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Hello Guys…This is Raj Vakharia from Software Maniac.. Today I am going to show you the second part on how to download online movies or videos from the sites which are locked and very
difficult to download. We are suffering from the locked down of torrent sites, but if you want to download from torrent, you should watch my video
on how to download from torrent. So let’s get started… First of all …
enter the Url: As you can see this website is blocked by the goverment in some
countries, the thing is…you should on zenmate for this, for that
I have showed it in the previous videos. Now Refresh that.. This is the site where you can watch any hollywood or bollywood
movies. But the downloading feature is not available on this site.
But we hackers always find something new about that.. Ok let me now search for a movie “Now You See Me 2″… Now…Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on YOULOL Player and you will see the movie is uploaded there Now Click…damn the popus..
You must be carefull of the popups guys. Click on share video…and copy the link to another page of
the browser. Now erase the waste lines which are not needed, just the way I am doing
and enter the youlolbiz website. And click On Enter. You will see that this link is opened in a full screen player mode Now click on DL with TubeOffline…
To install this toolbar, part 1 is uploaded. Now click on Go to download page And the button “download” will be available just after the “SAVE IT”. You may see the download will start in chrome. Now to download other video or movie, we should follow the same procedure. Now Let me go for Suicide Squad. The only limitaton of this method is that we cant download it from IDM.
But the speed will not be low in browser. So that’s it guys…If you liked my video…Dont forget to push the like button
And Thanks for watching.

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