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English Are you ready? Yeah (Metronome Clicks) Hey, sweetie? Morning guys (Laughter) (Wood breaking) He’s not in a coma They don’t know what to call it (Rocking chair creak) (Door creak) (Static) (Unintelligible) NOW (Cries) I went into Dalton’s room There was something in there with him Dalton! Dalton! (Grunts) I know someone who can help We took Trifield and EMF readings of the whole house. Wiring, alarm clocks I don’t think bad wiring is the problem here I wanna leave. I want to leave this house What is it? It’s not the house that’s haunted It’s your son

100 thoughts on “Insidious (2010) Official Trailer #1 – James Wan Movie HD

  1. I hate this movie just cause of that weirdo demon who looks like a goddamn lizard ! I was watching with a friend and curse her 😤 she yelled so suddenly in that scene it scared the crap out of me !

  2. This is one of the moat authentic real horror movies I have seen which are a rarity in this decade.
    Best thing is the trailer. I went into the cinema with low expectations and came out feeling totally spooked.

  3. this is exactly why i never watch trailers anymore. I watched the movie first and then watched this trailer just to see what the it shows. This shows all the best parts and reveals almost every part of the story. If you're reading this comment before watching the trailer, just go see the movie and don't watch the trailers. The movie is pretty good but your experience will no doubt be worse if you watch the trailers first.

  4. This is actually one of my favorite horror films because it actually has a story line, and they also don't make the characters that vulnerable like they do in the other movies.

  5. Probably one of the worst horror movies made. The pacing was off and was boring as hell. Complete lack of tension. At one point the husband refused to believe his wife then in the next sentence he believed her without a doubt. Then all of a sudden he had the same astral projection gift as his son. Very convenient to further the plot. One of the worst.

  6. Not lying but i love this scary film i get confused like insidious and conjouring if i spell it right its ok but if not its not ok but I LOVE THIS FILM

  7. jesus christ this movie was scary af when you watch qith a giant tv and surround sound (not the novie theatre)

  8. الي بيشوف ترا ذا الفلم ترا مو اسم الفلم الي مكتوب وحط لايك سلام


  10. This movie shows that a horror movie doesn't have to be rated r to prove it's scary. This movie created a universe in the horror genre that could easily match up with masterpieces like the conjuring.

  11. The most scariest scene for me is the demon was behind the man and when the and his son was inside of a room and the demon was sharpening his nails or smoothing them the background noise was terrifying

  12. After the short credits i thought it was over and then jumps thos freaking thing at me djsnsbdhdjdjdjdjrjtutut

  13. my mom let me watch this when i was super young and that part where the demon shows up behind the man scared me shitless and i couldn’t sleep for like 2 days

  14. this is very similar to the oman that came out in the 60’s or something i don’t really know don’t watch this they copied the oman.

  15. There was something about the atmosphere of this film that I really digged. It felt somewhat different from other horror films.

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