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Today I’m going to be talking about black
and white film development. First, I’m going to explain why people still do black and white
film. It is becoming a lost art in a way and in a way, it’s definitely going the way of
the Dodo bird, but more and more people are doing it and seeing why they like it. Black
and white film is archival. Archival means that this film, if processed correctly, can
last forever. So in a way, when you have these negatives, they can essentially last over
a thousand years as opposed to a digital image, which is still up for debate as to whether
or not this can actually last the test of time. So for some professionals and some hobbyist’s,
this is a great way to produce fine art prints. And right here are some of the basic items
you need to develop black and white film, and I’m going to be talking about these and
how you can do them.

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