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how to make a killer demo real take one if you’re a shreditor a shooter editor
producer or somebody in film and video that wears multiple hats on production
creating a demo reel that showcases all of your best work can be super
challenging so in this video I have some tips and suggestions that will help you
make a killer demo reel so you can land at your next job make your real specific
to the job do some research go to the Job Description figure out what sort of
videos are they looking for and try to include some of your passwords that
match the videos that they’re looking for because ultimately they want to see
if you have the talents to produce the videos that they already have on their
website always introduce yourself I love it when demo reels have your name pop up
in some sort of creative way and have like your different titles come up
whether it’s editor cinematographer etc so introduce yourself is important to
have your name there maybe even include yourself a photo or you in action
editing or shooting include yourself there’s nothing wrong with that pick unique music choose a track that
represents you, you want to sort of showcase yourself creatively but your
music choice is really important once you pick your tracks edit your footage
to the beat of the music don’t include the original scene pay scene okay you
want to dig up the original files you want to make it unique to the music that
you chose and you want to showcase that you can edit especially if you’re an
editor to the beats of the music and put together the different scenes creatively show the best part never show an entire
sequence or seeing that you’ve edited just showcase those well moments that
you can transition in between you can even cut back to the same video multiple
times throughout the 60 seconds or two minutes of your reel depending on how
long it is there’s this really great motion reel which I’ve linked to in the
bottom by Victor Silva and he did this really well so take a look at that and
you can see what I mean if you can just make your demo real 60
seconds it’s really rare that people even watch beyond 30 seconds so you
really have to grab them in that first 15 seconds of the video
showcase your best work in that first 15 seconds or at least the work you know
that they’re looking for so try to make it short if you can also a great tip is
including a shot break down in the description so you’re going to include
time codes you can include the project name in what role you played and what
sort of effects that you use this is great because you want the employer to
know what roles you played and what type of projects you worked on you can even
include the client that you worked on it for and if you can’t do a breakdown it’s
always nice especially for the shooter editor producer roles if you include a
title in the actual video itself detailing what role you played so if you
have some lower third coming you can say editor on this project that’s a great
tip you never want your employer questioning what role you played in that
video another tip I have is dividing up your
demo reel into different themes or categories so you can structure the demo
reel based on different roles that you played so if you want to say editing and
then have a bunch of cuts of your editing work and then cinematography and
showcase shots of your cinematography directing and so on
so that’s a nice way to stay organized that way you can also do it by general you
can do documentaries you can do stop-motion animation motion graphics
that’s a great way to sort of organize that so the employer can sort of be
guided into your work through the structure another way to do it is if
you’re just an editor and you’ve worked on let’s say a lot of car commercials or
a lot of hair commercials you can sort of divided up by theme and I’ve linked
to a demo reel that does this really well so you can sort of get the idea of
what I’m talking about and lastly just be you and be creative
my good friend Ryan Turner he’s a director in LA we went to film school
together at UC Santa Barbara he has done a lot of comedies a lot of comedy
directing writing and he did this directors bio reel where he basically
scripted this reel about how he basically sees directing as a life style
and how it sort of affects his personal life this is actually quite funny so
I’ve included a link in you should definitely check it out it’s very
creative and ultimately the employer wants to make sure that you’re a good
fit personality wise because you may have the skill sets in your demo reel
but if you don’t have the personality that they’re looking for then you may
not get the job so try to showcase your creativity as much as you can so those
are all the suggestions that I have I hope that you guys find it useful when
you start integrating them into your demo reels and I’m positive that you
will get employed very soon so I make new video production tutorials every
week if you go to you can leave requests there I
will see you guys very soon bye

25 thoughts on “How To Make a Killer Video DEMO REEL Job Interview TIPS

  1. Such a useful video! I've loved watching your tutorials in the past and it was great to see you "in person" in this one! Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Love your new setup, Kelsey! Also, very interesting transitions. Really want to know how you animated the text. Thanks!

  3. Expanding on this, how can I use this to create a Channel trailer Video for my Youtube channel? Or is that a different kettle of fish? Given it will only seen by new and potential subscribers. How do I hit my key points in a reduced timeframe. Would love to see your take on a Channel trailer video.

  4. Got a sub from me! Found you while looking for tips on the new Adobe Title window but this one + examples was very very helpful. I do everything, editing, shooting, motion graphics, VFX, Sound Design, and directing. So when it comes to a reel I was wondering how to showcase ALL of it. Not really possible in one video so I think you confirmed my initial thoughts and that I should separate them by category.

    I'm not trying to get a job specifically but rather throw them on my website so people can see that I know my stuff. Should help net more freelance gigs.

    Thanks again Premieregal! Also dem eyes! Killing the game.

  5. I liked your lecture about creating a reel specifically for fílmics, I want to get started with my talent, but I don’t know how too. I am committed to be in the role of supporting actors or extras. I participate in film projects at Santa Monica College and I really loved it and enjoyed it, nonetheless; I was also an extra for several clips for a few seconds though. I have a Canon Mark ii professional camcorder and I have also have written and copyrighted some feature screenplays from scratch, and they’re original. I would like some advice because I need a reel . thanks and stay humble !

  6. Super thankful that you have closed captioning in this and was very educational. My professor gave the class a 9 minute youtube video from another creator but it doesn't have closed caption, not even Automatic Caption video. So I had to look for someone else. Came across you and love the term "Shreditor."

  7. I wish most of the youtubers get straight to the point just like you, instead they just keep on dragging boring and annoying intros. Thanks

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