually. I reckon I should go and see them at some point. What is it you like about second-hand books? That they have a past, a history… I love finding clues about other people. Notes, phone numbers, odd mementoes slipped between the pages and then… …forgotten. Their stories… I love thinking about who they belonged to… I make up new lives in my head, in my dreams… I sometimes find those things in the records I buy. So what do you do? I don’t know. I’m more interested in the songs really. It was my friends in the student house I shared at university… …who opened my eyes… They said I should open a restaurant… I kind of liked the idea. So I got my father – he’s dead now – …to sell a couple of fields and then opened this place. He really had a soft spot for me, bless him. He was confident I wouldn’t go under. You know one of my happiest moments ever? Before he died, he came to Istanbul and had something… …to eat at the restaurant… He looked and said, Well done. It really was worth me selling up. Are you crying? Nothing. It just moved me a bit I guess… So why don’t you have any friends? Why? I do actually. I don’t know. I don’t feel a huge need. I like being alone, I suppose. Or is it me that’s difficult or what? God, I don’t know. Everything’s changing, Ada. Everything… Everything I know, everything familiar looks different… Smells are changing… Sounds and voices are different… All since I met you… How can I say? There’s joy everywhere, like a holiday morning. Wow! That was good… You’re really moving ahead with the stories, Alper. Alper, I want to say something. Yes? I… Whatever, it’s nothing. Hello. Are you at home? Are you available? What’s going on? God! Don’t tell me you’re out on a run… Come in. Come on… I’ve even poured you a vodka. We leave our shoes outside, right? You haven’t called for ages. I was all set to give you a hard time, believe me… Alper… What’s the matter? Did you get up? Hmm. I had some water. And a cigarette. Alper, you smoke too much. Come on, Alper… Time to wake up. Alper! Come on! Your mother will be here in two hours. Get up. Good morning. I’ve tidied the place up a bit. But you have a look around too. There’s nothing that’ll shock the poor woman, is there? Like what? Magazines or whatever. Boys stuff. Things left over from your bachelor days. -What’s the matter?
-Nothing. I was only joking… Why are you looking at me like that? We’re not about to get married. Don’t worry. Ada, don’t be ridiculous. It’s not that. Aren’t you behind the times… You think magazines are still a concept? Alper… Do you really want me to come? Yes. What’s the problem? Maybe the woman wants to see you first, to catch up with you. And I’ll suddenly turn up just like that, as soon as she arrives… You’ll turn up later anyway. What’s the difference, now or later? I don’t have to turn up at all if you don’t want. Why are you so stressed out this morning? Who, me? I should be asking you the same thing. Look, there isn’t a problem. Come along. You’ll get to meet each other. I have to go to work at noon anyway. Then she won’t be by herself at home either. OK, no problem. I’ll give Sinem a call. She can take care of the store. Sorry. I forgot about that. Let me remind you. I have a job too. Or is it that you don’t want me working? -Ada…
-What? Mum! Ah! My son! Are you tired? No, son. How could I be? I’ve been sitting all the way. The seats in these new buses are like living room armchairs. -You have any bags to collect?
-Have a look for these. Mum. Give that here. Come with me. Look, Mum. This is Ada. My friend. Introduce yourselves. I’ll be right back. Hello there. How are you? I’m very well, dear. I hope everyone’s as polite to you as you are to me! Well, aren’t you pretty, darling. Mashallah! Mashallah! Your name’s Ada, is it? What a lovely name. 02:06
Thanks. You’re very beautiful too. But I’ve got so old now. You’re Alper’s friend, huh? What kind of friend? A good friend? Mashallah! That’s lovely. Are you hungry?
We’ll have breakfast now. Then you can have some sleep. In Alper’s apartment? I’ll have a sleep of course but aren’t you there too? I mean, living as friends. Right? I don’t know, sorry. That’s why I’m asking. Let’s say I come and go sometimes. Oh, good. Come all the time, dear. All the time. You ve come loaded to the gunnels again. Don’t shake it about like that, son. There are dolma inside. Oh, Mum…! Come on, let’s go. Muzeyyen Hanim, are you comfortable there? I wish you’d come in the front. I’m very comfortable, dear. The car’s vast inside. But do stop calling me ‘hanim’. Forget all this formal business. -Just call me Muzeyyen Abla.
-OK. So, Mum… Let’s hear it then. What can I tell you, son? Things are always the same back home. Your brother and his lot all send you their love. Come and see the boy one day. Has he grown! But let’s hear about you. How are you? You’re the one with the news. I’m fine. No change. Well, that’s good. Give those to me, son… Let me put them in the fridge right away… What a lovely home you have. Mashallah! It’s just like the advertisements… I said I wasn’t tired, but I’m beginning to feel a bit the worse for wear. Have a little rest if you like while I get breakfast together. -No, dear. Thanks.
-It’s up to you. Where shall I put it? Ooh! You have two fridges, son! Mashallah! Which one should I use, I wonder? Whichever one you want, Mum. This is your bag, right? With the clothes beside. Let me take them to your room. Don’t get too much out, dear. They fed us on the bus anyway. A glass of tea will do me fine. I’ll put some on to brew right away. Wonderful! I can’t stand those tea-bag things you get. Leave that. I’ll do it all. Look, there’s pure olive oil in here. A friend brought it. We’ll pour it over some dried mint and oregano. It’s perfect for dunking bread. Where does he keep his herbs? They should be there. So when’s this wedding, Mum? Tomorrow evening at eight. In sisli, they said. Wait. The invitation’s in my bag. The address is written there. Have a look. So OK, Mum. The place is easy to get to. You are coming, aren’t you, son? No, Mum. What do I want at a wedding? You know how claustrophobic those things make me. Ah! But that’s shameful, son. Your friend from primary school… OK. We’ll see… I’ve also got a large group to cook for tomorrow evening. You have to work, huh? Couldn’t you at least make an appearance for five minutes or so? The thing is, it’s a very big group… Well, if there’s work to do, that’s different of course. Suppose we go together? If you’d like to. Bless you. That’s wonderful. Now I won’t be on my own there. Hmm. That’s great. Look. I’ll take you there. Then I’ll come and pick you up later. I’ll pin some gold on the bride and groom and offer my congratulations. Thanks. You’re going to wear this? No way. You can’t. It’s a perfectly good dress. -Mum, it’s so old-fashioned.
-Alper. Let’s get you something nicer here. I’m not the bride, son! I’m hardly in any state to wear a ball gown at this age. Listen. I’m going to work now. You and Ada take yourselves off to the shops. Ada’s an expert at these things. Buy a dress, have a wander around. And get me a gold coin to give. OK? Don’t go wasting your money, son. What do I need a dress for? You do, come on. Be beautiful, Muzeyyen Hanim! Everyone should marvel at you! He’s making fun of me now. I’ll come and pick you up this evening. And we’ll go out for dinner. OK? I’ve got heaps to do today. All right. Take it easy, son. Have a good day. We can have dinner at your place, right? I’d like to see it again. OK, Mum. Sure. Ada, come here a sec. Look, sorry, Ada. It’s OK. At the end of the day, it’s not me who’s getting married. Ada! What? Alper, you’re rushing straight off to work. Couldn’t you have stayed? Isn’t that being shameful to the woman? She’d only get fed up with me. She’d find all these jobs to do in the house. She’d clean the place 50 times, she’d cook, I know her. I’ll make up for it this evening. All right then. -Get something for yourself too.
-Sure. Really, I’m serious. Don’t be ridiculous, Alper. Go on. Off you go. OK. Oooh! Look at that! How on earth did they build this place? Mashallah! You said there’s everything here, didn’t you? Shops, restaurants, cinemas, they stick them all together… …in one place these days. So as not to tire people out, huh? You come here, get everything done all at once and go. That kind of thing… Like an aquarium. Heavens, it’s so crowded! Give me your arm or I’ll get lost. I don’t want to be trouble for you later. Don’t say that, Muzeyyen Abla! There’s even a jeweller’s, you said, huh? I’m flabbergasted! Let’s get the gold from there, then have a nice cup of coffee. Bravo! That’s just what’s needed. Let s treat ourselves, right? Now we’re in Istanbul… Oh, you lovely girl… Thanks. Oh! Yours is big enough to feed a whole family of orphans! Mashallah! Sit down and let’s have a little chat, shall we? I’m not going to beat about the bush. And don’t go getting embarrassed in front of me. Think of me as your mother. Do you love my son? Oh, my beautiful! We’ve only just met really. It’s been a month or so. My darling! Knowing that in my old age, I won’t worry even if I drop dead! In all this time, you’re the only one he’s valued enough to introduce to me. He’s always been completely alone here. How can I explain, dear? Alper is a bit different really. Strong and silent. He never shows his affections, never talks, never airs his troubles. Then there are times when he’s downright rude… He’s been like that since he was a small boy. He never liked crowds. He always wanted to sit in his room. What do they say? Human nature, that’s it. Some people are like a closed book all the time. What I’m saying is… Don’t be defeated, dear. Don’t turn round half way. Look, in all these years… …he hasn’t once kissed me on the cheek just like that, out of the blue. I know he loves me. I know it. Know that for yourself too. Friendships, or what do you call it? Dating? Whatever. It’s hard of course. Work at it, dear. Don’t leave him. These places, big places, they always fool you. In all the hullaballoo people don’t realise they’re alone. Be a voice… A breath of life beside him. Does it fill up like this every evening? At this time, it generally does. It’s not even particularly full. Weekends get very crowded. Mashallah! That’s too much for me, son. They serve everything for giants in Istanbul. The poor boy’s been rushing around like mad since morning. He must be tired. Would you like anything else? No thanks, son. That’ll do me. Sit down and rest, darling. Alper, we had a great day out, your mother and I. Didn’t we, Muzeyyen Abla? She did a great job taking me around. We went to Ortakoy. I bought heaps of beads… For the girls, your nieces. Great. From there we went home and dropped off the packages. Then off we set again, for Ada’s store. I adored those costumes. Don’t ask! It makes you feel… …like a child all over again. Look what Ada gave me. For Murat. He won’t just be thrilled, the rascal. He’ll adore it! -Thanks, Ada.
-Well, I hope he enjoys it. You know what made me laugh most today? They’ve put exercise… …machines in those parks. So you see these enormous women on them… …grabbing the handles and puffing away as though they’re running. Like this… -Oh no! Oh goodness!
-Leave it. The guys will handle it. Has it spilled on you? Mum, leave it. senol will handle it. Mum… MUM! Alper! It’s no problem at all. I’ll take care of it right away. This sort of thing happens all the time here. I’ve given you all this trouble… Let’s take a ferry tomorrow. In the daytime. We can see something of the Bosphorus. You haven’t mentioned the most important thing. The shopping mall. Alper, we got your mother a beautiful suit today. Like I said, my family’s in Bursa, Muzeyyen Abla. Have you ever been to Bursa? I haven’t had the chance, darling. It’s a beautiful place. That’s what I always hear. I’ve driven through a few times but… -I’ll take you one day.
-God willing… There’s always traffic like this, even at this time of day. You’re so lucky. You get peace and quiet in a place like Tarsus. This city’s almost uninhabitable these days. You should see Tarsus then. You’d love it. Look, even if Alper can’t make it, you come. I’ll be expecting you any time. Mum, let’s drop Ada home first. And when we get home you can go straight to bed. You must be tired after today, both of you… Ada, I’ll come and pick you up in the morning again around nine or ten. OK? -OK.
-For breakfast. Oh goodness, I’ve spoiled your routine. Shame on you, Muzeyyen Abla. Don’t think that! I go home all the time anyway. I could have curled up and slept anywhere, son. It’s OK, Mum. It’s not a problem. Ah! Mum, I’m making up the bed for you. What are you doing? I won’t sleep in it, son. I’m fine here. It’s plenty big enough. I can’t turf you out of your own bed. It’s light here too. Look. Much nicer. How’s my brother? My nephews and nieces? They’re all fine. I miss them a lot. I know you do. Why wouldn’t you? Mum… Darling? It’s so hard, Mum… What’s hard, darling? We’re proud of you, son. You’ve got yourself established here without help from anyone else… Mum… Yes, darling? It’s hard, Mum… So hard. What’s hard, darling? Have we had a bit to drink? A bit. So did you buy the flowers before drinking or after? What does it matter? A lot. First I decided to buy them, then I had a drink, then I bought them. I drank in my room. Fast. In a blue frenzy. Mum’s asleep at home. I came to give you the flowers. I went all the way to the Flower Passage thinking there wouldn’t be… …any florists open at this time. I got them from you know, the kids there. I want to say sorry, give you a kiss and go. If Mum wakes up at home, she’ll get scared being on her own. I love you. But if you’d been sober, I wouldn’t have been able to say that. Now go. Quick. Mum! It’s us! We’re back! We’re going to take a gypsy boat today. What’s that, dear? You get on at Bebek. And you wander up and down the entire coast. I mean, it’s something like a Bosphorus cruise. Alper… Erdem… How are you doing? Welcome. -Wow.
-What are you up to? Fine… I brought you the wedding witness. Müzeyyen Abla, hello! How are you? Congratulations. I’m not going to be able to stay. I have a function on at the restaurant tonight. A large group. Well, business, you know. Do you pin it here? -Let me give this to you.
-Whatever. OK. -I wish you happiness.
-I wish you’d stay. I’d have really loved to. I have a lot of guests. I must go. Do you Nalan Hanim, Erdem Bey, as your partner in marriage? -I do.
-Applause. Do you Erdem Bey, accept Nalan Hanim, as your partner in marriage? -I do.
-Bravo! I hope it’s your turn next, dear. Look after Ada. Don’t hurt her… Don’t ever think of leaving her. Ada is the most precious gift God has given you all your life. Remember that… That’s all I have to say. I’m hungry… Remember that pot of dolma we finished the other day? Your mum went to the trouble of making more the other morning… …before we went on the boat trip, you know. She said, I’ve put them in the small fridge. You want some too? Well, don’t if you ask me. Let me eat the lot. Ask for some if you like. If I eat them all, I’ll probably wind up in hospital. It happened a few times when I was little. My aunt made a potful like this and put it away in the fridge. My Mum and my aunts were all asleep… Having a midday nap… The heat! It was summer anyway. I came back from playing… In the street. I sat down and polished off the lot. With bread and stuff as well. I mean, I couldn’t stop myself… Then I got this incredible stomach ache. -The pain was killing me…
-Ada… I want to break up. I’m thinking why I’m not in the slightest bit surprised. Huh? I knew actually. I mean, I tried to scare you but I imagine it was a waste of time. But why do people cry so much over things they already know. Right? Well, OK. I won’t cry. Why did you run after me then so persistently? Huh? Why? You knew it wouldn’t work, you knew you couldn’t do it. So why? WHY??? Fuck you…! Fuck you…! Who did I kiss here just a minute ago? WHY??? Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not about to hit you. Are you out of your mind? There’s just one thing you should know. I… I don’t deserve you, Ada. I never have deserved you. Maybe you feel bad now but when you find the right person in life… …you’ll thank me. Can’t one of you come up with something different?! Which film is that from… Is it the Red Crescent that feeds you these son-of-a-bitch lines from 1980s American teen films? To come to the rescue at tough moments like these. I was being quite sincere. Ada… I’ve experienced a lot of things. I’ve wasted a lot of things… Myself… Life… Everything… I’ll never get over it now. I’m living with contaminated blood. I don’t want to be a part of anyone’s life… I don’t want anyone to be a part of mine… That’s the way I am, the way I was born. There’s no reason. Don’t look for one. If only there was a reason, if only I knew it and could… …change things… You were the most beautiful thing in my life. Remember that… If it’s any help to you at all… Yes. It really helps. Thanks. I want to say something and then I’ll go. You’re in snow, about to freeze to death. Sleep seems so sweet but you don’t realise you’ve died. senol! Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear boss… Happy Birthday to you…
. -Alper Bey…
-Come here, senol. If it’s OK with you, I’d like to have a glass of wine with you this evening. Wow! Nice surprise. What’s the occasion? At last! Tonight is different. Because it’s a special evening for me. So fill them up then! What’s with the thimbleful? Look how stingy you are! You’ve made me a rich man like that… Shame on you, Abi! That’s not the reason. You know I don’t drink a lot. Sorry, I called you Abi, there all of a sudden. Of course you did. Anyway, I have my suspicions. You have some blue English blood in you, right? The truth will out soon enough… So what are we celebrating? Gamze is pregnant. We’re going to have a baby. Wow! My little father! My man! I’m really happy for you, senol. Thanks. Thanks, Abi. Hey, hang on a second. I’m being an idiot here. What does that make me then? An Amca? Yes… Alper Amca. God, it feels like only yesterday. I’d just opened this place. You walked in and said you’d come about the job ad… …and could you speak to the boss please. When I said I was the boss,
you didn’t believe me and… …looked at me in that English way of yours. Umm, Alper Abi… I want to thank you very much for everything. On behalf of everyone here… You’ve been very good to us, very generous… We owe you a lot. I want you to know that. Oh God! Come on! Don’t be ridiculous. Of all wines, you had to open this one tonight, huh? Look at the news, look at the wine. You’d expect a Bordeaux or something. Stingy… What’s this here? What’s this? Vrrrmmm… It’s coming… We’re flying! We’re flying! Alper Amca, we’re going to the cinema, aren’t we? Are you kidding, handsome young man? Ice Age, right? Ice Age… How many Ice Ages is this now? Hmm… A year younger than you. Hello! My name’s Bobo. After breakfast I’ll be yours. What’s your name? Mithatcan! Come on, Mithatcan. -Ice Age.
-Yes, Ice Age. Look, we got the tickets earlier on. You’ll give them to collector. -OK?
-Fine. Good. Smart thing. We’ll be inside. Dad! Dad! Isn’t Alper Amca coming? Alper Amca… Alper Amca! He’ll be along, son. In a bit. Hi there, Alper. How are you? Hello… Ada… It’s kind of a surprise, this… Oh God. I called you a few times. Your numbers have changed of course… I moved to England… Got married. Really…? I’m very happy for you… Your husband? Hakan… He works for a company there. I’ve kept on my business… We opened another store there… That’s how things look now. That was senol’s son presumably. Right? He’s cute… Mashallah… Look. This is my daughter… Elif… She’s three. What a sweetie! She’s lovely. -Bless her!
-Thanks… I grabbed the chance to come over while I could. Both to go see my parents in Bursa, and catch up with Sinem. I go back tomorrow morning. I left Elif there with her father and au pair… We might come back at New Year, all of us together. I’d say come and have a coffee with us but I guess you’re going to the cinema. How are you? How’s everything going? Have you still got the restaurant and stuff? I’m fine… Very good. Everything’s on track. I’m not fine at all, Ada. I’ve never forgotten you… I never thought this would happen. I’m nothing. Everything’s a pile of shit. Are you really over it or are you getting revenge…? You’re smiling… Is it real? I never thought it would be like this. Right after we split up I felt light as a bird… I thought I’d done both you and me a favour… Until the smallest thing messed me up completely… That day, a miniscule hairclip of yours laughed at me. It was that morning that I realised I’d lost you… …and so many other things. You’d never be there again… I’d never have this with anyone else… You know what? That tiny hairclip you lost one day… …but never knew where… It’s still in my pocket. I’m fine. Really good. They turned your store into an estate agent’s. Right. Sinem said. I walked past there the other day… I had things to do over that way. No, Ada. That was a lie… I sometimes go to have a look at that street. And I imagine everything is like it once was. I just stand there. I imagine you’re sitting inside and still creating little heroes… I delude myself… I try to console myself, Ada. How’s your mother? Is she OK? She’s fine… The same as ever… Raising the grandkids. She comes to visit now and again. I go down there sometimes. That kind of thing… I miss Müzeyyen Abla. Really… I was supposed to go and visit her. But it was never meant to happen, I guess. It was right after you I went to see her. To the house you were born in. To the town you spent your childhood in, my love. I took a short trip with your mother, into your past… I made her vow never to tell you… Good for her. She’s kept her word. I saw the house you grew up in… The bed you slept in, my love. I imagined you and your childhood… You were there and you didn’t yet know you’d meet me one day. You lay across my lap. I told you a story… You grew up… A story in my head… You know how I loved that… Then I wrote us a happy ending… I sat with you in that house… We said nothing. You sat beside me in silence. That was the end. It was another life. It was just you and me. You looked at me… Blue and unfrenzied. We said nothing. Another happy ending in another life… We deserved that… Our story is there
somewhere. It’ll stay with me forever. Because that was the only way I could go on. So a person’s smell always stays the same… I was surprised. I took something of yours away with me. A 45 single. Arda Karde’s Fairytales . If you go back home one day, you’ll never know how that record went missing. And Muzeyyen Abla won’t tell you. We won’t let you have that satisfaction. I still got your record. But you don’t know it… And when I close my eyes, it’s you I have in my arms… …not anyone else… And you don’t know it. Oh God. It’s seven. Yes. The 7 o’clock showing’s started. Hurry or you’ll be late. No, I’m not going in. It’s a kids film. I’d get bored. I have other plans anyway. They’re more tempting, I guess. Hmmm. So there’s someone waiting, huh? There is actually. Yes. Great. I’m glad about that. No… There’s no one out there. I was lying. I know, my love. There’s no one. There never will be. You’ll just borrow other people’s kids, lives and bodies. To be returned later… And you’ll always be alone. Well, if you’ll excuse me then… Goodbye… Take care. You too. Oh, by the way, you were going to give me the recipe… …for carrot and cinnamon cake. Oh right. Damn! I found the recipe. In a cookbook. I made it. We enjoyed eating it… It wasn’t as good as yours, of course. But it will be. I mean, there’s hope. I’m determined. I’m going to crack it. Congratulations in advance. Goodbye. Take care. Goodbye. I wish time would stop. That you’d be sitting there forever looking at me just so. I wish we could stay like this… That it would never end… I’d like so much to be able to tell you this… There are so many things… …in fact, that I haven’t been able to tell you… Anyway… You’d never have believed in fate either And you were supposed to be someone Who could never cause hurt or be heartless I wish you happiness, my love May life smile on you even if I am not there On your head be it You leave behind a pair of crying eyes
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