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In this video I’m going to show you how to
load and unload a roll of 35mm film in a manual film camera. First open the back by pulling up on the rewind
knob. Put the film in and stretch it tight across
the back. Insert the film leader in the slot on the
take-up reel and wind the film on with the advance lever.
Make sure the holes are lined up evenly with the sprocket.
Now you can close the back. Wind and fire the camera until the frame counter
reaches one. while you are doing this check to see that
the rewind dial is rotating with each wind. set your ISO dial to the film speed.
insert your box tab in the reminder slot if you have one.
Now you are ready to shoot. Now we can unload.
When you have reached the end of your film press either a rewind button on top of the
camera or on most models the release button on the bottom.
Use the rewind knob to wind the film until you hear the clicking of the film releasing.
You can continue to wind to be safe or you can take it out at this point.
Open the back and remove your film.

8 thoughts on “How to Load & Unload a 35mm Film Camera

  1. I need some help man, so I have the exact Canon F-1n that you have, I just cleaned it up & managed to get some batteries & film & it seems like I'm ready to go. BUT every time I try to roll in film, I do the same process I've seen everyone else do, put it through, wind the lever & press the shutter, I just don't know when to stop or if I'm supposed to keep going until the film is done. I know you said to go until the counter reaches 1, but my counter seems to be broken, does that have to do with anything?

  2. Thank youuuu. Ithought that i did the wrong thing since my camera doesnt wind up the same as other cameras (based on other tutorials on youtube) and this is the only one that i saw that does the same thing so thank you!!

  3. FYI – On my F1, I have to press the button on the bottom before I can even press the rewind button. Not entirely sure that is the way it should be, but it works.

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