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– Hi, guys, Justin Brown here. This video is the
complete guide to filming with your iPhone. Whether you’re just starting
out, or whether you’re just looking to pick up a few extra
tips, this video is for you. (energetic music) Before we get started, there’s four things you’re going to need. The first is an iPhone. The second is a tripod. The third is an iPhone
holder for your tripod. And the fourth is a
microphone for your iPhone. In this video, I’m
using the RODE smartLav, and I’ll put a link in
the description below. It’s a microphone that’s
been designed specifically for filming content
videos using your iPhone or Android device. Now that you’ve got your gear sorted, step one is to prepare
your content for filming. So organize any dot points,
any notes, anything you need to prepare your content for filming. Step two, select a suitable location. Now you wanna pick
somewhere that doesn’t have too much noise, too much background noise. You don’t want something
with a really distracting background or a lot going on behind you that’s gonna draw the focus away from you and the video content. You also wanna make sure that
the light isn’t too bright or too dark. Step three is to set up your tripod. It’s important to set the
height right to make your video look professional. So the correct height for
filming, whether you’re standing or sitting for your video,
is to have the phone slightly below eye level, so
that you’re actually looking just down slightly at
the camera in your phone. What we’ve actually done here is we have propped up our
phone, which is on a small GorillaPod tripod, just to
show you that you can really get away with whatever you’ve got, or whatever you’re able to get. If you’ve got a height-adjustable tripod, that is more ideal. But it’s something that
you may not have with you and may not want to carry with you, whereas you can use some
books and a GorillaPod in order to achieve the same thing. Step four, put your
phone into flight mode. This will stop any incoming
calls, emails, SMS notifications going off while you’re
in middle of filming. Step five, mount your phone on the tripod. When you’re doing this, you
wanna make sure that you’re mounting the phone horizontally. You also want the screen of
the phone facing forward, ’cause we’re going to be
using the front-facing camera to record the videos. Step six is to clean the lens
on your front-facing camera. Because it’s you’re phone
that you’re using, it’s up against your face, it
could have dirt, smudges, makeup, anything on it. You wanna make sure
that your lens is clean before you start recording. Step seven is to wire up your microphone. So attach your microphone
to your shirt, jacket, whatever it is that you’re wearing. If you’d like to know how
to hide your microphone, I’ve done a video on how
to hide your microphone and still get great audio. It’ll also help you reduce any wind noise if you are filming outside. If you don’t have a microphone, make sure you’re sitting pretty close to your phone, and also in a really quiet
area so that you’re not gonna get too much background noise. Otherwise, I recommend, if you can, to get a plug-in microphone. It’ll just really help improve
the quality of your audio and reduce background noise. Once your microphone’s sorted,
plug it into the phone. Step eight, set up your
iPhone for recording. One thing to check
before you get started is that you’ve got enough
free space on your phone to hold the video files
that you’re about to create. If you don’t, plug it into your computer, back up the files, and then
remove them from your phone. Open up the camera app, set it to video, and then switch it to
the front-facing camera. Step nine, framing the shot. First thing to do here is
to make sure that your phone is horizontal, and that
everything is level. The worst thing would
be to have the horizon or a line in the
background that is crooked. When you’re positioning
yourself in the shot, you don’t wanna be front and center, you wanna be slightly off
to the side and looking across the camera, right
into the camera lens. Now, lighting is the key
to making your videos look professional, and it can
be such a simple thing or simple tweak, or positioning
your camera in such a way that you’re actually
getting a much better look. So, in the example of this
shot, we had a lot of light coming in from my left,
from the window here, and it was creating a
dark shadow down this side of my face. Now, I still like the rest of the shot. So what we did, in order to
improve this, is we brought in a freestanding light, which you can use a desk lamp, you can use a reading light,
whatever it is you’ve got in your home or office,
some sort of light source, and position it so that
you’re trying to even up any shadows. So I’ll just turn the light
off now and you can see the difference. So, as you can see, it’s
pretty dark down this side of my face. By using the light, we
are able to boost that up and make it look a bit more professional. Again, with these tips
and with this video, what we’re trying to do
is show you how we’ve got everything set up to be
simple for you to be able to replicate. We haven’t run out and
bought massive lighting gear, or a big lighting kit in
order to light this correctly. We just wanna show you that
you can use what you’ve got around you in order to
create a great-looking video. Step 10, set exposure to manual. You would’ve noticed when
you’re using your iPhone camera before that it’s constantly
adjusting and analyzing your shot and making
it brighter and darker depending on what’s in the shot. So what we’ll need to do is
to enable manual exposure, which will lock it off, so
it’s not gonna be constantly analyzing and adjusting the
shot, but will lock it off at the correct level. So, to do this, you tap
and hold on the screen for the area that you wanna expose for, which should be yourself,
and hold in until it comes up and says AE Lock, and AE
Lock is autoexposure lock. So when that’s done,
the exposure is locked, is not gonna change, is not
gonna make any adjustments as your shot changes or
as your position moves within the shot. Step 11, do a test run. I think it’s important
to do a quick test run before you actually get in
and do your whole video, to make sure that your audio
and everything is right, especially if you’ve got
a microphone plugged in. You’ll have no way of
checking that the microphone is actually working or
that the levels are good, that there’s no background
noise, until you stop, take the microphone out, and play back what you’ve just recorded. Step 12, record your video. The first thing to check when
you start recording your video is that you are in AE Lock
mode, that you’ve set your manual exposure, which we did in step 10. The next thing is to make
sure that you’re looking directly down the camera lens,
and not to the LCD screen, or not to your phone screen
so that you’re talking to yourself, you wanna make
sure that you’re making eye contact with your
viewer, in which case you need to be looking at the camera lens. The next thing to monitor
is any background noise. So if a plane goes overhead,
or if there’s a loud cow or a truck that goes past,
you might wanna pause what you’re doing and pick it up again or start that sentence again
once the noise has cleared. The same if there’s anything
distracting in the background that you notice, someone walks past or
there’s a cow or something. If you don’t want it in
your shot, then just pause and pick it up and restart
that sentence again once it’s cleared. The other tip is, when you
start recording your video, is to position yourself and
pause for about three seconds before you start talking. And, likewise, when you’re
finishing your video, do exactly the same. After you’ve finished your
last word, sit there, pause, don’t move, smile, and
wait before you get up and reach and press the stop button. One of the quickest ways
to make your videos look unprofessional is, after your last word, reach
up and press the stop button so that the last thing the viewer sees is you’re half in motion
to stopping your video, instead of just sitting
there, waiting for a couple of seconds, and finishing
your video professionally. The other thing to be aware
of when you’re recording is of any lighting changes. So if this cloud’s going
over, or if there’s lights that are changing in the
environment that you’re filming, just be aware that it will
be noticeable in your shot, especially if you’ve got
jump cuts cutting between one section and another section. If there’s any light changing,
just be aware of them, and if you can work around
it somehow by moving to a controlled environment with no windows, then that will be ideal. If not, maybe pause and wait
for the clouds to clear, until you’re back to where you were to keep the background and
the lighting consistent. So there you have it,
that’s the complete guide to filming with your iPhone. Leave any comments and questions below. If you head over to, and the link will be in
the description below, we’ll have a PDF available
with all the details, all the descriptions from this video, everything you need to know
to film with your iPhone. Also, while you’re there,
make sure you subscribe. See you soon. (energetic music)

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