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– What does sueñito mean? – Sueñito? It means “little dream.” – That’s it? No story? – All right, all right,
everybody, sit down, sit down. – Yeah!
– It’s a story of a block that was disappearing. Un barrio
called Washington Heights. The streets were made of music. ♪ I am Usnavi, and you
probably never heard my name ♪ ♪ Reports of my fame
are greatly exaggerated ♪ – ♪ Morning, Usnavi ♪ – ♪ Pan caliente ♪
Hey! ♪ Café con leche ♪ – ‘Round these blocks,
you can’t walk two steps without bumping
into someone’s big… – ♪ I’m making moves,
I’m making deals ♪ ♪ But guess what? ♪
What? – ♪ You still ain’t got
no skills ♪ [ laughter ] I’ve been saving up all my pennies in my piggy bank
for this day. – This is gonna be
an emotional roller coaster. The odds are against you. – But there’s a chance, right? A dream isn’t
some sparkly diamond. There’s no shortcuts. Sometimes it’s rough.
– ♪ In the Heights ♪ – ♪ Yeah, I’m a streetlight,
choking on the heat ♪ ♪ The world spins around
while I’m frozen to my seat ♪ – ♪ In the Heights ♪
– ♪ The people that I know ♪ – They’re talking about
kicking out all the dreamers. – ♪ But every day
is different ♪ – Time to make some noise.
– [ cheering ] – ♪ ‘Cause my parents
came with nothing ♪ – We had to assert our dignity
in small ways. – ♪ In the Heights ♪ – Shh. Just listen. – Little details that tell
the world we are not invisible. – Ignore anyone who doubts you. – ♪ In the Heights,
I hang my flag up on display ♪ – ♪ We came to work and to live
and we got a lot in common ♪ – ♪ It reminds me that I came
from miles away ♪ ♪ D.R., P.R.,
we are not stopping ♪ – ♪ Every day,
paciencia y fe ♪ – ♪ Until the day we go
from poverty to stock options ♪ – ♪ Today’s all we got,
so we cannot stop ♪ ♪ This is our block ♪ ♪ In the Heights ♪

100 thoughts on “IN THE HEIGHTS – Official Trailer

  1. I was like, why does this tune sound familiar? then I heard him say Washington Heights and I drop my phone freaking out.

    Nooo Wayyyy they finally made the freakin movie!!! 😆

  2. I went to new york over the summer and saw the trailers that all the actors were in because on each of the doors it said: usnavi, vanessa, benny, etc. And my emotions were like: 😄😀😃😍🤗🤗🤗

  3. I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT!!!! I screamed when I saw Olga reprising her role as Abuela, and saw cute little Anthony. And THE Daphne Rubin Vega?! AKA, MY FAVOURITE MIMI IN RENT?! OKAY, THAT’S IT!! I am SO going to be watching this movie when it comes out!!!!!!!

  4. was in the middle of watchin a video
    then i got an ad from my fave musical
    then a said f u c k t h i s i m g o n n a w a t c h t h i s t r a i l e r

  5. I am so happy i finally get to watch this musical. There is noothing on youtube (except for like two songs which got me hooked)

  6. I love the fact they're doing a movie about this because this was the first play I ever saw and I loved it because it was so lively and colorful it made you want to watch more

    (I love the fact that usnavi was named after US Navy🤣)

  7. Puerto Rican, Domincan, Mexican, etc.. Rich or Poor. Republican or Democrat. Mixed or Full blooded. No matter what your background is, I feel like I can guarantee any latinos/hispanics that saw this trailer felt an amazing feeling in their gut in their soul when watching it. A lot of times we tend to separate from one another, so it’s always beautiful seeing when our diverse community comes together as one.

  8. Latinos is out time!!! I have good Hope's about this movie because I literally live where they are shooting this 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  9. 0:20 to 0:23 I think it's time i told you the story of Aladdin, the princess and the lamp

    Hey, it fits becuz it's a grown man telling children a story that's also a musical

  10. I’m CRYING!:) ❤️😭❤️😭
    This Musical is the most amazing relatable musical ever, for me personally I’m so glad someone I know is playing usnavi!
    I’m forever grateful to Lin who allowed them to make this masterpiece of a movie!
    Thanks Lin

  11. the fact that i was walking by while they were making this movie is crazy . as a young girl growing up on that very block they were filming on is inspirational and crazy to me . They actors represented this movie in a tremendous way, to the fact that i felt like i was there myself. i am beyond exicted to see how this movie flows all throughout. Que dios los bendiga ❤️

  12. Im not into musicals so much but this looks so good and that Latino representation looks cool af! Can’t wait to see the movie! And can’t wait to here the music Lin Manuel Miranda composed! 🤩💕

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