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Hi! I am Fred Norwood on behalf of
In this clip I am going to show you how to load a 35 mm SLR camera. This older style
camera is a little more difficult to load. To open up the back of the camera, you are
going to pull this lever over, lift up on the turning knob and pull it up all the way
till the back opens up, you are going to insert your film canister like such, pull the lever
over to this side of the camera. If you notice on this camera, there are slots inside the
take up spool. What you want to do is make sure that the film leader is in one of these
slots securely. Once it is in the slot, you are going to turn the knob until some of the
film wraps over on itself. At this point, you close the back of the camera, you push
down this button, make sure it engages the top of the film and advance the film till
you get to the first frame marker in the box. As you are advancing the film, make sure that
this knob is turning that let you know that the film is properly engaged in the take up
spool and that the film will be advancing properly as you are taking pictures. To rewind
the roll of film, push this little button at the bottom of the camera that releases
the take up and then rewind this knob until all the film is wound back into the canister
at which time you will open up the camera back as before and take the film out.

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