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– Fucking hell, man. – Need a ladder? Get some bigger fucking stones, man. – Kick it here, then. – Whoa, easy!
– What’re you doing, dickhead? – No. – He’s worse, no? – See, that’s how you break a window. Go on then. Come on, keep crawling. – See you out this Friday? – What else to do? Tommy will be going out,
probably end up there. Where is he, anyway? Tom? Well, he’s not down–
(crashing) Fucking hell! Nearly shit meself! – Can we go home now? I’m bored. – Said you would be. Next time I’ll leave you at
home by yourself, if you want. – Can you help me with this bit? – What are you doing? – Just a minute, I got this. Ready? – Go then. – Ready? – Do it again. – See how long you can keep them off for. – No! – What, you scared like? – It’s alright. Just turn right it off
and switch it back on. – Okay. Freddie? – Where’s Michael? – Very good, where is he? – What? Don’t look at me, I don’t know
what you’re talking about. – [Emily] Yeah. – Okay, let’s go again. – Okay, my turn now. Now all stand together. Freddie, stand in the middle. Now hold each other’s hands. – What? – Come on, my game now. – My, you’ve got little soft hands. – Fuck off. – Ready? Freddie! Tom! Tom!
– What? – [Emily] Where are they hiding? – Dunno. – Come on, Freddie! Don’t have to be a dickhead like Tom. – Ay! – You’re not catching me out. Stand behind Grace. Okay, this time a bit quicker. Ready? I’ll be too quick for you this time. Who started this? It’s both of them, isn’t it? Don’t lie! I knew I shouldn’t have
fucking brought you here! Alright, you two. You win! Ha fucking ha! They’ll come out now. Come out. Okay! If you don’t come out now,
I’m gonna lock you in here! Grace? – [Grace] Yeah? – [Emily] Can you hear them? – [Grace] No, can you? Emily? Emily? Let me out! Emily, please!

100 thoughts on “Horror Short Film “Click” | Presented by ALTER

  1. The morale of the story is, stop supporting people, who support energy packages. That is why electricity bills increase – because of energy packages.

  2. The moral of the story? Its easy to confuse an American by making them listen to an English accent that isn't shit fed to them through the media.

    Its not Scottish, its not Welsh and it isn't Irish, its a North of England accent.

  3. lf the electricity is their. but the old building is their electricity no no no.from I watch this video I fill very
    uncomfortable does are watching this video I give warning don watch this video…plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Best HORR-OR one ever saw! None of the usual clichés… but I would've stopped at the final close-up of the little girl.

  5. Già, è proprio un interruttore della luce,e se lo premi si spegne la luce *applausi*…ahahahah a parte gli scherzi,davvero bello il tuo canale felice di essermi iscritta.😄

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  7. This has such terrible acting, I mean my goodness the first kid disappeared and no one even cared, decent concept but damn did it end up sucking 😂 I thought they were gonna play red light green light with the lights basically, but nope, the game is to stand there with lights off.. how riveting

  8. why the hell do they find it so amusing to switch the lights on and off? They're all standing there mesmerized. And why did they close that door

  9. Bro I'm trying to find tom a.k.a Daniel Leach cuz he's cute but I can't find him anywhere not even Instagram or on Google

    Update: still can't find him he has no information or social media unless he does but I just don't know what he looks like NOW cuz this was made in 2010 the only information abt him is him being click that's it and there's no pictures of him at all. Ew I just realized I sound obsessed 💀 alright I better stop looking for this dude

  10. How In hell this channel as only 700k subs this is amazing love all the videos
    Some have more plot story and better made than Hollywood movies they deserve much more respect

  11. Tell the democrat's that there is a Trump pinata party in that room with vegan Hors D'oeuvres.

    Then ask one of them to strobe light the switch.

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