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What a long queue! 3 for 10! 3 for 10! Balcony budget! Come on! 3 for 10! Wait! Brothers and sisters!
Ladies and gentlemen! Come here! Experience the magic
of a mobile hotel! Enjoy hot food first,
and, then enjoy the movie. Buy a bhel puri
(Indian snack) for Rs.2.. ..and get a ticket
at the original price. Forget the black market! Buy a bhel puri worth Rs.2, and
get a ticket at the original price. Brothers, come here! Brothers,
come here! Buy a bhel puri worth Rs.2, and
get a ticket at the original price. Come, brothers! Come! Careful! Careful!
Don’t push! Don’t push! Give bhel puri for Rs.4 here. Buy a bhel puri worth Rs.2, and
get a ticket at the original price. Yes, sir, tell me. How many tickets?
– Two? Here, take your two tickets. Give bhel puri for Rs.4 here. No, brother. There isn’t
any bhel puri left. You.. – Hey, you cheated us. Control your tongue. Be decent. Darn your decency. Look, if I tell him something now..
– Tell him. First, tell me why did you sell
the ticket at the actual price? Will I stuff my ears with this bundle
of tickets? Who’ll bear the loss? First tell me, who gave you the
permission to start a hotel here? Do you know who the Don of this
area is? – It’s Bhupath Dada. People take his permission,
ask him.. ..whether they can breathe
or not, by God! And you started a hotel here without
his permission? – Just a moment. Does this Bhupath Dada of yours have
a certificate from the government.. ..that people have to take
his permission even to breathe? You fool! I’ll slit your face from
ear to ear if you play games with me. Now, be sensible, hand over the
money, and flee from here. Come on! Come on, go!
– What if I don’t go? Then we’ll take out
your funeral procession. By God! You’re trying to be
the Don here, I’ll.. Where’s the second idiot!?
– Brother! Brother! Brother, this knife is yours..
– Put it in.. And this ticket is yours as well.
– Get lost! – We’re stuck! Bhupath! Hey, old woman, where’s he?
– Who? I’ve heard that Amarnath is
your relative. Where is he? I don’t know. Why? Don’t talk too much.
Otherwise, I’ll smash your face. Just answer what you’re asked. Where is he? When will he come? I don’t know.
– You don’t know. Hey, old woman, if you try to play
games with me, then what’ll happen? By God..
– Don’t do it! What are you doing? Trash the place. Scoundrel! I’ll teach you a lesson!
Take this! And this! Take this! Leave me! Leave me! Baby, just see how
I bite off these.. ..rosy cheeks of yours now. Let me go! Scoundrel! This is that Amar.
– He’s the one. – Beat him up. So, this is that Amarnath. Son, I’ll make bhel puri
out of you now. He’s come! He’s come!
He’ll bash us up! Don’t hit us! Don’t hit us! Hey, idiot!
– Yes, brother. Whose area is this?
– This is your area. And I’m Bhupath’s better.
– By God. Take away your chicken. Get lost! Are you hurt, son? No, aunt. I’m hungry. ..he threw away all the food. I’ll cook something for you,
brother. No, Anu. Wait! I’ll fill my stomach
with some water today. Oh, dear! No. M.A. in political science, first
division with distinction. Good. Football champion. Represented the university
in cricket. Excellent! But it’s such a sad thing that.. ..intelligent and talented
people like you don’t get a job.. our country. It should be such that people
like you should have a job.. ..waiting for you as soon as
you leave college. Then, why don’t you help me, sir? Definitely. I would’ve been
really glad to appoint you. To know that an intelligent and able
person like you is working under me. But I regret to tell you that
I can’t give this job to you. There was a vacancy but.. ..just yesterday the minister
phoned and told me.. give this job
to his brother-in-law. I can’t refuse. After all, he’s a minister
and my wife’s brother as well. That’s why, I’m sorry. You’ll have to look
for a job somewhere else. If you people had already
decided to employ someone.. ..then why did you have to place a
false advertisement in the newspaper? Just to create a crowd of.. ..poverty-stricken and needy
people outside your office? Look, mister..
– First listen to me. You people are the ones who spread
the cancer of unemployment in society. If today’s youth
does something wrong.. ..treads on the path of crime,
then you’re the sole cause. Being a post-graduate,
I still sit outside a cinema hall.. ..and sell bhel puri,
do you know why? Because I don’t want to die. You can take this application form
and stuff it. Brothers.. ..unemployment, hunger,
poverty, corruption.. ..these have bitten
into the neck of this country.. poisonous serpents. Eradicating slums or getting rid of
the poor doesn’t eradicate poverty. ..and providing jobs
for the unemployed. In this country,
you can find God but not a job. Educated individuals,
holding degrees in B.A. and M. A.. ..roam the streets,
but they don’t get jobs. Because bribery is standing
at every door of life as a guard.. ..and unless you pay a bribe,
that guard doesn’t let you in. If you want to admit your kids into
a school, you have to pay a bribe. If you want an admission into
a college, you have to pay a bribe. If you want good marks
in the university.. ..then you have to pay a bribe. And if you want to learn how to
bribe, then too you’ve to pay a bribe. This means that in today’s world,
whether a man has.. ..good fortune or not,
he surely has.. What did you do?
You accepted bribes. That’s why the government
threw you out of the party. No! This is a lie! This is the
government’s move to defame me! I refused to comply
with their cheap and deceitful ways. ..that’s why the government
dismissed me from their party. He’s lying!
Shankar Narayan is a thief! Shankar Narayan is a thief! I’m telling the truth!
Listen to me..listen to.. Brothers! You.. Just a minute..just a minute.. Just a minute! Just a minute!
Quiet! Quiet! He’s talking about eradicating
poverty and unemployment.. ..let him speak.
We can question him later. We won’t listen!
We won’t listen at all! If you don’t want to listen, then
why are you standing here? Go away. We won’t go!
Why are you playing his friend? Hold your tongue, otherwise.. Silence! Who threw this slipper? Rascals! You take undue advantage of
the crowd and dare to throw slippers? If you’ve fed on your mother’s milk,
then stand before me. Come to the front
and throw slippers. Get lost! This is what happens, sir.
Whenever I try to speak the truth.. ..these rogues sent
by the enemy disrupt me. I’ll see who stops you
from speaking. Go ahead! I’ll see who stops you!
– Excellent! Our country needs
such brave young men. Those who have the warmth
of honesty in their blood. Those who have the courage
to face the truth. Such young men are needed.
The others aren’t needed. Hello, sir.
– Come, Amar. Come! I was talking about you just now. Meet him, he’s an important
member of our party. Hello!
– Hello! – This is Amar. And you’ve met him,
he’s the secretary of our party.. ..Mr. Vitthal Jayraj.
– Hello. Our party chief, Shankar Narayan
was talking of you just now. Now look how sad this is.. ..a young man like Amar who’s
completed his M.A. first class.. ..doesn’t have a job. In order to earn a livelihood, he
sells bhel puri outside a cinema hall. After listening to his story,
my eyes became moist with tears. I couldn’t sleep all night. Did our leaders fight
for our freedom so that.. ..the future of our country would
sell bhel puri on the street.. ..after receiving degrees? Of what use is this government?
It’s absolutely useless. If this government
continues to rule.. ..then one day, the entire population
of our country will.. found selling bhel puri
on the street. So, if we want to save our country
from meeting such a.. ..fate, if we have to act
for the betterment of our future.. ..then Amar, you and other young
men like you should join my party. Help me in politics, and then
see what changes I bring about. Sir, I’m not interested in politics,
I just want a job. But, my party is
free from all corruption. It’s objective is to rescue the
poor from the swamp of poverty.. ..and take them to the banks of joy. That’s all right, sir. But.. ..I’m stuck in the swamp myself,
how do I rescue others? The sympathy of a hungry man.. ..won’t be able to satisfy
the hunger of another. I just want two meals each day, sir.
Nothing else. Okay. As you wish.
But I had seen a fire within you.. ..and I wanted to use that
to light lamps in the darkness. That was the fire of hunger, sir. You can boil blood
with the fire of hunger, sir. But you can’t light lamps. All right. Just as you wish. I’ve left the government party.
Broken all ties with it.. ..but I haven’t loosened
my hold on it yet. I’ll try and get you a good job. Thank you very much. Goodbye. Sir, why has this police jeep
come over here? Maybe the government
feels threatened by my.. ..yesterday’s speech and has
decided to arrest me. It’s good. Brother, unless a leader is arrested.
He doesn’t achieve fame.. ..he doesn’t receive
public sympathy. This too, is one of the moves in..
– ..the game of politics. Amar! This is great!
I couldn’t even recognize you! Very good! This uniform is
looking good on you. Very good! This uniform is your gift, sir. Otherwise,
where is an ordinary laborer.. ..selling bhel puri
and this uniformed cop. You’re like God for me, sir. No, brother. Let me remain
a politician, don’t make me a God. Jayraj, seeing Amar, I’ve been
reminded of my son, today. He used to look just like this. I feel as if my son,
not Amar is wearing this uniform. It’s all His moves
in the game of politics. Sir, I won’t forget
this favour of yours all my life. No, Amar. It isn’t so. A time may come
when you have to forget me.. ..let alone my favour.
– Sir? Yes. I have several forms. I’m your well-wisher, their boss is
the leader of the opposition party. The government may tell you
to arrest me tomorrow.. ..what’ll you do then?
Will you be able to do it then? Sir, try not to let that
day ever come in my life. Today is my first day of duty.
Bless me. My blessings are with you. But seeing the flame of truth
in your eyes and the honesty.. your heart has shaken me up. Hey, Dhondu! Pandu! Jajua!
Ismail! Come here! Our Amar has come! Brother, is this a real uniform, or
does it belong to some drama troupe? It’s real, brother. It’s real. Great! Brother,
may God bless you with long life. Seeing you in this uniform
makes me feel as if we.. ..downtrodden have found our messiah.
– Shut up! Brother Amar! – Crazy girl!
You’re crying despite being so brave! What happened? Where had you been? Didn’t you even
remember that you had a sister? Even though
she’s not your own blood.. ..she has considered you
to be dearer than that. Silly girl! Look, Anu. Such a sudden
change came in my life.. ..that I wasn’t able to think
before deciding to leave. I received the training
order so suddenly.. ..that I couldn’t
even inform anyone. And that dog said that
you ran away because you feared him. Which dog is this that speaks? The same one, Bhupath. 3 for 10! 3 for 10! 3 for 10! 3 for 10! This face looks familiar. Isn’t this Amar,
the one who sold bhel puri? Yes, boss. He’s the one.
– When did he join the police? He’s coming. Let’s get lost. Go! I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry.
– Hey, mister.. ..this is a cinema hall,
not a racing track.. ..that you’re running
around like a crazy horse. Look, I’m very sorry. I was chasing
a criminal, so I didn’t notice. Hey.. Just because
he’s wearing a police uniform.. ..he thinks that the entire
government is in his pocket. What had you told Anu?
That you would kidnap her? You don’t have
any regard for women.. ..and go around talking
nonsense to them? Apologize, or I’ll reshape your face
and limbs in the same mould. Apologize!
– Forgive me, Anu. Not Anu, say sister, you..
Touch her feet and apologize. Forgive me, sister Anu. I promise that I won’t tease
you anymore, I won’t abuse you. Look, Bhupath.
If I see you in this area again.. ..or if I receive any reports
of your hooliganism.. ..then I’ll imprison you for so long
that you will come out.. ..only for your funeral procession.
Understood? Run away! Run away! Move! Yes! “I’ve become a policeman,
why fear anymore?” “I’ve become a policeman,
why fear anymore?” “Bribery..
– Won’t work any longer.” “Stealing and burgling..
– Won’t work any longer. “Fighting and mugging..
– Won’t work any longer.” “The government is mine now, brother.
Why fear anymore?” “I’ve become a policeman,
why fear anymore?” “Brother, why fear anymore?” “Don’t fear anyone anymore.
Come to the station and report.” “Don’t fear anyone anymore.
Come to the station and report.” “No one’s honor..
– Will be threatened anymore.” “No one’s hard work..
– Will be robbed anymore.” “No one’s wealth..
– Will be stolen anymore.” “I’m everyone’s guard,
brother, why fear anymore?” “I’ve become a policeman,
why fear anymore?” “Brother, why fear anymore?” “You’re mine and I’m yours.” “This bond is from time immemorial.” “We’re the companions
who wander through this street.” “We’re companions
in this walk through life.” “We’re companions! We’re companions!
We’re companions!” “May this bond of affection never
break, brother, why fear anymore?” “I’ve become a policeman,
why fear anymore?” “Brother, why fear anymore?” “I’ve closed my fist..
I’ve got rid of everyone.” “I’ve closed my fist..
I’ve got rid of everyone.” “Liquor bars..
– Won’t operate anymore..” “Gambling clubs..
– Won’t operate anymore..” “Gangs of goons..
– Won’t work anymore.” “The tall man’s heavy blows, brother,
why fear anymore?” “The tall man’s heavy blows, brother,
why fear anymore?” “I’ve become a policeman,
why fear anymore?” “Brother, why fear anymore?” “Brother, why fear anymore?”
– “Why!?” “Brother, why fear anymore?”
– “Why!?” “Brother, why fear anymore?
– Why!?” Oh, call from London?
Please, hold on. He’s coming. Sir, a call from London.
– London? – Yes, sir. Hello, Jefferson. Sitaram here. What happened to our meeting
with Hua Min Chi? Tomorrow? Make it the day after,
would you? Thank you very much. I’ll be there. Sure! Sure! Mr. Nayar.
– Yes, sir. Book a ticket for me on the morning
flight for London. – Yes, sir. Hello, Daddy! When did you come from Tokyo?
– Just an hour before, dear. You were gone so many days, Daddy. Earlier, you used to stay away
for a week at the most.. ..nowadays I hardly get
to see you in months. What can I do, dear?
The trend these days is like that. Look at this cup. I got
the first prize in the fancy dress.. ..competition in college.
– Wow! Great! Congratulations! I have to attend a party meeting,
dear. We’ll meet at night. Okay? Come on. Daddy just knows how to earn money
and attend party meetings. I don’t mean anything to him. Hi, sweetie! Hi, sweetie!
Are you going to learn this dance? You’re electrifying.. electrifying. Come to the disco with me. I’ll teach you many things
other than disco dance. Really?
But you aren’t that handsome.. ..for me to go the disco with you. Do one thing. Meet me tomorrow.
– Why? I’ll wear my old slipper and come. It has nails on it. ..then your face will
look like disco lights. An ordinary girl dared to abuse me! Who are you all?
– We’re Romeos. We’ve come in search
of our sweethearts. What nonsense is this?
Get out of here! We don’t want to see this stupid
dance. We want a sexy dance. Ill-mannered brutes!
Get out of here. Shut up! If you talk too much, then I’ll
slit all the veins in your belly. Move back! Madhu, switch on the tape. Dance! Everybody! Hello! Police station! I’m Asha. I’m calling from Natraj dance school,
40..sorry..46, Maji Street. Some scoundrels have
come into this school.. ..and they’re misbehaving
with the girls. Please, come as soon as possible.
Okay? Don’t touch me!
Let me go, for God’s sake! Where will you go now?
– Let me go! Spare me! Go away! Leave me. Please leave me. Leave me. You haven’t even grown a moustache.. ..and you’ve already
started flirting! You like to dance? Come, I’ll make you dance
in the police station. Take him away! Help! Let me go! Go! Take them away!
– Inspector, do you know who I am? My uncle is a M.P. I’ll complain to him
if you arrest me. Okay. So your uncle is
a member of the parliament? – Yes. What’s your uncle’s name? Tell me your uncle’s name. If you dare to use your uncle’s
name again, then I’ll beat.. so badly that you won’t
even remember your name. Get out! Yes, ma’am, Phoolan Devi. You saved me. I want to thank you for saving me.. You don’t need to. You helped the law by calling up
at the right time and.. ..I did my duty by coming here. That’s why no one
owes anything to anyone. Yes, I’ll need
your name and address. You’ve to come to the police
station and file a complaint. Yes! My name is Asha. My father is the famous
industrialist, Mr. Sitaram. My phone no. is 74056.
– Thank you. Asha!
– Yes, Daddy. Are you all right?
– Why? I received news from the police
department that some goons.. ..tried to misbehave with you.
This made my blood boil. I won’t spare those rascals.
I’ll kill them. No need now, Daddy. Amar bashed them up
and put them in prison. – Amar? Yes, Daddy.
Amar is a brave police officer. He beat them up so badly that
they forgot their names. My God! Come, sit. Daddy, Amar is a very good man. He talks so nicely that
everyone is charmed by him. He’s a handsome
young police officer. I haven’t met such
a brave police officer in my life. Secretary, what’s my
programme for the day? Forget your programme, Daddy.
Sit with me for a minute or two. Listen, Daddy.
You’re not going anywhere today. You’re staying home with me.
– Why? Anything special? Yes, it’s special. Today, I want to invite Amar
for lunch and thank him. Darn this girl! Look at the house of Sitaram.. ..and look at the status
of a police inspector. M.L.A.s, M.P.s and ministers
come here for a special dinner.. ..not a police inspector. Consider the status of a person
before giving an invitation. I’ll tell the I.G.
to thank him on my behalf. Bring out the necessary files. He preaches that the differences
of high and low.. ..the rich and the poor
should be erased. But when it comes to his own life,
he forgets what he preaches. The name of Lord Ram on his lips
and a dagger in his hand. Hello! Inspector Amar speaking. I’m Asha here. Those goons who had caused
trouble at the dance class.. ..have come into my home today.. ..they’ve killed one person,
now they’re trying to kill me. I’m alone now.
Please, come and rescue me. Let me go!
– I’m coming! I’m coming! Help! Okay. So, this was all your doing. What else could I do? I had to do
this in order to get your attention. You don’t come
when I invite you for tea. You don’t have time
to have lunch with me. So I thought that
a murder is the best.. ..excuse to invite
a cop to a special dinner. Murder? Where’s the corpse? The murder has been committed here. And here’s the corpse. What nonsense is this? I’m being so gentle with you,
and you’re showing me your temper! I’m talking about love,
and you’re being arrogant. Love, romance and passion
are the hobbies of the jobless. My job is to arrest people,
not love them. Then, arrest me too. Bind me with
the handcuffs of love and.. ..imprison me
in the prison of love. Are you in your senses,
or are you drunk? I’ve been feeling like
a drunkard since the day I met you. Come on, move! Move! – No!
First, let me tell you what I want. No. Some other day.
– No, not some other day. Today, now and here.
– No! “Today, now and here.” “No! No! No!
– Why?” “Today, now and here.
– No! No! No!” “Some other time, somewhere else.
– No! No! No!” “Answer the question
of love, with love.” “Today, now and here.” “Some other time, somewhere else.
– No! No! No!” “I’ve held on to you..
I won’t leave you now.” “I promise to meet you tomorrow..
I won’t break that promise.” “I’ve held on to you..
I won’t leave you now.” “I promise to meet you tomorrow..
I won’t break that promise.” “The night won’t wait for us..
who knows about tomorrow?” “This moment is so beautiful.
– No! No! No!” “Today, now and here.” “No! No! No!
– Why?” “Some other time, somewhere else.
– No! No! No!” “Let me go today,
I have an important job.” “I’ve been waiting
for you since evening.” “Let me go today,
I have an important job.” “I’ve been waiting
for you since evening.” “In this saga.. on my words..
don’t you have trust?” “No! No! No!” “Today, now and here.
– No! No! No!” “Some other time, somewhere else.
– No! No! I said, no!” “Such a climate takes
so many years to come.” “This isn’t about years,
we’ll meet in a day or two.” “Such a climate takes
so many years to come.” “This isn’t about years,
we’ll meet in a day or two.” “Don’t resort to lies,
name the place for tomorrow..” “Tomorrow, the same place..there..
– No! No! No!” “Today, now and here.” “No! No!
– Why?” “Some other time, somewhere else.
– No! No! No!” “Answer the question of love,
with love.” “Today, now and here.
– No! No!” “Some other time, somewhere else.
– No! No! No!” It isn’t written anywhere.. ..neither in the Gita or the
Ramayana (Hindu sacred texts).. ..should continue to rule. We too have the right
to form a government in this country. And we will do that. For that,
we have to win the elections. We have to get votes. And what do we have
to do to get votes? We have to win the confidence
of the people. And in order to win
the confidence of the people? We have to make the people
lose confidence in the government. In order to do that, we have
to create conditions so that.. ..the people think that the
government is useless, incapable.. ..and unworthy
and are forced to hand over.. Excellent idea! And for this, we have to create
tension and unrest in the country We have to commit murders,
burglaries.. ..and riots in every
city and village. Like riots between
Hindus and Muslims. Riots between Hindus and Sikhs. Christian and Hindu riots.. ..Shia and Sunni riots
among the Muslims. There should be so much bloodshed
that the people.. ..police incapable of
handling the situation. And when the country burns
in the fire of terror, then we’ll.. ..come out of our homes and
criticize the government in public. We’ll make the people realize
that if anyone can rescue.. ..them from this injustice
and riot, then it’s only us.. ..and the government formed
by our party. – Excellent idea! And in order to make
this idea a success.. order to cause such bloodshed,
we have to shed a lot of money. And this is the reason
I’ve called for an emergency.. ..meeting today and invited
the rich people in this city. So what do you think? I think that Rs.5 million is enough. Yes, Rs.5 million is enough,
but a little more would be better. You all know that politics
is like a field. And a politician is like a farmer. The more you sow today,
the more you’ll reap tomorrow. If you invest a few millions today.. ..then you’ll receive
many times that tomorrow. If you invest more today.. ..then you will receive
much more tomorrow. That’s a very good point. Now, the first thing
we need is a ruthless gang that.. ..can spread the wings of
terror throughout the country. I know one such organisation. The name of its leader is Anil Raj. This Anil Raj is
a very dangerous man. No one knows how many murders
he has committed. In fact, even he doesn’t remember
how many robberies he has committed. And the best part is that
the police still don’t have any.. ..clue about this Anil Raj and.. ..whether he operates a gang or not. What name did you say?
– Anil Raj. Hello? – Sir, Vitthal Jayraj
has come to meet you. Vitthal Jayraj!? Okay. Hello, Mr. Anil Raj. Welcome, Mr. Vitthal Jayraj. You’ve thought of me
after a long time. No. Actually,
I had an important task for you. You wouldn’t have visited me
unless there was work to be done. Tell me, what’s the job? You have to start riots
throughout the country. You have to commit public murders! And also commit robberies. And these should be carried.. ..out so brutally that
people should hide in temples.. ..mosques and churches
and pray to their Gods. Why?
– Knowing that isn’t your job. Okay. You know my conditions
for the job, right? – Yes. Your wish will be honoured. But the job should be
completed first. – Sure. And this should remain
between you and me. No third person should
come to know about it. – Okay. Have a drink.
– Okay. Thank you. Hurry up! Silence! Brothers! What is going on? This holy land of Gandhi,
Nehru and Bhagat Singh.. being bathed
in the blood of innocents. There are public riots everywhere. Mothers and sisters are
being robbed of their honour. Children are being orphaned. And I feel like crying
on seeing the state of my nation. I feel like crying on seeing
the miseries of my fellow brothers. And this government has turned
a deaf ear to our cry for help. The chief minister, sitting
in an A.C. room, has shamelessly.. ..announced that the people
needn’t be afraid of anything. That they’re with us. Will somebody go
and ask them who’s causing.. ..these riots, who’s committing
these murders and robberies! Aren’t these people collecting money
for the elections.. looting the people? Let them hang me.
I’m not afraid of anyone. Wake up, brothers! Be alert! Shake the foundations
of this government! What the hell is going on? The entire country
is being terrorized. There’s murder
and bloodshed everywhere. And the people are looking up
to us with fear in their eyes. Where is the root of this terror? Who is behind these criminal acts? It’s very important for us
to nab those scoundrels. Otherwise, the people
will lose faith in us. And that’ll be really
embarrassing for us. The chief minister has
received information.. ..from the Intelligence Department.. ..that the ongoing riots and robberies
in the city are being done with.. ..a conscious effort to
defame the government. The ministers are questioning us. We are being made
the target of accusations. So, arresting those criminals
is of extreme importance. These are testing times
for our uniform and duty. Smash the entire gang, even if
you have to risk your life for it. Raid every underworld haunt.
Nab every criminal. And if need be, shoot them on sight. The police are following us! No.. Who’s your leader?
– I don’t know, sir. What’s your leader’s name?
– I don’t know. Tell me his name. I don’t know, sir. Tell me the name of your leader.
– I don’t know, sir. Tell me name. – I don’t know sir. Tell me name. – I don’t know sir. Tell me! Tell me!
– I’ll tell. I’ll tell. Anil..Anil.. Anil who?
– Anil Raj! Sir! Look at this! Anil Raj’s photos have been
published in every newspaper. And if he’s caught, then we’re dead. The police will come later, but the
enraged public will kill us first. Just a minute! Just a minute!
Where’s this Anil Raj? He’s hiding
in my factory’s warehouse. And he’s threatening us
that if we don’t pay him.. ..and deport him
to a foreign country immediately.. ..then he’ll surrender himself
to the police.. ..and reveal our actions
and ideas in front of the law. Yes. – I’m Anil Raj speaking.
No..Vitthal Jayraj speaking. Our boss wants to speak to you.
– Give. Hello! I’m Shankar Narayan speaking.
What’s the matter? Yes. Yes, you’ll find your money
in a Swiss bank account. And you’ll get your ticket as well. What’s there to be
so worried about, Anil? That’s ridiculous! My hands are much longer
than that of the law. The hands of the law can’t reach
those places where mine can. And listen..listen to me first.
Listen. Tonight at 11p.m., one of my men
will come to meet you. He’ll bring along your
passport and ticket. Yes. Yes, exactly at 11p.m. Okay? The moves of the game. Yes, Fakirchand. These are
the moves in the game of politics. You should understand these things. Okay, I’ll talk to you later. Welcome, Amar. Welcome. Your courage is being praised
throughout the country today. When I heard that you arrested
one of the gang members of.. ..the group that was
causing these riots.. ..then I couldn’t control
my tears of joy. When a son does something brave,
then how can the father.. Then how can the father
control his tears? You’re like my son.
– Of course. Every achievement
in my life is a result.. ..of the favours
you’ve done for me. You had called me
for some important work. Yes. This politics
is a forgetful game. We play the game,
but we forget to make the moves. I’ve something confidential
to tell you. Jayraj!
– Yes, sir. I’ve heard that the I.G.
has ordered you to arrest Anil Raj. Yes. I had even reached his den. But he has changed his den. And no one knows
where Anil Raj’s new den is. Only one person knows
and that’s Shankar Narayan. You? Yes. Why?
Why are you feeling surprised? I may not be the leader
of the ruling party.. ..but I’m a well-wisher
of the people. Seeing the miseries of the people,
my eyes well with tears. They don’t stop.
You know that, son. Do you know? Why Anil Raj hasn’t
been arrested till today? Because there’s a very big move
in the game of politics behind it. Politicians and ministers
support him. Ministers? Ministers? No, sir. I don’t think
this is possible. These are the dark
alleys of politics.. ..and you need
a hunter’s eye to see it. I have those eyes. You don’t. Anil Raj is ruling his
kingdom under the patronage.. ..of many powerful politicians. Give me his address. I’ll inform my office immediately,
and arrange for his arrest. Amar, you’re a brave cop,
but you can’t.. If you inform anyone about
Anil Raj’s whereabouts then.. ..he’ll be moved from there
before the police arrive. That’s why I want my son
to do this job. I mean you. By doing this job..’ll not only show your gratitude
towards your uniform.. ..but also to your father Shankar
Narayan and also to your motherland. Sir..where is this Anil Raj? I can tell you his whereabouts.. ..but he’s a very dangerous man.
He’ll kill you. Be careful, son. Sir, I just want to know
where Anil Raj is. David..
– Yes, sir. Go out and keep an eye on him. If you sense danger
or suspect anything fishy.. ..then shoot him.
– Okay, sir. Anil Raj! I’ve come to arrest you, Anil Raj! Don’t try to escape, Anil Raj! Otherwise, I’ll blow your head off! Anil Raj! Sir!
– Come, Amarnath. Come. Amaranth, I’m proud of you. By ending this case, by receiving
the praises of the chief minister..’ve made the entire
police department proud. You’re an example of dedication. If every police officer in this
country works with such dedication.. ..then we can eradicate crime forever
from the face of this country. Amar, there’s another
good news for you. On the recommendation of the
chief minister, you’re being.. ..promoted to the post of
Assistant Commissioner of Police. Here are the orders. Thank you, sir. Look, mother. By your grace, I’ve become
an Assistant Police Commissioner. May I never falter.. the path of life due
to the increased responsibility. May the number of stars and medals
on my uniform keep increasing. May I continue
to illuminate the lives of.. ..the poor and the needy. May I continue
to serve my motherland! Bless your son so that
he may achieve these goals, mother. Yes? What’s this?
– A garland. What else? But..
– No ifs and buts. I’ve come to congratulate you
on your promotion. And that’s because I love you. Don’t you have any shame? We can talk about shame later. Answer my question first. Why do I love you? Because when I bumped into you
in the cinema hall the first time.. heart was aroused. Then, you killed that
dangerous Anil Raj. Who can do such things these days?
Who does? People are so corrupted these days. They accept bribes,
and release criminals. They sell the country
into the hands of its enemies. But you are a honest,
dedicated and brave officer. That’s why I love you. And I’ll see who dares
to stop me from marrying you. Marriage?
– Yes. Marriage. Neither society nor my father.. ..nor you can stop me
from marrying you. But know one thing.
I’m very stubborn. If, despite being a girl,
I can confess my love to you.. ..then I can even give up
my life if you refuse. If you want, then try refusing. If I don’t prove what I said,
then I’m not worthy of marrying you. Give me some place
in a corner of your heart. Look, don’t refuse me. Please! I won’t get my daughter married
to an ordinary inspector. What’s the point of being stubborn? Your daughter is young and educated. If you remain stubborn,
then she’ll run away from home. If she runs away,
then you’ll lose your honour. If you lose your honour, then
the party too will lose its honour. Just agree to your daughter’s wishes,
for the sake of the party. What are you saying? You mean to say that I should accept
that Amarnath as my son-in-law? What’s wrong with that, Sitaram?
You have just one daughter. If I had 101 daughters,
then I would’ve.. married all of them to Amarnath
and made him my son-in-law. What?
– Yes. These are the moves
in the game of politics. And to play these moves,
we need pawns like Amarnath.. ..who sit on the seat of the
government, do their duty.. ..and act according
to our instructions. So, get your daughter married
to Amarnath soon.. that he falls
in our hands easily. I’ve understood. “Poison has spread
throughout my body.” “Poison has spread
throughout my body.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “It didn’t hurt,
but the poison spread.” “Poison has spread
throughout my body.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “My cruel love, by gesturing..” “My cruel love, by gesturing..” “..did you snap your fingers,
or did you sting me.” “..did you snap your fingers,
or did you sting me.” “Look, you’ve left a mark.” “Look, you’ve left a mark.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “Do the same as you did yesterday.” “Do the same as you did yesterday.” “Give me some medicines, treat me.” “Give me some medicines, treat me.” “I’ll die.. I pray to you.” “I’ll die.. I pray to you.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “The flower buds bloomed
and stretched themselves.” “The flower buds bloomed
and stretched themselves.” “The bees tasted their nectar.” “The bees tasted their nectar.” “Spring has arrived..” “Spring has arrived,
the storms have subsided.” “Spring has arrived,
the storms have subsided.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “It didn’t hurt,
but the poison spread.” “Poison has spread
throughout my body.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” “A scorpion has stung me.
A scorpion has stung me.” Doctor, is everything all right?
Is Asha.. There’s nothing to worry about. In
fact, there’s some good news for you. Really?
– Yes. Are you done? What are you doing? Asha!
– Father’s here! Congratulations, dear!
The doctor gave me the good news. God has answered my prayers. Father, I’ve a small request.
– Yes? I’m going to Delhi tomorrow
on an official trip. And I don’t want to leave
Asha alone in this condition. Please, do me the favour of.. Why a favour, man? She’s not only
your wife, but my daughter as well. Moreover, she’s the mother
of the heir to my wealth. I have to take care of her. By which flight are you going?
– The one that leaves in the evening. Daddy! You? Where are you going? Dear, when I reached home
last night.. urgent meeting of my company. What’s this, daddy?
I thought that you would take care.. ..of Asha in my absence. And now, you’ll be as absent as I? I won’t be staying there. I’ll go by this flight,
and come back by the next one. Attention, please! The Indian
Airlines flight 181 is now.. ..ready to take off for Delhi. Daddy! What happened, Daddy? Daddy! Sit here. Father, what happened?
– My stomach.. My stomach is hurting. – Wait here..
wait here, I’ll get a doctor. No, there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve had these attacks of
stomach pain before, in Delhi. But, such attacks aren’t good. Asha, you wait here.
I’ll get my ticket cancelled. We’ll take him directly
to the doctor. No, dear.
There’s nothing to worry about. Don’t neglect your duty
for the sake of your relatives. Don’t cancel your ticket.
I’ll cancel mine. Would you do me a small favour? Yes, tell me.
– Give me that briefcase. I’m starting a new business
with a foreign collaboration. All the documents concerning that
business are in this briefcase. One of my friends, Mr. Richard Louis,
will come to the Delhi airport. Give him this briefcase.
– Yes. I’ll go home and call him.
– All right. May I have your attention, please. This is the last and final call
for all passengers.. ..coming to Delhi by flight 181.
– You’re getting delayed. Go. The final announcement
for boarding is being made. Asha, take care of yourself
and father. – All right. Come on, daddy. “Koya Koya..” “Koya Koya..” “Koya Koya..” Your attention, please!
Mr. Amarnath.. ..passenger arrived
from Bombay by flight no. IC181.. ..kindly contact the enquiry
counter for a message. I’m inspector Amarnath,
do you have a message? Excuse me, sir. Are you Mr. Amarnath?
– Yes. I’m inspector Vijay Singh,
Delhi crime branch. I’ve come to receive you. I’ve to hand over this
briefcase to someone. Will you please wait for some time? Excuse me, Mr. Amarnath?
– Yes. Richard Louis is my name.
Richard Louis. Mr. Sitaram from Bombay telephoned.. Yes. He’s sent this bag for you. Thanks a lot, and sorry
for the trouble. – You’re welcome. Let’s go. I’m Shamsher Singh,
I.G. of police, Delhi. Please take your seats. Well, friends,
I welcome all you officers.. ..who’ve come from various states. The reason for calling you
here is that we’ve received.. ..some information about
a smuggling organization from.. ..the Hong Kong Interpol. The topmost member of
their gang has contacts with.. ..some people in our country. That’s why he keeps visiting
our country. His arrest warrant has been released
by every country around the globe. Now, you all have to find
his contacts in our country. And the manner in which
they operate their business. Now, I’ll show you his photographs. Please, come with me. Good morning, sir. Please, take your seats. “Koya..” “Koya..” “Koya..” He’s that famous international
smuggler Koya Koya Atashi. He smuggles various goods
including our military secrets.. ..which he sells to enemy countries. And some people in our country
are selling these to him. Find out who those traitors are. We’ve received information that this
man is in our country right now. Start searching for him.
And nab him as soon as possible. Sitaram! You dare to call me by name! I haven’t come to call you
by name but to kill you, Sitaram. I’ve seen people
who pimped woman to earn wealth. But this is the first time that
I’ve seen a man who pimps.. ..his mother for the sake of wealth. Amar!
– Shut up! I don’t want to hear
my name being called out.. someone who disgraces
his mother’s blood. You cheat, traitor,
sitting on this sacred position..’re selling
the secrets of our country.. ..our motherland and earning money! You’ve sprinkled drops of your sin
on my uniform as well! Yes. I got you married
to my daughter so that your.. ..uniform would be useful to us. We’ll walk
on the path of crime and..’ll clean our footsteps
with your uniform. Who the hell are you, otherwise? I earn that much in a second. If you don’t believe me, then.. ..shall I give you a calculator
to check it out? Keep the calculator
to yourself, Sitaram. It’ll prove useful
when you’ve to count.. ..the last moments of your life.
Now. Come on, get up! I said, get up! I’m arresting you. You’re trying
to force your power on me. Get up! Are you coming along, or do I
drag you to the police station? Amar! Amar! What are you doing? – Sir, you don’t
know what a big cheat he is. Until today, I thought of him
as a noble and honest person. And he turned out to be a dishonest
and deceitful person. How have you allowed such a person
to be a member of your party? Calm down! Calm down!
Why are you shouting? You’re saying that
Sitaram is not a good man. No, sir. You don’t know this man!
He’s a criminal! He has got links
with an international smuggler! So what? What do you want to do? What do you want to do!? Even after so much has happened,
you’re asking me what I want to do. Sir, I want to hang him by his hair! I want to make him confess
to his crime. And along with him, I want to
unveil the faces of all those.. ..who’ve spread the net of crime
in this country. You want to break that net. But you don’t know that
if you try to break that net then.. ..these people will trap you
in that net first. Because you’re one of the strings
in that net of crime as well. What are you saying, sir? I’m telling you the facts,
A.C.P. Amarnath. The biggest people in the nation
are a part of that net. Like Mr. Sitaram, business tycoons,
high officials of the government. And you. And all the four ends of this net
are in my hands. All these people work
for me and my party. Just like you work for me. What nonsense are you talking? This isn’t nonsense, Mr. Amarnath. These are the moves of
the game of politics. You all are my pawns, and you act
according to my instructions. For example, Anil Raj. If he had been arrested alive.. ..then our actions would’ve
been revealed to the world. Shall I tell you more? Sitaram.. ..why did Sitaram agree to allow
his daughter to marry you? On my advice. So that you would
become his son-in-law.. ..and the law became our son-in-law. So, until today,
you were playing a game with me. I thought of you as God, and you
turned out to be worse than the devil. You do favours to people, and expect
dishonesty from them in return. Absolutely, Amar. The one whom
I befriend never needs an enemy. You traitors! You’re among those
who shed the blood.. ..of thousands of innocents,
and shed false tears for that. Your game of politics is over. You’re trapped in your own net
because I don’t mind getting.. ..trapped in the net of death,
but not in the net of treachery. I’ll unveil your faces
and the devil behind it.. the whole world. Amar! We have answers to all questions. And a counter attack for every move. This.. isn’t this your photo? When you were giving the briefcase
to Koya Koya Atashi. A camera was taking a photo
of that from some corner. Treacherous scoundrels! I recognized your
true faces very late! It’s your fault
if you recognized us late. But you should’ve at least thought.. Especially me..have I taken
a contract to serve the poor.. ..and the downtrodden? Looking at you, I felt that you
would be of use to me in future. That’s why I used my contacts and
got you a job in the police force. Now, if you speak to
anyone about us, then.. ..this photo will be published
in the newspaper. If we’re caught, then you too
will be arrested for treason.. ..against the country and the law. The world will spit on you. They’ll say that this cop
who pretended to be.. honest person has
links with smugglers. You blackmailers! You blackmailers! Calm down! Calm down! Calm down! Have you read the Mahabharata? In that, Abhimanyu was
a brave and honest but foolish.. ..young man like you. I hope you know the outcome. The poor lad couldn’t
break the labyrinth.. ..but he certainly
breathed his last. You’re also badly trapped
in the labyrinth of politics. So, give up honesty,
loyalty and join us. I.. I’ll give you four hours to decide. Think twice before you decide
whether you want to join my.. and earn name,
fame and wealth. Or refuse and be hanged
for dishonesty, treachery.. ..and disloyalty towards the nation. The ball is in your court, now. “Abhimanyu!” “You’re trapped in the labyrinth.” “Abhimanyu, you’re trapped
in the labyrinth.” “You’re trapped in the labyrinth.” “Save yourself
if you can..escape if you can.” “From the traps of the enemy,
from the plots of your friends.” “Abhimanyu, you’re trapped
in the labyrinth.” “You’re trapped in the labyrinth.” “Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu!” “These are self-centered devils,
they don’t have any emotions.” “These are self-centered devils,
they don’t have any emotions.” “The thirst of their desires
cannot be quenched with tears.” “They’ll drink your blood!
Your blood!” “Abhimanyu, you’re trapped
in the labyrinth.” “You’re trapped in the labyrinth.” “Just like a maze,
are these lines all over..” “Just like a maze,
are these lines all over..” “There are guards on your lips,
and chains binding your feet.” “Problems await you at every corner..
at every corner.” “Abhimanyu, you’re trapped
in the labyrinth.” “You’re trapped in the labyrinth.” “Oh, innocent bird,
how will you be freed like this?” “O innocent bird,
how will you be freed like this?” “Bang your head on it,
or do what you..” “..want, but this cage won’t break.” “Don’t dream of flying..don’t dream..” “Abhimanyu, you’re trapped
in the labyrinth.” “You’re trapped in the labyrinth.” “Save yourself
if you can..escape if you can.” “From the traps of the enemy,
from the plots of your friends.” “Abhimanyu, you’re trapped
in the labyrinth.” “You’re trapped in the labyrinth.” To the inspector general of police. Sir, I’m a traitor. Sir, I’m a traitor. I’m a black
spot on the name of the police. I’m not worthy of that
post and designation. I’ve committed such a crime
for which nothing short of.. ..death is acceptable to me. I hope you’ll forgive me. Don’t cry, son. Don’t cry. So what if one mother is dying.. have another mother,
your motherland. She’ll take care of you,
and raise you into a fine young man. Remember this lesson
from your mother. Don’t ever walk on the wrong
path in fear of difficulty. ..and patriotic citizen. Never die a useless death. Do something for your country
before you die. Yes, dear. Son.. ..will you fulfil this
wish of your mother? Yes, Mother. I’ll surely
fulfil this wish of yours. I’ll study. I’ll become
a patriotic and noble person. I’ll lead my life with
honesty and truthfulness. I promise you, Mother.
I promise you. Hello!
– I’m Amar speaking. Amar, so what have you decided? What you’re saying is right. We can lead an honourable life
in this world.. ..only by following your path. That’s why I’m with you from today. I’m ready to agree to what you say. Good, son. Good! I knew that
my son could never go against me. Good! Very good! May you live long!
I’m proud of you! Idiots! What..what are you doing? I’m burning truthfulness,
duty and justice, Asha. Look, Asha. The corpse has been burnt. Only the ashes of the corpse
remain in my hands. What are you saying? I’m not able to understand anything. Nothing, Asha. These are just the usual
tensions in office. Come. Sir!
– Yes. This gentleman has
come to meet you. Is this a visiting card
or a postcard? Send him in.
– Yes. Chief member, Samaj Seva Kendra. Secretary, Stree Seva Mandal. Treasurer, Bal Mahila Ashram. Chief instructor,
Mahila Vidhyapeeth. It seems he’s a master of many arts. Who is this fellow? Greetings,
Mr. Assistant Commissioner. Greetings!
– Greetings. Aren’t you Bhupath? He isn’t anymore, he was.
– Now he’s Bipathi. Be seated. So, how are you, A.C.P.? Mr. A.C.P., our boss holds
the most important.. ..position of the ruling party.
– Means he’s a V.I.P. Our boss..
– his area.. ..has 0.5 million votes
to his credit. By God! That’s why all the political parties
want our boss to join them. They’re pleading with him,
begging him and saying.. ..join our party. Join our party. That’s why in the next election,
our boss is going.. become an M.L.A.
– And there’re also.. Oh, God! If angels like
you become ministers.. ..then it’ll add four stars
to the Indian skies. One in the day and three at night. Is he praising me or mocking me? I’m praising you, sir. Which fool will dare to make a joke
of his joke by mocking at you? Tell me, what brings you here? Nothing serious. Your policemen arrested
a few of my men yesterday. I’ve come regarding that. Why were they arrested?
– Just for running illegal bars. Now hurry up and release them.
I’ve to attend a meeting urgently. How are those arrested
people related to you? It’s the same bond between
a teacher and his disciple. Yes.
– Yes. Then teacher,
these disciples of yours have.. ..committed a crime
so serious that.. ..they can’t be released
under any condition. shouldn’t come personally
to bail out such defamed rogues. Mr. A.C.P., this is politics.
You won’t understand. This is a matter of brains.
I’m telling you to release them. Empty the seats. Empty the seats. Come on, get up! Mr. A.C.P., I guess you don’t know
about my highly placed contacts. When I cross this street.. ..then uniformed people
like you salute me these days. Get lost! Otherwise, I won’t salute
you but will surely beat you. Amarnath! – Are you leaving,
or do I dump you along with your.. ..disciples in that 7×10 cell. Look, A.C.P., nowadays, it isn’t
so easy to arrest me or beat me up.. ..because even
I’ve learnt about the law. I’m leaving. And do you know where I’m going?
To meet the minister. You’re going to lose this uniform,
start applying for other jobs. Come on! Yes. Hello! Yes. What? Your mother is troubling you? She’s imprisoned you in her stomach
and isn’t letting you out I’ll take care of her right now. Why have you imprisoned
my dear son in your stomach? He’s complaining.
Hurry up and give him to me. Is he a laddoo that I give it
to you whenever you ask for one? This isn’t in my hands.
This is in God’s hands. In God’s hands?
– Yes. It didn’t take me as much time to
become an A.C.P. from an inspector.. it’s taking me to become
a father from a husband. Have you gone mad?
– Yes, I’ve gone mad. I’m dreaming of Munna all day. Sometimes I hug him
close to my heart. Sometimes I watch him intently. Sometimes I kiss him.
In fact, I’ve already kissed four.. ..officers while dreaming of him. You’re laughing? Hurry up and bring this child
into the world. Asha, listen. Asha, listen. Look.. ..I haven’t seen
my childhood properly. I was too mature in my childhood. Now, with the arrival of Munna, I
feel that my childhood is returning. I’ll fulfil every wish of his. I’ll shower him with so much joy.. ..that even joy wouldn’t have
given so much joy to anyone. I’ll keep him close
to my heart every moment. This will be Munna, and this
will be the swing of my arms. Yes, sir. And what about me?
– What about you? You’ve had enough.
– Enough? Yes. Then what? Will you stick
to me like my tail all my life? And then..Asha, you’ll grow old. What!? Will I grow old!?
Will I grow old!? Will I? – No! Not old,
you’ll become a young woman. You’ll remain young all your life. And if God wishes..if God wishes. Then, another boy..or a girl. You’ll give me one more. Keep this file in the record room.
– Yes, sir. I’m sorry.
– It’s all right. Sir!
– Yes. Sir, I’ve seen this man. Where? – At Delhi airport. At Delhi airport!?
– Yes, sir. I had seen this man the day
I went to receive Mr. Amarnath. That day, Mr. Amarnath had
handed over a briefcase to him. What nonsense are you talking? This man is an international smuggler,
and you’re telling me that.. ..Assistant Commissioner of Police.. ..Mr. Amarnath, handed over
a briefcase to him? – Yes, sir. I saw it with my own eyes.
This is the same man. Oh, I see! Listen, no one other than
us should know about this. As long as we don’t
find out the truth.. ..this secret will remain a secret.
Okay? – Yes, sir. You may go now. Operator, get me the
Bombay police commissioner. Urgent! Hello! Yes, speaking. Yes. Yes. What? Amaranth and Koya Koya Atashi.
Unbelievable! This is really a shameful and
embarrassing issue for our department. Yes, sir. Oh, yes! Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’ll deal
with the matter very strictly. Yes. All right. Bye. Thank you. What happened, sir?
Anything serious? I don’t know whom to trust
and whom not to trust. A report from the Delhi Crime Branch
has come in that.. ..Amarnath, the one
whom our department is proud of.. ..the one who is valued by our
department, has links with the.. smuggler
Koya Koya Atachi. What!? No, sir. This is wrong. I know Amar very well.
This is not possible. But a Delhi officer claims
that he has seen them together. Anyway, keep this to yourself. It’s very confidential.
– Right, sir. Until we catch him red-handed
with the required evidence.. one in the department should
come to know about it. – Sir! Okay?
– Yes. Did you send for me?
– Yes. That’s why I had to call you
at this hour of the night. Our man, Koya Koya Atachi, the one
whom you met at the Delhi airport. Do you remember him?
– Yes. How can I forget him? He’s staying in room no.720 of
Northeast Hotel in this city. The police have
somehow got the news. The police have already left
to arrest him. Before they nab him, bring him here. He has diamonds worth Rs.270 million
with him. Bring those too. And then, send him out of the
country as soon as possible. This is urgent! Understood? Yes, I’ve understood. Hey, come on, get up! The police
are looking for you! – Police? But, how do you know?
– Come on, let’s go. “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco 84!” “Disco 84! “Disco 84! “Disco 84! “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “We’ve to dance and sing disco.” “This is the age of the youth.
– Disco!” “This is the age of the youth.
– Disco!” “Have to achieve something today.
– Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco 84! “Disco 84! “Disco 84! “It’s the heart’s wish that
my love should be annoyed.” “I’m an old lover
of beautiful women.” “It’s the heart’s wish that
my love should be annoyed.” “I’m an old lover
of beautiful women.” “This crazy guy is
never tired of love..” “ do I make him understand.
Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco 84! “Disco 84! “Disco 84! “Disco 84! “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco!” “Disco! Disco! Disco! Disco!” Well done, friend.
Had you not been there then.. ..Koya Koya Atachi’s game
would’ve ended today. That’s all right.
Where’re the diamonds? Just a minute. He’s my man. Come. Lower it. He’s my man.
Hurry up and start the boat. We have to leave immediately.
Hurry up! Hello! Control room,
this is A.C.P. Amarnath here. From Madh Island, road no.5. Come here with relief immediately.
Over. Amar! What’s the matter?
– Koya Koya Atachi. I wanted to nab him alive. But he attacked me. In order to save my life,
I had to kill him and his accomplice. Your hand is bleeding.
– Yes, it’s just a minor wound. Look, take both the bodies
for post-mortem. I’ll go visit the hospital. Amar! Amar! Amar! What’s it dear?
You seem so happy today? Happy!? I’ve gone crazy. Earlier, I was crazy in your love. Now, I respect you
more than anyone else. I’m so fortunate that
I have a husband like you. Look, your photo has been published
in all the newspapers. We’ve been flooded
with phone calls since morning. And they’re congratulating me.. if not me
but you have killed that smuggler. I’m so proud of you. There’s a wound here. This isn’t a wound but.. ..the mark of your patriotism. Amar! I heard that you’ve hurt
your hand while fighting.. ..that notorious Koya Koya Atachi. Hope you haven’t got a fracture. Otherwise, I’ve a friend,
a very famous orthopaedic surgeon. Shall I call him here?
– No, thank you very much. I don’t need the treatment
of any of your friends, now. My department has
taken care of my treatment. Please, I would like to
stay alone for sometime. Father has come to
enquire about your.. and you’re
asking him to leave? He’s just kidding. My son-in-law has
a good sense of humour. This is ridiculous! Your father has come home, won’t
you ask him for a cup of coffee? Just a moment. Mumtaz! Forget Mumtaz, I haven’t tasted
coffee made by you in a long time. I want to taste that today.
– Okay. I’ll bring it in a moment. Why did you kill him? Because my department suspects me. Had I not killed him, then you,
me and that leader of yours.. ..the one who’s defaming the name of
Lord Shankarand and Lord Narayan.. ..Shankar Narayan would
all have been trapped. We would all have been
in jail by now, and the entire.. would’ve been
spitting on us. Oh, my God! I didn’t know that! It’s good that you killed him. But, where’re the diamonds? They’re with me. With you? Give them.
Give them to me. I want that negative first.
– Which negative? The same negative whose positive
can be used by you.. prove to the world that
I’ve links with Koya Koya Atachi. The same negative that
you’re using to blackmail me. The same negative because of which.. ..I’m doing every
illegal job of yours. The same negative that
has made me your slave. That very negative.
I want that negative. You want that? Son, such a strict
police officer is under.. If I give that to you,
then you’ll show the.. No! No! Sitaram, I’ve seen the craftiest
people in this world. But none can match you all. No, son. We’re nothing.
There are greater people than us. They were such that they would
make you behead yourself. And ask you to keep your head
at their feet, yourself. Son, if you continue
to support us then.. ..our party won’t
harm you in any way. That day isn’t far off
when I’ll attach your name with.. ..the great people
who’ve tread on this earth. Wow, daddy!
You’ve said such a wonderful thing. I should serve you sweets
for saying such a thing. Have some. Thank you. Vijay!
– Keep it there. Here, have some sweets. Let it be, sister. How’s your hand now?
– What are you asking him, brother? He’s not among those who would be
frightened by such minor wounds. He’s among those who can sacrifice
their arm for the country. Duty and the motherland don’t
ask you to sacrifice your arm. But, they stop you from joining
hands with the wrong people. Mr. Amarnath, I’ve come
with a warrant to search your house. Pratap, what are you saying? If you’re joking,
then don’t ever try this with me. I don’t have the habit
of joking while on duty. Here’s the warrant.
– Warrant!? A warrant for what? Asha! Pratap is a police officer. He has a search warrant,
no one can stop him. Please don’t interfere in this.
Carry on, Pratap. Mr. Amarnath. On the night of 10th December.. went to Delhi by the evening
flight on an official trip. In Delhi airport, you handed
over a briefcase to a foreigner. That foreigner was none
other than Koya Koya Atachi. No, this is wrong. – This is
absolutely right, Mr. Amarnath. You’re forgetting that.. ..a crime branch officer from Delhi
who had come to receive you.. ..saw you while you were giving
the briefcase to Koya Koya Atachi. That officer must be mistaken. It’s possible that he may have seen
someone else and is accusing me. No, Amarnath.
His statement is absolutely correct. The secondary proof
for this is the death of Anil Raj. Had you arrested Anil Raj alive.. ..then we would’ve found out.. ..who was behind the riots
and robberies in the country. But you didn’t do so.. shut up his mouth forever
by killing him. Next came Koya Koya Atachi. Had you caught him alive.. ..then we could’ve nabbed
those who are running the.. ..smuggling racket in the country. But you killed him and.. ..took away this opportunity
from the hands of the police.. ..and saved the criminals. Mr. Pratap,
had I not killed him, then.. ..the police might not even have
been able to trace my corpse. Do you know that?
– When we searched his body.. ..we found a secret pocket
in his trousers. There was a purse in those trousers
which contained a letter. According to the letter, he had come
to India with expensive diamonds. What are you trying to say? That those diamonds are with me? Isn’t it possible that
he must have given those diamonds.. someone else before dying? What you’re saying is possible. And I’ve brought a search
warrant regarding this issue. Until the search is over.. one will leave this house. And no one will try
to interfere either. Go ahead! Mr. Pratap.. husband made your department
proud by risking his life.. ..and killing that smuggler. Otherwise, the people
thought of your department.. incompetent and useless,
and linked you to the criminals. The one because of whom your
department was honoured, respected.. this what he’s being given
in return for his services? You come to search
the house of that man. Mrs. Amarnath.. I’ve been spying
on your dedicated, honest.. ..and patriotic husband
for the past several days. And I was as surprised
at seeing these things.. you are on hearing of them. You’re lying! Amar, they are all jealous
of the respect and.. ..honour you’ve received
from society. They’re trying to defame you. Asha, I told you to keep quiet
and let them do their duty. There’s no need to argue with them. Yes? – Sir, we’ve searched every
nook and corner of the house.. ..we didn’t get anything. Mr. Pratap, you’ve been following me
like a shadow day and night. But you proved unsuccessful here. What’ll be your next move? Why are you standing here now? You’ve insulted an honest officer
by searching his house. You’ll have to pay
the price for this, officer. Let my party win the election. ..I’ll transfer you to Andaman
as soon as I become the minister. Mr. Sitaram!
Will you stop this nonsense? Pratap is
a dedicated police officer. He did what he was told to.
It was his duty. You can’t insult him like this. I’m sorry, Amar. It’s alright, Pratap. When you were going to Delhi
and father had a sudden attack.. ..then he had given you a briefcase,
hadn’t he? Yes.
– Then.. ..then why did you lie to Pratap? Because I was compelled to lie. What? Compelled to lie? What are you saying? I’m telling the truth, Asha. Ask your father
why I lied to Pratap. This is politics, dear.
It’s beyond your understanding. You’re not feeling well.
Go and rest. ..fool the people of this nation.. Politics has become
the devil’s game. The one who lies the most
to the people.. ..becomes the most
popular politician. Your father isn’t worried
about his daughter’s husband. He isn’t worried about his
son-in-law’s honour or his life. He’s only worried about his diamonds
worth Rs.270 million. For the sake of diamonds
worth Rs.270 million.. ..he can get his son murdered. He can kill his daughter’s husband.
Look at this. Thank you, son. Thank you. Daddy, today I’ve come to know.. ..that I’m the daughter
of a smuggler. The blood of a traitor. The child of a person who trades
his own motherland for money. I don’t want to be known as the
daughter of such a despicable man. A man who uses his son-in-law
to fulfil his evil designs. Do you think that
I’ll grovel at your feet.. ..if you refuse
to call yourself my daughter? No, Asha. Siblings, parents, family.. ..have no meaning
in the world of politics. Because these things are
a burden which pulls a person.. ..down when he wants
to rise up in life. And to climb to such heights.. made my husband commit
one murder after the other. So that you could climb
up a ladder of corpses? You’re an emotional girl, you won’t
be able to understand these things. I’m doing all this for my grandson.. ..whom you’re carrying in your womb. When he grows up, he’ll proclaim
proudly in front of the world.. ..that he’s the grandson
of Mr. Sitaram. And the day my son sings your
praises, touches your wealth.. ..walks on your path.. ..that day, this mother will
kill her own son. Do you understand? Go away, and never
come back to this house. Go away! Amar! I had thought of you as a noble,
honest and patriotic person. That’s why I not only loved you
but also worshipped you. That’s why I left behind my
father’s wealth and married you. But I didn’t know that.. ..the hands I was clasping.. ..were already bound to the
hands of anti-social elements. I had thought of your house
as a heaven of dreams. But this..
this turned out to be hell. Asha.. Asha, don’t mistake me. I was the same person
you had dreamt of. I wanted to walk the very path
that you wanted me to. But one day.. ..I took a wrong step.. ..and got trapped
in a whirlpool of crime. And I got trapped so badly that.. ..I could neither swim nor sink. Believe me, Asha.
– Don’t touch me! You’re lying! – No, Asha. You’re a murderer! A traitor! A smuggler! Don’t touch me!
– No! Asha, no! Amar.. I’m sorry
for what happened yesterday. But you know
our department very well. Yes, sir. I’ve come to bid goodbye
to that department forever. Here’s my resignation. What!? Don’t bury your future
in a fit of emotion. No, sir. I’m going to dig out
my buried past from the grave. Take Amarnath back!
Take Amarnath back! Take Amarnath back!
Take Amarnath back! Take Amarnath back!
Take Amarnath back! Take Amarnath back!
Take Amarnath back! Take Amarnath back!
Take Amarnath back! Take Amarnath back!
Take Amarnath back! Take Amarnath back!
Take Amarnath back! Take Amarnath back!
Take Amarnath back! After his resignation, the people
have gone crazy for Amarnath. They’ve gone crazy. His posters have been hung
in every slum in the city. The popularity that Amarnath has
gained in such a short while.. Sitaram, this is
an advantage for us. And my moves indicate to me that.. ..we should immediately take
advantage of Amarnath’s popularity. Meaning? – He should be
given my post in the party.. ..and made the leader of the party. This is a move
in the game of politics. Honourable citizens of India!
Children of Mother India! Amaranth is present before you. Amar..who wanted to keep honesty
and patriotism alive.. today, sitting
helplessly amidst you. Who is Amar? A police officer
who is more honest than honesty. Who is more loyal than loyalty! What’s the reason
for such a honest person.. ..resigning from the police force? The reason is, brothers.. And posing difficulties in his path. Why was this government, this
false saviour of the downtrodden.. And then he killed international
smuggler, Koya Koya Atachi. That’s why this poor man lost
the support of the government. The base of their power
began to shake. They threw him out
because they were afraid that.. ..he would expose
their rackets of smuggling, market deals and bribery. But we lifted him up.. ..and placed him close to our heart. And made him
the leader of our party. And I hope that.. all would seat him on the
most coveted post of the nation.. ..and surely give him
an opportunity to serve you. Friends.. ..I’ve studied politics, and so.. And staying amidst politicians.. ..I’ve learnt the
tricks of politicians. And I also know
those who fooled the people by.. ..using words such as social service,
patriotism, etc.. ..and played with
the emotions of the people. ..did injustice to them
and committed atrocities on them. I would like to tell you that.. order to put an end to that
injustice, that atrocity.. ..I’ve given up my uniform
and entered the field of politics. And I swear on my mother that.. I’ll finish off those traitors.. ..who have been sucking
the blood of the nation for ages. Today’s date, this hour, this minute,
all of you, this person.. ..this Mr. Shankar Narayan,
stand witness that.. ..I’ll finish off those people.
Jai Hind! Asha, have courage.
Everything will become all right. Don’t be tense. Congratulations! It’s a boy.
– How is Asha? Both mother and child are fine.
You can go in. Asha! Don’t touch him. I won’t even let
your shadow fall upon him. Don’t touch him! Daughter!
– Your daughter’s dead. Go away from here. Go away! Go away! Hail Amar! Hail Amar! Long live Amar! Long live Amar! Welcome, Amar. Your being selected
as the leader of the party.. ..has had us receiving
letters of praise.. ..from people all over the country. Since Amar has been selected
as our next leader.. ..our next objective will be
to collect funds for the elections. And the name of that fund
will be Amar Welfare Scheme. Open that box. What are you seeing? They’re genuine.
It’s black money. That’s okay, but.. ..what’ll you tell the government
if it asks you about the.. ..sources of such
a huge sum of money? That question doesn’t arise at all. We’ll mix the money received
from the people into this and.. ..turn this into accounted money. I don’t understand. You’ll join your hands and walk
around in the lanes of the city.. ..and our volunteers will follow
you with boxes in their hands. Everyone knows that Amarnath
doesn’t have enough money.. participate in the elections. So, they’ll give donations of 50p,
Rs.1, Rs.2, etc. We’ll add that money
to this amount.. ..and publish in the newspapers
the next day that the people.. ..donated Rs.10 million
to their dear leader, Amarnath. That Rs.10 million will be ours, ..they’ll just be donating
Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000. This is a move
in the game of politics. Mr. Shankar, your brain
should be kept in a museum.. come up
with such wonderful ideas. Not just this, Amar. There are many more ideas
in Shankar’s mind. At nights, our men will set fire
to the slums, and then we.. ..will go there later and help
those people, and give them money. We’ll win their hearts,
and then the elections. Only now am I able
to understand actual.. ..politics and the moves
in the game of politics. Fire! Fire! Help! Look how many flowers
I’ve brought for you. How are you? Asha. Hello, Mr. Shankar Narayan. Hello! Who is it? – Me! Bhupath! What’s this member of the
government party doing here? Nothing, sir. I’ve just come
to tell you what I feel. I’m not exaggerating anything. What I mean to say is that if
there’s any party in this country.. ..then it’s your party alone. The others are all like garbage
collected from the municipality. Sir, I’ve come to become
a lifebuoy member of your party. Life member.
– Yes. The same thing. And I pray to God that.. my next birth too he should
make me a member of his party. So, you’ve come to change your party.
– Yes. The people are with my party,
and the elections are around.. ..the corner,
so you’re trying to join my party. Mr. Shankar Narayan.. ..election time is when the leaders
show their acrobatic tricks. And hopping from the falling
chair to the standing one. Isn’t that so?
– You’re talking about your gain. What do we have to gain
by admitting you into our party? That person is ready
to donate as much money needed. That man is giving minority support. I’ll break..
– What are you doing? Leave these people, sir. I have a gang operating under me. They follow my orders blindly. On my word, they’ll kill anyone. And they’ll spare anyone
if I tell them to. And secondly.. ..I have 0.5 million votes
in my pocket. Not only in my pocket, sir. Assume that they’re already stamped
and put into the bucket box. Bucket box!?
– Ballot box. Okay. I’ll admit you into my party
and give you an M.L.A. seat. Why are you joking, sir? Had I wanted to be an M.L.A.,
then why would I have come here? Even the government party was
giving me an M.L.A. seat. Then, what else
do you want to become? Minister.
– Yes I have 0.5 million votes. Okay, agreed. Sir, come here for a minute.
– Why? Come here for a minute. – Yes.
But why? What do you want to do? Here.. Stand here. May you be victorious!
– Yes. Get up. Brothers and sisters, ..we don’t want to give fiery
speeches or make false promises.. ..or make false promises
and confiscate your votes. ..empty pots make more noise. And filled pots give water
but don’t make noise. Our symbol is a statement of truth.
It’s in front of you. Our objectives are in front of you. Our past achievements
are before you. And what we plan to do
in future is also before you. This party of ours is your party.
It belongs to you all. SO, BROTHERS VOTE FOR THIS SYMBOL. Don’t give us your vote.
Instead, vote for yourself. Jai Hind! Friends, I was born poor. I grew up in the arms of poverty. I’ve seen the various
faces of poverty. That’s why I know
the mind of a poor man. And that’s why today,
standing on this party’s platform.. ..I request you all to give me
your votes and make me.. enough to serve you all. The assembly elections
ended peacefully. The counting of votes has started. The results of the elections
will be announced in an hour. Mr. Subramaniam has
lost by 20,000 votes. And Mr. Amarnath is ahead by 30,000
votes in Tilak Nagar constituency. Amarnath has won! Amarnath’s party is leading
in every constituency. The headlines today.. The results of the
assembly elections. The candidates of
the Poor Man’s Party.. ..have emerged a clear victor
in all the constituencies. The results announced
until now are as follows. The Poor Man’s Party
– 182. National party
– 18. And independents
– 5. Amarnath’s party is ahead
in every constituency. Congratulations, Amaranth has won.
– Thank you. Today’s hot news,
Amarnath has won the elections. Today’s hot news,
Amarnath has won the elections. Amarnath’s party is emerging
as a clear victor in every area. In Tilak Nagar.. ..Mr. Amarnath has defeated
his opponent Mr. Girdharilal. Mr. Amarnath has been
declared the winner. Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live the Poor Man’s Party!
Long live the Poor Man’s Party! The Poor Man’s Party,
after winning throughout the state.. ..has selected Mr. Amarnath
as the chief minister. Mr. Amarnath will take up the office
of the chief minister soon. And announce his cabinet
members as well. Now, Mr. Amarnath will
speak to you himself. My dear brothers and sisters. I would like to thank you all. to be able enough
to be your leader. False promises.. Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live the Poor Man’s Party!
Long live the Poor Man’s Party! Long live the Poor Man’s Party!
Long live the Poor Man’s Party! Long live the Poor Man’s Party!
Long live the Poor Man’s Party! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Hello, Raj Bhavan.
This is Amarnath speaking. Who am I speaking to?
Okay, the personal secretary. Please, inform the Governor that
I’m going to the party office.. ..I’ll prepare the final list
for the cabinet.. ..and then be there for the pledging
ceremony at precisely 11p.m. Yes. Yes. Thank you. So, you’re going
to meet the Governor. To pledge honesty
and dedication towards.. ..the office of the chief minister? Yes! Do you have anything
called a conscience.. ..or did you trade that too? Do you know the consequences
of handing over the future of.. ..this country into
the hands of people like you? Only time can show us the results. Not time,
I’ll tell you what’ll happen. The result will be nothing
but destruction, disaster. Because you’re a murderer,
an assassin, a traitor. Earlier, you were
the servant of the law.. you used to carry out
your shameful acts secretly. Now, you’re the master of the law.. Only you think so. Not the people. Just peep out and.. ..see how they’re celebrating
my victory with fervour. Yes. Today, these foolish people
have gone crazy about your victory. Tomorrow, when they
come to know the truth.. ..then they’ll be going
crazy with grief. Today, they think that
you’re going to soothe their wounds. You’re going to wipe their tears. But they don’t know that
you won’t be wiping their tears.. ..but piercing their eyes. Great! You’ve held your husband
in high esteem. You have so much respect for him. You may not even want your husband
to be the chief minister. Never! Because I’ve recognised
the true face of my husband. And my country is dearer
to me than my husband. Asha, I’m so lucky that
I’ve a wife like you. And I’m so unfortunate to
have a husband like you. If I’m unfortunate for you,
then it’s my fate. And changing my fate
isn’t in my hands. I’m getting late, I have to go.
Where’s Munna? Munna? What do you
have to do with him? I want to meet him
once before I leave. You can’t go near him. I won’t even let your shadow
fall on him. Asha, you’re testing my patience. If you’re his mother,
I’m his father. That’s the only bond
that has tied me up.. ..and is making me live
in your house. Otherwise.. Have you spoken your heart out? But you don’t know the stories
that are buried in this heart. The poisoned daggers
that are piercing it. Neither can you know all that now,
nor can I tell you. I just have one wish. Let me meet Munna
once before I leave. No! Never! Asha, please! – You can’t meet him
while I’m alive! All right. If this is what you want,
then let it be so. I won’t let you go to the Raj Bhavan
for the swearing in ceremony. No one can stop me today, Asha. Today is the biggest day of my life. The day which I have
dreamt of for ages. I won’t let you go. You’re taking undue advantage
of my patience, Asha. And you’re taking advantage of the
weakness and simplicity of the people. I’m telling you for the last time,
Asha. Move aside, and let me go. I won’t let you go like this. Kill me first, and then you can go. So that you can tell
the people outside.. ..that other leaders walk over a
carpet for the swearing-in ceremony. But, you walked over
your wife’s corpse. Stop your nonsense, and move aside! I won’t let you go!
I won’t let you go! – Move aside! I won’t let you go!
I won’t let you go! – Move aside! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! What are you doing, sir?
I’m not a chief minister yet. It’s your swearing-in ceremony today. I’ve come till here,
but I haven’t taken the pledge yet. Don’t embarrass me. Best of luck.
– Thank you. Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! What are you doing, Bhosle?
Let’s go in. Brother Amar! Brother! Brother Amar! Brother! Brother Amar! Brother! Move aside, my brother is coming. It’s good that we came on time.
– May God keep you happy! Brother, you’ve become
the chief minister. Now our good times have started. Now neither will there be poverty,
nor the impoverished. Aunt, bless me that
I’m successful in my work. May God give you success, dear!
May you live long! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live the Poor Man’s Party!
Long live the Poor Man’s Party! Welcome, chief minister. I know how precious your time is. That’s why,
without wasting any time.. ..we’ve prepared a list of
the proposed cabinet ministers. Okay. So you’ve already
prepared the list. Yes. What to do? It was necessary. The first thing to do as soon
as you take up office is that.. have to allot the cement
quota to Mr. Patwardhan. – Okay. And the steel quota
to Mr. Bholeram. And import license
to Mr. Ganesh Chaturvedi. These things have to be done first.
Urgent! – Okay. Mr. Sitaram, please give him
the list of cabinet members. How’s our selection?
– Just a moment. Let me see. Mr. Vishwanath? Oh, it’s him. Isn’t he the one who had poisoned
the food supplied to poor children.. ..and had killed about 500 children? He’s been made the food minister. Good. Who else can be more
apt at supervising.. supplies in our country
than you? Very good! Excellent! Mr. Saraswati Prasad. The one who doesn’t know
to sign his own name. He uses his
thumb impression instead. Such an intelligent man is being
made the education minister. Education minister! Who’s this? Mr. Kamleshwar Rao. You? The one who has spent all his
life printing counterfeit notes. You’ve never seen
a real note in your life. An angel like you has been given
the portfolio of finance minister. Wonderful! Victor Jayraj! The one who knew
a goon like Anil Raj. Who himself has murdered so many. Such a person is being
made the law minister. This means that the office of the
law minister has lost its respect. Mr. Bipati.. ..the one who spent all his life
selling spurious liquor. ..who was a black marketer,
a professional gangster. Such a great personage has
been made the excise minister. And Sitaram, the home minister. The one who destroyed his
son-in-law’s house with his own hands. The one who destroyed
his daughter’s home.. ..has been made the home minister. And why not? Who else can be a better
home minister than.. ..the one who’s an expert
at wrecking homes. And Amarnath.. ..who gave up the honourable job
of a policeman.. ..compromised on his principles
and entered the field of politics.. ..he’s being made the chief minister.
Chief minister! He couldn’t do any good
for his own home.. ..and now he’s going to do good
for the nation. Great! Shankar Narayan, very good. Your intelligence
should be appreciated. Under the guidance
of people like you.. ..this country will progress
in leaps and bounds. These people have donated.. ..millions of rupees to our
party during the elections. Now if we don’t do something
for them in return.. ..then we’ll lose our respect. We’ll fall in their eyes.
– Yes, you’re right, Shankar Narayan. We should never lose our respect. Even if the country falls low,
and is torn apart. But we shouldn’t lose our respect. I think that the sooner these
people earn back the money.. ..invested by them, the sooner
poverty will be eradicated from.. ..this country and
beggary be initiated. Forget food,
the poor won’t even get a set.. ..of clothes to cover their bodies. Amaranth, are you praising us
or abusing us? So what if
you’re the chief minister? No, Mr. Bhupati.. ..I won’t give you the opportunity
to do such a thing. In fact.. I’ll present an award to you
and your companions for.. ..your deceitful and treacherous
attitude towards your country. And the award is this. What’s this? This is the very thing that you see. But, why have you brought it here? To scare your father Shankar Narayan?
You’re like my son. Shut up, you old crocodile! I’ve seen enough of your tears.
Stop it. Amar, listen to me.
I’m your father-in-law. Father-in-law? You taught me that there aren’t
any relationships in politics. That a man doesn’t
belong to himself.. Stay there! If any of you try to move
from your places. Then you’ll float like dry
leaves around this room. Sit! So, father-in-law. I wanted to kill you
and Shankar Narayan.. ..the day you threatened me
to join you. You had given me four hours
to decide. Remember? Those four hours of my life
felt like four decades. Yes, Shankar Narayan. I wanted to kill you
both that very day. But then I thought that.. ..that killing both of you
wouldn’t put an end to crime. If I wanted to put an end to crime.. ..then I’d have to
uproot the tree of crime. And today,
that tree of crime is present.. ..before me in full form. And I’ll set fire to this tree today. No! Please! Amar, I don’t want
to be a minister! I don’t want to be anything! I don’t want anything. – I don’t
want anything either, brother. I too don’t want anything.
– No! No one wants anything. You can do whatever you want. We all are with you. We all are with you! Look, they all are with you.
Do whatever you want, please! Really? So, when your life is in danger,
you’re willing to forget.. ..your moves in the game,
and play my moves instead. Now, do you realise
how precious life is? You’re responsible for the deaths
of millions of innocent people. ..even their life
was dearer to those.. ..whom you sacrificed
on the altar of politics. Did you show mercy towards anybody
at that time? Did you feel pity for anyone? Think about it, you can’t
become anything if you kill us. You won’t even be able
to leave this place. Shankar Narayan, I had dug my grave the day.. ..I gave up my police uniform
and had donned this. No one moves! Sitaram! Shankar Narayan! This was your last move! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live the Poor Man’s Party!
Long live the Poor Man’s Party! Long live the Poor Man’s Party!
Long live the Poor Man’s Party! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live the Poor Man’s Party!
Long live the Poor Man’s Party! Long live the Poor Man’s Party!
Long live the Poor Man’s Party! Why are you so surprised
on seeing this pile of corpses!? Your husband didn’t come here
to take his pledge. He came here to fulfil his promise. He had come to clean the mould of
crime that had engulfed this country. Today, I had told you
while leaving home.. ..that this is the day for which
I’ve been waiting since ages. This is what I had waited for. I’ve fulfilled my promise. I know why you’ve come here, Asha. You want to pump the bullets
in this revolver into my chest. Because your country.. ..your motherland is dearer
to you than your husband. ..but you can’t bear to see
your motherland being destroyed. I’m proud of you, Asha. I’m proud of you, Asha. I’m fortunate to have
a wife like you. Forgive me, Amar. Forgive me. I’m so unfortunate that.. ..I couldn’t understand you. I’m the fortunate one. You’re among those
whose wives can never be a widow. Whether you live or not,
your name shall continue to live.. the hearts of the people. And as long as your name is alive.. I’ll never be a widow. Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! Long live Amarnath!
Long live Amarnath! I’m sorry, sir. Flowing with the tide of time,
I had reached.. ..a place where I had to take
the law into my own hands. There wasn’t any other option left. Take this. I’m ready for any punishment. Pratap. Why did you arrest Amarnath!? Sir, can I talk to them
for two minutes. Okay! Listen! Attention! Listen to me! These handcuffs that you see
on my hands aren’t handcuffs.. ..but a symbol of revolution. ..because I killed Shankar
Narayan and his entire group. They were those scoundrels.. ..who were setting fire to your
houses in order to warm themselves. They were cooking their food
on the funeral pyre of the poor. I’ve sent all of them
to their rightful places. You would like to ask me why. You people trusted me
and made me your leader. You made me responsible
for eradicating poverty.. ..and liberating all of
you from your problems. But I understood that.. ..these people wouldn’t
let me wipe.. ..your tears even after
I became the chief minister. That’s why today,
I’ve shed their blood. After the British left,
we were enslaved by these people. Today, I’ve broken those chains
of slavery and liberated us all. This is an important day
of my life.. ..because I was able to fulfil.. ..the responsibility entrusted
upon me by you. I’ve lived my life.
I’ve found the meaning of life. But I would like
to tell you something. I staunchly believe.. ..that whenever people like Shankar
Narayan will appear in this country.. ..then an Amarnath will surely be
born to get rid of them. Long live revolution! Long live revolution! Long live revolution!

75 thoughts on “Inquilaab Full Movie | Amitabh Bachchan Hindi Action Movie | Sridevi | Bollywood Action Movie

  1. This is an remake of Kannada movie 'chakravyuha' Producer of this movie is father of Ravi Chandran – Veeraswamy.

  2. gr8 muvi in allaspects… don't understand y it was flop…gr8 story, acting everything superb…most specifically the plot & how story moves on…plus the song Abhimanyun chakarview mein phas gya hai tu…superb choreography……hv never seen such a song …choreographed with each line of song…Gr8, SRi,Amitabh,Kadir khan..everyone….

  3. It always pisses me off how theres always a gazillion ppl just standing watching somone, especialy a woman, being attacked. Im sure irl theyd hop in and help

  4. Inquilaab is a good movie of Amitabh Bachchan and the excellent picture quality definitely makes it worth watching 🙂

  5. Patriotic movies in the 1980s are super hit formula movies..but these days it is joke. That tells where we are falling and our values.

  6. same politics happen in pakistan but no one is like amitabh in pakistan I wish someone born in pakistan like amitabh bachchan

  7. Amitabh bachan is bigger than boollywood, dilip & srk can not reach Amitabh role voice+ acting+action+character= Amitabh, hhhhh , stupide judjement to give dilip & srk 8 times filmfare best actor & give Amitabh only 5 times, srk most of awards talken for the same role love story like kuch kuch,dilwale ,devdas,dil to pagal hai,mohabatein,……While films like sholay, coolie,agneepath,silsila,muqader ka sikandar,kaala pather,lawaris,kuda gawah,trishul, khabi khabi …hhhhh Amitabh did not take filmfare awards for any film from this list.
    Sorry , Amitabh is bigger than boollywood .

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