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What I’m holding in my hand is a beaker, and
this is used to measure your chemistry with. Again, a very important tool in making, developing
black and white film and prints. Don’t just guess. Guessing is really bad. You want to
measure out your chemistry, and use it in exact amounts as to what the numbers are.
Numbers are, you know, they’re U.S. ounces, and, basically, milliliters. And, you just
look at them and use them. One thing you want to make sure is that they’re clean. You always
want to clean up after yourself when you’re using this. This is another beaker, a very
large one, if I’m using-making some very-a lot of black and white darkroom stuff, or
if I’m making a lot of chemistry. And again, you want to clean them and make sure that
they’re always nice, not contaminated, good to use. Another very important item to have
in your darkroom is a funnel. Funnels will always help you put back your chemistry into
your containers. So that’s something, again, you want to clean up and make sure that you
take care of, because you’re going to use it a lot when you’re working in a black and
white darkroom.

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