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Hi! I am Fred Norwood on behalf of
In this clip we are going to discuss different types of film available for 35 mm film cameras.
35 mm film is usually broken into two categories, black and white and color. All films are rated
with an ISO number usually from 100-3200. The higher the ISO number the less light is
needed to make an acceptable image. However the higher the ISO number, the more grainy
an image will be. Your subjects will determine the type of film that you can safely use for
your picture. If you are in a bright sunlight, subject is not moving very fast, ISO films
of 100 will be sufficient to give you a very sharp non-grainy picture. If you are not shooting
in a bright sunny day, if it is cloudy overhead and if your subject is moving, then you are
going to need a higher ISO number film to give you the capability of shooting a little
bit faster to freeze the motion in the picture. I would recommend 400 speed film. If you want
to shoot your son’s nighttime football game under the lights at the high school field,
then you are probably looking at an ISO 3200 type of film. This is only available in black
and white from Kodak but this will freeze the action, however it will be extremely grainy.

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