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♪ ♪ What’s up, beautiful people? It is your
homegirl, Ms. Shameless, back with another Tech Talk. And this video is all about
how to shoot video on a budget. You don’t need all of
these fancy expensive cameras. All you really need is an
iPhone, an Android, an iPad, something that
records videos, and with all of the upgrades that
these phones have been making, you can get really good
quality at a really good price that has multi
function and purpose. I’m going to show
you how to shoot, edit, and then that way
you can have a video that you can upload onto any
social platform of your liking, whether it’s Twitter or
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, blah, blah, blah. There are so many. I
can’t keep up with y’all. So let’s get into this. ♪ ♪ So the first thing you need is
something to hold your device. You can use a selfie stick. This one was only
five bucks on like Amazon. Bam. So you can record like so. Make sure your lens is clean. Bam. Need a cloth. So I can record like this. But what if I need my hands? So I need another option. You can remove this
and attach it to a tripod. Which is the safest bet
to use, because it’s sturdy and it’s reliable. So here’s my tripod.
Taking it off. Screwing it on. Goes like so. And then you just put
your iPhone on there. Or you can use this sucker.
It’s like a little snake. This, you can just
put on a ledge. Bam. And then you can record. Look, I have no hands. And finally, if you
have some sort of pad, whether it’s an
iPad or a notepad, they also sell
adjustments for that, and this secures on, and
this screws onto a tripod. Right now I’m going to
start filming on this iPhone to show you what you can
achieve with your phone. ♪ ♪ So once that is all
established, once it’s set up and your hands are
free to move and you can create your videos, we have to work on the
exposure on your phone. I have videos on
exposures with your camera, but with the
phone it’s different. You just want to
put the AE lock, so that’s automatic exposure — so you press on
the area that you want the camera to expose for. You can adjust the exposure
by sliding up and down. So I’m filming here on my
iPhone front-facing camera. See, I’m kind of dark because it’s compensating
for the light behind me. So everything
here is even exposure, but for me I’m too dark. So if I hit on me, it
will adjust for my setting. But I have to lock it
here so it doesn’t change. So if I hold down long
enough, that comes up. And I can slide it to be
super bright, super dark, depending on what look
you’re trying to achieve. And then leave it. There. Woohoo. So once you have the
exposure that you like, it’s locked and it won’t change, because sometimes if you change
or if you move in a scene, it will do exposures for if you’re
wearing a dark shirt, say, and you’re fair-skinned. It’s going to expose
for your dark shirt. It’s going to keep changing. So you lock it,
and it won’t change. ♪ ♪ So you’re going to
shoot directly from the lens that’s in your camera. I do suggest using the back
camera. It’s better quality. You can use the front
if you really want to see. Either/or works. There are other options for
lenses, i.e., this lens case that I featured in a
previous tech video. And they have all these lenses. They have like
wide eye, fish eye. They even have a macro lens. And this is more for
landscape, outdoors. Say you’re traveling
and you want to catch like the Eiffel Tower. This is where you can have fun. And they sell them online. You can also buy them at
Urban Outfitters, Best Buy. But there are options. But if you don’t got the
money, just use what you have on your camera. ♪ ♪ Now, the next step is lighting. You want to get yourself lights, and that could be a window. So you would face the window and
have the light fill your face. I have videos on lighting. You can click here
on the description box. But you need a light source. And I suggest filming in
the day if you’re starting out because that is,
like, free lighting. Or you can get these
lights that I got on Amazon, and they’re really affordable.
They’re like thirty bucks. And if you just get
like a few of them — I have two here. I have a diva ring
light and another light. You just need lights. Amazon — I have links
in the description box. So those are
options for lighting. Natural light or studio lights. ♪ ♪ Now, once you have
your lighting situated, you can move on to sound. I find the sound that’s
built into the iPhones, even Androids —
they’re all pretty good. So you can just record
directly from your camera. And the audio, so long as
you’re close to the camera, is pretty good. But the minute you
start getting really far, it will start creating echo. So depending on the type
of video you’re filming, you can either film the
audio while you’re doing it — there are these
microphones that you can use. I like this for road. It plugs directly
into your camera. And again, I have
videos on all of this, and you can just
like hide it in here. Or you can record
your voice after the fact, so you open your voice
memo, record your voice, and then you lay that
track on once you’re editing. We’ll get to that, okay? But for starters,
you can use the built-in or a voice-over. ♪ ♪ All righty. So then you want to
get your editing app. So now I’m using
the iPad so you guys can see what I’m doing. So I’m opening
iMovie, creating a project. You can choose movie or trailer.
Let’s just go with movie. And I’m going to pick
some photos and some video. Create movie. So I have everything
here. This is the timeline. And this is
showing you what we have. So now you can adjust things. So say my video starts
here. Say that’s too long. You can cut this. And it already adds
transitions for you, so, like, talk about
making your life super easy. And then you can
also move pieces around. So say you’re
talking about this iPad. Then you can put this there. And then you can also
add titles. Title there. Oh, look at all these
effects, like Reveal. And then you put the title here. So let’s call this
“Filming on a Budget.” Done. Look at all that, guys. Oh, look, you can
record your voice over it. That makes life so
much easier. Let’s do it. [beeping] Filming on a budget. I’m going to show
you guys how to film on these multiple devices
and make your own videos. Let’s get started. Stop. You can also add music. ♪ ♪ Clearly, this is not a
G. Elliott [ph.] beat. MAYA [recording playback]:
Filming on a budget. I’m going to show
you guys how to film on these multiple devices
and make your own videos. MAYA [live]: See, guys? And that’s your video. Then all you have to do
is export it. Hit done. You can send it to
iCloud — don’t do email. Or you can upload it
directly onto YouTube, and these are all the settings. You can go for 1080. You don’t need
4k. Don’t play games. Boom. This is the Android,
and there are options here. It’s not iMovie,
but you have VideoShow, VivaVideo and WeVideo. So you guys, play around.
There are so many options. So, that is how you film and
edit on three different devices. Android, have fun. Play with it. I’m not too familiar with
it, but we did look for apps for you, so that’s
in the description box. iPhone, iMovie, so
legit. Use it. It’s perfect. And it’s the same
program on the iPad. And it’s really
simple and easy to use. You guys, this is
just to get you started. You can have so
much fun with this. Be creative. Have
lots of fun. Take photos. Talk about things
that interest you. And then look and
see what you create. Don’t put a lot of pressure
on yourself. Just have fun. This is all about
having fun and creating and challenging yourself
to learn new, fun things on the Tech Talk. Get your love. Remember to do you, boo. Be Shameless. The curtains absorb the sound. We have sound being
absorbed from the curtains, rugs on the
ground and the walls. I just change the
camera vertically. Well, uh-oh, TD, look at me.

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