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I’m here to talk about different film formats,
essentially what size or how big or how little a piece of film is. In my hands is an uncut
roll of 35mm film. A lot of exposures on a roll, 36, light, easy to carry around, you
know excellent film for traveling, just one of the most popular films out there is 35mm
format film. And you would use that basically just for ease, nice film. This size film is
medium format film, this film tends to give you a much sharper image. The cameras that
take these films can sometimes be a little bit more expensive but you can make a huge
enlargement and make it absolutely tack sharp. And keeping with that in mind, this is a four
by five negative, you could blow up this negative to the size of a wall and still keep your
image absolutely tack sharp and beautiful and this is a great example of why people
still use black and white film.

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