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My name is Anthony Maddaloni, I’m a professional
photographer from Austin, Texas. I’m going to talk about the workings of the four by
five film holder right now. This is a four by five film holder, pretty old four by five
film holder but working nonetheless. Four by five film holder is opened by pulling out
this slide. This is called a dark slide okay? A very vital part of the four by five film
holder. This opens up down here, this latch and the film essentially would go into the
holder, the latch gets closed, this gets slid down. Now this is, you get two shots of film
on this okay? So you only got two. Pretty, pretty limiting but it works well nonetheless.
Now we’re going to talk about loading it right now and this is a piece of exposed four by
five film. You have to do this entirely in the dark. It’s kind of tricky. You might want
to practice on some film before you really do it with live film. Four by five film has
a notch in the bottom corner. That notch always goes on the right hand side. The film slides
in. This is kind of tricky, it really is. It slides in like that, this gets closed,
this gets slid down. I flip it over, open it up, take another piece of film, I put it
in. Now while I’m doing this I have my film and holder set up in my dark room. Now this
is really a dark room, there’s no red light. There’s absolutely no light allowed when you’re
loading these. You can also use a changing bag. You can load them in the field if you
want to. So this is how you use a four by five film holder.

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