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Hello and welcome to GMax Studios. My
name is Gorky M and today we are going to be talking about how to shoot video
on your camera, the best settings for this – including slow motion. Video is nothing but an optical illusion.
When a series of images is played back to you quickly due to persistence of
vision it seems that the object is moving seamlessly – and this is video! The
basic minimum frame rate required to create an illusion of seamless movement
is 24 frames a second 24 fps for 24 images in 1 second. So 24 fps is the
standard frame rate at which modern motion pictures are shot. Any slower than
this and the image will not appear to move seamlessly. So if you are after that film look the
24fps setting on your camera is the one that you should use to shoot your videos. But is 24fps the best frame rate to shoot
at? Well, for me, living in India or for anybody living in India, Europe, rest of
the world except the Americas, Japan and a few other countries the best frame rate
in my opinion is 25 fps. Why 25fps? Well, for one, 25 FPS is very close
to the film rate of 24 fps. So much so, that it is practically
impossible to make out the difference. Secondly, if you are shooting at 25 fps in
these countries – you can shoot outdoor and indoor without fear because if
you’re shooting indoor under domestic lights at any other frame rate like
let’s say 30fps you might encounter banding because the electricity in these
countries is supplied at 50 Hertz. Thirdly, the professional television
broadcasting system followed in these countries is PAL which is based on the
25 fps frame rate. With lines between television and digital blurring, why
would you want to rule out the possibility of your content or footage
getting picked up by any major broadcaster. Well, if you live in the
Americas, Japan or any other country that follows the NTSC system, the standard
frame rate for you would be 30fps. Of course if you’re shooting for digital
outdoor you can choose between any frame rate whether it is 25, 24 or 30. So what is
the best shutter speed to shoot your videos at? Well, our eyes are accustomed
to a certain amount of motion blur in real life and in order to replicate that
your shutter speed needs to be twice that of your frame rate. So, for example,
if you are shooting at 24 fps your shutter speed will be 1 by 50th of a
second since the camera does not have an option of 1 by 48. Similarly, if you are
shooting at 25 fps your shutter speed will still be 1 by 50th of a second. If you’re shooting at 30fps your shutter
speed will be 1/60th. If your shutter speed is more or less
than double the frame rate, the motion blur does not seem quite natural. Now let’s talk about the aperture. The cinematic look of video has largely
been associated with a shallow depth-of-field and in order to achieve
this you need a lens with a large aperture like the 50mm 1.8 If you don’t have such a lens then you
need to open the aperture on your existing lens as much as you can. Now opening the aperture comes with its
own set of problems especially if you’re shooting in daylight. First the shutter
speed increases giving the video an unnatural look. In this case, you have no option but to
use an ND filter on the lens to bring down your shutter speed. Secondly,
opening the aperture creates a very shallow depth of field which makes it
very difficult to focus on moving objects. In this case, it might be wise or
prudent to stop down your aperture to 2.8 4 or 5.6 Talking about ISO – the ISO should be kept
as low as possible as we have discussed in many of our videos. So the big question is, how do you focus
when you are shooting video? Well, the short and the long answer to this is
that you manually focus because the autofocus system on most of the cameras
except for some top and ones is not really good and even if it is good it is
not really predictable. It is the last thing that you want while shooting a
video is that your camera starts hunting for focus or focuses on the wrong
subject. So if you want absolute creative control in terms of focus and timing –
manual focus is the only way to go because this is the way it is done in
even the biggest of films and television shows. In fact, the top end cine cameras
like Reds and Arris do not have autofocus at all. Now let’s talk about slow-motion slow-mo
or high frame rate. Some cameras give you the option of shooting at 50 FPS 60 fps
100 FPS or even more and some people believe that shooting at these high
frame rates gives the footage a smoother look but I kind of disagree. Even Peter
Jackson shot “Hobbit” at 48 fps instead of 24 and the audience quite did not like
it, probably for the same reason that I do not like it because it makes the
footage look kind of unreal. But if we take the same footage say shot at 50 fps,
lay it down in an editing software and play it back at the standard frame rate
of 25 fps, it gives a beautiful slow-motion. The higher the frame rate,
the slower the slow-motion will be. Remember that shooting high frame rate
your shutter speed still needs to be double that of the rate at which you are shooting. In some cameras you might have to switch
between NTSC and PAL to access the other frame rates. Some cameras give you the option of
shooting at 50i, 25p, ALL-l or IPB. These are nothing but the methods to control
the quality and the file size of your video. So remember that p is better than
i even though the file size might be larger and similarly ALL-I is better
than IPB. There is still a lot more to talk about as far as shooting video is
concerned like HD, full HD, UHD, 4K, bit rates and aspect ratios but we will
leave that for another time. If you have made it this far, please do subscribe to
our channel GMax Studios and until the next video, bye bye!!!

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