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100 thoughts on “I Was in a Mental Hospital, It’s Not Like the Movies

  1. The one I was sent to was literally full of people shouting and banging their fist on the doors.

    They had bars on the window.
    And yes. They had a padded room. And wouldn't let you go by yourself to the bathroom.

    They have separate wings for different age groups.

    Never had a nurse come in our room and try and talk to us. We were either left alone or forced to do things we weren't comfortable with.

  2. I have been to the same place as you we did the same thing as you but I was there for a week and had a different back story.

  3. I have a horrible past so I know what it feels like I feel so bad for this poor girl who had to experience this

  4. What they say in Holland: Onder de 11 is voor de papa zelf. XD english: Under the 11 is for the daddy himself. XD

  5. Did the brother go to jail?
    So was there any therapy, any actual WORK that the doctors did with her or the others that they needed to become better from their troubles? I was 5150'd and it was much the same as she describes. TV, about two or three "activities" in the five days I was there. An hour of gym a day, going outside once a day, three meals in the cafe. But no therapy, just some questions and blood pressure testing ans a TOTALLY RUDE Sharia doctor who had no idea how to have compassion or bedside manner and who just wanted to push pills, which I never took. It was just as neglectful as my life that led to being there. I don't recommend those horrible places, just get a GOOD therapist, even if you have to go through a few to find the right one.

  6. I was in something like that for suicidal kids. We got taken our chargers, keys and other ‘harmful’ uses taken from us. Everybody was just, blank…..

  7. Step brother: "let's go play our secret game!"


    Also step brother: "dont tell anyone"

    Me: gets my glock THATS ALL FOLKS shoots step brother


  8. Im glad to hear about other peoples experience because I hat to talk about going 10 times and every tine I feel like it gets worse

  9. Big brother:let's play a game
    Me:-_- what kind of game?
    Brother:shhh don't tell anyone it's about numbers
    Me:you know what else is a number
    Me:911 new map unlocked jail and prison and also asylum
    Brother:grabs mah hand
    Me:B** GET YOUR HAND OFF ME *CALLS COPS AND FBI AND THE NEWS AND ARMY AND SECTION 51*sirens*him runs away*gets caught*me*hahahahahahah*but……*FROSTER CARE*news*where are your parents*me*😑

  10. I was admitted into the psych ward twice it was a chill place but the place had its times with children with psychosis but it was chill most of the time they had good food also

  11. I can say I'm the same except the step brother part. I dont visit a doctor or anything like that. I used to cut myself as well but I learned to get angry and rage all inside myself and keep it away so nobody gets in danger.. still doing it though

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