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Hello Guys my name is Daniel Alkasey and today
I will be showing how to put movies on your iPad, iPhone and iPod so first what your going
to have to do is open up iTunes and make sure you plug in your iPad or Apple Product etc.
And once you plug in your Apple Product you are going to going to go on the upper right
corner and you’ll see iPad, iPhone, iPod etc. So open that and go to Apps and you are going
to download a app called iMediaplayer and i’ll show you something after this. So first
your going to click MediaPlayer in the File Sharing Bar and you are going to go where
ever you saved your Movie. So i’ll show you where I put my Movies. And you are going to
pick any movie you want. Drag the Movie into here. And once you drag the movie, open the
app and you can watch it. If you open the Movie a Notice will come up, it say’s “Due
license pattern we have to remove AC3 and E-AC3 audio codex so some videos have no sound.
We suggest you another app which support’s AC3 and EAC3” and the options are “Cancel
and Try” your going to tap try, and your going to get an app called Remote Files. You are
going to repeat what I’ve done like dragging the movie into the Remote Files Documents.
As you can see the movie is in here because the first time I tried it I didn’t know. So
that’s about it Guys! I hope you enjoyed this video. Please Subscribe me and I hope this
video helped. Please share this to your friends, and like this video. Thank you for watching
guys! I’m here to help! Type in the comments if you need help. And i’ll make a video for
you! Thank you for watching, my name is Daniel Alkasey and i’m here to help!

72 thoughts on “How to put Movies on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

  1. Many Thanks….. I've looked around so many youtube videos trying to solve this problem, spent hours on it, none of there solutions worked. yours did, so many thanks your a star

  2. Thanks for this video i want to know how to put videos on my ipod touch as i'm using itunes 11 without any converter software

  3. interesting way, because if you do it manually nothing happens. That's a big problem people have been having with I tunes. apple needs to fix that problem.

  4. PEOPLE PEOPLE!!! This channel is old and boring, so My new channel is MGG i play many cool game's and if you wanna laugh, come to my new channel!!!

  5. thank you man you really do help but let my ask you something 
    if i put a movie their in  iTunes did my dad will saw it too he have an iphone actually?

  6. This is great buddy but that app is not available right now. but theres is another app available, just search on mediaplayer.

  7. very nice video man! it helped me allot thnx so much! also i used vlc that might help some people aswell vlc uses subs if u include sub as a diffrent file, thnx for the nice video and keep up the good job ! thnx

  8. This helped me in a sort of round about way xD I had another program which happened to be able to do the same thing as I didn't want to download the one you had 😛 But yeah, cheers.

  9. Thanks! TunesGo add/ transfer PC or external drive videos/ music/ playlists or other files to your IOS device(like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.) easily, Or in reverse.
    TunesGo supports following mode:
    iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android ← → PC/Mac
    you can import pc or external file to tunesgo and export file to IOS devices from tunesgo.

  10. Now you basically have to 'open file with itunes', then check your 'home movies' section on itunes and drag the file from the library to the icon representing your device.

  11. Lol this is the only video this guy has made that isnt a complete failure. But at the same time, its still a 99.9% failure. So ha lel u suck.

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