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In my hand, this is a steel reel Patterson
with a plastic lock on it. You can see there’s a little tiny clip in there. Some people feel
these reels are a little bit easier to use and in a way I think they are. I want to hold
the reel between my hand like this, film between my thumb and my finger, and this point I want
to have facing out. A very important part of using this type of reel is this point right
here. I’m going to take the film and with my thumb I’m just going to slide it in, little
bit difficult but not really. Once that film is in, I know that I’m at a place where I
can start to roll. And again I’m going to hold the film between my thumb and my finger,
and I just start to take up. This is almost…rolling film is almost more in your wrist. It’s really…it’s
almost so easy it makes it difficult. When I hear that sound again, the film is going
on, and I get it on my reel and I’m good to go.

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