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The Human Rights Watch Film Festival has changed my thinking about what constitutes a really good human rights
film because it’s not just about the denunciation and the expose, its also
about finding a way forward. No more war, we want peace! I see the Human Rights Watch Film
Festival as a place to hear stories from authentic voices about some of the most
critical issues in our world today. It really shows how films can challenge us to take action to be more engaged in the world around us. It’s a place to start
conversations and make change. Let’s influence the world right now we got the stage let’s do it! The Human Rights Watch Film Festival is unique in the world. As a filmmaker it’s home, it’s where I want my films to show. It’s really an entire impact campaign wrapped around a film festival. Anyone who would approve of this kind of demonstration must be out of their mind. Who do we appeal to for our people’s
right to survive? Whose streets? Our streets! Little bit by bit, you’re playing your part, we’re playing our part So when you put all these efforts together I can’t give up hope. I’m proud to have been part of the Human
Rights Watch Film Festival. It’s been 30 years, 30 amazing years. Happy 30th anniversary to my favorite Film Festival

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  1. It is good to be informed of positive efforts that have a purpose of being an aspect of solutions to serious world problems. Hopefully, there will be a day the primary and most powerful leaders of the world do the most positive and logical things for world problems to decrease and stop. In ways most world leaders, powerful businesses, leading countries, and powerful authoritative people are running from or avoiding problems they and/or past leaders created that less privileged or more vulnerable populations of people are victims of. They are also avoiding real solutions. Most, if not all, societal structures in the world need to change because they are destructive, oppressive, and repressive. The positive changes should and generally need to start from the leading and most powerful entities.

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