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100 thoughts on “I Survived The Movie Theater Shooting In Aurora, Colorado

  1. You should also interview Bonnie Kate Zoghbi, she’s on Instagram and was a victim, she was shot in her knee and was in front of the shooter when his gun jammed. She is such a wonderful person who has great insight and love for life. She would make a great addition to this ♥️

  2. Really and truly think there is something in the water in colorado. The most fucked up stuff has happened there, it cant be coincidental. Chris watts, Columbine, this shooting, etc…

  3. This is why we need more people who want to carry to carry! If these “gun free zones” had armed security that could have been stopped or if we were allowed to carry in it could have been stopped. I carry everyday knowing that if a crazy person wanted to start killing people I can and will defend my family friends and the people around me!

  4. Every time the "be aware of all emergency exits" plays on the movie theater, I actually take a moment and look for all of them and plan how I could get to the nearest one if someone does something like this again….and that's a shame. I was safe in my bed when this was happening, but I still get frightened thinking about being a movie theater. I can't imagine what life is like for her – or any of the survivors – now.

  5. We had a shooting at one of the highschools around us, and thankfully the kids gun jammed, but he open fired in the middle of the hall. We were in a lockdown for a good hour or two, and my best friend was in that same hallway. Its really sad to see what people do and how often its happening now a days 🙁

  6. during a movie, a dude opens a door and throws smoke bombs and shoots a gun- and "everyone thought this was part of the showing"? what movie have you ever gone to where someone lights any incendiary device and throws it as part of the show.

  7. Screw everyone who disliked this, it takes guts to talk about her experience, let alone keeping strong through the story retelling.

  8. I wonder if this kind of evil is innate or developed throughout life. I've had evil things done to me and have done evil things. I know many people who have been through worse yet are more good than I. I know people who have been through less yet are more evil. To victimize a bunch of random innocent decent people is so bizarre and horrid. I can't make sense of it.

  9. What generation of idiots believe that a smoke bomb in a theatre is part of a movie showing? Tackle the guy and ask questions later. The fire marshal would have lost their mind to know that a smoke bomb was used in a crowded theatre yet no one thought this to be true and just sat there in their seats as their lives literally flashed before their eyes in the form of gunfire.

  10. two of my best friends were in there as well. my sister's ex boyfriend died in it as well. they don't even have a memorial for the event at the movie theater that it happened.

  11. I'm already in constant fear for my life as a teenager being surrounded by all of this news about shootings in schools.. I cannot imagine how horrifying it must be to have to go through this. I love that you shared this with us and have a positive outlook to help others if they are in a similar situation. Wishing the best for your mental health and the families and people affected by this or anyone out there being affected by anything similar to this.

  12. Thank you for sharing your story, I know it must be terribly hard to recount and remember all that. Much love and respect.

  13. I was at that movie theater that night with a small group of friends and i’ll never forget it. I was only 12 and I’m 18 now and haven’t been able to step foot in that theater since then, I can’t imagine what those who were in the actual screening room felt and feel today

  14. this isn’t fair. this isn’t fair that people have to lose loved ones or their lives because of a horrible person. it’s not fair.

  15. Thank you for this. I remember this happening while I was in high school. I had friends there during the shooting, and am so thankful me and my friends decided against going out.

  16. It’s one thing if EVERYONE understands what’s going on. Then you know where the crowd is running to and from. But it must be so strange to have to break the peace and get out when nobody else understands what’s happening

  17. Hearing how real this just is and how she experienced especially the reactions and the shock, that's just terrifying. That's not like movie, this is real life shocking. Makes me think three and four times about gun laws, honestly.

  18. the only thing I'm proud of people today is for is the fact that nowadays we've learned to be more self-aware and more suspicious, more protective of ourselves and our loved-ones.. we're improving in one way or another.. we just need to know how to improve in more ways

  19. I don’t go to movie theaters anymore at all. I know it could happen anywhere, but for some reason this one stuck with me. She’s so strong.

  20. T4TACTICS… look them up. They give insight and preparation into mass shootings. It has become more common. Too many crazies out there.

  21. I really wish this didn’t happen. I am so sorry for everyone who lost a loved one. God Bless ❤️ Why do we have to worry about going to the movie theater, the grocery store, or even school? Stop this.

  22. Such a sad sad night. Its understandable that no one knew if it was an 'experience' or not because this theatre is known to go all out for events. We used to dress up as characters and go to some opening nights like that there. I had tickets to attend that night with my 8 month old strapped to me but he ended up with the croupe that day so we gave the ticket away to our neighbor since they were sold out that night. He was inconsolable and laying in the lawn screaming that next morning, of all the things he had seen he will never be the same. I think of every day as a gift for many many reasons and this is one. I will never forget the sound of him crying for the little girl he had to step over to leave the theatre…

  23. i was in colorado in july of 2012. we actually drove past the theater and i remember thinking it was really pretty. then not shortly after this shooting happened and it was really chilling.

  24. I remember something similar happened in my country, it was a national tragedy and a shock that such thing could "casually" happen. Back in 2002 over 900 people were kept as hostages in a theater by 40 what police called terrorists for 4 days. In the end smth between 130 and 180 people died in there, all terrorists were killed.

    I remember going there years later, seeing memorial and it felt like as if I entered an actual grave, cold and very unsettling.

  25. This was such a terrible tragedy 😣😢. My church sits directly behind this theater. Sometimes I have to park at the theater if there's nowhere else to park. Every now and then I get kinda spooked

  26. I was going to go that night I was 11 years old and my dad said no at the last minute my Auntie and my brothers friends where in the movie theater that night…I’m so blessed that I didn’t go that night thank god

  27. It’s crazy at how it’s become normal for people to think “what if there’s a shooter there” “what if we got shot up” “what if it came out of nowhere” it’s become a normal thing for us to plan for a shooter. It’s become normal for us to think of “Well what if someone decides to shoot it up when we go there” it’s sad where humanity has gone. It’s like every week there are innocent people being killed, and we can’t stop it because you never know who or when it’s gonna happen. All we can do is hope for the best, and plan for the worst.

  28. I live in Aurora and thankfully I wasn't in the theater that night but I lived close to it. I remember the morning after I was taking the bus home and the bus went behind the theater and I saw blood on the sidewalk. Before that moment I just saw the news on TV but when I saw the blood it made it that much more real 😔

  29. I lived not far from here when this happened. You always think it can't happen to you, but this hit so close to home. I wasn't even in the theater, and I'm scared to go. I lost a couple friends that night. I'm so glad you and your friends and your sister made it out!

  30. I feel like it would be hard to leave the scene of an tragedy like this, I’d feel like I couldn’t or didn’t want to leave for whatever reason idk

  31. I relate to the interviewee's story. I also do not go to movies anymore, because a crowd of people sitting behind me in the dark is a ptsd nightmare situation.

  32. Walmart, McDonald's, movie theaters, music concerts. You just can't feel safe anymore here. There's so many shootings.

  33. I remember being in high school, and we had a lock down because someone on campus had a gun. I remember the chaos yet calmness of everyone, trying to stay quiet yet freaking out at the same time. I remember the feeling I had inside my chest and stomach, being super scared. Thankfully, nothing happened and no one was hurt. You are so strong to talk about this! You rock!!!!

  34. i remember when this happened. i remember it being so close to me. and now because of this im always scanning the room of the theater or in any room for that matter. im a big fan of movies and the movie theater experience but because of this it took a little bit of the magic away. i wish all the victims well. i know they went through so much tragedy and i just wish they can move on to live a better life

  35. Why would a person do that? People,have been murdering people since there's been people. Humans are angry,greedy and dangerous beings. It sucks to say that but that's how it is. There's plenty of great honest people but there's to much human garbage out there.

  36. It's hard to think that the missed bullet that was 4 shots in front of bullets that actually killed someone, saved a theater of people…

  37. I remember hearing an account of another survivor about this shooting
    It was narrated by corpse husband for anyone who would like to hear it.
    It truly is one of the most tragic things to ever happen.
    It’s sad to think this is so common now..

  38. This reminds me of a similar event that happened in my hometown on Christmas Day, 25th of December 2006. It was not a shooting, but rather a provoked fire caused by someone who was playing with the fireworks inside our local store. My dad was there, buying gifts for us, but he got back out, because he forgot his wallet in the car. The moment he got out the store, the store blew up and immediately caught on fire, with the fact that the store has tons of fireworks for sale in preparation for the New Year. 25 people died, and there was over a hundred injuries, because the store was having a sale and was very crowded. Our neighbor was one of those who died. Very sad tragedy for our city on Christmas day. I would never forget it. The event was broadcast live on television, and I still remember how people were climbing on the roof of the store trying to survive and get out of the smoke. Some of them even jumped, the store was a 5 story building. I heard that those who jumped and survived suffered from worse case of PTSD. Thinking about it today triggers my anxiety and panic attack. 😖

  39. i think about this shooting EVERY time i go to the movie theatre.. i feel for this beautiful soul… my heart aches for you and everyone there.

  40. I grew up in Colorado and when I went to the premier for the new joker movie there were cops checking bags and whenever gun shots went off in the movie I couldn't help but to have a mini panic attack. I've never felt so unsafe in a movie before.

  41. I used to live near that that theater and my siblings were going to go see a movie that day but decided against it. I'm so grateful that they didn't because I don't know how many would be here today if they did.

  42. i live in colorado and when this happened it was terrifying, the movie theater in my town was closed and we had the day off of school. one of the scariest days of my life, and now we don’t have midnight showings, the latest are like 10:45 and rarely even 11

  43. Mass shooters have replaced serial killers. Any movie theater, mall, store, school, restaurant, concert, festival, bar, or nightclub is no longer safe . It's a sad fact we all have to live with now. 🙁

  44. My friend came in to aurora from out of town. Me her and two of my other friends pulled into the lot to get tickets because EVERYONE was going and my other two friends were big fans. At the last minute we made a random decision to take my friend from out of town to lookout mountain cuz she’d never been there and we wanted to give her an experience that she couldn’t get everyday. I never told my mom we changed our minds about the movie so she thought we went. She called when she heard what was going on was freaking out and yelling wondering if i was okay when i told her we never went. This was at the time that nobody on the outside knew what was going on. A shooting, a bombing, no one knew. The cops made us leave lookout on their way to aurora. Cops in other cities were going to assist because there was so many hurt and killed. I am so thankful that we never walked in. Because who knows if myself or any of my three other friends would have ever walked out. RIP to the victims. We are all still hurting here.

  45. Imagine how it is to experience one of the most scary experiences in the world at a place of public service and being a surviver of a insane man's wrath against the world. They are lucky to be alive and thank all the brave officers and ambulance drivers who helped the injured. And to just innocent civilians. Truly terrible.

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