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So this is the room I’m going to be developing
my film in and, as you can see, this room is not a very big room at all. It’s a size
of essentially somebody’s bathroom, and the layout I have here is a very important one.
I have my timer here. Your timer is one of the most important tools in developing film
that you can use, and again just from experience when I first started doing this, don’t, don’t
guess or don’t use a wall timer. Get a real timer. These timers are fairly inexpensive.
You could probably find one used on the internet for about twenty dollars, and believe me once
you start using it it will become so important to you. One thing with these timers too is
that they glow in the dark. Another great, you know, just part about them is that you
can be in the dark and see what you’re doing. I have a sink here. I have my thermometer.
A thermometer is also a really important tool to not scrimp on. Buy a professional one from
a photography place. Don’t use a cooking one. Important to use a nice thermometer. I have
my water. I have my containers and I’m just about ready to go and begin developing film.

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