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Ughh? (booom) See, not a problem. Eh, but I wanted us all to sneak in one at
a time and make the plan stupid elaborate. Ahhhhh!!! My face!! How Return of the Jedi Should Have Ended Ok, I’m only going to ask this once. Are there any exhaust ports that go directly
to the main reactor on this new Deathstar? because that was a huge error last time and
I do not want it blown up again by some lucky torpedo. Umm, no sir. No exhaust ports this time. Completely new design. Excellent. Yes, this time there is an even larger opening,
so large an entire ship can fit through it. Exce–What?! You guys stole an Imperial shuttle. I mean
is anyone gonna miss it? Are you sure no one was gonna use it later? Yes, everything’s fine. How did you steal it? and how do you know nobody reported it stolen? Or what if they just let you take it? Isn’t driving a stolen vehicle right past
the enemy extremely risky?? Sounds like a trap to me. It’s not a trap! Why does everyone think it’s a trap? Many bothans died to bring us this information. No offense lady, but all we rebels ever do
is die to accomplish things. Except for the A-team over there. Why are we so bad at shooting things?? I don’t know!! We’re even wearing armor and these e-woks
are still killing us! Your thoughts betray you. Especially for your
sister. You have a twin sister? I have a daughter too?? That is wonderful! I must tell everyone! Shhh.. I have a daughter, storm troopers! Eh, you see what you did? Who knows how long he’ll be running around
like that. Do you realize how annoying it is to put up
with him this way? Wait a second. You told me I killed Padme
in my anger. ehhhh, yes. Well, how did she still manage to deliver
two kids? That doesn’t add up. She.. uhhh.. lost the will to live? You lied to me!! I’ll kill you! Get over here! Ahhhhh!!!! Woohoooooo!!! Hey, thanks for appearing the way I knew you,
father. Instead of some other version of yourself I never would have recognized. I know, right? I mean why would I do that? I don’t know! That’s what I’m saying! I’m just glad you didn’t appear as your younger,
more annoying self. Oh my gosh, that would be so funny, wouldn’t
it? I’d be all, wuhh from my point of view the
Jedi are evil. Ehh, that gives me flash backs. Change back. Yes, change back. Yea, well see ya later! Well how about this? (clears throat) Now this is pod racing! Uhhhh, do not do that! Hey hey, look who finally kicked the bucket! Master Windu, Master Qui Gon! Hello, Anakin. Wow, you guys are here too? Wait, does that
mean Padme is here? She’s gotta be here too, right? No.. just the Jedi? Well thats pretty wizard I guess. Well at least we’re all friends. You killed all of us as children. Awkward, this is. hehehhehe you know, I feel like I’m gonna really regret
being blind this whole time. I bet I’m missing out on some pretty memorable sights. Hey, thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe
and watch some more videos! Ah, get off me! come on, almost there! You can do it bubba, here we go! 1, 2, (chomp) Aw, come on! Where did that come from?

100 thoughts on “How Return Of The Jedi Should Have Ended

  1. He would have recognized revenge of the sith anikain beacuse he was a well known hero and figured head he even said his name

  2. There's a theory that Anakin actually did kill Padme by draining the life force out of her to save himself, just unintentionally. She didn't die of a broken heart or just "lost the will to live," she was actually having her life force taken away by Anakin (or maybe Palpatine) and that's why she died and Anakin survived. Much better and cooler than what most people assume.
    Also there's a theory that Padme didn't fall in love with him naturally, but he accidentally used the force to slowly manipulate her. Like he's such a powerful force user that, without either of them knowing, he was slowly making her fall in love with him just because he wanted it so bad. Makes sense seeing how she totally wasn't interested at first and strangely fell in love with him after events that would totally not fit that.

  3. Luke: takes off Darth Vader's helmet
    Anikan: I don't have much time…
    Anikan: So have you heard the tragedy of Darth plagueius the wise?
    Luke: No

    Here we go again!!

  4. 0:50 To be fair, the Death Star was still under construction, so the Empire took some measures this time to build the shield around it, so no spaceships could enter the field and the incomplete openings… Too bad they failed to protect the shield generator…

  5. Wait wait a second you told me I killed Padma in my anger uhhhh yes well how did she still deliver 2 kids that does not op she uhhhh lost the will to live you lied to me I’ll kill you get over here

  6. Did anyone notice that Darth Vader said get over here like scorpion does in MortalKombat or is it just me

  7. Just wanna point out that HISHE Anakin and Robot Chicken Anakin both use the word wizard. Coincidence? I think not!

  8. Sad stormtrooper 1. Why are we so bad at shooting?
    Sad stormtrooper 2. I don’t know we’re even wearing armour and these Ewoks are still killing us
    Ewok on speed bike. Wooo 🥳
    Sad stormtrooper1 cries 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Ewok crashes into the 2 stormtroopers 😂

  9. If they tossed thermall detonators into jabbas throne room im pretty sure the carbomite block would be destroyed

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