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Hello Jack, I’m Dr. Gabriel Grant. You can call me Gaby. Very nice to meet you and make your acquaintance Gaby. It’s very nice to make your acquaintance as well. I’m always very glad to make new friends. So, where’s your stethoscope? I’m a different sort of doctor. I try and help kids with their bad feelings. Did your gramma tell you that you’re going to be staying here with us for a little while? You don’t look happy about that. I like my toys at home better. You don’t even have any Legos here. I’m sorry about that. Maybe your grandma can bring you some of your toys from home? No, that’s okay. I like your pictures. Your grandma brought me some from home as well. Always with the bear. Do they have any names? That’s Mr. Pinky and the Bear’s Captain Beasley. They’re my friends. What’s wrong with Mr. Pinky’s hands? Nothing, those are stingers, broken glass, and razor blades, and other sharp stuff like that scratching. And just who does Mr. Pinky scratch with these? Sometimes people make me mad. He blames this clown for doing this to his mom. And the neighbor’s pitbull. No, the bear killed the dog. It was… uhh… Captain… Help me out here. Beasley. Captain Beasley. Yeah Jesus, this kid split right down the middle. So what are we thinking here? Is this… dissociative identity or schizo? Let’s just wait and see what Gaby can get out of them first. So, Mr. Pinky scratches to people you don’t like? And what does Captain Beasley do? His sorta protects me, like a shield. Hmm and Mr. Pinky is the sword. Don’t worry. He likes you. He does? But he doesn’t like those men hiding behind the mirror. They’re not hiding Jack, they’re just.. They’re hiding! Kid doesn’t miss a beat, does he? Jack we need to talk about what happened to you mom? What you did to her with the scissors? Jack? Jack! I didn’t do anything. What the fuck was that? I’d like to go back to my grandma’s house now. You don’t like me. But that’s simply not true, I think you’re very… smart. A very special little boy, but I also think that you need help. Help to control your… “Imaginary friends?” Take us home now! I’m sorry, Jack. Your grandma is not ready for you to go home. Jack, please! I need you to control your feelings right now. Jesus Christ, the glass is red-hot. Why is it so hot in here all of a sudden? Do you believe in telekinesis? Oh, come on doctor. You don’t think this kid is doing this with his mind. How the hell do you explain what’s going on in me? I’m about ready to call an exorcist. Well, what do we do? Do we go in there? Yeah, that’s a good idea. Why don’t you go? Please don’t. Captain Beasley, stop! Oh shit! I’m sorry, I can’t stop them now. Come on, where the fuck is the thermal? Now finally come and take me home. I’m sorry, I can’t solve them now.

100 thoughts on “Horror Short Film “Dual” | Presented by ALTER

  1. This is my 2nd favorite so far!

    My first is “slut” if u haven’t watched it, Watch it please! I love the movie, and u will too!

    I think that Alter has really good vids like if u agree!!!

    Like target: 1+

  2. One two pinkys coming for you
    Three four better lock your door
    Five six call the police
    Nine ten never breathe again!

  3. One time at school the teacher gave my third grade daughter a blank gingerbread man to fill in for Christmas…… and she made pennywise the clown

  4. Me: sees the mark the kid "gave" To the mom with "scissors"
    Me: I don't think I like this kid….
    Me: sees the woman and both men get brutally murdered.
    Me: I like this kid 😊

  5. 😀😯😯😯😫😫😫😫😓😓😒😓😤😟😞😧😨😨😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😳😷🤒🤕👻👻👻👻

  6. .I don't wanna be THAT person BUT, someone has to be.
    If you get your arm cut, you're still able to walk fast, zigzagging a lot and a little dizzy, but you're instinct of survival still there so you are able to move bcuz adrenaline is rushing through your body.

    Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk.

  7. I liked it up until they decided to actually show his imaginary friends. Part of what made this a horror was leaving it up to the viewers imagination just based on the simplified drawings, but after that point it just wasn't as scary or fun to watch anymore. I would have loved to continue seeing this little boys character develop had it been for that.

  8. I love how the woman is not in any pain from losing that arm, and none or almost no blood drips from it. lol That took me a little out of the immersion. lol That and when the showed Mr. Beasley. lol Otherwise it was amazing! Absolutely movie length worthy.

  9. I find this extra disturbing just realizing they are New Horizons Children's Psychiatric Hospital which actually does exist, and is more specifically called New Horizon Counseling Center. My brother and mother go to them weekly. They have terrible reviews and actual horror stories from former clients, and I constantly urge my family to change to another.

  10. If he asked to go to his Grandmas I would take him~ I would get him a happy meal and everything😂 I ain’t going to die today👏

  11. I want to subscribe, but I’m seriously too scared to.

    I feel like I’ll see a thumbnail in my home page at 4 am and freak myself out.

  12. "Hey, what if the evil kid won at the end without any challenging opposition! That never happens in every evil child film ever!" — every writer ever of every evil child film ever

  13. I loved this one, it's veru supernatural, but I have mixed feelings about showing the monsters. On one hand, the clown appearing in the camera was cool. But the bear and clown look far too different in terms of style, and the bear kinda looks too….harmless? It's a lot scarier when they aren't shown, too, because you don't even know how BIG they are. I was imagining a colossal bear, and that's what's so scary about the part where she's reaching for the button. You don't know where it is.

  14. The end scene should of been his wheelchair being pushed by the invisible clown and bear instead of him struggling down the road. Would of made it more compelling. But awesome film none the less.

  15. I’m sorry, this was one of absolute weakest and most horribly acted. The child was the best of them all. Just super cheesy, all the way around. Just. Sorry. 😐

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