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You see the type of organization we have here? It could always use a man like you, Nathan. Educated, war veteran, clean record. And so whats the overall objective here? This is revolutionary activity we are talking about here [Heavy breathing] I need an informant. Get in there and make a difference. We are a thinking man’s soldiers. First here. And then here. [Loud violent knocking] We know where you live. I don’t have the skills for this. I can’t even defend myself. You do have the skills. Try relating to these guys as human beings. We see what we want to see. But just because you’re not looking at something … Get your hands off me! … doesnt mean its not there. You okay there Nate? You look a little off. Big things. They’re coming. An event that wakes people up. Massive terrorist plot. It’s morning in America and there’s a new day coming. Are you a cop? Boo! These guys are fanatics! They will not be taken alive. For evil to triumph … … it only takes good men … … to do nothing. Let me ask you something Nathan. What’s your opinion on infiltration? Do you suspect someone? Uh, it’s just, uh, It’s like they say at these rallies. Look to the left, look to the right. One of these people is a snitch. It’s the left.

100 thoughts on “Imperium Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Daniel Radcliffe Movie

  1. I know this isn't Harry Potter but they really missed an opportunity to give him two lightning bolt scars on his forehead.

  2. Expecto Patronum .Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter. Its like "What are you doing with a bunch of skinheads ,get your wand out"

  3. One thing I don’t get is how the hell can you be an FBI agent and not have the skills to defend yourself, my dad was in the FBI for 26 years and he taught me a few moves

  4. Where is the muslim version? Plenty of 'true stories' there. Oh yeah I forgot, don't want to be offensive to their culture.

  5. This was a great film. Daniel Radcliffe portrayed the in over his head do gooder agent role really well. But what really stuck with me was the ending. His monologue about the consequences of the victimhood mentality is very fresh and honest. It is a message for the times we live in now.

  6. The setting of the scene in this movie was good, but the moral of the story, the ending, and really the characterizations were all terrible and the understanding of fascism was also wrong.

  7. "Harry decided to actually listen to what Draco Malfoy had to say about muggles and Mudd-bloods and found himself agreeing with Malfoy. Of course, the magic bloodline had to be kept pure if wizards and witches were to survive. It didn't take him long to understand that the Goblins where the ones behind it all"

  8. Gov Wallace segregation now tomorrow and forever- white lives matter – if you ain’t white then you ain’t right- I would never have black friends no way

  9. White man bad you got to love Hollywood they don't give up now let's see a film about the black movement or the Muslim cult..not going to happen is it…

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