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So, what I’m holding in my hand right here
is a very professional film washer. And, the way it works is that this little nozzle screws
in just your standard sink faucet, you turn the water on, and it comes through here, and
it drains out. So, you’re constantly getting a flow of new water coming in and washing
your film. This is really important, because black and white film, one of the great aspects
of it, is that it’s archival. So, you really want to make sure, that you’re washing that
film correctly. There’s nothing worse than a couple of years down the line, seeing your
film has spots on it, or something’s going bad, because you didn’t wash it correctly.
Also, when you get to this step, it is still very important that you keep the temperature
consistent. You never want to wash your film at 80 degrees or 100 degrees. Anything more
than 100, your emulsion from your film can actually just come right off. So, I always
keep a very close eye on the temperature of my water. And if you do this correctly, you’ll
be well on your way to making some great prints.

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