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Erik: Why has developing interpersonal skills
become a core focus for you right now? Tricia: I have developed a level of proficiency
in what I do and a confidence in it that has been unprecedented for me prior to completing
this last film. So, when I work a TV job now and if I were
to make another documentary, it’s not so much skills that I need to pick up anymore,
I’ve done that. But when I look at what the real problems
were in making my last film, it wasn’t trusting my vision, I did. It was interfacing with those around me that
were challenging my vision. That was were the fiction came from and I
feel like if I had handled myself better and those situations better there wouldn’t have
been so much friction and it could have been a much better experience for everybody. I mean people around me behaved how they did,
but I have to take responsibility for what I created. I don’t like being told what to do. I’m impatient. Once I have a vision I just want to walk that
straight line from point A to point B and anybody who’s letting their ego get in the
way, I’m no patience, angry, get out of my way. And it’s not effective and it’s not really
fair. You know, everybody comes to the table with
issues and a little bit of compassion and patience goes a long way. But I think I was so insecure too that I was
less patient and less compassionate – you know it’s a cycle. So, there is my natural inclination is to
be very effective and not let my ego get in the way, and it’s all about doing the best
work. And anybody who is not like that, you know
all this negative energy goes out toward them. Which you can say, “Well it should. They’re not behaving right.” But we don’t all always behave right and
if I’m the leader of the ship, it is my job to always behave right. If I want that ship to keep moving, I have
to be more compassionate and more patient than anybody else. Most big Hollywood directors are not like
that. They’re infants who, you know [motions with
hands] and there are all sorts of stories about them and they can get away with it,
but most of them are men. You don’t hear about a lot of women getting
away with behavior like that as a director of a film. Maybe as a star who is super sexy, but not
as a leader. So, I feel like there is a higher level of
expectation for my behavior because I’m a woman. And I want to live to that. I want that for myself, I mean, I’m not
all angry and like, “Oh, men…” It’s like I want to behave in the world
that is kind and fair and gets the best out of everybody around me.

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