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“SCREAMS AND LAUGHTER” Alright slow down. Come on. “THST”S A NEW HIGH SCOOORE!” Now let’s make the panda
put on a show for us. Hup hup hup. Hold on guys. Pandory’s on his dinner break.
He’ll be back in an hour. Oh come on! Really dude?! Yeah really.
What do you think this is? Sorry kid. It’s dinner time.
Even Pandas gotta eat. It’s a freakin’ robot! It’s my birthday and
I want a panda show… Now! YEAH! Listen you little… Kids! Pizza’s here. Yay! Okay, no! FORM A LINE! Alright, first of all
Plates away from the pizza. Ladies and gentlemen
put your hands together For Pandory the Panda! Hi! I’m Pandory the Panda! What’s your name? Aden. Oh! That’s a pretty name! Would you like me
to put on a show for you? Sure. Grrrreat! But first you gotta come
give me a big fat hug! Awe come on! Don’t be shy. Alright now give me a show– Hey! Hey! You’re hurting me! I can’t breathe! Help! Somebody! HELP! Mommy! Mom! Help somebody! HELP! “GROWLING” SCREAM SOMEBODY! HELP! “LONG SCREAM” Alright, everybody calm down. There’s one for you…
Don’t drop that. Aden? Have you seen Aden? Where’s Aden? Oh no, no, no, no “MUFFLED SCREAM” “LOUD SCREAM”

100 thoughts on “Huluween Film Fest: The Hug • Now Streaming on Hulu

  1. Viu eu chorei quando aquele menino foi engolido me deu dò coitadinha mas odiei aquele pandoris'panda ele e feio amei coitado da quele menino bjs💋💋❤❤😭

  2. First, The Banana Splits Movie
    Now, THIS?!!

    An another ripoff fnaf movie?! This makes me triggered >:(
    As For The Banana Splits kills adults and kidnapped kids & Pandory Panda eats children

  3. anyone else notice when he said "oh come on DONT BE SHY" where i caped it is where i heard a deep second voice behind the normal one. thats when i knew this robot was very evil.

  4. Surprised that in this comment section, there's rarely mentions of Showbiz Pizza Place reference. Pandory's Pizza Palace logo is clearly taken from Showbiz's logo, Pandory looks a lot like Billy Bob Brockali. And the artwork of Pandory in shirt is also based on Billy Bob's cartoon design as well. Am I one of the only ones who notices these things? I'm a huge fan of the Rock afire Explosion and lot of retro 80's stuff, so I notice these kinds of references when I see it 🙂

  5. 3:45 did you notice that the girl in front of the girl was just like, 😐. And at 3:58 the kids pizza was slapped of of his plate.

  6. Can you make a sequael where adult get into a ghost story or someting wondering what happened to the kid aqnd why pandory attacked reply if you agree

  7. Oh my gosh this would make a great horror movie me and my mom would enjoy this being a horror movie so if it was whoever made the hug I would have to say make it into a scary movie this would be the best scary movie I'd ever scene

  8. How does nobody see or hear him. And why is the robot designed like that?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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