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When you begin putting film on these reels,
you’re going to be in complete darkness. There’s no safe light for film development. So, when
you’re setting yourself up, I like to have all my stuff laid out in a way that I have
memorized exactly where it is. So when I’m reaching for something, I don’t knock it on
the floor, I don’t freak out, I just know ok this is where my reel is, my scissors are,
my can opener, my lid to my container is. And you’d be surprised how sometimes you can
get very discombobulated in the dark. One way that I practice that helped me feel a
little bit more comfortable was, and this sounds kind of silly but it was I closed my
eyes and I got to feel where everything was and another little trick I had was that I
always made sure the floor beneath me was clean. So if I did knock something down, I
wasn’t picking up dog hair or something gross. I made sure I had a nice clean floor below
me and that I knew exactly where everything was even before I did anything.

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