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Film has to play clockwise,
with the perforation towards you. Turn the knob a bit to the right,
this way the film starts to play. Your film plays correctly now. If your film has finished,
it is located on your left reel. Place to film under the reel,
and eventually fix it on the reel. Turn the knob to the left,
this results in rewinding the film. Check if the shiny surface is towards you. Wind down the film from
the right reel to the left reel. Turn the knob to the right,
by doing this it plays forwards. The film is now transferring from the
right to the left reel. Switch the left (full) reel,
with the right (empty) reel. Twist the left reel half a turn, which results
in the perforations facing towards you. Place the full reel on the right side. Then place the empty reel
to the left reel holder. Re-check if the perforation
is facing towards you. Enjoy your film.
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