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100 thoughts on “Impulse – Ep 1 “Pilot”

  1. En estos momentos me pregunto xq mierda faltaba a las clases de inglés. Quiero saber si la seria ta buena ajjajaj

  2. Série parece ser muito boa, mas não tem dublado em português e assim fica chato assistir e ficar lendo legenda.

  3. I like how this Henry clown decided to get wild in class. If it wasn't for her seizure, the teacher likely would've been brought up on assault charges.

  4. if ur watching this first time dont waste ur time in it….only 1st few episodes are interesting and rest are just shitty teenage drama ….Was eagerly waiting for season 2 but 6 episodes till now I have watched and all of them are boring just dragging this drama….. pathetic

  5. lovin it so far. love the genre. jumper one of my favorite movies still to this day.
    cool show… love the blood in the cut song near the beginning.

  6. What is the name of the song at the beginning when they're driving to school and it plays on the radio saying "Midnight you driving away to our paradise".

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  8. impulse s1 e1 only thing U should watch rest is wattage of time…nd data… i'v watched till s2 e8 not a single episode worth watching

  9. Every cliche in the scriptwriting handbook. Abusive sport obsessed father. Rapist highschool jock. Dorky geek. Controlling parents. Quirky girl with weird interests.

  10. Since this Series isn't do as well as Cobra Kai, maybe they could do a crossover episode. Maybe if Elizabeth Shue is such a big actress that she doesn't 't want to do Cobra Kai, maybe Henry could come on Cobra Kai and use her psychic powers to heal Miguel. Then again, she would have to heal Sean first on her show

  11. Why don’t just call it, Jumper The serie

    (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

    Could be better and gather more people to watch it

  12. it's a comedy the "class nerd" is actually an adult who pretends to have mental issues because he is just dumb and failed 10 times

  13. Ok movie producers, please don't assume we, the viewers, are dumb and won't tell the difference between a Ford extended cab truck and and single cab Chevy that's several years older. #ContinuityMatters

  14. 8:17 guy from the color-grading departement was like "y, let's make everything look like it's the inside of a fridge"


  16. You could call this episode zero. Like as it is now it might be confusing for some. "oh look episode one I already watched it" skips. < get it?

  17. I have a problem with these series. Opening credits reads: YouTube Original(YTO), but I struggle to find where the original part comes in. It is basically "Jumper" 2008. These series, just like the movie, are both based on Steven Gould novel, they both feature the exact same visual and sound effects, the story is overall the same, I feel, with the difference being the main protagonist being female instead of male and the "teacher" character being calmer, collected, "wise" instead of a paranoid, almost junkie like, sassy dude.

    P.S. I have not finished these series, nor have I read the novel. I do Not know which one is closer to the original formula of the book(the 2008 movie or the YTO's series). I do hope, though, that they would do great and give me a nice story that i can "fantasies" over and discuss with friends, since i really loved the idea of teleportation. 😉

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