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100 thoughts on “How New ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Movie Differs From Original

  1. How to make a flop movie:

    1. Make your director female so she can boast that she's female for feminist brownie points

    2. "ThIs mOvIe Is DiFfErEnT bEcAuSe ThE cAsT iS wOmEn

    3. Mention any of the following: "Me too" "Feminist movement" "anti-sexist comments"

    4. Repeat that it's entirely female.

    5. it's meant to make women feel empowered

    6. Make your characters apart of LGBT for more brownie points

    7. Be WOKE

  2. I don’t like how everyone is using this movie to spread hate against females and LGBT people… like ok boomer we get it you’re a bigot.

  3. Last time I checked CHARLIE'S ANGELS has no gay character why this??… So we can all wake up one day to a gay superman?? Spiderman?? James Bond?? Joker?? Like WTF is all this 🤔

  4. 🙄 The Franchise bored me as a child and it still bores me now. A dumb movie will never empower 1 women! You have to do it for yourself!

  5. I feel like when they know a movie might not do good they start making it about a character being gay which doesn't really matter in 2019. They needed better actresses or brought back the original.

  6. They have to break through the Just Gay barrier, next step is lesbians satisfying a man because we all know that's the ultimate fantasy.

  7. Right, total snobs that no real man wants to come up to just to talk. Men can't be men anymore or we're now looked down on.

  8. And we’re not gonna talk about how Australia’s whole east coast is on fire??? 7 times as much bush as the amazon fires have already been lost!

  9. It flopped just like other man-hating SJW tripe such as the Ghostbusters and Terminator reboots. Hopefully Hollywood will get the message get woke, go broke.

  10. If this is a all female power chick flick then keep guys out of your movie, stop making guys as bad guys & put in bad lady in it's place hence equality!

  11. I mean, the women were empowered in the other versions. When I first saw the Drew, Cameron and Lucy’s charlie’s angels I was like 5 years old and it made me feel like I could do anything I wanted…so idk what y’all mean when you’re saying that this new movie finally makes women feel empowered.

  12. So now Charlie's Angels only has one white girl, and she's barely a female and Bosley is a woman for some reason? No wonder this piece of trash tanked at the box office. Who even asked for this?

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  14. Wow! So Lesbians can be an "Angel"? But still no black chick… Great message! If anyone responds saying there is a black chick in this movie, better move to the back of the bus!

  15. Get woke, go broke. Just make a movie people would actually want to see. No one wants to go see Kristen Stewart as one of Charlie’s Angels. Well at least not many people.

  16. I already got my female empowerment from the 1st Charlie angels movie. Plus the actresses were way better than Kristen Stewart who doesn't know how to act to save her life.

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