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Sorry I’m late. Take off your clothes. Well hello to you too. I tried to get here sooner, but today has been crazy as hell. First, my dad I haven’t spoken to in ten years… Gloria! Focus! What we’re about to do is far beyond anything or anyone you have ever known. I don’t even know why you need me for this. I’ve told you: The ceremony calls for the drummer, the two elders, the witness, and the witch. You are the witness. Without you, nothing can happen. Well, what about the others, where are they? I have it taken care of, don’t worry. If everything you say about this ritual is true, how am I not suppose to worry? Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of your witchcraft stuff is really cool. Honestly I do, but… this is some crazy shit we’re doing here Emelyn. Whatever you’re feeling, get it out now. Because if you show any fear during the ceremony, the spirts will smell it. And when they do… What I’m feeling right now is the frustration of having not seen you for a week. God damn it! You know how long we’ve trained for this. Your mind must be absolutely focused. Do you even care to transcend this place? Emelyn… You know I want nothing more than to be like you. But sometimes I wonder if I actually matter. Besides being your fucking witness and occasional lover. You forgot to take out your earrings. No, I didn’t. They’re tied to this world, you can’t keep them in. My mother gave me these. It’s all I have left to remind me of her. You’ll have to rip them out if you don’t want me to wear them. It’s time. Witch Do you know who I am? You are the first child to my induction. You are what most people suppress throughout their entire lives. You are my shadow. Is that fear I smell? Cannot you not tell the difference between fear and anticipation? Your knowledge of me is strong. And you have a ravenous hunger to meet with your makers. I will succeed with you, give me the final trial. The Coalition right: you must first summon the elders to sanctify your body. Only then, will the spirits accept you. Then let it be. I do not fear you. Don’t leave me! Take me with you.

100 thoughts on “Horror Short Film “Goat Witch” (UNCENSORED) | Presented by ALTER

  1. "Goat Witch is a bizarre tale of witchcraft which thrusts the viewer right into the blistering heat of a ritual. Written and directed by James Sizemore and starring his wife, Ashleigh Jo, the film features some outstanding practical FX work and just the right amount of disturbing imagery to haunt your dreams and make you want to avoid the woods at night for the foreseeable future. Prepare to be dazzled and disturbed in equal measure." — Film School Rejects,

  2. Im telling you alter this was a real horror movie cuz there are demons witch comes out someones body and that just freaked me out thanks for your lovely movie alter i really love this.

  3. I'm sure it was all very blasphemous and such but? Why? Some clicks with their tiddys out wellllll erm OK thanks I think!

  4. Alter definitely has the bestest short horror films on youtube oh and so does scream fest. help me Please👾 😈😨👺👻 hehe 🙂

  5. Holy fuck'n shit. When ALTER says "uncensored", they really mean UNCENSORED. WOW! That was crazy as Hell. Kudos(?)

  6. Incredible Blood Soaked Horror Flik with a Lesbian Witch Seeking the Demonic Life with the Help of Her Lover !
    Starring Ashleigh Jo Sizemore as the Witch 'Emilin' , Maia Costello as Her Lover 'Gloria' , & Athena Sanchez as the 'She Demon' !
    Simply FABULOUS !

  7. "The witness" was warned not to show fear, to stay focused and to take the earrings out. There are rules and warnings and instructions for a reason. Ignore them and pay the price. I'm actually surprised that she didn't cause the ceremony to be ruined.

  8. No>No Thank you> that looks like a real ritual. Must be rebuked >The unclean thing > 3:30 in I'm out see ya hate ta be ya> demons do not like pretty little thangs <

  9. 0:50 , "you'll have to rip them out if you don't want me to wear them."
    8:54 , Demonic Witch rips out earings
    You don't mess with the dark side….

  10. This was disturbing as hell.
    Moral of story- witchcraft isnt for the faint hearted. Shit gets real.

    And Alter is the real mvp of shorts.

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