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Auto! Auto! Auto! Auto! Auto, stop! I have found you at the right time.
Stop! Stop! I had to meet you early morning?
– Please. Please. Drop me to film city.
– I am late. I won’t come. Please. It’s urgent.
– I have to go for work. Please.
– Get down. Get down. I have been waiting
for an auto since an hour. I am not finding any auto.
Please understand. – Fine. Please.
– Sit. You always have some problem. Come on. Let’s go. Please.
– You won’t let me live peacefully. Marry a nice boy.
Is it necessary to be a director? Marriage and children,
these things are not my cup of tea. Fine. It’s your life. It’s your wish. By the way,
who is the scapegoat today? Someone said it’s the producer.
You know, don’t you? Producers are the ones who invest their
money and then become scapegoats. And heroines are
the ones who kill them. It will always be like that. At times action. At times love story. Yes. He is irritating
me by talking about love story. Where do I get the love story from? A love story to launch the hero. A love story to launch the heroine. New director, new producer. He will kill me.
– Don’t yell. People will misunderstand.
– Yes. Stop! Stop! My office is here. You said it’s a cinema office.
This looks like a software company. Yes. He has a software company too. Which story are you going to narrate?
– Love story. All the best. Come in the evening to pick me up.
– Yes. I will see. Good afternoon, sir.
– Good afternoon, madam. Tell me. I have come to narrate the story, sir. I see. Please sit. You came now.
My game is also not over. Tell me the one-liner. If I like it,
I will hear the full narration. Okay?
– One-liner? Shall I tell you the screenplay? It will be good if I narrate
it like that. – Okay. You might not like the one-liner. First tell me the one-liner. I will
tell you whether it’s good or not. Fine, sir. Time heals everything.
This is the concept, sir. If you fail in love, the
world doesn’t come to a standstill. You have to live with that grief, sir.
– What? What? Does it have a negative ending? In the end we will show
that he falls in love.. ..with someone else, sir. Yes.
– No. Look, madam.
We have to change the industry. – Yes. I am giving you a chance
because you are a woman. Yes, sir.
– Do you understand? I am going to launch him.
– Yes. Yes, sir. Love story. Action.
Romance. Sentiments. Family drama. This is the formula. Did you understand?
– Yes. I want something
new using this formula. I want such a story. Go and write. We will change the industry.
– Fine, sir. Don’t lose hope, baby. Whenever I play this game,
someone comes to disturb me. Out. Sir. I have another
story like the one you said. Shall we hear it?
– Fine. I forgot to tell you in haste.
Give me five minutes. I will narrate a scene. If you like it, we will proceed, sir.
– Sure. Our man is very
attractive and handsome. Man?
– I mean, hero, sir. Okay. Okay. He should have a powerful
screen presence. – Of course. Our hero is a very good swimmer, sir. In the first shot he
dives into the swimming pool. All the girls in the theater
are smitten. – Naturally. Because the boy is handsome,
sir. – Yes. What can the poor girls do? Yes. Very true. – Absolutely, sir. Thanks. Firstly, he is handsome. Moreover,
he has a powerful screen presence It’s obvious. He takes
admission in a famous college. It’s necessary.
– It’s absolutely necessary. Yes. There is a boy in our love story. It’s important to have a girl too. Look, a beautiful girl.
As if she is a nymph. There is nobody as beautiful
as her in the whole city. It looks as if she has
been imported from Mumbai. Excuse me. I have been imported
not from Mumbai but from Chennai. Okay. Okay.
Regardless of where she is from. She takes admission
in the same college.. ..where Sanju has taken admission. Sorry, boss. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
– It’s okay. It’s okay. The first day he sees her,
he falls for her. “From the time I saw you.” “I couldn’t think of anything.” “I forgot the world.” “I don’t understand anything.” “Are you real or a dream?” “Whatever you are, you are fabulous.” “You are melody and tune.” “You are my love.” “Are you day or night?” “You are unspoken words.” “You are love and affection.” “You are my love story.” “Just listen.” This should be the practical lab.
It’s mentioned in the map. No. No. Look, it’s not here.
– I am unable to confirm. He might know. Hello. Boss. Boss. Boss. Are you first year?
– Yes. Hi. This is Nandandas Mishra.
Short form Nandu. I am Virendradas Sinha.
Short form Viren. – Yes. Boss. Boss. Boss. Boss. Boss.
– Boss. Boss. One second. One second. Boss. Boss. Practical lab should be here, right? Next to the library. We looked for it.
But we didn’t find it. Can you help us out?
– How can it be next to the library? It should be next to the computer lab. Ask someone.
– No. Next to the library. If it’s next to the library
why didn’t we find it? We are looking for it since a long time.
– It’s next to the canteen. Check out. It won’t be right to go there. Once girls enter ladies’ room,
they don’t come out so soon. Is it important to apply makeup? Look, boss. Without the campus map,
how did you find out? Too much, boss. Really.
– Look, don’t call me boss. I don’t like it. Call me Sandeep. Short form. No. I have a short name. Whatever. Meet our new friend. Hey! This is Neelu. Neelima Sethu. Does everybody have a short form? What are you saying, boss?
Everybody has a short form. Is this a new trend? Don’t you know, boss.
This trend originated in North India. Poor guy doesn’t know.
If he doesn’t know..’s our duty to tell him. Shall we tell him again?
– She told him. It’s enough. Now don’t tell him again. So what if she told him?
I will also tell him. Guys. – Why do you want
to say the same thing repeatedly? Chill.
– I don’t think she will come out soon. Let’s go. Let’s attend
the class on the first day. Tell me. Where is your den?
– I will tell you. I will tell you. Canteen.
– Is canteen a place for den? What are you saying, boss? Canteen and coffee shops are trendy.
– Yes. You forgot to tell him.
– Yes. By the way, Sandeep. Sandeep.
– Sandeep. Sanju is nice.
– Yes. It will suit you.
– It’s nice. You even changed my name.
– Yes. “From the time I saw you.” “I couldn’t think of anything.” “I forgot the world.” “I don’t understand anything.” “Are you real or a dream?” “Whatever you are, you are fabulous.” “You are melody and tune.” “You are my love.” “Are you day or night?” “You are unspoken words.” “You are love and affection.” “You are my love story.” “Just listen.” “You are my queen.” “You are my beloved.” “You are mine.” “You are my darling.” “From the time I saw you.” “I couldn’t think of anything.” “I forgot the world.” “I don’t understand anything.” Good afternoon, students.
– Good afternoon, sir. I have prepared the lab list. Nandu. Viren.
– Sir. 20.
– Sandeep. Swapnika. Yes, sir.
– 5. Tanvi. Neetu.
– Sir. 17.
– Aadu. Naveen. Sir.
– 4. “I think about you all the time.” “I look for you everywhere.” “I dream about you.” “Because you are dearest to me.” “Nobody is as beautiful as you.” “I want to live with you.” “I want to love you.” “Look, just say it
once that you are mine.” “I don’t want to lose you.” “Give me a piece of your heart.” “Just listen.” “You are my queen.” “You are my beloved.” “You are mine.” “You are my darling.” Tell me your name. Tell me your name. Haven’t your parents given you a name? Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Fine. Don’t tell us your name.
We are going. – Go. Go. Go. Go. Let’s go.
– It’s okay. What a mess! What have you done? My sheet.
– What happened? Why are you crying?
Why are you crying? My father will kill me.
– Did I touch you with my hand or leg? No.
– Sorry. Sorry. If I get less than
100 marks in any subject.. father will kill me. Because of you I am unable
to finish the lab work fast. My father will kill me.
– Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Hold on. Hold on. What is the problem?
I will make everything alright. Look. Now see.
– This is not right. This is not accurate.
– Okay. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.
Look, I have erased this. Okay? I have erased it. I have erased it. I think he has gone crazy. Is there any cure for this ailment? How can someone fall
in love at first sight? I don’t understand. He has certainly gone crazy. There is no cure for this ailment. I suggest let’s introduce him to her.
– Wait. Leave me. Let me go. Look, I am saying it won’t be good. Thanks. Please. Leave me.
– Yes. We will leave you. She has come. Leave me. Leave me. By the way,
you have not met my friends, have you? No.
– Come. I will introduce you to them today. What happened? This is Nandu.
– Hi. I am Tanvi. It’s actually Nandandas Mishra.
– Okay. That’s Viren. Hi.
– Hi. We have some work.
See you later. Okay? Okay.
– Bye. Let’s go. Where? What happened?
What are you looking for? I am looking for his blood marks.
– You fool. You don’t know about your marks.
And you are looking for blood marks. Will you have sandwich?
It’s really delicious. Chhotu, three chicken sandwiches. Bring it fast. Sorry, guys. I saw her all of a
sudden. That’s why I panicked. Sorry. If you dread so much, it’s not done. How will you entice the
girl if you behave like that? This is silly.
This is the first time I am seeing.. ..a boy feeling shy
to speak to a girl. She is a girl. Not a bomb. Hello. Bomb is still
better than girls. You are exceptional.
Please don’t mind. What do you mean?
– I don’t mean that. Girls have too many complications. What is the complication in me? I am not talking about you. Fine. I will tell you my problem. I will get introduced to her.
What will happen next? She will give a speech everyday.
I will have to hear that. She will walk alongside me.
So I won’t be able to see her. So I won’t have the option
of looking into her eyes and talking. Just imagine. A beautiful
girl is walking in the campus. Boys will pass comments
when they will see her. They will tease her.
It’s quite normal. She will look at me.
If I react, she won’t like it. I will go to them and say.. ..”Boss. Boss,
it’s not right to pass comments.” They will say, “Get lost.
Do your work.” I said the right thing. If I back off,
my image will get spoilt. I will bash them up. What will happen the next day? They will bring more guys. After that I will bring more men. This never-ending process will go on. And half the college
will become my enemy. You will see injury
marks everywhere on my face. It’s fine. I am ready to do all this. She is worth it. I admit it. But I will tell you
what will happen next. We will meet. I will tell
her the things I have done. And when I will talk about marriage,
what will she say? Sanju, you are my friend. That’s it. It’s fine if she says that. With the hope that someday
she will say yes, I will move on. But if she says, “Sanju,
you have done such a great thing.” “Do you know? You are fulfilling
the duty of a brother.” “I wish I had a brother like you.” What if she says that? What will I do?
I will feel like committing suicide. Is it important to
complicate my peaceful life? I simply stare at her with my eyes. It’s enough for me. Chhotu.
– Yes, sir. Sir, chicken sandwich. It’s hot. Carefully. Man! Hey! Get up! What are you doing?
If someone sees, what will he think? How can you be patient? How? You are mind-blowing. How did you have such
brains at such a young age? Don’t worry.
You guys will also do well. I have a sister who
is six years elder to me. That’s why I matured before age.
– Okay. Your time will also come. Let’s go.
– Yes. She might have gone far. Okay? Are you guys also thinking
what I am thinking? Are you also thinking the same thing? I always think evil. Let’s go. Sandeep.
– Sir. Your partner has complained about you. From today you will
have another lab partner. Sir, I am doing everything right.
– No. New lab partner. Shall we start?
– Yes. By the way, I am Tanvi. What are you doing? Sorry, boss. Sorry, boss.
– You drenched me. How did she come here?
– I am Tanvi. Don’t you have manners to say hi? Sorry. I wasn’t expecting you. Hi. Hi. I am Sanju. Hi. By the way,
why did you make that poor girl cry? I didn’t do anything.
She only cries all the time. Fine. Beware of me. Take that paper. Pay attention. Yes. Okay.
– Oh God! He is looking. We will have to think of something. Everything is going as per our plan. Whose ruse was it? What are you saying?
What are you talking? It happened because
you made that girl cry. There are also students
also in the class. Why did I get only her as my partner? I also said I want
to change my partner.. You! Now you are gone!
– No. No. Leave me. I know. Only you can think so cheaply. Both of them will come to
their senses only when I kill you. I knew you don’t have manners. Don’t you have even basic decency? He is a nice boy.
He behaves like that occasionally. Where are you from?
– Where am I from? Hyderabad. Exactly. Where in Hyderabad?
– Madhapur. Real estate location. No need to speak so much. By the way, where are you from? We are rich people. Banjara Hills. Oh! Which school are you from?
– HPS. You mean, Hyderabad Public school?
– Yes. I was also in the same school. Which year did you pass out?
– 2008. Is that so? So did I. As far as I know, there was
nobody so talkative in my class. You see, in childhood
I was a very shy girl. ‘Silence. Sandeep.’ ‘Tanvi.’ ‘Get up.’ ‘What is the capital of India?’ ‘I said silence.’ ‘Tanvi, don’t cry. I just asked you,
what is the capital of India?’ ‘Why are you laughing?’ ‘I said silence.’ It’s you? It’s you? It’s you? It’s you? Sonny. Baby.
– Yes. It’s time for the class. Shall we go?
– Yes. Yes. Sure. Sure. “I am crazy for you.” “I will leave the world for you.” “I will write the saga of love.” “If you say yes, I will die for you.” “If you smile a little,
the weather turns pleasant.” “Understand this.” We have to teach her a lesson.
– Hey! Come quietly. Yes. “You are my queen.” “You are my beloved.” “You are mine.” “You are my darling.” Bring two cups of coffee.
– Nandu and Viren.. ..were staring at me like, you know. It was just crazy. And then I stopped smiling
for everything. – What a figure! Girls from other
class look much better.. ..than girls in our class, right? Exactly. I am in a fix.
– That’s why I attend other classes. Do you know?
That’s why you fail every time. We should get the girl,
even if we have to change the class. You are right, man.
I will bear that in mind. Excuse me, boss. Which year?
– First year. Sonny. You are a kid. Leave quietly. Okay. They are having a
round table conference. Let’s go.
– Yes. Idiots! Did you see?
Complications have started in my life. Listen, Tanvi. Friendship with
you will be full of complications. And I want peace.
– What do you mean? I mean, complications are
increasing because of you. – What? Because of you I will have
to quarrel with many people. You mean it’s my fault. Can’t
you even do this for your friend? She is blackmailing me emotionally.
It’s over. It means you will break
your friendship with me.. ..just because you will
have to quarrel with someone else. Hey! It’s not that.
This is the least I can do for you. If there is a relation stronger
than friendship between us.. ..I will wholeheartedly
fight with the entire college. You mean, brother? Oh my! Let’s go. He is a lost cause. Where are you guys going? Leaving me alone.
– No. Come here. Will all three of you.. ..leave easily after ruining my life? Listen. I can’t beat around the bush. I will come to the point. If you..are my girlfriend,
I will fight with the entire college. Girlfriend?
Have you seen your face in the mirror? What do I know about you
that I will be your girlfriend? So get to know me. – We speak
for only a few hours everyday. We aren’t talking. Talks are going on. Whatever.
It means one and the same thing. What do I know about you?
I don’t even know your favorite color. I knew it. I knew you
would talk about this point. Did you see? What is she
doing after making me do that? Will all of you stand
here like statues? Say something to her.
– He is correct. What correct?
– He is correct. Give me a moment. I will speak to her. Hold on. Hold on. Come here. May I help you? Look, it’s normal to have
a beautiful girl in college. It’s normal to have
a hero like him too. It’s normal to have a villain.. ..who passed comment
on you in the canteen. Look, if you don’t make Sanju your
boyfriend, one of those villains.. ..will tease you day
and night and harass you. Whether you have a
future with him or not.. can think about that later. If you reserve someone in advance,
you will be safe. What are you thinking?
– Yes. I knew nothing can be done.
– You know what. You are an evil person.
– I know. So Neetu has a valid point. But I don’t know anything about you. We will have to spend
some time together.. that I can know about
you and you can know about me. Properly.
– That’s it? From tomorrow we will come
to college one hour early.. ..and leave one hour late. We will cling to each other in
the class. You will know everything. That’s a good plan. One year is okay. One year? Are you kidding me? Are you planning to use me
as your bodyguard and later dump me? 10 days.
– What will happen in 10 days? In 10 days you can’t even find
out the brand of someone’s perfume. Max.
– What? Whatever. You say something. 8 months. Fix 8 months. 8 months is a long time. 15 days.
– Get lost! One month.
– Wait. 6 months. Not a single day less. Fine. 6 months is fixed.
6 months is fixed. I beg of you. Say yes.
– Try to understand. Fine. Yes! It will be fun.
– Keep quiet. “You are different
from everybody else.” “There is nobody like you.” “My eyes are neither
awake nor asleep.” “I want to touch the sky.” “I don’t like anything besides you.” “You are different
from everybody else.” “There is nobody like you.” “My eyes are neither
awake nor asleep.” How many times do I tell you?
Don’t you understand it at once? Hey! Are you crazy?
Don’t you have any sense? You are making the kids get drenched.
Bring them here. Brainless fellow. You kids come here. If you get fever, I will
have to take you to the hospital. Idiot! Come on. Bye.
– Bye. Bye. Are you crazy? Coffee.
– You have made the entire house wet. Listen.
– Thank you, mom. That was for your father and sister. What time was it when
you gave birth to him, mother? Where is my coffee?
– Your darling son took it. Go and drink it. Make another cup of coffee.
– That is my coffee. Damn! He always gives
me additional work. “Whatever you do seems good.” “Your talks are sweet.” “I am a true friend.” “Our friendship should remain intact.” “When I touch you,
I forget the world.” “What is happening to me?” “I think only about you.
I love only you.” “I love only you.” “You are different
from everybody else.” “There is nobody like you.” “My eyes are neither
awake nor asleep.” Hi. This is Sanju. Sanju, meet my husband.
– Hi. Hello. “Don’t think I am a vagabond.” “I am your crazy lover.” “My heart has gone crazy.” “In my company be like me.” “Beloved. My beloved.” “When I see you,
I can’t see anyone else.” “I want to make you mine.” “This is my desire.” “Why don’t you understand?” “You are different
from everybody else.” “There is nobody like you.” “My eyes are neither awake..” Tulsi. Boss. Boss.
– What? Are you on facebook?
– No. I am at home since morning. No. Sister-in-law is on facebook. I saw her at home in the morning. Don’t you know anything
about facebook? Is it a new coffee shop? Where is it? I know.
– Sorry. Boss. Boss. Look, sister-in-law. Let’s go to the library.
– Tanvi. Why? We were going there.
– Carefully. Let’s go. She left. Damn! Tulsi. Look. You shouldn’t kick. Stop.
– Aren’t you entertaining him too much? You are doing mischief. After how many days
are you helping me? Now show me.
– I don’t know. Forget it. After how long
are we talking at leisure? Tell me. Five years. That means before the kids were born. Yes. – We are looking
for a babysitter since a long time. Did we find anyone? So in a month’s time he
will get along well with the kids. We can leave the kids
with him and go for movies. You are absolutely right.
– Yes. Wow! Sister.
– Yes. I will leave. I have some work.
– At least have lunch. No, sister. It will be too late.
– Your brother-in-law is cooking. Oh God!
– Yes. Then leave it. Anyway, bye, sister.
Bye, brother-in-law. – Fine. Bye.
– Bye. Bye, kids. Bye. Come in the evening.
I will make pudding. Yes. Sure. Bye, kids.
– Bye. Come back to reality
and chop vegetables. I want an answer today itself. How can I tell you suddenly?
– Suddenly? Is six months suddenly? What did you do for six months? You would always stare at me. I would stare at you just like that.
Forget that. Six months are over.
That is important. I know what you do
for eight hours in a day. But I don’t know what you
do for the remaining 16 hours. Man, she is making excuses. I know. She has decided to use me.. her bodyguard
for four years in college. I don’t want all this.
I will look at her from a distance. I can’t endure this torture now. This is not what I mean. Just imagine. If we get married
and we have complains.. ..everyday there will
be quarrels and fights. Marriage?
Why are you talking about marriage? I see. So you are not
thinking about marriage. I mean, why to think
about marriage so soon? Listen. I want to clear
everything beforehand. If there is no clarity, leave it.
– Fine. If we like each other, we
will get married. What is the hurry? First let’s stay together
for 24 hours and see. Fine. Let’s do one thing. I will bring my luggage
and shift to your house. You please manage.
– Home? My family will kill me. Fine. Next plan. You come
to my house with your luggage. I will manage.
– No. No. My family will kill me. She doesn’t like anything.
She keeps saying the same thing. Say something. I will kill all of you. Say something fast.
Aren’t you all my friends? I will hit you with the ball.
Wait. Wait. Don’t run. You had fixed up all this. Stop! Stop! Where are you running? I won’t spare you. He has gone crazy.
– I will get hurt. How will it happen, man?
Sorry. How will it happen, ma’am? How is it possible for both
of them to be together for 24 hours? What will the family say?
– Exactly, sir. Like other love stories
we will send them on a tour. Amazing!
We will send them to Vizag tour. Not Vizag, sir.
– Why not? He is a rich boy.
He is studying in a rich college. Don’t think of anything
less than Ladakh or Kashmir, sir. You are right.
– So agree immediately, sir. It’s the launch.
– Yes. Ladakh will be fine. What kind of friends are you guys? Tour! Awesome! The tour is fixed.
– Yes! Tour? My family won’t agree.
– Why? Your family is rich, right? That is because my
father spends wisely. Listen. You will have
to think about us too. Our plight is becoming bad. Fine. I will manage somehow.
– Yes! Is your sun sign Cancer? Cancerians often go for love marriage. No. If papa finds out,
he will kill me. You will have a love marriage. Do you know?
– My mother will never agree. “We will never break our friendship.” Yuck! Is he a hero? What boring songs they are singing!
I am feeling bored. Sit down. You fool. Have you come to sing songs? If you forget your work,
it won’t be good. I like action.
– Strange. I also like the same things. What are the girls
talking for so long? From the time they
have boarded the bus.. ..they have been
chatting continuously. Tell us the joke. We will also laugh. I will tell you later. Forget him.
– Okay. Let’s talk.
– Look there. Okay. It’s amazing!
– Is it? “Whether we meet or not.” “Whatever we have..”
– Neetu, wait. “..we are happy with that.” Hey! What is he doing?
– You are crazy. I love you. What did he do?
– He picked up a bottle. I don’t understand why he did that. “Wonder what will happen tomorrow?” I am living for her. I hope she doesn’t
make me her brother. No. She will make me her boyfriend. You are not even worthy
of being a servant. Talking nonsense.
– Hey! What is he doing? I don’t understand. Come on. Have refreshments quickly. We will be on road for 2-3 hours. Beautiful location, isn’t it?
– Wow! Did he come? Excuse me. Let me go, boss. What is his problem?
– Who? That boy.
– Oh! I see. Tulsi. What happened? He is irritating me a lot.
I will kill him. Give us some time.
Everything will be fine. Uncle. He is my friend. We are friends. Since four days.. There is only incoming.
But no outgoing. There is no bowel movement. Take these pills. Three pills. Three pills.
– I have to take them together? Once a day.
– Once a day. Okay? For three days.
– Thanks. What did you do? He said to take one pill. Instead of taking
one pill for four days.. ..if you take all four pills together,
it will be more effective. He said to give one
pill to the person.. ..who has not passed stools for
four days. He passes stools everyday. What have you done? You crazy fellow. Your math has always been weak.
– Where did they go? Where did they go? Look, watchman. Hello, sir. We have come from Hyderabad. We are engineering students.
– Yes. It’s a nice place.
It’s a beautiful place. Can we use your bathroom
for two minutes? Only for two minutes.
Only for two minutes. I think he has agreed. Let’s go. Sir. Please, sir. Just two minutes. It’s an emergency. Try to understand.
– What to do? He won’t agree.
– What to do? Let’s go elsewhere.
– I will do it here. Control it. It’s just for a while. I can’t. – Be strong, my brother. No. Let me sit.
– Control it. Who is there?
– It’s an emergency, sir. Coming, sir.
– It’s not in our control, sir. Get up.
– Try to understand the problem, sir. Oh God! I am delighted to see their condition. They are in sync with the nature. I think I will have to go back. Come on. The bus is going to depart. Come on. Sir. Sir, please. Sir, one chance. Sir, one chance. Just let me
go to the bathroom for two minutes. I will show you my talent.
Please, sir. Whatever you want to do,
do it at the hill. Go. Morons. Morons. Wonder what they had! They had to come at 9 o’clock.
And they have come at 4 o’clock. Guys, today’s program has
been canceled because of the delay. Wake up early tomorrow morning. We will go for river rafting. Wow! Wow! The tour will get over gradually. When will we find
out about each other? Fine. Let’s find out. Just think.
You will tell me about yourself. I will tell you about myself.
This is not how it works. Everything should be automatic. I didn’t even sleep well last night.
I am tired. See you in the evening. She is showing attitude. It’s all the game of time. Hey! Can’t you see? A man becomes blind if there
is a beautiful girl in front of him. It’s not your fault. This age is such. I am Ramesh. Great! Now leave. Don’t you understand? Come on. Let’s chat and walk. You love Tanvi, don’t you?
– How do you know? It’s a little difficult.
But I will have to digest it. It’s important to do it. It’s better if you
know in the beginning. You will be hurt
if you go in the depth. I don’t understand anything. Forget her.
– But why? You don’t understand. Forget her.
– Exactly. Why? Because Tanvi doesn’t love you. What did you say? I know. I know. In such a situation you
must feel like jumping from here.. ..and committing suicide, right? But you need to be strong. What happened?
– Do you have a cigarette? Yes.
– Take cigarette from him. I don’t smoke.
– But I do smoke. Take it. Thank you, my son.
– It’s okay. That is fine. But Tanvi never
told me why she doesn’t love me. Leave it.
You won’t be able to take it. Fine. Hey! You love her. And she loves me. She loves me. She loves me. Is it enough?
Or shall I tell you more? Boss. Boss. I know. I know. This is how I would have also
reacted if I had been in your place. Forget her. Forget her. Forget her. You will get a rich husband. Are you speaking the truth?
– Yes. Can you see? He has four farmhouses.
– Really? I swear on you. And this line means it will
definitely be a love marriage. They start flirting
whenever they see a girl. They are shameless.
Disgusting! Perverts! I think poor guy is really worried. I think he baths only once a week.
– Is it? Those who are with him..
– Hey! Where are you going?
I have lit a campfire for you. For a walk.
– For a walk? And campfire? You guys enjoy.
– What did you say? Come on.
– You are right. Listen. Have I come
here to enjoy with you guys? Poor guy seems very frustrated. I told you. Move. Forget her. Who is he? He says Tanvi loves him. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can love Tanvi. I am unable to love her.
– Forget her. Who is he? He is six years senior to us.
– Six years. Instruction map.
– Hear the instructions properly. Everybody should carry the map.
– Thank you, sir. I will go with her. You go. Just go. Wait. I am coming. Neetu..what is your
opinion about Sanju? You are bound to say good things. Because you guys are friends. Neetu, tighten my life jacket belt.
I think it’s loose. Pass me the water bottle.
– There is no water bottle here. How did you come here? Surprise.
– Surprise my foot. How did you come here?
– You only said. If we want to know about each
other we will have to be together. That’s why I came on your boat. Listen. I am saying it again.
Everything should be automatic. It’s futile to plan it. How come? Watch this. Not this way.
Everybody is going that way. Exactly. Let them go.
There is privacy here. Forget about privacy. First check the map. Will we go back? What? Map? What kind of map? It means you didn’t take the map. Guiding map. Actually, I forgot. What? Why didn’t you take the map? How did you sit on
the boat without the map? Why didn’t you take it? The one who sits
behind is the navigator. So you should have taken the map. When the guide was giving
instructions, weren’t you listening? What were you doing at that time? I was looking at you. Still. For how long
will you look at me? You see, Tanvi, when I look at you.. ..I am unable to take my eyes off you. Oh God! I can’t take this. Fine. What to do now? What else? We will go
wherever the river takes us. But where is the river going? Why are you so tense, Tanvi? You are there.
I am there. The boat is there. There is a river under the boat. It’s such a romantic journey.
Just enjoy it. “It’s monsoon season.
The breeze is blowing hard.” Stop singing. Do you want to kill me? So you sing. I can’t sing.
– So let me sing. Oh no! No! Just hear the nature’s song quietly. Birds and river. Stone, leaves, birds. Sanju!
– Yes. Did you hear this sound?
– Yes. What yes? The current has become fast. It’s good. We will reach there faster. You also wanted the same thing. Sanju! Sanju, please! Please. Sanju! Sanju, please help me! Sanju! Sanju! Tanvi!
– Sanju! Tanvi!
– Help me! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! Tanvi! “You are hurt.” “But I am in pain.” “I will always be with you.” “I will never deceive you.” “You are my life. You are my worship.” “I don’t want to live without you.” “You are adorable. You are sweet.” “I don’t want to live without you.” “I will do everything for you.” “You are my world.” “Beloved. Beloved, it’s you.” “You are hurt.” “But I am in pain.” “I will always be with you.” “I will never deceive you.” “My world has become
fragrant with your aroma.” “I promise you.” “I am wherever you are.” “Whatever it is,
I won’t change my path.” “Know this.
I forgot myself and loved you.” “Hear the sound of my breaths.” “It takes your name all the time.” “I don’t want to live without you.” “I don’t want to live without you.” “Without you. Without you, beloved.” “I don’t want to live.” “You are hurt.” “But I am in pain.” “I will always be with you.” “I will never deceive you.” “You taught me love and loyalty.” “I have given you my heart.” “Time might change.
But my love won’t change.” “I always dream of you.” “I have asked you from God.” “I don’t love anything else.” “I am yours. You are mine.” “You are mine. I am yours.” “You are mine. You are mine.” “Beloved, I am yours.” The bridge must be somewhere around. Isn’t that our bus? Yes. Let’s go.
Let’s go. Let’s go quickly. Hey! Found you. What, man?
Both of you are enjoying together. Tulsi, not now. Is that so?
Will things be the way you want it? No, man. We are disturbed since three days. We are feeling extremely cold.
I don’t like anything. Back off, man. The bus is parked there. You can go. Let’s go.
– You go alone. Tulsi. Tulsi won’t give you another chance. You won’t listen.
I will teach you a lesson. You are acting smart with me.
Let me show you. Come. Look, I am saying
it for your wellbeing. Okay. Tell me something. What will you do
if I leave Tanvi here? Will you use her?
– Yes. You are saying yes.
You don’t even feel ashamed. Get lost!
– Run! What?
– Damn! Look, don’t hit.
Don’t hit. It will hurt. It will hurt. Let me tell you. Don’t hit me. No. One minute. One minute. Stop. Tanvi might get hurt.
Move aside, Tanvi. Come on.
– One moment. What are you doing, man? Come on. Come. I will cover you. You go. Go. I have not even started hitting. What is this? What are you doing?
– I would do his bidding. Nobody has any guts. Sanju!
– Catch him! Catch him! Don’t leave him.
– Sanju. Don’t leave him. Don’t leave him. Tanvi! Tanvi, please!
Be my girlfriend. She love you. Get lost! Will you hit me? Hit me. Tulsi. Are you fine? You have come again. Come. I will show you. Come. I can’t do all this. It’s enough. I am going. Foolish fellows. Are you alright? Hey! Where had both of you gone? We have been searching
for you guys since four days. What happened? Why is she crying? I will tell you.
Neetu, take care of Tanvi. Carefully. “You have touched
my heart in such a way.” “My heart thinks of you all the time.” “I smile when I think
about your talks.” “Yes. There is something
different about you.” “There is a storm in my heart.” “I am unable to
understand my feelings.” “What have you done?” “My heart thumps. My heart thumps.” “What have you done?” “What have you done?” “What have you done, beloved?” Stop here. I am leaving.
– You know what? Let me walk you home.
– Okay. Here you go.
– Thank you. This is our house. You were right. You are very rich. Yes. So..
– So? What have you decided?
– About what? You know.. Oh! Well..I don’t know. I am unable to decide.
– What? Look, we went on a tour. Perhaps you behaved
decently to impress me. I mean, it’s a possibility.
– What are you saying? Are you kidding?
– See, I mean.. ..if I have to spend
my whole life with you.. is very important
for me to know your behavior. What you did on the tour
could be preplanned too. Just to impress me. What is the guarantee that
you will be like that after marriage? Damn!
– Sanju, please don’t get irritated. You also think once.
– What shall I think? Is this a drama? What do
you girls think about yourself? If you like me, say yes.
Otherwise say no. What is the need to make
someone chase you for a year? Yes. You are always
ready to burst into tears. You have no right to talk
to me like this. You are hurting me. The wrongdoer is rebuking
the innocent man. You are hurting me. Here. Is there a rule that since
you like me, I should also like you? There is no rule. But pretending to like me
first and then saying no is wrong. Whatever! I don’t want..
– Get lost! I hate you. – Yes. I feel the same. I hate you more.
– Okay. Get lost.
– Kill me. This is the only thing left. It will be good if you die. Yes. As if the country needs you.
Get lost. Get lost.
– Get lost. What has happened
to him suddenly, mother? I have signed it. Thank you. And look at him.
He is planning to go to the US. What is this, son?
You are doing engineering here What is the need
to go there for masters? I am hungry.
First give me food, mother. He is like that only.
He changes the topic. What are you thinking? Eat. Move aside. Move aside. Let me see. Computer science.
Computer science. Computer science. Third building. Second floor. 206. Found it. Come on. What’s up, guys? Aren’t you excited?
– Hi. First year is over.
We are in second year. – Yes. It’s time for party, guys. Tanvi, what’s up?
How was your vacation? Alright. You are always holding a camera. Do you want to be a director? Yes. I will be a director. If you become a director.. ..Neelima Sethu name won’t suit you. Keep a filmy name. How about Nandini Reddy?
– Yes. Superb.
– Nandini Reddy. Director. Wow! At times he also gives good ideas. Sanju!
– What’s up? What’s up?
– What’s up? How are you?
– I am fine. Everybody is back together again.
– Sir has come. Sit down.
– Alright. Alright. Settle down, guys. Take your seats. What happened? What happened to him?
– What happened to both of them? So guys, what do you want? Red bull.
– Me too. Tanvi, you? Red bull is fine. Sanju, what will you have? You sit. I will get it.
– Okay. I also want Red bull. What happened?
– We should ask you that. What has happened?
– What happened? Nothing.
– It’s a lie. Fine. I said I am confused.
I need some time. Come on, guys. Be practical. I still don’t know him completely. You had befriended
him without knowing him. That is fine. Here you go.
– Okay. Thank you. Are you coming to the canteen?
– Yes. Sure. What happened? Tell me. What is the story?
– What story? The story that she also
won’t say unless you say it. She again said the same old story. I don’t know about you.
You don’t know about me. We should know each other. I don’t
know anything. Bullshit and all. She is right.
– What right? Do you think it’s a joke?
I spent four days in the mountain. I fought with Tulsi.
What else does she want to know? If she had to get impressed
with your fights and few dialogues.. would have happened long back. Girls who get enticed
quickly also dump you quickly. I am sure she is not among those.
Tanvi is a very smart girl. Just give her what she wants. Hi. Sorry. I was very rude the other day. No. Actually, it was my fault. – No. No. I am sorry.
I shouldn’t have forced you. I am really sorry.
– No. I am sorry. No. It’s totally my fault. I.. I shouldn’t have said that.
– Fine. Apology accepted.
On one condition though. What is that? You will come to my
house on Sunday for lunch. Lunch? Are you sure? I am sure. Think once more.
What if there is a problem? There won’t be any problem.
Sunday lunch at my place. Sure. Hi.
– Hi. Grandpa, he is my friend. Hello, grandpa. Why has he come to our house? I have invited him for lunch. Why? Isn’t food cooked in his house? Grandpa..
– Fine. Take him inside. Come. Hey! Wash the cups that
I had bought from London. Fine, ma’am. Tanvi, your friend has come. Hi. I am Tanvi’s mother.
What’s your name? Sanju, aunt.
– Sanju. Yes. Yes. Sanju. I am a little busy. It’s nothing. The magazine people have come. To take my interview. You can see that our
house is filled with antiques. That’s why.
Oh yes! Have food and then go. Okay? Please. Excuse me. Take care.
– Okay. Excuse me. Sari, makeup,
hair, everything is fine. Okay. You sit.
– Is everything ready? Yes. It’s done.
– Sure. Fine. Will you have water?
– Yes, please. Yes. Hello, uncle. Aren’t you Tanvi’s friend?
– Yes, uncle. Did you have lunch?
– I am about to have it. Chintu.
– Yes. Come here. I told you to have lunch.
Why are you watching TV? Do you have any sense? This is time for lunch.
And you are watching TV. You said to first do homework. Do your homework.
Don’t back answer me. Come on. Go. Bring your books and study.
Foolish boy. Have lunch before you go, son.
– Uncle. Have lunch before you go.
– Yes, uncle. Sit, son.
– Yes, uncle. Please sit. Sit. Have lunch before you go. What are you doing here? Papa has said to do homework. Go and do it inside. Have it. – I think someone
has cast an evil eye on the house. From the time her brother-in-law
has eloped with someone else.. ..there is no peace in this house. Call some priest. We will have to perform veneration
for the peace of the house. Shall we have lunch? Yes, please. Sure.
– Yes. What’s your name? Sanju, grandpa.
– Yes. Where is your house?
– HITEC city. Real estate money. It’s not like that. Father was..
– Is it? Where do you live? What?
– Grandpa, how can you.. What happened?
Is it wrong to ask something? You call anybody home. Why do you feel bad
if I ask something? Fine. Fine. Give him food. Will you have some more chicken? Nobody at home has eaten chicken. I am full. I don’t want it. What does your father do?
– Grandpa. Yadav, get rid of the crow. Foolish crow. It comes anytime. Have some more.. I am full. My appetite is full. I will leave now.
– Disgusting! Foolish crow. Leave. Hey! I will go. You just carry on. I am sorry. You had to hear all that. That’s totally fine.
It’s a family package. There is nothing much you can do. I know. You saw. You came for lunch.
And this is the condition. Had I said you are my boyfriend,
what would have happened? You are right. I get you now. Yes. I am sorry.
– Don’t be. So..when will you
come to my house for lunch? Why? Aren’t you content
with what happened here? No. You invited me home
and gave me my share of scolding. Don’t you want to hear scolding?
– Okay. Valid point. So..Sunday. Done. Raju, keep it in the lift. Hi. How do I look? Thanks. Shall we go?
– Sure. Come. I am so sorry. See who wants what. Mother. – Is everything fine? Yes, aunt. Sister. And her daughter. My brother-in-law is in the US.
– Okay. Listen. Do it properly. Do it properly. – That’s dad. What are you doing here? Go there. I told you to bring flowers.
Did you get it? – Yes. I got it. Yes. Adorn it. See that nothing goes wrong. Okay? What are you doing there? Come here. Tanvi, you have come. Come. Come. I was waiting for you. There is a lot of work to do.
Why are you late? I have not made the offering.
The priest is here. I have to prepare the betel leaf too.
Come. Come. I have not finished cooking too. The work is incomplete. Okay. Tell me. Can you cook?
– Yes. I can. Fine. You are dressed up well. If you cook,
your clothes will get spoilt. His sister is at the veneration.
See if she needs anything. Fine? Fine.
– Feel at home. Okay, aunt.
– Okay. Tanvi, where were you?
Why are you so late? Sanju said you will come early.
Come. Sit. Your sari is very pretty.
– Thank you. Hi.
– It’s time to feed her. I will feed her and come.
– Sure. Will you please handle it here?
– Sure. Pass me the plate. Do one thing, dear. Come and sit here. Dear, give me the cloth. Pass me banana and coconut too. So..
– Give me the fruit. Having fun?
– Yes. Sanju, come here.
– Coming. Tanvi, feed her milk.
She will go to sleep. I will handle it here. Yes. Sure.
– Yes. Give me the flower. Offer it to God. Carefully.
Have you never carried a baby? No. Carefully. Go and sit inside. Take care.
– Dear, pass me matchstick. You have come, dear. I was waiting for you since morning.
Where were you? She gave you the baby. She simply needs an excuse
to hand her over to someone. Give me. Dear, do you know how to make coffee?
– Yes, uncle. Make a cup of strong coffee for me.
– Okay. Listen. Don’t bring sugarless
coffee thinking I am old. Add extra sugar.
– Okay. Don’t let your aunt find out. You mean you have diabetes?
– No. What happened?
Did he say to make coffee? No need. He has had it ten times. Come. We will sit for veneration.
– Sorry. ‘Sanskrit chants’ Did you take offering?
– Yes. I took it. What about him? He is like
that since childhood. – Mother. Naughty fellow.
– What, mother? Okay. I will leave now, aunt. Yes. One moment. Here, dear. Aunt, what was the need for this? You have come home for the first time.
That’s why, dear. Thanks. Henceforth don’t come only
when there is veneration or wedding. You can come whenever you are free. Okay?
– Okay. Okay, aunt. I will leave, uncle.
– Yes. Bye. I will leave, aunt. Bye.
– Yes. I will see her off, mother. There is a lot of difference
between your family and my family. Not just that.
There was veneration at home. That’s why they let you off easily. Otherwise they would
have tortured you a lot. It’s nothing like that.
Your mom is very cute. Oh! Thank you. What are you doing?
– I wanted to hold your hand. After that, you don’t know about me. I don’t know about you. We should know each other well. After that I will think.
I hope you won’t say that. There is no need for that. “I look for you all day and night.” “Listen.” “My heart is saying hi to you.” “Why does your charm
make me crave so much?” “My breaths want only your fragrance.” “Why don’t I like
anything without you?” “I have become yours.” “I am lost in you.” “O beloved, I swear. I am yours.” “I want to own you.” “I don’t like it without you.” “I have made you mine.” “I am unable to think
of anything without you.” “Hum the melody of love with me.” “Listen, beloved.” “There won’t be another
crazy lover like me.” Friction is defined as resistance.. ..exerted by one body
upon the second body. The second body exerts
force upon the first body. When there is smoothness
between them.. “I do mischief.” “Support me in my mischief.” “Give me your hand.” “Listen, beloved.” “If I ever make a mistake,
don’t be angry with me.” “No. No.” “I want to own you.” “I don’t like it without you.” “I have made you mine.” “I am unable to think
of anything without you.” “Hum the melody of love with me.” “Listen, beloved.” “There won’t be another
crazy lover like me.” “When I come closer to you.” “Let me dwell in your breaths.” “I won’t let you go away.” “Now that we have united.” “We will never part.” “We will always be together.” “Beloved. Beloved. Beloved.” “You have snatched
my solace and peace.” “I look for you all day and night.” “You have snatched
my solace and peace.” “I look for you all day and night.” Listen. Submit it once it’s done. We are leaving. Here.
– Yes. Wait for two minutes.
We are also almost done. Hold this.
– If we are late by even a minute.. ..five marks will be deducted. You are talking as
if you are a topper. Shut up!
– I will submit it. Hey! Sit aside. How did he come here?
– Move aside. What happened? Are you done? You are unable to entice her. That’s why you are
making do with friendship. First tell me what the matter is. Before the tour Tanvi used
to look at me 3-4 times everyday. I don’t know what she would see in me. But she would look
at me once in an hour. I tried my best to avoid it. But it’s said love makes you helpless. Who?
– It could be anyone. Oh! Correct. Correct. I felt as if I will die for her love. I know. I know.
It’s natural for you to be shocked. Do you know? Anyone can fall for her. But I decided, Sanju.
I will have only one girl in my life. So why not her? That’s why I need your help. She is smitten by you.
So why do you need my help? She is a girl. That’s why she
is unable to express her feelings. I have decided that I will tell her. That’s why if I propose her.. ..without letting her
know that I know she loves me. She will feel happy. So arrange a meeting between us. It’s between us. What if she hits you? Don’t say that. Tell her to wait at the
ground after college gets over. I will handle the rest. Got that? Done.
– All the best. Hey! There is a defect in his eyes. That’s why he feels
Tanvi looks at him. Not only his eyes,
but his mind is also defective. Just like you. Moron. I see.
– He is too much. That means Tanvi’s
eyes are also defective. What is the flaw in me? There is nothing right in you. He is crippled.
Yet she is hitting him. Perhaps there is seriously
some defect in her eyes. Have you ever seen
your face in the mirror? I am really scared
thinking about my future. I will have to face many problems. Listen. Was your work done? It’s a lie. It’s all a lie. I know she likes me.
I can see it in her eyes. But despite liking me if
she says she doesn’t like me.. ..then what can I do? I think there is some family problem. Do you know anything? Her father is an ex-army major.
– I knew it. I knew. If she doesn’t
tell me her problem.. will I solve her problem?
Tell me. She is a kid. Don’t worry, Tanvi. God will finally accept
defeat and send you to me. I know that very well.
Very well. I know. Chill. He deserves beatings. You don’t have any sense. You are an adult.
But you are still childish. How did you take this decision? You didn’t think it’s
important to ask me. You always try to act smart. Oh God! Sit, brother. Sit. Look at him carefully.
He is an absolute useless man. Look. Chintu’s diaper
needs to be changed. His homework needs to be done. I am working in the kitchen. I am attending my office calls too. But it makes no difference to him. Instead of helping me,
he is watching TV. Look, you are speaking too much. I am listening to you since a
long time. You are speaking nonsense. I will.. – If you hit me,
it won’t be good. Let me warn you. What? What? What will you do? What do you want to do?
Will you hit me? Hit me and show. Fine. Fine.
Go. Go inside. Go and cook. I am on strike today. I won’t cook. I won’t cook.
– I won’t do anything. You won’t? – No. You will have to do it. Otherwise you won’t
get anything to eat. And don’t even think
of eating from outside. When he will starve,
he will come to his senses. What has happened, brother-in-law? I don’t remember. He said a few magical
words and I also got lured. I invited misfortune. My father did warn me. Don’t marry this useless man.
But I didn’t listen. I am repenting now.
Everything has changed. Do you know? He would come
to meet me in the park everyday. He would give me
a rose flower everyday. I thought my life will be fragrant. Now there is no fragrance in my life. Day and night I have
to wash his clothes.. ..I have to wash vessels,
cook delicious food for him. With his grace I
have two children too. I have to take care of them. Along with it,
I do a job and earn money. Despite doing everything there
is not even a smile on his face. My luck is bad. Your brother-in-law
wants another child. He is unable to handle
the ones he has. And he wants another child. He can’t keep things
at its proper place. He brings cold water from the fridge. But who will keep it back? I will. I am a free maid, after all. Had I spent a few days
with him before marriage.. ..I would have known the actual story. But what’s the use of saying it now? Look at your brother-in-law carefully. Don’t let your wife become like me. Only then will you be happy. Otherwise if you also
try to dominate her.. ..everything will go wrong. If you become like him even
mistakenly, everything will be over. Your life will become hell. Okay. Okay. The thing
is that I think she is right. Wow! Seriously.
You are saying she is right. This is news. About what? The same thing. The whole
thing about I don’t know about you.. don’t know about me. We should first know each other well. Our likes. We should spend
more time together. And all that. But it’s nothing like that.
She has said yes. – I know that. I do love her. And I would love to spend
the rest of my life with her. She was talking about compromise too. You know,
I think she deserves that experience. She just wants to see how her
life will be with me for four days. And that’s what she wanted. Isn’t it?
– Yes. Okay. But how is it possible? That is what I don’t understand. What if both of you go out somewhere? That won’t work. We returned from the tour recently. Okay.
– We have to live in this city. We have to live in the same house. We have to live the way
we are in our daily life. College, food, travel.
Everything should be the same. But we have to live together. Simple. If you send her family
to another place, it will be done. What will you say? Uncle, my friend and your daughter.. ..want to stay in your house
as husband and wife. – Yes. Why don’t you and aunt go
to your village for a few days? He will say, “Certainly, son.” “Look. We will pack our
bags and leave immediately.” “Tell them to come.” Is this your idea? You fool. Three days. Four nights. With
three star accommodation in Bangkok. Lunch, breakfast, dinner included. For just Rs.29999 a day. Will it do?
– Not at all. Exactly. What if you get it for free? Thanks a lot. Bangkok.
– Your planning is pathetic. Who will pay money for Bangkok?
His father? ‘A Paradise In Wilderness’.
A family reality show. ‘A Paradise In Wilderness’. Whatever you do, there shouldn’t
be any problem. Be careful. Papa, ‘A Paradise In Wilderness’. Obviously. Shopping first. Bangkok. Bangkok.
– Bangkok. What about our daughter? She has returned from
college tour recently. It’s for Chintu,
your father, you and me. How will they know our names? They are going to give us a bumper
offer. Won’t they know our names? They have a database.
You simply make arrangement to leave. Okay.
– Go. Papa, I will take my toys too.
– Go. Father. Hey! Airport. Airport. Airport is behind. I know. Don’t worry. Over smart. The airport is that way. I told you. I know. Where are you going? I was told to drop you people here. Who told you?
– I don’t know that. Pay the fare and get down. Did he say to pay the fare too? Will I give you a ride for free? Wait. Wait. They are here. Okay, guys. You are ready? Here we go. Keep this map.
You have to follow this map. Okay? You look like winners.
Come on. Get going. Wait. Are you guys playing a drama? After all, who are all of you?
– Sir. Sir, show coordinate crew
of ‘A Paradise In Wilderness’. What do you mean?
Why did you drop us here? We should have been on the
flight to Bangkok. – Sir. Sir. Call your boss. I will complain
to the police. – Sir. Sir. I will meet you in the court.
– Sir, please. Please. Please calm down, sir. Actually, we had decided
that we will send the winners of.. ..’A Paradise In Wilderness’ to Bangkok.
– So? What happened is that our
computer got infected with virus.. ..since we inserted
pencil instead of pen drive. That’s why we have chosen
you people as the winners, sir. Yes. So? – Accordingly,
we have to send you for Bangkok trip. Yes. – But if we send you to Bangkok.. ..without doing the game show,
what will others think? That’s why just co-operate a little. Many people are vying for the prize. But you don’t say anything.
– Okay. Don’t back off. If we stay here for long, people
will suspect us. – Yes. Keep this map.
Get into the next truck. – Okay. The game will start wherever it halts. Follow the map.
You people will be the winners. After that you will party in Bangkok. Get going, sir.
– Okay. Okay. Fooled them.
– Listen. They have left. It’s great.
– Listen. Where is your family? They have gone to Bangkok. How did they go to
Bangkok all of a sudden? I don’t know. They were
talking about some bumper offer. You mean,
we can stay here for four days. Oh! That’s why you
have brought your bag. I am always prepared, you know. You are too much. Is this necessary?
– Let’s go. Come on. “Run. Run, DK Bose. DK Bose.” “Run. Run, DK Bose. DK, run.” “Run. Run, DK Bose. DK Bose.” “Run. Run, DK Bose. DK, run.” “There is a storm. There is a storm.” “Run. Run, DK Bose. DK, run.” “Run. Run, DK Bose. DK Bose.” “Run. Run.” “Run. Run.” “Run. Run.” Papa, I don’t want to play this game. Let’s go. Nandu. Get up. Oh no! We have lab today. Sanju. Sanju, get up. We are getting
late for college. Get up. Let me sleep for some time.
– Sanju, please get up. Come on. Sanju. Come on. Let’s go. Bag. Please. Hurry up. We are getting late. Hurry up. Papa. Papa. What happened to you, papa? Papa, your son-in-law has killed you. Papa. What happened? You were sleeping, papa? Papa was sleeping. He is used to sleeping with
his eyes open when he is scared. I forgot. Where is the map? Oh Lord! What is going on? Save us. We are here. We have to go that way. Which way?
– That way. I can’t do it. As per the instructions,
if we don’t reach there on time.. ..we won’t even get lunch. We will think about lunch later. I want to have breakfast first. Only then will I be
able to walk properly. You didn’t give me pizza last night.
– Look. There are chips. You can eat that. Did you eat it? It’s over now. He is saying it’s over. I can’t do anything without breakfast. You can do whatever you want. Chintu, come on.
– My life is ruined. Papa, don’t tie it so tightly. The blood circulation will stop. Crazy. We have to reach home by 7 o’clock. We will enjoy. I have to go to the bank at 7 o’clock. There is IPL match at 7 o’clock. Always the same thing. Fine. Let’s go then. Now both of them are alone.
– Bye. Bye.
– Bye. Here we go, princess.
– That’s so sweet, honey. So will you not pay for that today? Damn! When mother is not there,
even the servant goes on a holiday. Why are you staring at me?
I can’t do the cleaning part. The servant will come tomorrow.
She will do it. Let’s go to sleep.
– What if she doesn’t come tomorrow? If she doesn’t come tomorrow,
I will help you, darling. Promise?
– Promise. Sure?
– Yes. We will see. Don’t sleep. First go and take bath. I did swimming just now. That’s why I am telling
you to take bath. Go. Shall I go alone to bathe? Yes.
– No. I mean, if you also come along.. Hey! No. This is not a movie. Bathe alone. Take the position. Chintu. Chintu. Chintu.
– Who is calling me? I am your father.
I thought a lot the whole night. Only strength is not enough
to survive in this jungle. Besides that you need God’s help too. Papa, I had watched an English
movie day before yesterday. Yes. – In that movie the
hero meets with an accident.. ..and comes to a jungle. Yes.
– He faces a lot of hardships. He invokes God. God comes in the form
of a ball and helps him. Well done, Chintu.
You arrange for God. I will bring the veneration items.
– Okay, papa. Very good, son. I will be a little late today, baby. My friends are calling
me to play volleyball match. Try to come early.
Please. I will be alone at home. Sure. I miss you. If you speak like that I
will skip swimming and the game. And come immediately. Okay. Fine. Bye. Bye. Damn! Let Sanju come.
Then we will clean it. Yuck! Come on, Sanju! Come on! Sanju, come on! You see..
– Okay, guys. I have to go. I will catch you guys later. Come on. Bye.
– Bye. This is your party, right?
You have won. Why are you leaving so soon?
– Let me go. Where are the keys?
– Have you become an unmarried husband? Move. What’s the hurry? Sit for some time.
– Where is it? It was here.
– Keep quiet. You need her permission to drink too. Don’t listen to him. You go. You need her permission
to have one peg. Ignore him. You go. One peg. One peg. Only one. I swear on him. Only one.
– Don’t swear on me. Come. Sit. That’s better. You are my true friend. Hello, pizza hut. How was your day? Today I scored the maximum
points in volleyball match. It was great fun.
You should have come. Why are you looking
so beautiful today? Pizza. Oh! You are angry because
I didn’t hug you first. Here..
– Don’t. Don’t touch me. You are filthy. What are you saying? Is that so? Is that so? Is that so?
– Stop it. Stop it, Sanju. I am really mad at you. Okay? How much? This much? This much? This much?
– Stop it. Stop it. Please. Are you drunk?
– No. No way. Sanju, please stop it. I hate you.
– I totally hate you too. Sanju, please stop it. Please. No. Sanju, please stop it. Stop it. No. I am sorry. Please.
I am sorry. I am.. I am really embarrassed
for what I did last night. I promise. It won’t happen again. I know you are very angry.
– Hey! Come on. I said I am sorry. I have heard that many times.
Just get out of my house. What? For such a trivial matter? Is this a trivial matter?
Is this a trivial matter? Fine. Forget that. You said we will clean the house. So where did you go?
– Are you serious? You said you will come in half an hour.
And you came at 11 o’clock at night. Moreover, you were drunk.
– So what? On top of that you tried to take
advantage of me. – No. I did not. Yes. You did try to.. Just get out of my house. Please.
– This is freaking ridiculous. If you utter another word,
I don’t know what I will do. Please listen.. I will call the police.
I am warning you. Out. Get out. “What mistake have I committed?” “Someone tell me.” “Why have I become a betrayer?” “When I have loved only you.” “You were my world.” “But you didn’t understand.” “My world was only you.” “You didn’t understand.” “You have become alone.” “And I have become alone.” “There is pain of
separation in the eyes.” “How do I endure this atrocity?” “What mistake have I committed?” “Someone tell me.” “Why have I become a betrayer?” “When I have loved only you.” Please. It’s my life.
Let me live it. Please. Stop it. “I miss you all the time.” “Your memories torment me.” “I was loyal to you.” “Why am I crying?” “Your bitter words hurt my heart.” “Your sweet talks have
now turned into complains.” “I have severed all ties.” “I have broken all promises.” “You have become alone.” “And I have become alone.” “There is pain of
separation in the eyes.” “How do I endure this atrocity?” “I had considered you mine.” “Why have you punished me?” “I had loved you.” “What was the reason for betrayal?” “My joy has turned into sorrow.” “There is pain in my heart.” “I won’t love you.” “I won’t consider you mine.” “I won’t give you
a place in my heart.” “I will let my grief consume me.” “You have become alone.” “And I have become alone.” “There is pain of
separation in the eyes.” “How do I endure this atrocity?” Wait. Look, 50% discount. Hold the bag. I will just come. You have shopped two full bags. Wait for two minutes. I am coming. You are saying two minutes.
But you will take two hours. You are also talking like
your brother-in-law. Hold this. Are you sure?
– The shirt will look really nice on you. I am telling you. You will certainly look handsome.
– Okay. Fine. Sanju, how come you are here? Sister has gone for shopping.
– Where is she? She is not to be seen.
– There is 50% discount. She has gone inside. There is 50% discount.
– Oh God! Hold the bag. I will just come. What is this?
You have done three bags of shopping. I will come in two minutes. You say two minutes.
But you take two hours. Hold this. I will just come. Come. Is everything okay?
– Why? What happened? The problem between you and sister.
Is everything fine? Problem? What you saw the other day? That was a small quarrel. Thank God.
I was so scared. I was afraid that both
of you might separate. Separate? For such a small thing? Is this a trivial matter?
– Look, little brother. Minor quarrels are common. Be it minor or major, it’s the same. But fighting and then saying sorry.. ..again fighting and saying sorry.. Don’t you feel bad?
– It’s of no use. It’s time.
I will have to give the divine sermon. Dear, what is the matter?
What is your problem? I will tell you, Lord. How can you find out
what’s in a woman’s heart? If the first question is bouncer,
it’s not done. Start with an easy question.
– Okay, Lord. How to win from a girl in a fight? It’s a very easy question, dear. You should get up
and leave immediately. Why, lord? Because no man can win
from a woman in arguments. Why didn’t you get up? Despite hearing all the rebukes.. did you stay there? If I had left the other day,
I wouldn’t have been.. ..standing in front of you today, son. Why, lord?
– Are you confused? No need to be afraid. All the confusion will be cleared. Next question. Tell me, lord.
I don’t want to fight with her. So what should I do? Crazy fellow.
It’s not in your hand, son. If there is a fight and
if it’s my fault, I apologize. But she doesn’t do the same thing. It’s simple, dear.
Irrespective of whose mistake it is.. only will have to apologize. Why is it so, lord?
– That’s because men speak logically. But women speak about
relations and not logic. That’s why they are right, son. Why are they always right, lord? Those who have nothing
to do with logic.. ..can’t differentiate
between right and wrong. That’s why they are always right. It’s not done, lord. If it is like this,
it won’t be like that, son. If it’s like that,
it won’t be like this, dear. What should I do, lord? No matter what happens,
don’t make them emotional. What is that, lord?
– It’s the flow of emotion, son. It can even cause a tsunami. Be careful. Listen.
– Yes. Payment. Whose sari is this?
– Hold this. Yes. Give me. Isn’t it a fabulous offer, sister?
– Yes. I should thank you. Next Saturday there
is a discount at Vishal. Will you come?
– Oh yes. We will go on Saturday, won’t we? What happened, Sanju?
Nowadays you don’t come home. Come in the evening.
I will make vermicelli for you. Yes. Okay, sister.
– Okay? Give me. Okay, then. I will leave. Bye, sister.
– Bye. Bye.
– Do come in the evening. Did you check the luggage?
– Bye, everyone. Yes. I have kept it, papa.
– Okay. Careful, son.
At least let me come to the airport. Mother, look.
If you cry, I won’t be able to go. That’s why I am not letting
you come to the airport. Look.
– I will be fine. He will be back in six months.
– Yes. Why are you crying and sending
him off? Send him off happily. Bye.
– Don’t cry. Bye, papa.
– All the best, son. Bye.
– Bye. Take care, son. Don’t beat me. Don’t beat me.
I didn’t do anything. How did you come here? I should ask you that question. How did I come here?
– What do you mean? Will I agree if you tie me up? You are mistaken.
– You.. Don’t argue with me.
And I don’t need to mollify you. I see. So why did you tie me up? Are you crazy? What am I asking?
You are actually crazy. You called me crazy. You are crazy. Your entire family is crazy. I will send you to
prison and get you beaten. You are talking too much
just because I am quiet. Just untie me and see. You are being rude to me. Will you hit me? Will you hit me?
Take this. – Take this. Take this. Take this.
– Acting smart. Stop! Both of you are tied up. But
both of you didn’t stop quarreling. Brainless Tom and Jerry. At least fight for a logical reason. It’s futile to tie you up. You start fighting
when you come face-to-face. He is Nandu.
– You recognized me. Nandu, it’s you? I will..
– Yes. That means the other
two samples are also with you. Yes.
– Yes. Have you gone crazy? I should have been at the airport. If I miss my flight,
I will be in trouble. I will.. What have you done? This is called an electric shock. Why have you tied us? Are you saying something?
We can’t hear. All of you have made the plan.
What can I say? Nothing. Tanvi, do you also have any doubt? What? Everything is clear. I am just.. No question. You guys can relax now. We can see. We can see. We can see everything from here. Oh man! You have installed cameras. Sorry, sir.
I didn’t expect this from you. Guys, despite tying both
of you in the same room.. ..we couldn’t arouse
love in both of you. You guys think that both
of you don’t love each other. That’s why you guys are fighting. Don’t think we are
enjoying tying both of you. We are providing you a medium. We are going to college. Do you guys want
to be with each other? Decide that by the time we return. What? Will we have
to stay here till evening? With her?
– With him? I can’t do this.
– I also can’t do this. Damn!
– Damn! Damn! Don’t waste your energy. It’s futile. Someone has said it right.
It’s a grave sin to hurt someone. Is that why you also
have been tied up? Look..
– Yes. What will you do? What will you do? Not like that. Wait and watch. I will tell my papa and
get you beaten by local goons. Then you will come to know.
– Hey! Who are you talking about? Your papa? We made a mistake
by calling him back.. ..from the jungle in four days. It would have been good if he
had stayed there for a while longer. He would have made a home
over there and crowed like a cock. You are giving me his threat.
Get lost. Am I scared? Hey! Hey! Tanvi! Tanvi! Listen. Listen. No, Tanvi! No. No. Tanvi, it’s hurting me.
Tanvi, it’s hurting me. No. No. Listen to me. Hey! Hey! You are doing overacting.
It’s enough now. Okay. I am sorry. You better be.
– Look, again. Don’t you feel ashamed? You misbehaved with me. You sent my family to
the jungle and troubled them. Yet I am saying sorry. Honestly speaking,
you should be killed. It’s my fault. I am really sorry. I didn’t do it deliberately. I am really sorry. I know that just saying
sorry is not enough. Invite me home again. And through your family
take revenge from me. This doesn’t fix anything. I still hate you. did you think
of such an evil thought? ‘A Paradise In Wilderness’. What kind of a sick
person are you, Sanju? Just think.
That was a brilliant idea, wasn’t it? But I didn’t tell them
to run on getting the letter. Your papa didn’t think
whether it’s right or not. It’s never the fault of cheaters. People get duped.
That’s why others dupe them. There is no dearth of evil
thinking people in this world. One is in front of me. Correct.
Correct. This is also my fault. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am saying sorry. I don’t know. I was really scared. What happened that day had
never happened in my life before. I was really scared. I totally understand. You know,
I could never forgive myself. But it wasn’t my intention to do that. I know. Since that day only
I know how I have felt. Please. Please don’t cry. Don’t do that again. Promise? I promise. So does that mean we are back? No. So how do I get you back? You will have to follow some rules. I will definitely do that. I will cook. You will wash vessels.
– Okay. You will wash clothes. You will clean the house. Okay? Even servants can do that. Servants are expensive in America,
aren’t they? So you have reached America? What will you do if
I do all the housework? I will watch TV. Okay. Sir. Very nice, man.
Sorry. Sorry. Very nice, madam. But you will have to
change the script a little. I want some fight in the climax. Tulsi and the other guy..
– Yes. Tulsi steals the hero’s
passport to take revenge from him. Where will the hero
go to take his passport? To an old factory.
– Yes. There will be 30-40 fighters.
We will call them from Chennai. Okay. An amazing fight scene will be great. Yes. After that we will
get the heroine kidnapped. Just see the flow. I don’t want any credit.
The film should be a hit. Sir, is it necessary to do all this? It’s final. It’s a superb concept.
– Okay. You work on the script. Okay? We will change the industry. Believe me.
– Okay, sir. And..hero.
– What kind of question is that? It’s me. What happened? He has said to make many changes. Before him 30 people
must have said the same thing. Yes. But he wants an action sequence. Okay, listen. Do you remember Tulsi? Yes. I remember him very well. Why? I had kidnapped you before
you could reach the airport. Yes. Did Tulsi steal your
passport before that? Did you have a fight
with him in an old factory? No. I don’t fight. It’s not good. I was also thinking the same thing. Will a coward like you fight with him? Wonder why you think I am a coward? I am not a coward. Fine. It’s been a long
time since we had a get-together. Let’s meet up this weekend. Yes. We will see. Why are you saying that? Nothing. After dropping you,
I have to pick up Tanvi from her home. She is angry.
– Do you guys still fight? Any doubt?
– What are you saying? I didn’t do anything. I was going for bath in the morning
and I forgot to take my towel. When I asked for it,
she didn’t give it to me. She said,
“Am I here to give you your towel?” Does she get upset
over such trivial matters? Actually, I forgot it yesterday too. Day before yesterday too. Fine. It’s futile to hide it from you. Since a week she is saying
to take her for shopping. I give her money. She can
go for shopping with her mother. Why does she need me? Am I a porter?
To always carry her bags. So say that.
– Yes. Try to manage.
I will call you on Friday. I mean, I will call
you on Saturday morning. It will be a get-together
only if both of you come together. It’s not fun if you come alone. Fine.
– Tell me something. Where is your car?
– I have got married. You don’t drive now?
– Bike is cheaper. Oh! Please, my baby. Come home. You look so beautiful from this angle. Chocolate? Oh! So.. ..necklace. So cute. Oh my God! So cute. “There was a boy.” “And a girl.” Boss.
– Yes. Did you see her?
– I saw. But she is married. That’s what I am saying. Even after getting married
she is staring at me. You think nonsense. Tanvi. What happened? Nothing. Do you have a problem? Boss. Boss. A beautiful
girl has come to our college. Don’t start again.
– Tulsi. Follow me. “There was a girl.” “And a boy.” “There was a love story.” “An adorable love story.” “Yeah.” “There was a boy.” “And a girl.” “There was a girl.” “And a boy.” “There was a love story.” “An adorable love story.” “Yeah.” “There was a boy.” “And a girl.”

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