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Iare you ready for Harley Quinn’s party at Birds of Prey February 2020 later? don’t you want to Know the info about the film first? Check first The story behind the scenes, there are surprising facts That you should know. Birds of prey is a hero team-up filled with tough girls, that’s why It’s not wrong if the length of the title of this film is (and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn). The hero that appears in this movie trailer consists of Harley Quinn, Black canary, huntress and Renee Montoya. In comics, Black Canary, Oracle and Huntress are core member, but along the way Birds of Prey’s are dynamic, there is a Lady Blackhawk, Big barda, hawkgirl and others. Interestingly, not only superheroes enter birds of prey, but villains and anti-heroes too for example batgirl’s mother, lady shiva. For non-DC comics fans this fact is definitely shocking! Apparently, Harley Quinn has never been found in any of the Birds Of Prey comics. This film will be Harley Quinn’s debut in the Birds of Prey group. The issue of women’s emancipation is indeed very thick in this film. From the title of the film, fill in the story where Harley Quinn broke up from Joker, becoming a woman Who’s independent and strong, then join the other female heroes until screenwriters and directors are girls too. Christina Hodson will be a screenwriter And Cathy Yan as the director. In fact, Margot Robbie became a producer in this film. Wow! This movie really carries the spirit of girl power But boys, you still want to watch this cool movie don’t you? It has been confirmed, this film later will have an R rating means adult films with an audience for only 17 years and over. Reportedly, Margot Robbie wants a film similar to Deadpool and Logan but by narrating a group of cool female heroes. So, mama … dad don’t bring your child under 17 years old to watch this movie to the cinema ok? Reported from comicbook, Margot Robbie revealed I always thought Harley needed friends, she loved interacting with people. So, don’t ever make a solo film about Harley Quinn Only” So it’s clear, because Margot Robbie is the producer of the film then some of her wishes are outlined in this movie. In fact, the long title of Birds of Prey (and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn) is the desire of this pretty lady Margot wants people not to feel that this film is a serious film and so it is quite representative Harley Quinn’s eccentric character. With a title like that, Margot wanted to indicate that Harley Quinn was involved in the film. Well guys there was five Info behind the scenes of birds of prey. if you don’t wanna miss Other videos please subscribe and turn on the notification Don’t forget to like and share if you like the video And for you who want to share opinions and good movie recommendations Also allowed in the comments column I said goodbye until next video, bye

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