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My name is Anthony Maddaloni. I’m a professional
photographer from Austin, Texas and I’m going to talk a little bit about the different types
of film that you can shoot with a large format camera. It’s four by five. This is a piece
of black and white film. Now black and white film you can still buy. You can still develop
it yourself. So it’s really very available, easily, easily gotten. The other types of
film that you can use with a 4×5 camera are color print film and chrome film, and this
is where it gets kind of interesting because if you look compared to a modern day digital
print, color print, even a very high end one compared to a print that was made with 4×5
chrome film, that’s slide film, you’re going to see differences. Some of them are subtle
and some of them are not so subtle. And that’s one thing that really interests me as a photographer
is what is it. What makes the difference? And it’s not really so much of a better or
worse it’s just the difference and that’s what is very interesting to me. One other
thing that is interesting to point out that if you are going to shoot slide film or chrome
film, sometimes it’s referred to as E6 process film. You want to make sure your exposure
is absolutely correct. Slide film there’s really no latitude for over or under exposing
and that’s a really important thing to know because one it’s pretty expensive so you don’t
want to go through a whole bunch of film. You’re going to lose some money. So you want
to have a nice meter, a nice system of making an exposure that’s going to be correct and
everything will really work out for you. The other thing about chrome film, color film
is that you might want to keep it in the fridge. That’s a really good place. If it gets hot
you’re going to have a shift meaning your film has essentially gone bad. So that’s some
of the types of film that you can use with a 4×5 camera.

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  1. You can buy 4×5 film on amazon (from adorama or ebasement) . Start with Ilford FP4 or 5 – you also need Elite Film holders which you can buy there too.

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