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So the final chemical that you’re going to
use in this process is a photo-flow, very easy to forget. But what this does is it’s
sort of like a finishing agent, and it makes your film a little less brittle, and also
less…it won’t attract as much static or hair, or things that you don’t want on your
film as it’s drying. And basically, I make it a cap full to a quart of water. Very easy
to make too strong. If you make it too strong, it almost looks like too many suds, it’s too
soapy, so you really want to make this one right. Once I put it in the photo-flow, I
take my film off the reel, and that’s good. When you can see images on your film, that’s
good. You don’t want to see right through your film or you don’t want not be able to
see anything. So I can see that my film came out, and to me this is really one of the most
exciting parts about it, is that, “Okay, I finally got this.” What I do is I squeegee
it. They make a little tool for this, but I like my fingers, and I just squeegee the
excess water off the film and I’m ready to dry.

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