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– [Narrator] Season’s
greetings ghosts and ghouls. As Halloween crawls near
we must prepare ourselves for the filming frights that come with it. – [Woman] Why are you doing this to me? – [Narrator] On this extra
spooky “IMDbrief” we break down how to stear clear of
a cinematic onslaught of rock ‘n’ roll zombies,
deadly dolls, and killer clowns in How to Survive a Horror Movie in 2019. – Hello?
– Gabe! – [Narrator] When in Derry,
don’t visit the fair, unless you want to go toe to tongue with Pennywise the dancing clown. Play it safe and don’t go
near any harlequin hot spots like sewer drains, creepy old houses… (laughing) or maybe just avoid Maine
altogether if you can. ‘Pet Sematary’ brings us back
to Stephen King’s home state for a scared stiff stroll
through the forest. And as fun as it may sound
to bring a beloved pet back to life as a zombie cat… (cat slashing) (gasping) (cat hissing) Resist the urge if you want
to stay alive until November. – Sam! (yelps) – [Narrator] Since it’s after Labor Day you wouldn’t get caught dead in white, unless you’re ‘La Llorona.’ – Mama no! – [Narrator] Her killer curse
may only enchant children but the conjuring universe rolls
deep with all of the things that go bump in the night. (ominous music) (glass tapping) Annabelle came home and
we moved three towns away. But she’s not the only terrifying
toy on the block this year because Chucky’s back with
smart home update and a knife. – I’m gonna fix you Andy. (groans) – [Narrator] How does
he keep getting a knife? Who is giving Chucky all of these knives? – Was that in the script? – No. Not the one I read. – [Narrator] If you’re
worried about All Hallows’ Eve passing you by, there’s
no harm in reading ahead. (mumbling) – Did she just say Chardonnay? – [Narrator] Anticipate
whether that zombie will go for your brains or the
bottle by using your brains and skimming the script. – I don’t feel like myself. – I think you look like yourself. – [Narrator] And above all else, no matter how convincing you
may seem do not trust yourself. (groaning) After all you may be your own worst enemy. (laughing) And if you need more scary
stories to tell in the dark to get from ‘Midsommar’
to ‘Black Christmas’ well I’d suggest you don’t ‘Doctor Sleep’
on ‘Double Tap’-ping all these horror movies and
more on to your Watchlist. ‘Ma.’ – We’ll see – [Narrator] For more spooks,
ghouls and trending tales stay glued to – You’re welcome America.

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