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Another type of reel is this plastic reel,
and some people who are beginners tend to like this reel a little bit better than the
middle ones. They’re not, bad these reels, the film goes in here and you basically, in
this type of motion, you put your film on, you thread it on, there’s some ball bearings
in there, and they work okay. Another type of reel is a medium format reel, and if you
shoot medium format, you’re obviously going to still need to develop your film. Film’s
a little bit bigger. The film goes under here, and it rolls on. You want to be a little bit
more careful with this film, because you don’t want to pinch it too much and dent it. That’s
– you really need to use a little bit of caution when you’re using these reels. This
is a tray, and this is a four by five negative. If I’m shooting medium, or, excuse me, large
format film, you would use this tray to develop your sheet film, and you want to be careful
when you’re doing this though, as to not scratch it with your fingernails. Start to really
see a motion with your fingers, and that’s how you would use a large format in a tray
like this.

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