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Shit! Signals completely gone. Just keep your eyes out for a red letterbox. You still got that map thing, right? The offline map. No, it’s just a windy graphic line. There’s no info. Yeah, use mine. No, your’s is exactly the same, babe. All right. Well, I guess we go old-school. The directions are on the email right? I can’t re-download the email now. Well, you didn’t print it out? Why? Cause women are terrible with directions? What? That’s not what I’m saying. That’s what you’re implying That’s ridiculous. Whatever. Okay, so what there’s just absolutely no difference in skill level or aptitude any given time? No, totally equal across all aspects of life. Oh, please you all believe that. Well, maybe I just don’t see it. Although, no, all right, you know what I’ll give you that. Females are better at certain things. There were some jobs that women are simply better enemy. All right, good answer. Thank you. Suppose men are better at some things too. Thank you. Like lifting heavy objects or prickling or something. Can’t really think of anything else. Yeah, like my job. Your job? Why your job? Oh no, I just be traditionally, men are most successful at architecture. Apparently our brains are better suited to that kind of work. Something to do spatial awareness, like hunting, I read. Hunting, you read? So you think that men’s ongoing success in a field that has been forever dominated by men comes down to hunting? Well, no. I mean hunting, have you ever gone hunting? Thomas, the hunter architect. I think, please, like I’ve seen you cut raw chicken wearing dishwashing gloves. Like you and the wilderness… Can you even chuck wood? Can you light a fire? There it is! Thomas, look out! God damn it. Shit. What do I got there? Dry martini without the martini glass, you want one? Uh, no, pass. Thomas. How you feeling? Like I’ve gotta leave. No, no, no. It’s okay. Do you remember what happened? You don’t understand. What happened to you? It tricked me. Wait, who? It tricked me into hurting somebody. Who tricked you? Just breathe, who tricked you? They’re gonna punish me. It’s okay. No one’s gonna punish you. Can you tell us who? I thought it was somebody else but then it switched to me and it knew me. And it knew how to trick me and then knew how to make me hurt someone. Please I have to leave. No, it’s just too cold. It’s, we’re too far away from anything. We’re just gonna have to take care of this in the morning. Whatever happened to you, it’s okay now. You’re fine now. You’re safe. We’re not gonna let anything happen to you. Okay. This is Thomas and I’m Christine. What’s your name? Vika. Vika. That’s a beautiful name. Thomas how about you make Vika some tea? Yeah. And I’ll run you a bath. Good idea. I’ll put the kettle on. Let’s get you in the tub. You must be freezing still. Where did this… The jacket? Hey. It’s fine. Keep it. Cheers. What happened to her you think? No idea. Bad trip, I hope. It’s just insane. Babbling, barefoot, barely legal beauty lost in the woods — just what I hoped for this weekend. Thought maybe it was part of the accommodation. Like an AirBnB invented these things. Regional kitchen, Wi-Fi, long-limbed trust fund party princess. Yeah. Well next time I’m clicking to male option. Oh fuck. Vika, the power just went out. It’s nothing to worry about, okay? I guess it’s old wiring or something. I don’t know. If I can find the fuse box or something. Yeah, you know what? Here. You got a light? Yeah, shine it over here for a sec. No, can’t see anything. I’m okay. Thomas! There!

100 thoughts on “Horror Short Film “The Doppel Chain” | Presented by ALTER

  1. When a couple cross paths with a disoriented girl on a remote wilderness road and decide to take her in, their evening takes an unexpected turn as the night settles in. Tingling with a darkly nervous tension, the short film stars Australian actors Josh Lawson (House of Lies, The Little Death, Anchorman 2) and Hayley Magnus (The Dressmaker, Mental), and also features American star Trieste Kelly Dunn (Blindspot, Banshee).

  2. *************************************** Possible Spoilers Ahead *****************************************

    So Doppel Chain is short for Doppelganger Chain. The doppelganger is a shape shifter. What we don't know is why? Is this how the doppelganger gets it's kicks? I guess now it's going to trick his wife into killing him. He needs to explain the situation to his wife and quick. Also they need to stick closely together to make it harder for it to impersonate him. Of course they won't, but they should. They also should have given the woman they picked up a better chance to explain so they would know what they were about to face. At the least she should have stayed in the tub.

  3. ALTER has def altered my previous dim view of modern horror. Great work. Great films. What fear and an "altered" landscape and experience of everyday life can feel like,and truly mean. Thanks ALTER

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  5. Damn this was a really good one, I like the premise, it's really creative! Unless someone has any suggestions on a film with a similar premise to prove me wrong:)

  6. Please give captions with every vedio.sometimes we dont understand accent.. otherwise for creating guys are rocking 100%

  7. Oh, this is excellent 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽👍🏽. Please make more like this. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤯🤯. Cheers 6

  8. Driving too fast, not paying enough attention to the road.

    If you liked this try an old Denzel movie called "Fallen".

  9. “Oh no! This girl clearly in distress ran out in the road from the middle of the woods and collapsed! Should we call the police and take her to a hospital?”

    “Nah let’s take her to a remote cabin in the woods.”

  10. I wanted more….this would hae been an outstanding feature length film. Loved the matches….they really took the tension up a few notches!

  11. That would make an amazing full length movie……..but then again would it? A
    Brilliant concept all nicely packed into a short,un diluted,loved it!!!

  12. That would make an amazing full length movie……..but then again would it? A
    Brilliant concept all nicely packed into a short,un diluted,loved it!!!

  13. Christine says to girl . . . Just breathe . . . . Bloody trying my hardest!! Wow that was well creepy and scary. Good job I watched it in the daytime. What you trying to do to me Alter?!

  14. Wow. This short film was great. It reminds me of Jordan Peele's Us because it features doppelgangers. They should make a sequel for this short. I loved it.

  15. the dopelganger will facillitate the damage to reputations of their likeness, they essentially create wittness of sound mind who will testify against the innocent person being impostered; incriminating the person they believe to be one and the same, thus framed for arson, rape, murder, abduction, theft, or destruction

  16. Never pick someone who is standing in the middle of the road.. When the lights go out and you're house is in the middle of nowhere, just know shit is about to happen

  17. One thing people should learn is to not try to fight an evil being or crazy person.. Just get the fuck our of there!!!

  18. Soon as the lights went out i wouldve been in the car and down the road. 😳
    Nevermind soon as i heard the girl in the middle of no where say she needed to leave I wouldve left too 😮

  19. Sucked! again!, I've been watching these Alter short so-called horror films now for several weeks. And so far I've only seen 2 good ones, "2" maybe 3 at best. What the hell is happening to Horror films?

  20. that creature has is easy selecting dumb prey…
    if they were smart people:
    plan 0: we found a freezing, confused girl in the middle of nowhere… let's get her to a hospital or the police office
    plan a: lights out? I actually checked for the fuse box earlier, it's exactly there!
    plan b: I got some candles in the small bag… no need to walk in the dark
    plan c: somebody is breaking in… these holiday houses usually have flair guns, let's fire a flair to alarm rangers or someone and run to safety
    plan d: she looks like the girl upstairs… let's hurry up to the real girl and stick together, so there will be no confusion
    my point is, it would have a really hard time taking them out

  21. Oh my ! This young woman passes out in the middle of nowhere, let’s get her to our cabin, and let her get naked in our bathtub. Sounds safe to me.

  22. O.K. the female Doppelganger had a head injury. When it turned into the male Doppelganger, he had two pieces of wood sticking out of his chest. That opens up a whole 'nother can of worms!!! I always love Doppelganger stories.

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