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100 thoughts on “How to Kiss Your Lover’s Neck | Kissing Tutorials

  1. How do they not start stuttering while the other person is kissing their neck?

    It's such a weak spot for me, I melt soo bad

  2. Are you still in a relationship kissing each other or just broke up? If you broke up I wonder how you manage the money that's rollin in!

  3. If you want to enjoy a good kiss, hey that's great! But if you want to make him freeze in time and forget about everything in the world by "stealing" his moment's awareness and making yourself irresistible to him – with one kiss – I would go ahead and read Jillian Therkstein's stuff and her website.

  4. Omgg I cant say how I feel I just get melted like nythng when my loveee kisses me on my earsss I forget just evrythng n evrythn nlybtrue love can give dt feeling

  5. I am really ashamed about having to watch this but I need to learn how to do it as I've never done it before

  6. My dad kissed my ear I didn't like it and idk what he was trying to do but he is not a nasty person I'm so confused I'm not thinking much of it but maybe I should

  7. How do they not like stutter
    The neck is like a weak spot for me like my boyfriend kisses my neck all the time and I just can’t

  8. hickeys in my day ,, r mark showing lovers as taken and committed, total completely.. committed!!!. like a wedding ring guess… its an 80's thing. if a gurl let u put your mark on her it re-removed the need for the emotional housekeeping talk, for us over 50

  9. I don't know how these people be talking while their neck being kissed…..cause for me…haha I won't even say it…..when your single u really do search for some topics 😂😂

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