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ALEX: Oh, my clothes! Oh, am I frizzy?
I’m getting frizzy! You asshole! Go back to Jersey!
You can go back to Jersey! Come on, honey!
Please open the door! (SHIVERING) Whoa, nice pad. Oh, thank you. Hey, you are soaked. Do you want to borrow
a sweatshirt or something? No, no. I’m great, I’m great.
Thank you. Okay, but I am freezing, so… What are you doing there? Well, it’s wet. Actually, you know what?
I’ll take that sweatshirt. Oh, yeah. Thanks. So, that’s a great body
you got there. I mean, it could be the best body
I’ve ever seen in my life. Shut up. Besides Larry’s. But yours… Your tush looks like
it’s made of muscle, and Larry’s is made of pudding
and Quarter Pounders and God knows what. Well, these are real, by the way.
I mean, nobody thinks they are. Everyone thinks they’re fake,
but they are real. Alex. You don’t gotta lie to me.
We’re two girls hanging out. Come on. You kidding me?
There’s no silicone here, I swear. Oh, no big deal if they are or not.
I don’t care. I’ve got nothing to hide.
Feel them. Feel them?
Feel them. I mean, I… (STUTTERING) I have a… I’d rather feel a flabby man pec,
to be honest with you, but in the name of science,
if you need me to hold your bodacious Bahama mamas, or whatever the guys call them nowadays,
I’ll do it. Yes, go ahead.
Oh! Well? Yeah, they’re real. Told you. And creamy. And fun. For someone who would like
something like this, this is… But to me, it’s, like, ew. I just got a little nauseous there,
touching them. That’s funny. You want a bite? No, no, no.
Feeling them’s enough. I’ll do that again. No, no, I meant food.
Are you hungry? Oh! I’m sorry. Yeah, no… Just… That was funny. (CHUCK LAUGHING)

100 thoughts on “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (9/10) Movie CLIP – Real & Creamy (2007) HD

  1. I wish they would've uploaded the scene where Chuck (Sandler) apologizes to Larry (James) after their argument about Chuck and Alex (Jessica Biel) being romantically involved with each other,because it happens to all of us, including myself; sometimes when you say something offensive, especially to someone you love very much, it's like "Uh-oh, I shouldn't've said that!" That was one of my favorite scenes

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  3. Oh my God this is it!
    A few years ago I saw this video on this exact same day and today I found it!
    This calls to liking the video!

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