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I’m going to love you forever. As much as I possibly can. I’m going to love you for ever and ever. As much as I possibly can. *kids shouting on the bus* I’m going to love you forever and ever. As much as I possibly can. I’m going to love you forever and ever. As much as I possibly can. I’m going to love you forever and ever. As much as I possibly can. I’m going to love you forever and ever. As much as I possibly can. What time does she normally get back from school? It depends. I pick her up from the bus stop most days, so she’s doesn’t have to walk. I don’t like her walking. Does she have a boyfriend? No, of course not. And you say she’s deaf? Yeah, in one ear. Though, the other one isn’t much good without a hearing aid. But she doesn’t always wear it. Why not? She says she likes the quiet. Have you had any arguments recently? No. So if you normally pick her up from the bus stop, why didn’t you today? I had to stay on late. So I sent her a text. This her phone? Yeah. School bus driver found it. The message you sent wasn’t read. “Hi Ally, running late, won’t make it in time. Don’t walk home. I’ve asked Dad’s friend John to come and pick you up. Keep an eye out for him in his blue work’s van. He doesn’t know what you look like, so put a carnation in your hair.” Just repeat to me what happened again. When I got there and saw her not wearing one, I thought I was in the wrong place. I rang Phil to see if I was on the right road, I was, so I waited. When she caught up, she flipped out and ran into the woods. I’m sorry Debs. She just vanished. Don’t worry. They’re already out there searching. We have a rough idea of where she might be. Thanks for the tea and the biscuit.

100 thoughts on “Horror Short Film “The Quiet” | Presented by ALTER

  1. When a young, deaf schoolgirl is bullied and left to take the long walk home alone, she realizes that she's being followed and a frantic game of cat and mouse begins. growing ever more sinister as it becomes clear that she may never make it home again.This is based on a true story, about an incident involving a school girl who was stalked as she walked home alone after a day out with friends.

  2. If he doesn't know the kid and she doesn't know him, WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE CHASE AFTER HER? Second ahe took off he should've called the mom and dad and let them know the problem

  3. I think that the girl was once assaulted by someone who told her the chant that she keeps repeating as she’s disfiguring the doll that looks like her. The blood under the doll shows that she was definitely raped. Because of that experience, she prefers the quiet and freaked when the guy chased her. He might have also had bad intentions chasing her (since he seems to have feelings for her mom) but lost her when she fell and hit her head on the rock.

  4. Honestly thought she was gonna get railed in the woods by the blue van man…crotch bloodied doll spelled it out though.

    Screaming, bloodied girl at the end too. Nice touch.

    Horrible concept though. Gave me the willies.

  5. I usually don't comment, but although the acting, sound and filming was beautiful, the premise of the script is not well done. There is a difference between leaving an audience with a satisfactory ambiguity of an ending, and just bad writing. Unfortunately, this is a case of bad writing.

  6. I hate these short films! I can't stop binge watching them during the weekend. Honestly, some of these films are incredible. Where do you find the actors? Who pays for these films?The production and acting quality are on par with most Hollywood movies. I just can't understand how and why someone would make them, because I'm assuming they aren't cheap to make. Anyway, I actually really enjoy these films.

  7. Having the father's male friend pick her up is just as bad as her walking alone. Most sexual abusers are friends of family members.

  8. i knew there was going to be a jump scare at the end i had my shaky middle finger on the space button and out of instink it just clipped when the jumped just started

  9. John would have been my first suspect, i can't stand people that mess with kids , i know young girls can't beat a grown man , but i teach my teenage girls if somebody try to kidnapped you and your in front of them kick them right in the family jewels, and if they grab you from the back kick , scratch, punch, bite , wiggle, and scream as loud as you can , try to make it a hard abduction if you can, we have to constantly pray for our children nonstop , some demons pray just upon them.

  10. Left her phone on the bus, lost her hearing aid and got lost in the woods?!😲 So unlucky…very☹️ Awsome upload alter, wonderful acting too!😃

  11. I think she was abused before this all happen and by the friend or someone in a van. Im leaning towards the friend since she keep chanting the same words to the doll. Proably thinking her mom was runnning late since in the first text it did sound like the plan was for the mom to pick her up. So since time passed she decided to walk home. She knew it was the mother's friend's van by the way she stopped once she saw the van. She could have thought he would abuse her again so she ran into the woods.
    I think she survived the head trama. Not a zombie. She feel on the side of her head so she woke in pain. I dont see anything wrong with her face other than blood coming from her head. Hopefully if she make it out that she tells of her abuse to her mother and police since shes acting on the doll.

  12. I was driving a little car a long way from anywhere, I had my little girl with me. At about 10 pm a car ran me off the road, I could tell my daughter was terrified. I said it's ok honey as 5 men all climbed out of the other car and started towards me. I kept my headlights on so they couldn't see me until I walked in front of the car. I still wonder what they wanted but as I was a hunter and holding an automatic rifle, I never found out, they shit themselves and took off.

  13. This literally gives me chills…….
    "Backstroke" was amazing as well plus I was watching that alone with lights off and with freaking thundering and rain so that made an extra effect ………..

  14. For everyone questioning why the doll was there

    Ok. Buckle up this is going to be a long one.
    First of all. This should be noted right away. We dont actually know what happened here.

    We know that the guy was obsessed with her because he had a doll version of her. (Creepy, it would make sense if he was the father but he isnt.)
    He did say that he tried to help her near the end but do we really know that for sure? We dont know this character. He could have been lying. We dont know his intentions.
    Maybe he did have some bad intentions. Because he was clearly obsessed with her.

    Now looking at some minor details.
    Near the end. When we get the full shot of the doll, we can see that the blood is ONLY in between her legs. Is this a coincidence? Maybe not.
    (Just a reminder. The doll is her.)
    It might be suggesting that she was raped by this man. Most likely when she passed out

    I dont think that the doll was just put there because spook factor. That just wouldn't make sense in the movie like this. I think that the directors did a great job here.

  15. the fuck was wrong with her face at the end? that isn't just a head injury it's like someone warped her face like in a junji iito manga

  16. This man was obviously some pedophile and was interested in hurting his "friend's" Daughter.. Be safe everyone because this is real, anything can be around the corner.

  17. I KNEW IT!! I knew that this was the plot from the moment I saw her loose her phone and saw that she has hearing issues but WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ENDING? I am so confused, why did her face look weird. Dx

  18. RIP to my hearing. The scream in the end caught me way off guard. Warning to anyone with headphones lol. Okay so I think I understood most of this, but the ending was the only part that I don't get at all. Why did she scream like that with her face all morphed? … 🤔 Well, either way, thanks for sharing Alter!

  19. My daughter is hearing impaired, was born like it and the ignorance of some people is disgusting! I feel for this girl, my daughter gets bullied quite a lot too and it's only because people are too pig headed to realise that no one is perfect!!

  20. What a disappointing waste of time. Very little happens, the twist is easily seen early on and what the hell was that garbage-tier morph of her face at the end? But the most glaring, amateur move was not using the same phone at the end. They were two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COLORS. Oh, and the extreme widescreen + poor camera framing hurt the film worse than any of it's other drawbacks.

  21. Yeah, good one. One thing only. Someone should explain to the young actress how to express TENTION when you terrified and trying to hide. Eyes closed tight (not like you asleep) you trying to be as small as possible muscles are hipper tensed often shaking from stress and exhaustion. Original plot. Well done!

  22. I think the crazy guy killed her 🤔🤔 and she came back looking like a zombies or maybe the doll brought her back to life 😁😁 lol really confusing

  23. No teenager will leave their phone behind, anywhere! Disabled or not!🙄 Especially if they are disabled..🤔 8:00 she only just realised that she doesn't have her hearing aid on!🙄 I would be guarding it as my life!😲 Good try!👍

  24. She should join the Paralympic games! She out ran someone who actually stepped on her water bottle right behind her!😲 Good job mum! I would have let my retarded daughter know earlier. Try harder guys!🙄

  25. Excellent and very chilling. Beautifully put together, too. I always find psychological horror superior to gore fests – cheap thrills and jump scares simply don't do it for me, but stuff like this stays with me for days afterwards.

  26. A deaf girl that wears a hearing aid. she has had it in her ears for years, yet fails o notice the second it is not there. Give me a break, That is like not noticing you seat belt is off after 10 years of driving every day with one on. She would have felt a wrongness to her whole being the second it was missing. It would be ingrained in her soul that is was missing the second it was in the woods.

  27. So the guy who might have been picking up the kid for the mom, or is a witness, left her out there to die but she’s still alive with a bleeding head…. okay

  28. Most of the assaults are done by close family members. Do not ever trust someone when it comes to your own child. And yes, if u are being bullied please speak to your parents about it, they will definitely help you out.

  29. More realistic than realized. Never have anyone pick up your kids that has never been introduced to them. Other Parents will flip out on that individual.

  30. Alter thanks for reposting this. I'm with them productions did an awesome job on this. You can check them out here for more. News/info on short films:

    You can view the original video here:

  31. i like the meaning of the scene mostly the cam transition ive ever wanted to find aye group of people that making short film

  32. I think she’s been murdered and she’s now wandering like Sam Wheat in ghost movie with a little difference: she’s not looking for Molly, she’s looking for morte

    By the way, I don’t give a shit to the movie. Im writing down to have the name of the song which was playing inside the pedophile’s car

  33. This was horrific. We just saw a kid get abused and left for dead. I hope she gets full I spite on your grave with mr. happy face creep.

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