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So, I’m going to demonstrate on this reel
how to get the film on. This is the reel with two steel posts on it. You can see one right
here, and one right here. I like holding the reel on my hand like this, and I use my thumb,
as a guide. And I hold the film between my thumb and my finger like that, making it sort
of stiff. And, I find that it’s easiest to use like that. Most people if you gave this
to, and said do it, it would take a while. But, there’s a couple of little tricks that
are vital. The first one is, if you squeeze it, and you hold it, and you just put it in,
like that. And the two posts lock onto those sprocket holes, almost perfectly. And if you
look at the size of this film, you can see it fits in there, absolutely perfectly. I’ve
had a few students in my day, say that their reel was too small or defective. I’ve never
seen that really to be the case. It’s kind of hard though. So again, like this, on, and
take up.

2 thoughts on “How to Develop Film : Spooling Hewes Reel: Developing Film

  1. Can I develop a 8mm film without a reel ?
    because the 8mm develop tank and reel price is too high.
    so can I just do all the process in the dark room ? with crazy film strip in the bucket ?.

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